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  1. The fleas aren't a big deal, just rreel till they clog at the rod tip then just dunk it inthe water and wiggle it around and the fall off, when fighting a fish just have your buddy pick the line like a guitar string and they'll shake off
  2. Best place to buy tackle online? Is there any places online that sell tackle (spoons, flashers etc) at a reasonable price with a good selection? I like to shop online but can't find any good sites
  3. Wanted

    I've been stocking up on them, they have most sizes in stock
  4. Blue jeans was probably my #1 followed my a stinger spoon called gator, gator would be #1 if the lakers would have left it alone long enough for more kings to bite. Also I tried a nbk mag spoon by stinger every trip last year and never caught a fish on it, probably my worse spoon but I still keep trying it
  5. Do you know if shumway will let people launch there for the tournament and how much
  6. How bad do you think the launches and pleasure boat traffic will be seeing how it's a holiday weekend?
  7. Are you going to be at the Watkins Glenn tackle sale? Or where do you live for pick up
  8. How much extra do you charge to paint
  9. Just watched a bunch of the show and it got me wondering, do most people keep every single fish they catch?
  10. I've never heard of anyone going out on the main lake around here fishing
  11. Rainbow trout?
  12. I don't keep fish but what's the problem with someone keeping a tiger musky? I get the whole c&r on pure muskys because you don't want to hurt your breeding population but tigers are sterile and will never breed
  13. Pollock is a completely different fish
  14. You got a hell of a hookset