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  1. CK3080

    Cleaning the deck

    Diluted Krud Kutter from lowes and a good scrub brush. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the tough blood spot stains in the corners that have been there since May...
  2. CK3080

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Saw two does and a fawn tonight in 6G. Nothing with horns. Perfect wind out of the NE for a hedgerow stand along some standing corn. Couldnt pass up this girl at 18yds quartering away. Felt good to break in the new mathews triax. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. 4-7 today, most action before 8:30 am. Shut down for me after that. FF, spoons, meat, all fired. 130-140 fow, down 58-70 or so. Had one dipsey fire at 10 am, but pretty much shut down after 8:30 am. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. CK3080

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    If the other rigger works in the bad rigger plug, its likely not the plug. Take off the 8 bolts or however many it is on the side panel and check out the switch and the board. If they are bad, you will likely see a noticeable issue with them. My guess its the switch. Mine started acting the same way. I only ever ran one rod holder on it, which leaves one bolt hole open where the second rod holder would go. After i ordered the switch (https://www.fish307.com/cannon-downrigger-part-2286792-switch-shortstop-3-prong/) i also ordered a second rod holder to prevent this issue. only happened to one of my two riggers though, the starboard side with the open bolt hole to the outside of the gunwale, likely from running cross-wave in rough conditions. Here is what my switch looked like. Obvious moisture in there too, but board looked fine. Switch kinda sits in the lowest portion of the housing, thus getting all the moisture pooled up on it
  5. CK3080

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    Probably the switch. Mine started acting up mid season, some water got into the housing from the open rod holder bolt hole on the outside. Took it apart and switch was all corroded. Cheap fix. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. I went 4-5 solo yesterday off the tip of the finger. 3 smaller kings and a laker, lost what felt like a good king. Mostly meat on divers. Lotta boats out but didnt see anyone doing much, lots of moving around and many boats pulling lines and headed south, just a little too rough yesterday for me to want to make that far of a run Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I havent been out in two weeks, hoping to find a few willing to eat tomorrow morning. BluTooth on Chan 68
  8. Found one! Thanks for the help all. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. I know this is a long shot, but looking for a drive shaft (Part No. 69G-455-10-10-00) or even an entire lower unit assembly for a late model long shaft Yamaha t9.9. For some crazy, unknown reason, I broke my drive shaft in my kicker last week. Engine is under warranty (bought new in 2016), but part is backordered until Sept 10 and I cant stand being without a kicker that long. Let me know what you have.
  10. I fish solo often and rarely run junk lines, so putting these up for sale to clear out some inventory. All rods/reels/spooled lines were bought new in 2016, and only got wet less than a handful of times. Copper/steel/leadcore backed with 50lb powerpro. All reels have okuma reel clamps and hardware mounted. Located in Sackets Harbor/ Watertown. Willing to travel reasonable distances to deliver 1). Okuma Convector 55L, Okuma Copper/Leadcore Rod 8'6", 300-ft Torpedo Weighted Steel - $140 2). Okuma Convector 55L, Cabelas Depthmaster Rod 7'6", 400-ft Blood Run 32lb Copper - $140 3.) Okuma Magda Pro MA 45DX, Diawa Wilderness Rod 8'6", 10-color Sufix 27lb Leadcore - $80
  11. i'll be out there this weekend. Boat name BluTooth on Ch. 68
  12. CK3080

    Trolling Boats and Your Dance Platforms

    Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. CK3080

    People near Sackets and Henderson harbor

    PM sent. I keep my boat in Sackets and would be glad to show you the ropes. There are some good folks around our area, and i've taken several army guys out new to the area. My wife is active duty at Drum as well and i was in similar shoes when I moved here in 2015.
  14. nice! thanks. A bit too early and a little out of my range for now, but good use of space.
  15. Would be interested in seeing pics of the whole rig if possible. Was looking to buy and outfit a similar boat after this season, I'd like to see how you have it all set up.