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  1. Wanted Special Mate 8" Box

    Fishkiller16 is the guy to buy it off, look him up on here and send him a message
  2. Moor sub troll probe

    Where are you located I’m interested I’d the first guy isn’t
  3. I think they have a donation bin at the front door to help with the pen rearing though
  4. If you’re going to fish the finger lakes go to suttons in Naples and load up on Sutton spoons
  5. Wanted Putting cabin on land?

    Call the people who make them like Amish workshops or whoever they’d know for certain but if it’s not a permanent structure you don’t need a building permit.
  6. Wanted Putting cabin on land?

    Get one of the Amish workshop sheds, you don’t need a permit because they’re not a permanent structure
  7. You fishing conesus anytime soon? If so I’d meet you and take the lazer
  8. You should go to suttons and see if he’d sell you some unplanted blanks cheap
  9. 2018 NYS Winter Classic

    How do we get the prize if we win a door prize
  10. Would you ship rwo for $55? I’m working out of town so no way to pick up
  11. Aren't they illegal to use in the river because they have more than a 1/2" gap?
  12. For sale the Cannonball Runner

    Do you have any pictures of the seating
  13. Temp line

    Black in the mouth is the easiest way to tell, steelhead do not have any black in their mouth