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  1. We were out last Sunday night in front of the red barn , west of Olcott, 200 fow 90 down was are best if that's helps
  2. Nice, any certain fow
  3. How big are the waves out there
  4. 1 steelhead 300fow
  5. Heading out in a few, going to start 350 fow, what about steelhead out here
  6. How far out is he shipping lanes from Olcott, we're here for the weekend from Michigan
  7. With the winds predicted this weekend , what wave height should one expect, planning a trip this weekend but it's a 8 hr drive for us , we have a 20ft boat
  8. Good job on netting fish by your self , that's always fun, heading there this weekend, hope the weather cooperates for us
  9. Been there done that, back when Lake Huron was good one trip salmon fishing and my walleye fishing was done , not trying to repeat that, finding time to do both
  10. Decoy your the man , great post , was telling my buddy yesterday while fishing Huron Ohio we should be on Lake Ontario fishing for real fish ,
  11. I put smooth moves in my Starweld, there great but pricey
  12. I would install a board that way your not putting more holes in your boat, I have mine only a few inches apart know problem
  13. Got them today Thanks Keith