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  1. Mitchells on lake ave soon if not now.
  2. Totally agree that they need to figure out how to get the size back. Not that i won,t take numbers over size ,but,,,,,,,
  3. They cut the weeds in b-bay all summer long and it will travel with the wind and currents. Yes it sucks
  4. Looking for an observer for Sodus program for July 15 and 16th. Please call.750-threeone6four
  5. Just happen to see this again, read the stories again, and cried again. Love you Joe RIP miss you
  6. Scottys are the best hands down. That little piece of cable lets you see shakers, Debris or whatever.
  7. So with this abundance of bait in the lake, being alewives, smelt ,(on the rise), emeralds, gobies, sticklebacks, and god knows whatever else. Why in the hell are they wasting time and money on ciscos that will never be preyed upon and bloaters??? The ciscos will be predator for the bait we need to keep our fish healthy. I am not blaming you Brian but this state has there head up their ass. So sad, and they do not listen, ears are always closed to the people who are seeing what the hell is going on in this fishery.
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