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  1. I remember as a kid we would go to point plee in Lake Erie smelt dipping, we would bring home garbage cans full , we would spend the next day cleaning them
  2. Yes , was going to try some slide divers
  3. I should have said dispy setup , I have wire setup just wanting some braid
  4. Is 30lb braid good for King salmon, I’m spooning 2 303d Coldwater reels with braid , want to be able to use for both salmon and walleye
  5. I know last year was awesome in the summer but never been there in May
  6. Is Olcott go that time of year, going for 4 days will probably trailer to the bar
  7. How far is the bar from Olcott, planning a trip May 17 ,
  8. It’s a shame you have to **** to get some thing done, but time for some spring bite
  9. We planning on the weekend of May 17
  10. Thanks guys , we fish Lake Ontario for the last 3 years and never been disappointed
  11. What program are you running that time of the year , spoons, flies , meat rigs? I’ve never really tried brown trout fishing , only kings , what water depth? , just trying to figure out things before making the trip over there , I’m from Michigan and prefer to fish over there then Lake Michigan hit or miss
  12. Were the best area it’s a 7 hr drive for us , same program as summertime?
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