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  1. I hope this doesn't pass
  2. They're 70-80 and you can find them anywhere online
  3. Wanted! I'm looking to buy an 8" special mate tackle box Looking to buy an 8" special mate spoon box, I figured I'd try here first before buying a new one
  4. Have you ever thought about making one of those go fund me pages? I'm not sure if it costs a lot to do but it makes it easy to donate, that or maybe make a PayPal account we could donate to
  5. Best spoon box???? What's everyone use to store their spoons in? It seems like special mate is my only option?
  6. 2 rapala x rap magnums $30 2 rapala x rap magnums, one 20' one 30', both new in the box $30 obo shipping included
  7. I'll take lot 2 pm sent
  8. for sale : usa

    Sold pending funds
  9. for sale : usa

    Start at $30 shipped?????
  10. Thanks Brian, they're the heavy duty ratcheting diver holders, not sure if it makes a difference for the base plate. If you find it let me know I'll buy it
  11. I bought some big Jon rod holders and one was missing the base plate, if the person I bought them off is on here and has the base plate I would pay for the shipping cost if you could mail it to me
  12. for sale : usa

    I'd also consider trading for other fishing stuff
  13. Dodgers for sale Top left are 3 stinger slashers next to them are 2 with no name, bottom left are 2 luhr Jensen #00 dodgers( they are the same one shows front one shows back), one hammered dodger with no name then 2 les Davis "herring dodgers" size #1. They're dirty but should clean up fine and a couple need snap rings and swivels. Don't really have a set price but just make me a reasonable offer, only selling if you buy them all