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  1. The perch are hitting minnows.My son lives on the lake and switched from plastic to minnows and is getting nice catches of large perch. Set up a dropshot rig with the hooks20-30" over the sinker. Good luck.
  2. Hey JohnnyWalleye If your getting Gobies and not perch move around and find the perch without the Gobies. Try in 30fow. Good luck.
  3. Hey ,we never stop fishing for perch, had some good days and a few bad. You have to hunt for them. Keep what you want not all you can. Good Luck.
  4. I heard they had the rang open on tue evening. I'll check it out tonight.
  5. They didn't open last year due to lack of interest by members and I don't see it happening this season. Sorry.
  6. Fishbow1836 When I ran that setup I ran the smaller Dipsy and a Romer release about 10ft. above the ball,and the main line off the ball. If you want to go real deep set your Dipsy on one or 0 and let out 200 or300ft. of wire,hook to the romer release and lower the ball to the depth you want and go from there. Good luck, I did well like that.
  7. Start long, they have to be higher than the sides of the boat with the trailer in the water or you will mark up the sides of the boat or hang the boat up on one side or the other. You can cut them down later if you want. Been there and did that.
  8. Fuse I'm putting a new helix 5 on my boat, anyone know what size in line fuse I should use. Thanks.
  9. A few years back I was trolling out of Sodus and having a good morning, about 10 oclock it turned off. We trolled around for an other hour with out a hit so I cleared the lines and dropped the temp. prob. down till I hit the right temp. zone at 4.5mph. them I dropped two move rods down with hi speed attacker spoons that they don't make any more on the riggers with fixed sliders at the same depth as the temp. gage. It wasen't long we were into fish again, Salmon and steelhead. I checked the GPS and I was still in the same water I fished in the morning. You have to slow down as soon as you hook up or you rip the hooks out.
  10. Where is the location of that picture ? North end. Thank you.
  11. My 89 BaHa had ford V8s in it with points and that made me happy because I could tune them myself.They could sit all winter and start right up in the spring, no trouble at all.Some time in the spring I would change the plugs points condenser and rotator,and set the timing by ear, and they ran like a top. Never had one quite me on the lake. No reason to change anything. If it ain't broke don't fix it..
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