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  1. I had the same problem you are having trying to sell my sons Honda accord.Beautiful low mileage car and he was going to Japan for three years.

     What I found out with the high prices of today's vehicles banks are reluctant to loan people money for a used vehicle from a Individual.

      I think its a great price for your Honda. I am not in the market for a car right now . You were curious why no responses, this may be your problem. 

     Good luck with the sale.


  2. Another price drop. 421 views and not a single reply. Not sure why.
  3. 2015 Honda Pilot EX-L with VERY low mileage (32,624) and in GREAT shape. This is a ONE OWNER vehicle. This EX-L has every option that was available on the Pilot back in 2015 INCLUDING the Towing Package. Back up camera, XM/Sirius radio, 4 wheel drive, and all the bells and whistles. The color is Dark Cherry Red with a black leather interior. 3.5L engine w/ 5 speed transmission. This vehicle is 4x4 as well. This vehicle also has the third row seating! Original sale price was $37,800 and was bought at Williams Honda (Elmira NY) in 2015. Priced a little below Kelly Blue Book value. 32,624 miles as of 10/8/19 Clean and clear title. No accidents. PA inspection good till 10/2020 Asking $23,000 OBO This price is WELL BELOW Kelly Blue Book value A death in the family prompts this sale. Would really like to sell before the snow flies!! Great Vehicle Send me a PM and I will send you more pictures and my cell number. Located in Mansfield PA.
  4. If you have a Lowrance HDS you MAY have noticed that you lost your DATE and TIME function back in the fall 2018. You MAY have even had issues with GPS navigation. NOT ALL of the HDS units were affected. Mine was affected and I lost my DATE/TME last fall. My date and time re-appeared a couple months ago but it was INCORRECT. I finally contacted Lowrance. Lowrance has a software update fix. Go to Lowrance Tech support. email them with the issue and the unit you have. Make sure to tell them which Generation it is and whether or not it is a touch screen model or not. There is a different "patch" for each generation. I installed the "patch" today and all "seems" fine. I am going fishing tomorrow and will test everything out.
  5. Launched next to Arney's at 615am after waiting way too long for a couple of fishing boats to launch and move out away from the ramp. landed 2 kings, 22lbs and 19lbs by 9:30am and a coho around 10am. Had two throw the hook as well. Everything shut down for us after the coho at 10am. No bites from 10am until pull out at 1:30 pm. Our early bite was in 160FOW down 70 with a temp of 45deg. Spoons, purple/black and green ladder back. Quite a few boats out. great day to be on the water.
  6. Tomorrow is my good day. Thanks for the report, just what I was hoping for.
  7. FYI - I spoke with the township supervisor at 3:00pm on 7/31/19 and he informed me that the new dock is in and work there is completed.
  8. When we came back in at 1:30pm on 7/29 there were no docks in place at the ramp. No docks in the water, no docks stacked in the prep area (where they stack them for the winter). The docks were there when we launched at 5:45am. Nothing but nasty metal poles sticking up about 6 inches out of the water. there were 2 pieces of machinery at the ramp. An excavator was on land and a small crane on a small barge. No workers were present. We had to pull up to the bulkhead at the house next to the ramp. My wife held the boat there while I got my truck and then power loaded.
  9. Launched next to Arney's Marine at 5:45am on 7/29/19. Straight out of inlet set up in 80FOW. Running 6 rod spread, while setting rod #5 our first king hit rigger 65' down, purple spoon. Very steady pick of kings (8 in the boat, lost 5) ranging from 11lbs up to 22lbs. Purple was the color for us early then around 9:30 green spoons turned on. All bites on riggers, no bites on lead core nor copper wire. Worked water 100FOW - 140FOW. Down 85' water was 50deg. Pulled out at 1:30pm. got back to the boat ramp and the docks were GONE!!
  10. Good job. Thanks for the report. A solo trip now and then is "invigorating".
  11. Thanks for all the responses. We ended up going to Oswego. Hammered the Kings. All came on spoons, Wonder Bread was top spoon. All came in 60-85FOW and down between 25 and 40'. Water temp at 40' was 44.2deg. 6 for 10 on kings with 2 lakers tossed in. Lead core, (5 color) and down riggers did all the work. Went to Oswego because I heard about Sunset RV Park. We stayed in one of their cabins. Small but all we want is a bed, bathroom, and coffe maker. Parked boat right next to cabin. Only $67 ( including tax). Bob runs the place, great guy. Never been to Wright's Landing. Wow, top of the line launch site.
  12. Thanks in advance for any info. My wife and I are looking at staying in Sodus area this week for 1-2 nights. Never been real fond of B&B lodging but if someone has a great recommendation we could reconsider. need secure parking for my Fishmaster 196. right now Screwy Louie's looks like my best bet, but 30 minutes away from my launch site. Any ideas? Thanks again
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