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  1. I know, 99% of the guys on this site would give it to someone who’d use it for free or atleast at a fair price. Those things are junk anyway i had one years ago and threw it out because it’s faster by hand
  2. I thought those things used to be like $20?
  3. How do we get the prize if we win a door prize
  4. Would you ship rwo for $55? I’m working out of town so no way to pick up
  5. Aren't they illegal to use in the river because they have more than a 1/2" gap?
  6. Do you have any pictures of the seating
  7. Black in the mouth is the easiest way to tell, steelhead do not have any black in their mouth
  8. Cayuga

    Well our governor has no problem looking past other federal laws that don't fit his agenda so I don't see what the problem would be
  9. Is the 170 a 470, 170 hp? If so what would be the price? I could pull it
  10. What about the yacht club
  11. supply and demand, sandy creek had 1 or 2 marinas shut down so they can charge that now and stay full
  12. Or stop at suttons and get some 31s and 44s, they work best on fingerlakes with the gambler rigs a close 2nd,l. I like 1.2-1.5 with suttons, also go early because it seems like when the boat traffic gets heavy the bite slows down
  13. Coho are easily confused with steelhead and atlantics look more like browns