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lost a lure

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  1. lost a lure

    Need tackle locators

    Berkley Big Game directly from Berkley. Sometimes they have good sales. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. lost a lure

    Ethenol Free octane question

    What did you use before ethanol?
  3. lost a lure

    What flares?

    I'm still using flares from the 60's to light fires with. They all work fine
  4. .Keep posting. You seem to be be to make it thru the channel without a problem.
  5. Why does everyone think they are entitled to this channel?
  6. lost a lure

    Wave forecast problem

    What location are you using?
  7. lost a lure

    keeping goby off the hook

    Drop shot at least 2 foot off the bottom. Gulp seems to help because they cant pull it off the hook as easy.
  8. YES if you have a steering wheel Mechanical steered boats – up to 4,400 lbs (2,000 kg) Hydraulic steered boats – up to 7,000 lbs (3,181 kg)
  9. lost a lure

    Downrigger counters

    How do you know the fishhawk is correct?
  10. How come everyone that is using the channel is not hitting something?
  11. lost a lure

    Hydraulic fittings

    ORB fittings are just straight thread with an o ring for the seal. Nothing special. Available at hydraulic shops.
  12. Abercrombie Island but it's in Canada. Try eel bay for pike and perch.
  13. lost a lure

    Accudepth 49.99 @ franks

    Look on the app says $49.99 while supplies last. Offshore snap weights were $39.99 last night now $47.99.
  14. lost a lure

    Lake level

    Lower than last year, a little higher than normal.
  15. lost a lure

    Hydraulic fittings

    Grainger or McMaster Carr