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  1. We did good straight out , started 180 to 300 , 250 was the best , meat on dispy 220 on a # 3 , riggers 60 , has a few on spoons early then all meat , carbon14 spoons, you shouldn’t have now problem , there loaded out there
  2. Good report, we’re pretty new at this and trying to figure this out , not the same as walleye fishing, **** morning for us , 0 for 0 for us not good, a. Couples of weekends ago was easy pickings, but this trip has got us thinking were to start , the fleas suck out at 300 fow
  3. Great report, heading up there tomorrow, can’t wait to watch my nephew that’s 12 yr old get a hold of a big king
  4. Great report, me and Garry be over therein a few weeks
  5. You won’t be disappointed it’s that good, we had a triple on with only 2 of us in the boat all big fish
  6. We did quite well this past weekend but I never marked any fish , don’t understand why
  7. Thanks for the report, we’re heading there tomorrow , can’t wait, we only get 2 trips a year there
  8. What size of boards do I need for 300 ft of copper
  9. Thanks, I thought it was 3 rods just making sure
  10. What’s the pole limit per person and fish limit
  11. Sounds good, we’re trying to get up there this Sunday, looking to get on some bigger fish then these little walleye in Michigan
  12. Kwall


    I’m going to take the kids in July, really wan a chance to ge these kids on some big kings , the get super excited with Walleye, and perch so watching them get a big king would be icing on the cake
  13. Kwall


    I have 2 trip planned to fish out of Olcott, the weekend of 24 of June and weekend of 13 of July, my question is I want to do a kids weekend witch would be the better of the 2 , I’m from Michigan
  14. I did one for the wounded warrior event in Ohio, was a 3 day event and I couldn't write anything of on my taxes , but that's in Michigan Maybe different in other states.
  15. Are these what your looking for