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  1. Sold / Closed

    Send me your number Polar Bear and i will send pics.
  2. Sold / Closed

    To replace these rod holders would be 800$ They were 725$ when purchased
  3. 2- Quad Vector Rod Holders I have 2- Quad vector rod holders that are maybe 8 yrs old and work mint. They have 4 positions on one side and another different 4 positions on the other side. You can pull the pin and raise the diver rod when you get a bite if you want. The one side of each quad does go below 90 for a low diver. . 300$ or best offer for the set. Call bruce 585-750-3164 for pics.
  4. Rod Refinishing I have 2 10' St Croix wire rods i love and would like to get refinished or redone. The guides are mint and so are the rods, they just look like crap.. If anybody does this stuff or knows somebody please email me or call 585-750-3164. Thanks
  5. Arrows and Broadheads I have 13 new Easton Axis 500 26.5" long. They are 8.1 GPI that will work for many shooters out there.These are N-fused carbon arrows top of the line. Quick spin 3" fletching in green and white. 100$ will take them, 160$ normal price. I also have 100 Grain Thunderheads. 13 of the heads ready to go along with 20+ o rings and 20+ metal rings. I also have 48 new replacement blades as well. I unfortunately cannot shoot a bow anymore, otherwise i would not be selling. 130$ for all of the broadhead eqipment. Well over 200$ to replace, maybe more now. Call Bruce at 585-750-3164 for pics, thanks.
  6. You got too much money.LOL
  7. Arrows I have 13 brand new Easton Axis 500 arrows with Quick Spin fletching. They are 26.5' long, from inside nock to end. These are the best of the best, infused carbon, strong and fast. 100$ takes them. Call 585-750-3164
  8. There is no crash to be Gator. This past year has produced the largest alewife population this lake has ever seen, off the charts.
  9. Holy Christmas A 39.03 weighed in at sodus today for the L.O.C. REALLY???? That is awesome for our great lake Ontario.
  10. Run a 200' copper and forget the 10 color.
  11. I fish am and pm trips many days, and i like both.. But the pm trips can and are usually awesome. I can go back to where i was and know the program with almost always nobody else out.
  12. I agree with paul, but i also see more scales coming off the longer they are in the warmer water which they have been in.
  13. Try another battery.
  14. Spoons I have 25 slammers in all colors in an a spoon box 50$.Call i"ll send pics. 585-750-3164