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  1. fishmaster13184

    Wanted Islander

    A set of trolling bags off the bow pulls them right down in and makes them much more fish able in big water
  2. fishmaster13184

    Wilson/ olcott 9/1

    The only way you’d catch me offshore this time of year is if the inside was bath water top to bottom. I’m not sure about the Wilson olcott area but I’m willing to bet there’s a pile of big boys in the 100fow range
  3. fishmaster13184

    for sale : usa Fishing pole holders

    Is that the best description you can give us?
  4. fishmaster13184


    Jigging those big pollock is a riot
  5. Tomahawk John probably would. His name is motoman on here
  6. I can’t see your pictures
  7. Or why bother paying that much when you could spend half that to go on a guided hunt and shoot a bigger buck
  8. fishmaster13184

    Sandy Creek 8/23

    Was it an offshore bite
  9. I looked at a few leases and it seems that about $10/acre is average
  10. I got this in Naples creek about 5 years ago
  11. fishmaster13184

    Need help hooking up Yamaha 9.9

    Hi could someone with a Yamaha 9.9 four stroke post a picture of how the shift and throttle cables hook up on the side of the motor please, when I bought the motor the cables were disconnected at the engine and I can’t quite figure it out. The motor I have has the forward controls
  12. That looks like a reel for pulling copper not a Seth green rig
  13. fishmaster13184

    for sale : usa 2010 Ford F150

    If you trade it in you don’t pay tax on that much money of your new truck. It’d save you 800 on 10k
  14. What kind of boat did it come off from?
  15. fishmaster13184

    Summer Lake Trout Trip

    Hard to beat sandy creek all the way to irondequoit bay, get yourself some gambler rigs and go catch yourself all the lakers you could ever want. 20+ fish a day isn’t that uncommon for there