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  1. Spoons I have 25 slammers in all colors in an a spoon box 50$.Call i"ll send pics. 585-750-3164
  2. Yea man, awesome job to to all involved. Looking forward to next year. ( it does suck that "our" fish got harvested LOL) Oh well, we will find others.
  3. Hey Lucas, can i send my group over to the weigh in without me being there? I have a p.m. charter as well so i can't make it happen.
  4. twin throttles I have twin morse controls from 87 on my new motors. i can not get them to match up on the throttle up to cruising. I have adjusted what i thought the cables to make it better but no luck. The last motors were close to even and nothing has changed. I am miffed. Any ideas or thoughts???
  5. Thanks Matt
  6. for sale : usa

    150$ takes them all. A deal and a half.
  7. Sodus Pro am Just a thought. Is it possible that the sodus pro am might not happen due to the few docks available because of the high water situation?
  8. for sale : usa

    There are bombers, reef runners, storm, rapalas and challengers.
  9. for sale : usa

    Everything still is not sold. Offers but,,,,,,,
  10. Deep Diver Plugs I have 18 4 1/2 inch plugs and 31 3 1/2 inch plugs. A total of 49 plugs. All are like new. $180 for all, that's less than $4 a piece. They are over 7$ and then some new. There are bombers, rapalas, storm, challengers,smithwicks and reef runners. Call 585- 7five0 - three one 64.
  11. 8" and 11" Flashers I have 25 - 11" hotspots, 26 - 8" doctors, 2 - 8" paddles, 4 - 11" doctors. That is 57 total. All are in mint shape, some still in packages. 300$ for all, less then 6$ apiece. Call 585-7five0-three one 6 four
  12. The lake was awesome for smallies till gobies showed up. There are bass out there, big, but few. Try i-bay for big mouths and walleye with the occasional smallmouth.
  13. The east end of the lake gets rough on a 20 knot west wind. Safety wise no problem, fishable is questionable.
  14. Deep Divers I have 18 of the 4.5" in all varieties and 31 in the 3.5' in all varieties as well. Thats 49 total, all are in mint shape. 130$ takes them all. Call 585-7fivezero-3onesix4
  15. Run them on braid or wire, #2 are awesome this time of year. I personally have not perfected the 4s or 5s to feel good about them yet for the summer depths.