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  1. InSanEddie, don’t be a nice guy , tell them to take care of this problem immediately or your going to hire a lawyer and the cost of this boat ain’t **** of what your going to sue for , there no reason to wait that long for someone to ship it back to the factory, when I told them that they move quickly, you have a case hands down
  2. On my 2013 Starweld a seam in the front split , they claimed I hit something, which I knew I didn’t, I found some bad welds on the braces and the factory agree to replace the hull and only cost to me was 2000.00 because the boat was 2yr old , after a 10 minute conversation with the factory they agree to do it free , they had me back on the water within a week only because I dropped it off at the factory, there is no reason for welds to split like that if welded correctly.
  3. Way to go Jeremy, your a good person for helping out these ladies, looks like they had a great time, well done
  4. Dave you running the 300 off of boards , we try a churches tx44, it’s was a pain , don’t know if offshore Walleye board is enough to pull the copper?
  5. Thanks, I’ll have to rigs up my 300 copper just for Garry Jackson, he loves reeling that in , 😂
  6. Out last weekend and the fleas were bad , I was running wire and my buddy was using braid, both had fleas on and he cleaned his line just as quick as mine
  7. Thanks for the information, I was going to try the offshore board next but sounds like I have the same problem, I’ll have to order a set of the ziggy boards
  8. No problem with them nose diving? I use offshore for walleye, the first time using church not impressed
  9. What boards do you use for pulling 300,I tried the church’s big board and it was a pain in the ass , wanted to sink when I let it out
  10. 200-250 straight out 60 down, 4, for 7 this morning
  11. Agree with you on Erie, I’m in Michigan and that would probably be 3-4 fts
  12. Were heading up Thursday to Sunday, from the looks of it Saturday afternoon might get a little interesting but other than that should be good to go
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