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  1. Coho are easily confused with steelhead and atlantics look more like browns
  2. Does the box say how much to launch? I was thinking of going to bald eagle but sandy is closer for me
  3. Is there somewhere there early and how much is it
  4. Sold / Closed

    What are you thinking the hard top would sell for?
  5. I can't say for sure but I have a convector 45 with 300 copper and I couldn't even get 200yds of 50# braid on it and I have it full to the brim
  6. How much was the control king
  7. Just bought another, hope you raise enough to get you guys through your rough times
  8. Also maybe try being an observer for the fishing tournaments, you can get out for free and learn from some great fishermen
  9. Yup you're on a terrorist watch list now.....
  10. Do you have a link to it
  11. When that person is a business that breaks all the laws for profit I'd say yes, it's not personal, it's an attack on a poorly run business that poaches for profit. Everyone screws up in life and pays for it but when you're a guide and charter captain and you get caught poaching for profit you should expect everything you have coming
  12. He's supposed to be a professional and set examples to his clients that come to him to learn the tricks of the trade. He deserves everything he gets
  13. Did you post this on Facebook ? If so I'd share it
  14. I'm in, let me know when you have it set up
  15. That's a lot of money for a 14yr old 2stroke