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  1. I know that , I was wondering with the winds out of the sw 14-20 what kind of waves could be expected, I know over here on western end of Lake Erie, probably 3-4 but it’s shallow
  2. With the winds this coming weekend what can be expected as far as waves
  3. Nice , coming over there next weekend, bring a 14 yr old kid that’s loves to fish so hopefully we can get him a big king
  4. We get them on wire but not bad , comes off pretty easy, don’t know about lead
  5. Over her in Michigan called breast bay 😂
  6. I have a 20ft Starweld, I put limited space trim tabs on , there small but works great , best thing I added to the boat
  7. Any body knows the maker of this spoon
  8. Your right, mine are the mag 10 ,
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