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  1. Good job. It was the same bite your way Friday for my clients as well. Crazy awesome chew going on. Shaping up to be like last year. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Scotty has as a 300' of 250lb, all good.
  3. Do you still have a pair of the boats for sale?

    1. Big Spoon

      Big Spoon

      Hi Bruce - sorry, they've been sold.

  4. Browns will be the next thing they’ll be messing with. You watch and wait. I’ll bet my left n—t on it.
  5. Steelhead fishery has been rock solid for many years, In the tribs and the lake. The more regs we get the worse it will be for all. Just wait that will not be the end of the B.S.
  6. Get yourself Spro 35lb barrel swivels and tie what ever knot works for you.
  7. Fished the previous day to the west and it was a fantastic day with a good class of browns and two 14 to 17lb lakers as well. On my way home i saw good water by the river and figured i would start there in the am. i did just that and had a great bite in a 5hr trip all brownies. We also got our first king that weighed in at 17.3lbs. I believe this year is going to be like last year with all these salmon around so early up and down the lake. What ever happens , it is still great to be out on the best of the great lakes.
  8. Thanks for leaving the browns to us. Good job on the forkies.
  9. It sucks Brian. We are reviewing the cameras on the bridge.
  10. Yes it was well below the water line, that is how i found it. Like a drinking fountain coming in.
  11. I would suggest a short trip with a charter captain in the area you like to fish. You should learn alot from most captains that would take alot of time on the water for you to get that knowledge. This time of the year we all basically fish the same. Whether it's your port or not. I would be happy to show you what i know. Good luck.
  12. I caught a 5lb brown last june in Rochester that was tagged on the Niagara bar in april. That tag was worth a 100$
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