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  1. Let me have em I'll return them to Wal-Mart
  2. They are awesome trolling bags. I've had a set of buggy bags for 4 years and they hold up. 42" across is considered the 28" bag. I use 2 for my 27' Baha to slow it down to 2 mph
  3. Decent deal if your there. $9.99 and $12.99 normally.
  4. Starbrite non skid works great. Spray it on and scrub with a brush on a long handle. Wash it away.
  5. Deploy the dipsy first then the rigger
  6. I think they slow the rolling action down some. More steady than jerky
  7. You may want to read the MSDS sheet, it contains acids. "This cleaner is not for use on wood, fabric, natural stone, aluminum, brass, chrome or painted surfaces." "The Works" contains acid also.
  8. You need a hydraulic type autopilot. It uses a pump to move the cylinder
  9. leeches maybe or anchor worms?
  10. Bring everything you're close to both.
  11. Call RGC
  12. Suny ESF buoy with no live data
  13. I just bought a case, how many you want for $99 a bottle. Tried the Buggspray the other day. It works but doesnt last 4 hours.
  14. Based on the model number it's a long shaft 20"
  15. Some douche that didn't know how to drive or care