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  1. Thanks for all the responses. We ended up going to Oswego. Hammered the Kings. All came on spoons, Wonder Bread was top spoon. All came in 60-85FOW and down between 25 and 40'. Water temp at 40' was 44.2deg. 6 for 10 on kings with 2 lakers tossed in. Lead core, (5 color) and down riggers did all the work. Went to Oswego because I heard about Sunset RV Park. We stayed in one of their cabins. Small but all we want is a bed, bathroom, and coffe maker. Parked boat right next to cabin. Only $67 ( including tax). Bob runs the place, great guy. Never been to Wright's Landing. Wow, top of the line launch site.
  2. Thanks in advance for any info. My wife and I are looking at staying in Sodus area this week for 1-2 nights. Never been real fond of B&B lodging but if someone has a great recommendation we could reconsider. need secure parking for my Fishmaster 196. right now Screwy Louie's looks like my best bet, but 30 minutes away from my launch site. Any ideas? Thanks again
  3. Made our first trip to Sodus on 4/17/19. The docks at the public launch next to Arnie's Marine were NOT yet in place. You can use the launch at the Coast Guard Station, it has a dock in place. Something I did not know,,, the launch at the Coast Guard Station is CLOSED from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  4. Launched and loaded my Fishmaster 196 at Treman today. Yep, the water is low but I got in and out with no more than a lot of mud being stirred up. trolled east side up to the salt plant. Mixed bag of small LL, small rainbows, nice 6lb laker and a nice 5lb brown. LL on sticks, everything else on spoons. Fished 15FOW out to 75FOW. South end water temp was 36.6 and 37.1 at salt plant. Absolute gorgeous day on the water. One other boat trolling and one boat perch fishing. Bite died off for us around 1:00.
  5. Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the report. More nice weather coming this week. I hope to hit Sodus midweek. If not Sodus, Cayuga will do just fine.
  7. On 3/19/19, in the Open Lake Discussion section, Yankee Troller stated that much of Sodus Bay was still frozen but the launch at the Coast Guard Station was usable. Looks like some nice weather coming our way this week. Any updates on the launch and/or conditions would be appreciated. thanks in advance for any info. If I get to Sodus this week I will post a report.
  8. Thanks for the info. I too have been wondering the status of the launch.
  9. Launched out of Taughannock at 9:45 AM . Water was a very low but the ramp is in great shape . Turned north out of the inlet and trolled the west side from 60 feet of water to 120 feet of water. Near blank screen and never had a bite for 45 minutes. Sticks on boards and spoons on down-riggers. Turned east and headed towards the power plant. Picked up a 16 inch rainbow on the way over with a jointed Rapala black over silver. Trolled in front of the power plant for the next few hours. Lots of fish on the screen. Picked up a half a dozen land locked salmon in front of the power plant most of them around 12 inches all of them on the sticks. Also picked up seven Lake Trout in 100 feet of water with the riggers down 80. Most of the lake trout were the 2 to 3 pound range but one was a nice solid 8 pounds.. The light breeze that we started with at our launch died and the water got as smooth as glass. Great day to be on the water. Surface water temperature stayed at 36.5°. Pulled out at 3 PM.
  10. Sorry but no report from me. Did not launch on 3/13.
  11. Planning to launch out of Taughannock on Wednesday 3/13/19. I'm sure water level is low and should be free of ice. Running 4 lines on boards and 2 on down riggers to start. Have not seen any reports from this past Saturday. Anything worth reporting? if I do indeed launch on Wednesday I will post a report. Thanks
  12. Launched out of Treman. Water level down maybe 15" but no issues launching my 196 fish master. Headed straight to the East side. Trolled North 1 mile then back. Picked up lakers with every pass. Started in 40FOW then moved out to 65FOW. Both Riggers at 60', 4 top water/diver lines on boards. Picked up a dozen or so lakers, all on cowbells with spin n glo. No takers with spoons, stick baits slow, 1 LL to the boat (14 inches) and lost 2 others on J7's, both probably same size. Water temp surface 42.3 deg. Two other boats trolling, one perch fishing.nice getting out in December (usually have to wait till end of January).
  13. I agree Fishwiz. My weather report for Sunday shows light and variable wind increasing to 9mph (south) with a slight chance of precipitation. I would have no issue in my Fishmater 196.
  14. Between Treman and the salt plant, 100fow, both east and west sides.
  15. Launched at Treman at 9am. Canal like chocolate milk. Get out 200-300 yards out in lake and clears right up. Surface temp 64.8deg. Lots of grass floating but the further north we got the less grass there was. Picked up 3 small LL and 1 laker. Lots of bait fish and lots of big fish marks on screen. Tough getting them to bite though, for us. Nice day on lake though. Only saw one other fishing boat.
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