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  1. Under settings click on signature then customize
  2. They're around. Go fish in the mud
  3. Buy a Shakespeare art3 tester. You can test the radio and antenna. What piece of crap Raymarine is that?
  4. How'd you make out with them reels?
  5. Get a cat
  6. If you buy from Bruce Walker at Reiters be careful if it is something he has to order. It may take a long time. To bad Bud lets him run the show.
  7. What did you do with that POS raymarine? Which one was it?
  8. polyglow is the easy way out
  9. I use the palomar knot on everything, even Berkley Vanish
  10. Check with your local Lund dealer
  11. Everybody should get together and show up at his house at the same time.
  12. Camper top
  13. Soak em in booze, then they're good