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  1. Kwall

    Spring bite

    Thanks guys , we fish Lake Ontario for the last 3 years and never been disappointed
  2. Kwall

    Spring bite

    What program are you running that time of the year , spoons, flies , meat rigs? I’ve never really tried brown trout fishing , only kings , what water depth? , just trying to figure out things before making the trip over there , I’m from Michigan and prefer to fish over there then Lake Michigan hit or miss
  3. Kwall

    Spring bite

    Were the best area it’s a 7 hr drive for us , same program as summertime?
  4. Kwall

    Spring bite

    Wonder how’s the spring bite on the western end , we usually fish in July and August over there out of Olcott but thinking about making a trip sometime in May . Thanks
  5. Kwall

    Downrigger release

    I only use blacks , last year ran a Swr of the downrigger and it was a killer
  6. Kwall

    Update on my starweld

    When I had to have warranty work done , I ended up taking it there but I was 3 hr to my dealer or 3 hrs to them they re hull mine quickly but they knew I had them over a barrel big time.
  7. Kwall

    Update on my starweld

    Just tell them your going to get a lawyer, watch how fast you get it back , that’s what I told them when they wanted 2000. More from me , a re hull in less than a week
  8. Kwall

    Update on my starweld

    My dealer went to bat for me till they wanted to charge me 2000.00 that when I told him to back out and I would handle it, after a3 way call they had my boat done in a week , I don’t know if this will help but try to call Joe Worstler 574-831-7061 , he at smokercraft
  9. Sorry, just noticed it’s a 2050 , but one sweet boat
  10. Vic,s in Ohio has one all rigged up sweet boat , only 48 hrs on the main motor
  11. Kwall

    Update on my starweld

    I’m surprised about your problem with customer service, I split the hull on mine and after I proved it was a bad weld job they re hull mine in a week
  12. We did good straight out , started 180 to 300 , 250 was the best , meat on dispy 220 on a # 3 , riggers 60 , has a few on spoons early then all meat , carbon14 spoons, you shouldn’t have now problem , there loaded out there