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  1. Where do you launch in olcott
  2. Do you know if I have to bring hip boots to launch there
  3. Fishing Wilson this weekend Hi I'd like to try fishing Wilson this weekend and was wondering where I could launch my boat, it's a 22' Starcraft islander. Also any tips anyone could share would be greatly appreciated as I've never fished anywhere out there
  4. Conesus

    And all the bass guys will power load their boats and have it all screwed up in no time
  5. Conesus

    Conesus was fine last weekend
  6. I found the best price on a special mate box from a member on here named fishkiller16
  7. Those kids just might end up really rich
  8. for sale : usa

    Make a picture
  9. How much each???and where are you located
  10. Conesus was like that last year, there was a 6' deep hole and then a sandbar at the end that you couldn't get over once the water got low
  11. I'll take them if the last guy doesn't
  12. The gambler rigs have 2 spin and glows with beads in between, he has the spin and glow rigs perfected
  13. for sale : usa

    They'll sell good on here
  14. 1.5mph and bounce bottom once in a while
  15. Not sure what your budget is but maybe check out the new smoker craft phantom 222 off shore with the rigid frame soft top, they're pretty sweet