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  1. Bosun Cowboy, you were right. Posted the tractor on FB Marketplace on Tuesday and sold it on Thursday evening. thanks for the tip
  2. Hmmmm, I thought that this was a pretty good price and that I would get many replies. Internet search showed these tractors go for over $22,000.
  3. This tractor is priced to sell!! This tractor is located near Mainesburg PA. 2011 Kubota L3940GST with an LA724 Front End Loader, and a Land Pride RB2684 Hydraulic powered back blade. Also included is a set of chains (NEW, Never Used). Specs: 1000 hours on the tractor but will change as it is still being used. Almost new front tires have less than 20 hours on them. This tractor is 4 Wheel Drive Always maintained by a local Kubota Dealer Kubota 2.0L 4 cylinder diesel 39 hp engine 12 speed transmission Hardtop Everything works as it should on this tractor. This tractor is in great shape. If interested send me a PM and I will reply with cell number. This tractor is priced to sell at $19,750 OBO!
  4. Got blown off the lake by noon. Wind forecast for 6/25 doesn’t look good at all. probably going to bag the fishing for tomorrow and wait for a nicer day.
  5. Arrived and launched at noon on 6/23. Set up in 150fow and headed north. Scattered marks. Hooked up in 285fow. I’m sure it was a nice king but it was short lived. No idea why but my rod broke in half!! Tried the old hand lining but that lasted 3.5s at which point I lost my spin doc and mag green/black spoon. Then I got my copper line tangled in one of the rigger lines. The current was very strong. My Lowrance gave me a ground speed of 3.2 while my fish hawk down 90 was 2.0. If you are out Of Fair Haven on 6/24 or 6/25 give me a shout, fishmaster 196, on channel 68. If I am catching I’ll let you know where. Launching NLT 5:30am.
  6. Yowza!!!! That’s not for me. I prefer fewer boats.
  7. Pulled into the ramp area next to Black North Inn at 6:45am,,,,, not a single trailer in the parking lot. I immediately thought the water must be too low to launch. Fortunately there is plenty of water at this ramp. Fished until 3pm and never saw more than 5 boats. picked up 3 lakers in 175fow then a small king in 150fow. Lost another 4 fish, and a spoon, over the course of the day. never saw what looked like a charter boat either. In175fow and down 90 water temp was 41 deg. Surface temp 52.
  8. My go to launch is in Sodus Bay next to Arnie’s Marine. Last time I was there was on 3/21/21 and the water was way too low to launch. The launch next to the Coast Guard Station was blocked with construction equipment. anybody launch there recently? thanks
  9. 3/21/21 Read a post the other day that the ice on Sodus was nearly gone. Did the 2.5 hour trek up and discovered the water at the end of the dock ( ramp next to Arnies)is no more than 6 inches deep. You couldn’t even launch a canoe there without hitting bottom. Still a fair amount of ice around the Krenzer launch. And yes, the ramp next to the Coast Guard station is still closed.
  10. Just bought some new spoons from R & R Tackle. Great looking spoons at a fantastic price. Do yourself a favor and take a look at their spoons. You can find them at: mytacklebox.com
  11. I saw no indication that work was being done to the ramp.
  12. Spoke with Tracy Durham, Town Clerk, via email concerning the boat launch next to the Coast Guard Station. Her reply was: “I would dare say that ramp might not be avail for a while”. If anyone notices the launch next to Arnies becomes clear of ice, please let me know. Bear Creek will have to do for now.
  13. Thanks. Bear Creek may be an option. I believe one must purchase a launch permit from the Town of Ontario. Am I correct?
  14. In case you were wondering: The launch next to Arnie’s Marine is still very much locked in ice. Buzzed over to the launch at the Coast Guard Station to take a look for open water. MUCH road work going on with detours and single lane areas in place but finally got to the ramp. Plenty of open water but the ramp is blocked off with construction equipment and rip rap. I have always stuck with fishing for browns in March out of Sodus. Does anyone know how long the Coast Guard ramp will be unavailable?
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