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  1. Ditto! At least when I go out tomorrow, I'll have my cannon balls this time. Yes, not much of a picture out there at all.
  2. Heading out of Ibay tomorrow morning for the maiden voyage. Not sounding that encouraging and we know the east wind is a downer mostly for this area at this time of year. I'll post my report tomorrow. Went out today....maiden voyage and realized when I got to the boat at Mayers.....I forgot the cannonballs at home!! Irregardless, I went out this morning and used my boards, and then graduated to dipseys and leadcore. Wound up with one king and FAR from a major. Took him on wire diver, no ring on 2 at 125 feet out over 175 fow. Just so you know, I started inside this morning. The water was crystal clear. I could see the bottom in 50 FOW!! The east wind is sooo not our friend!!
  3. Great to hear that. Appreciate all of your good luck. Amazing what a different location can offer. Thank you again!!
  4. Heading out of Ibay tomorrow morning for the maiden voyage. Not sounding that encouraging and we know the east wind is a downer mostly for this area at this time of year. I'll post my report tomorrow.
  5. Hi Gang, I have a Minn Kota 55 that is probably at least 12 years old. Based on the price of gas and all the "blow days" I had last year, I'm going to do some bass bugging with my fly rod inside the bay (Irondequoit) ,which is a total gas!. I would normally plug my motor in via a hookup I created when I first got it. It worked fine but it is SUCH a hassle taking the battery out of the transom area and then having to recharge it after heavy use of the Minn Kota. What I'm ideally looking for is a battery carrier and one that can utilize the current plug end of my motor. Looking for any suggestions or advice. Regards, Bob Lyons
  6. Hi Folks, This has already been sold. Unable to change the listing to sold but thank you for your interest. Regards, Bob
  7. Hi, I am selling an EZ STEER unit that was between two outboards. They work great with no issues at all. $75 takes it.
  8. Trailer Drama Update: Took my trailer to a local Welder named Dave at Drelick's Welding Service right off of Whalen Road in Penfield. I read good things about them and decided to take my trailer there to get worked on. Dropped it off on Monday evening and had it back in my driveway on Wednesday evening. I am beyond delighted with the work Dave did. Goes in the water.....finally next week. Thanks for all the words of wisdom in replying to my post. Take care and TIGHT LINES to all. Regards, Bob
  9. Hey Guys, Always appreciate the great feedback from this forum. I was able to get my boat to a local welder and waiting to see the end result. He was a bit reluctant to take it on due to a liability issue. I told him, please don't worry. Should get it back tomorrow or Friday. I have been scouting for used trailers and they seem to be few and far between. Not into buying a new one but it may come to that. I'll post the end result when I get it. Thanks again to all of you....greatly appreciated. Regards, Bob
  10. Hi Gang, I have a 1995 Sea Nymph Trailer that is truly showing it's age. I'm including two screenshots. I got my boat out of storage and towed it back home to do my "get my boat ready for the season" kind of day. Getting it in my driveway I looked at it's Achilles heel and noticed....I was lucky to get it home. My question is can I do a quick "fix" on this just to shore it up to get it to the water and launched and then see my what my options are. The "crack" on the first photo happened on the way home from Marion to Penfield. Again, looking for a quick fix just to get my boat launched and then...can this be repaired or is a 26 year old trailer time for a replacement. Looking for advice.
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