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  1. Hi, Selling a collection of 14 hard to find lures. You'll find an Optimizer, an Attacker, NK's, Diamond Kings and Evil Eyes. Selling the lot for $30. I will ship but buyer pays for postage.
  2. Hey Guys, Knocked it out of the park....all of you. Definitely going to work on setup for the front of the motor. So appreciate your input. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Bob Lyons
  3. Hi Guys, I finally bought a newer motor for my 19' Sea Nymph. I was replacing a 1995 70hp Evinrude that became problematic over time. Excited to experience the motor but will have to wait till next season. This is my dilemma. The EZ steer bracket that fit on my old Evinrude doesn't look like it will fit on my 2016 75HP etec motor. Any suggestions. I'm not locked into EZ steer but if I could avoid having to change, it would be better. Looking for advice. Thanks! Bob Lyons
  4. Thank you. I'll do just what you suggest. Regards, Bob
  5. Hi Gang, Simple question. I have a couple of rigger weights where the wire loop/connector is getting thin. It appears to be made of brass. Any idea how this could be repaired?
  6. Hi, Selling a pair of Cannon Clamp mounts. There are very solid units. I used them to put some riggers on an aluminum row boat and troll. These work great and really hold on. I was leery about how well they would work but I have no fears after using them. Selling the pair for $75. I am firm on the price.
  7. Hi, Located in Penfield which is east of Rochester. I can mail out but I'd have to charge you. Let me know if still interested. Thanks, Bob
  8. Hi, I loved these. These are Down Easter Rod Holders made in Lewiston, Maine. These are solid, reliable and release easily. Great when you have a large king spooling you out. Both of these units come with the inboard mount attached. I am firm on the price
  9. Hi, Selling a pair of super quality Big Jon Heavy-duty Diver rod holders. These are as solid as they look. Pin locking mechanism allows you a range of angles. I hate to part with them but I ran out of room. Included is all the hardware including mounting plates and even an extra holder cap. Firm on the price.
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