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  1. 2 for 5 on majors out front 40 to 55 fow
  2. We did good last night in 100 fow but they are gone this morning sliding in a little now
  3. Seems like the wind is letting up might try a little deeper
  4. Nice one! I picked up a small lake in 110. You still out deeper?
  5. Just boated a 20 lb king. 400 copper 160 feet of water
  6. It's by no means calm in 130 but it's fishable
  7. The lake is pretty bumpy I'm going to stay inside and work it over.
  8. I'm out here with ya a click to the east 148 fow and no action.
  9. Ok sounds good i will also be out. Good luck guys
  10. just wondering if you tried the inside water 130 or less to see if any salmon moved in yet. and if you looked what was the water temp. thanks for the help.
  11. It was by no means great fishing today but we worked from 450 to 550 and managed a decent box. Never got a specific set up working. I don't think the same rig took more than two fish all day. Fish took both flasher and flies and spoons from 50 to 100 down.