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  1. will you ship them?
  2. Thanks for the update i will post how i make out.
  3. any reports? giving it one last go tomorrow.
  4. Had a good screen most of the weekend getting them to bite was different story. Saw hardly any fish being caught.
  5. Slow slow slow fished Friday night was 2 for 5. Most action all weekend. 18 and 25 lb king. Saturday was slow 9 lb Atlantic and a 20 lb king. King came on a dipsy out 70 feet while it was creeping out. Sunday was 0 for 1 only hit was on a j plug. Worked 50 to 130 fow.
  6. Fished this weekend Saturday morning off braddocks did 3 salmon from 17 to 23 and some Lakers. Saturday night tried out in front of the genny took 5 lake trout 145 feet of water. Sunday morning went back to braddocks and only did 1 king 22 lbs.
  7. It's a fishal you out of the genny today or elsewhere? I am off Braddock Slow for us as well. Got a 22 lb king and 2 Lakers. King came on a green spinny green fly on a 400 coppper
  8. Anyone have a temp report off Braddock this morning? My probe isn't work. Tight lines
  9. How deep of water Jeremy? Coming up this weekend just wanted to know if I needed to adjust my coppers or if they are going to be okay. Thanks for the report guys
  10. rod hog are the hooks included?
  11. I have personally had bad luck trying to circle a fish seems like I lose them more often than not. If I have one that is really pulling I will slow the boat down. Just my 2 cents tho
  12. Do you have the hooks to go with them?
  13. Thanks for the report gonna be up this weekend
  14. Hopefully the lake sets back up, need some wind out of the west and get the river water back in tight
  15. Left the dock at 545. Dropped the rods in at the 28.5 and 13.5 lines. Fished from the 27 to the 30 line with the rest of the pack and not much to show. Went as far as the 18 line to the west. Ended the day 6 for 7 all the fish were small, small steels and small salmon. Biggest salmon was around 9 lbs. All the fish were released to grow up! That being said where did the big boys go? It sure wasn't like 2 weeks ago at the oak. Tight lines!!!!