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  1. Deep diving bandits, i haven't had any issues with them, heard some complaints about the hooks breaking, hasn't happened to me yet and they run true out of the box
  2. For a few years, I fish from Huron Ohio to Michigan, they are deadly at night on a slow troll from 1.0-1.5, but if I was to pick one bait it would be bandits hands down during the day and p10s at night
  3. Use them all the time with inline weight, check out bandits ,they work all year, night fishing all I use are the p10
  4. Thanks for all the great ideas, it will be are first time on the big ON for salmon , 2 of my crew have never caught salmon so I hopping to hook in to some screamers
  5. Thanks for the reply, smoke them is the only I eat them
  6. I can seem to get a clear answer, I'm from out of state , wanting to fish salmon in Lake Ontario, I know it's 3 daily limit but if I fish 3 days does that mean I can keep 9 total