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  1. Soak em in booze, then they're good
  2. Entry level rod. $20
  3. The last hatch I bought for my Baha was a Jim Black. Great Lakes Skipper sold them.
  4. I know it's cherry, but is it rare?
  5. What brand was that?
  6. I believe loadrite has the kits to convert to electric.
  7. Ebay has a few things. You may be able to find an old boat and buy the whole thing.
  8. I have lost a lot of jigs on that rock pile. I have video of walleyes like that but they are tough to catch.
  9. Do you have any screenshots of the problem ares?
  10. You would have to back troll to get it to work
  11. I'll take them if you can ship
  12. Lay it on thicker. Don't put the boat in the water, it will last longer.
  13. Ok you got me. What's with the coon?