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  1. Lay it on thicker. Don't put the boat in the water, it will last longer.
  2. Ok you got me. What's with the coon?
  3. Raymarine website has all the manuals
  4. I installed the older version with a hydraulic pump. It wasn't to bad to do. Do you have the hydraulic pump manual?
  5. I think that is a private launch for that group of houses. It's on the road to Independence Point.
  6. I believe Hidden Harbor Marina is on Point Peninsula on the lake side. A long haul to Chaumont if its rough
  7. Throw away
  8. In general, any vessel equipped with a VHF marine radiotelephone (whether voluntarily or required to) must maintain a watch on channel 16 (156.800 MHz) whenever the radiotelephone is not being used to communicate. Source: FCC 47 CFR §§ 80.148, 80.310, NTIA Manual, ITU RR 31.17, 33.18, AP13 §25.2
  9. Some of the strongest lines are the American made mono and braid. A good reason not to buy the foreign lines like Suffix. Good information about the fake lines on Ebay also.
  10. If your going to complain about it but not do anything why bother complaining? Torpedo will send you another roll.
  11. Google it!
  12. At least they aren't the flying carp
  13. Hermit summed it up himself, but that's what he believes. He said he probably wouldn't check replies. I'm crushed, looks like we lost another one. Sounds like my mother-in-law.
  14. Doesn't Niagara Addict have first dibs since he started the post?