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  1. Nice day at the bar on Tuesday 5/16. Launched out of Ft Niagara at 6:30am, pulled out at 3pm. Wear your boots if you plan to launch here, not difficult just need boots. steady pick all day. 8 kings (biggest 21lbs), 5 steelheads. Saw most other boats landing fish as well. 130fow was best for us early and 80fow was best later. All spoons, all colors. Riggers down 65' and 10 color lead core.
  2. Cayuga south end 5/10-17 Launched out of Treman at 8am. Surface temp at 46, down 100' was 45deg. Trolled west side. Great LL bite on orange spoons down 80' over 150fow. Picked 11 LL and 5 LT. Launch area looked great ( little debris ). Water is high but not an issue. Even took a few LL on thunder sticks off the boards.
  3. X2!!
  4. Cayuga South End 4/21 South end of Cayuga was loaded with debris this morning, grass, leaves, and branches. There are also some pretty good size logs floating around. Did not even think of deploying the boards, lines on the downriggers kept popping due to the debris. The ramps at Treman were clogged with debris as well.
  5. Sodus boat launch docks For anyone that would like to know: the public launch on Sodus Bay, next to Arney's Marina, now has the docks in place.
  6. Sodus boat launch I've searched previous posts but have not found the answer to my question. Are the boat docks in place at the public launch next to Arney's Marina on Sodus Bay? thanks for info.
  7. Just curious ,,. Were you running boards with stick baits or downriggers with spoons??
  8. Windigo cottage....We have stayed several times and it is nice...

  9. Lodging/Marina Wilson NY I would appreciate any information on the lodging and Marina services in Wilson New York. Planning to fish the bar this year out of Wilson. I would prefer to keep the boat in the water at a marina with lodging nearby But can always pull out and launch. Thanks for any info.
  10. Cayuga

    My spoons, flashers, and flies never touched the water. All fish were caught on small (less than 3") sticks off the planer boards. Sticks with an orange belly were the champs but the laker came on a chartreuse color jointed rapala.
  11. Cayuga 2/28/17 Launched out of Treman this morning with my Fishmaster 196. No problems with the lake being a little low. Once I got away from the docks the water never got less than 4.5 feet all the way out to the lake. set up and trolled the east side to Myers pt. , turned around and trolled back. Picked up 10 small (9-11 inch) LL, 3 nice LL (20+ inches) and 1 Laker (in 8 feet of water!). Wind picked up at 1:00 and we headed in.
  12. Thanks Work2fish. I also believe it is a good deal for someone that is looking for a dual mast..
  13. Big Jon Dual Planer Board Mast For sale is a Big Jon Dual Planer Mast. The base fits in a pedestal seat mount. The outside diameter of the base is 61mm. The pictures show the mast mounted in my 196 Fishmaster. The reels and pulleys are in great shape, the line is new. I purchased an electric mast and have no use for this manual mast. I am located near Mansfield PA and I will be at the Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo on January 21st and 22nd. Feel free to text me at 570-404-4911. Price is $125.
  14. Yowza!!!! I know what your problem is(maybe)!!! I bet you are running a Mercury outboard, probably 2 stroke???
  15. We fished the Oak today (Tuesday). Rough as a bugger from 6am till about noon. Lake calmed down in afternoon. Never got past 250 fow. Lots of bait in the 150fow area. Picked up a very small king down 110' and about 7 lakers, one was freakin huge but the wife, my princess, "accidentally" knocked the lure loose with the net. All our fish came after the lake began to calm. I doubt there were more than 5 or 6 boats out of the oak.