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  1. That looks like a reel for pulling copper not a Seth green rig
  2. fishmaster13184

    for sale : usa 2010 Ford F150

    If you trade it in you don’t pay tax on that much money of your new truck. It’d save you 800 on 10k
  3. What kind of boat did it come off from?
  4. fishmaster13184

    Summer Lake Trout Trip

    Hard to beat sandy creek all the way to irondequoit bay, get yourself some gambler rigs and go catch yourself all the lakers you could ever want. 20+ fish a day isn’t that uncommon for there
  5. I seen field and stream has brand new Honda 2.3hp four strokes for just under $1000
  6. fishmaster13184

    Sandy Creek 4/27

    Maybe east fork pro has the pay to launch docks in
  7. Just practice tying by hand, once you get the hang of it it’s easier and faster than those machines
  8. Looking for some rod holders reasonably priced. I prefer the direct mount ones because I don’t have tracks on my boat
  9. fishmaster13184

    Boat seat for sale

  10. Located in Wayland but I’m working in Brighton this week so you could pick up there. 2 eagle claw starfire 8’6 12-20# line with older daiwa sealine reels. The reels are the super hi speed ones that are like 6.2:1: the clickers work good but the drags aren’t as smooth on startup as soon ewer ones. One reel has like 6 or 8 color leadcore on it and the other is empty. I’d like to get $80 for the pair
  11. Interested in rods where you located