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  1. lost a lure

    Lake level

    Lower than last year, a little higher than normal.
  2. lost a lure

    Hydraulic fittings

    Grainger or McMaster Carr
  3. lost a lure

    Hydraulic fittings

    I believe they are 3/8 compression on the hose
  4. lost a lure

    Coast Guard Boarded My Boat Yesterday

    Don't rely on that sticker to avoid a boarding. They will ask you for the copy of the inspection when you get boarded. If there are any violations noted they will check to see if they were corrected and go from there.
  5. lost a lure

    Modified Inline Planer Boards

    Send me them boards, I'll test them.
  6. lost a lure

    Modified Inline Planer Boards

    i'll take them boards of your hands!
  7. lost a lure

    for sale : usa Shark weights

    YEP! https://sharktrollingproducts.com/shark-superstore/
  8. lost a lure

    Salmon are Coming to Fair Haven Tomorrow

    Are they free?
  9. lost a lure

    Braid to Fluoro Splice

    How do you tie a palomar knot on both sides of the swivel?
  10. I'll bet you $2100 he doesn't!
  11. lost a lure

    Line counters

    How much lead on the cv30?
  12. lost a lure


    I will take it, If it's the one i want and the price is right.
  13. lost a lure

    Penn Fathom-Master 825 wiring help

    http://www.scottsbt.com/catalog/store/images/pennparts/manuals/om800_825.pdf Green and white wires for remote connection.