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  1. Launched out of Treman. Water level down maybe 15" but no issues launching my 196 fish master. Headed straight to the East side. Trolled North 1 mile then back. Picked up lakers with every pass. Started in 40FOW then moved out to 65FOW. Both Riggers at 60', 4 top water/diver lines on boards. Picked up a dozen or so lakers, all on cowbells with spin n glo. No takers with spoons, stick baits slow, 1 LL to the boat (14 inches) and lost 2 others on J7's, both probably same size. Water temp surface 42.3 deg. Two other boats trolling, one perch fishing.nice getting out in December (usually have to wait till end of January).
  2. I agree Fishwiz. My weather report for Sunday shows light and variable wind increasing to 9mph (south) with a slight chance of precipitation. I would have no issue in my Fishmater 196.
  3. Between Treman and the salt plant, 100fow, both east and west sides.
  4. Launched at Treman at 9am. Canal like chocolate milk. Get out 200-300 yards out in lake and clears right up. Surface temp 64.8deg. Lots of grass floating but the further north we got the less grass there was. Picked up 3 small LL and 1 laker. Lots of bait fish and lots of big fish marks on screen. Tough getting them to bite though, for us. Nice day on lake though. Only saw one other fishing boat.
  5. Thinking about fishing 9/27 on Cayuga. Can anyone speak of conditions, clarity/debris??? thanks
  6. Fjaq

    Meyers 8/26

    Thanks for the report.
  7. Well,,,, poooo. Launched at 6:30am next to Arney's Marine, pulled out at 1:30. Set up in 80fow and quickly discovered the water temp was 70.1* from top to bottom. Picked up and ran to 150fow and set up again. Forecast was for SW wind but had a mild NW wind that made for those roller coaster waves. I get sick easily. Worked for hours trying to find a good temp at a decent depth. Went out to 260fow, would have gone further but the roller coaster ride was getting to me. Wind changed to a WSW and it settled down around 11am. Boats were all scattered. Did find water at 49* 120' down over 160fow. No hits. Saw one small bait ball on screen, saw maybe a dozen fish on the screen not counting the couple dozen or so Lakers on the bottom in 120fow. No matter where we were the temp stayed in the 70* range from top to at least 65-70 feet down. Been a long time since we got skunked but today was the day. hope you have better luck this weekend.
  8. Launching out of Sodus tomorrow at 6:30am. Commitments (and weather) have kept me off the water for over a month. I will post a report 8/24 evening. Might start in the 50-90fow first for Browns then move deeper early AM for kings. If anyone has been out in the last couple of days and wants to give me a "heads up" that would be just fine.
  9. Fjaq

    Boat shopping - need guidance

    I am on my 6th, and last, boat. I bought a new Starcraft Fishmaster 196 in 2015 and absolutely love it. It has lots of room, is deep, and wide. Check out the Starcraft.
  10. Fjaq

    Super Lube Hubs

    Thanks guys. I knew I was not the only one that experienced this. I found the TRP plugs on EBay and have ordered them.
  11. Fjaq

    Super Lube Hubs

    Hey Guys, I have an issue that perhaps someone has had before and found a solution. I bought a new 2015 Venture trailer (in 2015), dual axles with super lube hubs. The front axle has brakes, rear axle does not. In order to grease the hubs a rubber grommet is removed thus exposing the grease fitting. No issues during 2015 and 2016. The rubber grommets were NEVER easy to get off and even harder to put back on. In 2017 I bought new grommets because the original ones were getting worn from the needle nose pliers that i used to remove and reinstall. The new grommets were VERY easy to remove and install. No need for pliers, just a fingernail would do fine. I thought perhaps they were too small but there is only one size for the super lube hubs. I have included a pic of the grommet in its packaging. This is when my trouble with the grommets began. At first I thought it was because I did not put them on "completely", so subsequently I was more careful. The grommets continued to come off while trailering. Note: I typically trailer twice a week 85 miles each way. The grommets come off of each wheel, no particular wheel although the starboard rear hub has lost its grommet more times than the other hubs. I called Venture trailers in April 2018. The rep said that I had the correct grommets. 1) He thought that the brakes might be heating up causing the grease to expand thus pushing out the grommet. The rear axle wheels do not have brakes. 2) He thought maybe the cotter key on the nut might be grabbing the grommet. I checked all 4 hubs, cotter keys were fine. 3) He thought perhaps my hitch height was less or more than recommended. I checked it, it was 21" just like recommended. 4) He thought that the hubs were hot when I launched and the cold water caused the grommets to push out. I began checking them and making sure that were seated properly after loading my boat before the 85 mile drive home. 5) He thought maybe I had too much grease in the "cup" so I started cleaning out the excess grease in the cup. I went to Oak Orchard on 7/11. When I got there the hubs were fine. Before I left the hubs were fine. When I got home the rear starboard grommet was missing AGAIN. The bearings are fine, the inner seals are fine. I just keep losing the grommets and getting grease all over the wheel. It does not happen all the time. I have trailered my boat 24 times in 2018. I have lost 5 grommets during this time. Any thoughts??
  12. Fjaq

    Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 question

    Thanks again Ivan. The pre-loaded (Insight) maps on my HDS have always sufficed but I was taken aback by the fact that this lake did not even appear on the maps. I've always been curious about the Navionics Platinum cards. I have always wondered If they worth the price thanks Mudflat, I will check out the site.
  13. Fjaq

    Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 question

    Thanks Ivan. I was hoping someone with experience with the Navionics cards would reply. Thanks again.
  14. I've had this unit for nearly 3 years and love it. I fished Cowanesque Lake in Lawrenceville PA recently and was surprised to see that the lake does not appear on my chart. Cowanesque is a man made reservoir built in the early 80's. comments? Does anyone have any comments on using a Navionics card? thanks
  15. Launched next to Arney's at 5:45am. Set up in 100fow, 80' down ( water temp 43deg) headed north. First king came in 160fow, down 80'. Within the next few hours all six spoons took kings anywhere from 50' down to 100' down. Got into 215fow and turned around and did it again. Purple, Green, Orange, Black,,, color seemed to make no difference. Even had our first triple of the season. We weren't the only boat catching either. At least a dozen other boats in the area. Biggest was 12lbs.