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    Fishing esp. browns, float tubing for bass with a fly rod, love to garden and lastly I can't get enough news. Big fan of the Washington Post.
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  1. VHF Radio Antenna Ratchet Mount Pole Base. Selling both a nylon and Stainless Steel VHF antenna. $20 takes them both. Local pick up only.
  2. Hi, Selling a Super Hooker Anchor designed for boat up to 23’ and wind up to 20 knots. Solid Anchor. I just don’t need two of them. Firm on the price. Local pickup only. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thank you for all the help. Regards, Bob Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. BTW, Happy Father's Day to all.
  5. Hi Gang, Looking for some advice. I have a Sierra Fuel Filter that is one of those canister in line fuel filters that separates the water from the gas. I am trying to replace my 2018 filter however when I try to unscrew it, the filter turns however it is turning inside and is not unscrewing. It turns super tight and I'm afraid I am going to break the plastic housing the filter is housed on.Ugh! Any experience when this happens. This is my 2019 boat challenge!! Thanks, Bob Lyons
  6. Hi Gang, I have son #2 attending Saint Lawrence University in Canton. It's parent's weekend coming up and was looking for a suggestion on where the two of us can do some shore fishing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Bob Lyons
  7. Hank is the best in my book....period!!
  8. Perfect! Thank you both for your response. Regards, Bob Lyons
  9. Hi Gang, Simple question. I have a Moor Subtroll and the wire is showing some age, ie there are bare spots showing. Where can I buy replacement wire. I recall there were 2 differerent lb test however I heard to go with the lighter versions. Anyhoot, looking to respool my rigger going into 2019. Regards, Bob Lyons
  10. Hi, I traced what I could and didn't see any blown fuses but thanks for the reply. Bob
  11. Hi, I need someone who can come to my boat at Mayers Marina and install a Stereo. I had an old radio in there before, I then copied the configuration and installed a new radio... It worked fine but then stopped. My guess is its a power issue. I bought a new stereo and now i just don't have the tools to troubleshoot it. Looking for a tech. I truly dont think this is a complicated fix but its beyond me. My boat is a Sea Nymph from 1995. Thanks Bob Lyons Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Hi Fishnut, Thanks for the insight. I will check that out however in my case the bulb on the Tohatsu fuel line is really soft and when it is hot from being in the sun the bulb just flattens out when drawing gas. I might add it also has to go through an inline fuel filter too. It only happened a few times so at this point I'm not overly concerned about it. When the motor does begin to sputter, I just go back to the bulb and manually squeeze it and we are good. Again, thank you for the input. Regards, Bob Lyons
  13. Yes but thanks. I bought one at a local store and it costs $50! Sent from my XT1095 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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