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  1. Looking to buy two Chinook Divers, Black #5 Tried to buy new ones but they are out of stock, have been for a while good shape or new preferred thanks
  2. Blacks have been great just bought some Blacks Knockoffs from Fish307 for about half, they look fine but haven’t used them yet
  3. Any #5 black chinook divers, or dipseys black?
  4. A also have pictures I can txt or send, just can’t figure out how to get them uploaded to this post
  5. It is 3’ tall and it’s located in the Watkins Glen NY area
  6. Bert’s tackle double reel planner board Mast with black mounting attachment that goes into track. Also included is one Cannon Orange plastic planner board. all in like new condition 325.00 for the entire package
  7. I found Dave’s info last year and sent him some NK28’s to repaint for me. They were chewed to bits by kings and I wanted him to repaint to the custom color they were. He stripped them and repainted them perfectly! During one of our phone conversations He suggested some of his spoons to try and I bought them, caught nice fish on those spoons right away, one spoon color was “hot” for me all last year! you will not be disappointed with his spoons or his paint work
  8. A friend of mine is looking for a quality taxidermist who does birds, specifically a male an female Quail. would anybody recommend anyone? Thanks
  9. I will take those in on trade if you have some!
  10. Buy the .257 Roberts and I will include some leftover Nosler Ballistic tips likely worth about 20 bucks!
  11. RCBS reloading Dies for sale .257 Roberts .222 6mm 35.00 each set, shipping paid by buyer, these are under 2 # so shipping isn’t much
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