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  1. YOWZA,, Great report, thanks. Congrats on your persistence, it certainly paid off.
  2. The launch and parking lot at Treman are clear of snow and ice. The water level today was 380.5. Prop kicked up some mud but no issues launching. We launched at 9:30 and pulled out at 2:15. We never moved a rod until noon. We initially trolled north along the east shore in 60fow and less looking for browns and LL. Planer boards with Rapallas and a lead core down the chute. Lots of sticks and leaves in the water kept us busy clearing lines. Crossed over to the west shore and continued with the north troll in 60fow and less. No leaves and no sticks,,, also no bites. Right around noon we decided to catch a few lakers before we had to pull out. Moved out into 100fow with riggers at 70’ and 90’. In the next 2 hours we boated 4 lakers (all nice size) and lost 4 others. Never saw a lot of fish on the screen except when we crossed from east to west side. Fish were 150’ down or more in 250+fow. Water temp stayed at 38.7deg. Calm wind and an occasional light breeze, mostly sunny, and was 58deg air temp when we pulled out. Hard to be disappointed just because we could not find the browns and LL. Saw one other boat.
  3. Fjaq

    Cayuga Cayuga

    Thursday forecast is for calm wind becoming SW at 5mph. Too windy for me today. Do you have any info on the ramps and parking lot at Treman?
  4. Fjaq

    Cayuga Cayuga

    Thanks. Been to Taughannock many times. My fishing buddy has a real hard time climbing down the ladder at the end of the dock. His knees are not what they used to be. Not sure if the trip will happen but if it does I will surely post a report.
  5. Fjaq

    Cayuga Cayuga

    I live 2 hours south of Ithaca. We got less than 1” of snow over the last couple days. Based solely on school closings it looks like Ithaca area got substantial snow. It looks like Thursday 3/16 will be a great day on Cayuga. Can anyone tell me if the launch at Treman is usable or is there deep snow in the parking lot? thanks
  6. All but one of our lakers were caught in 120-150fow trolling along the west shore. Riggers were at 100’ and 70’.
  7. In case anyone is interested: Treman State Park launch is usable. I launched out of Treman State Park in my Fishmaster 196 today. Lake water level was 380.11. Outboard kicked up some mud but we had no problems. Not a hint of ice. We had hoped to hit some LL and browns but that did not happen. Picked up a dozen lakers though. Saw one other boat. Water temp hovered around 39.5. Great day to be on the water.
  8. My guess is that the Sodus Bay Coast Guard Launch is free of ice. Anybody know for sure?
  9. How many of these are new? Does $110 include shipping? thanks
  10. All this warm weather!!! Anybody know if Treman State Park launch is free of ice? Water level this morning is 380.35 and I have launched there when the water level is 379 without any problems. If you have any info on ice please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  11. Wow, nice smallies. No perch in Cayuga. Give Keuka a try. perch fisherman have tight lips.
  12. Well,,,, sittin at the Black North doing what I do best. Pulled out at 2pm. Fished out to the 32 line. Saw bait pods from 29 line out into 32. Caught a 9 inch king. Never saw more than half dozen hooks on my Lowrance. Tomorrow if the weather cooperates. total for today 2 fish didnt get skunked!
  13. Launched at 6:30. Set up in 300fow. One 5lb king in 504fow down 80’. On meat rig. 10am now and not much on screen. At the 29 line now with 7 other boats.
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