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  1. Lake Erie (NY) walleye charter?

    I fish a few weekends a year out of Erie PA, not far from the NY line. I’ve always fished out of my boat or a buddy’s, but we usually stay at Green Roof Inn in Girard PA about 15 minutes from the public Walnut Creek launch. Great facilities there. Just booked today for June 29 - July 2nd. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Cannon Magnum STX 10

    I run mag 10 STX's, no issues at all the past three years and really like them. I run a 12lb shark on port side and 15 lb on starboard side to make up for probe blowback on sb side. only issue I had was my own fault. auto stop stopped the ball where it should have, then i hit the switch to move it up some more and accidentally broke the terminator off at the pulley, losing ball and release. Luckily it wasnt the probe rigger. I have since learned my lesson in manually overriding autostop. Goes to show how strong the motors are, and to set clutch tension appropriately.
  3. Dipsy rigs

    Absolutely Stoneam, I was just talking to my fishing buddy about that. This year may be the best we will ever see in our lives. Already planning on trailering from Sackets Harbor to walnut creek for two long weekends this summer, maybe more depending on the kings/ lake conditions Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Dipsy rigs

    I switched all my diver rigs to wire last year, didnt hurt my eye numbers at all on the few days we fished lake Erie with them. Then again, walleye numbers were unreal on Erie last season and just about anything we put in the water got hit. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Convectors

    I have about a dozen cv 30d’s for rigger and divers and a handful of 55L’s for junk lines and have had very few issues with them. I fish a few times a week from may-sept, only issues I had were one stripped pinion gear and one bad clicker. All got tuna’s drag upgrades. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a DS, should be a great diver reel. The regulars are a little slow when clearing lines with a ton of wire out. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Bow is sold, thanks for the interest. Happy hunting!
  7. Had some interest, but nothing solid yet. Price down to $450, or make an offer.

    #1 - atommik pro/am UV - all conditions, any time of day #2 - atommik stud fly - overcast or morning
  9. 2017 season was definitely quantity over quality. Still pulled some nice-sized fish. 1. 59 lb king box solo fishing 2. Lake erie walleye haul (killed 114 fish over 4 days with two boats and a bunch of guys) 3. Biggest king of the year (only 25 lbs)
  10. Price drop to $500 or best offer, indoor season is approaching!
  11. Price drop, $550 or best offer. I will throw in Rage 2 blade mechanical broadheads for the the arrows and a new Tru-fire wrist strap release as well so the package will be ready to shoot as-is. Buy now and be ready to shoot indoor all winter, 3D all summer, and start hunting in September. Make an offer, worst I can say is no. Willing to travel to deliver The bow is a proven killer throughout the east and west! Killed many deer with it and have taken it out for elk a few years as well.
  12. Hoyt Carbon Element, 32" ATA. Set up with #2 Fuel Cam (26-28" Draw, currently set at 27.5, have draw mods to 28") 55-65 lb limbs, new Winner's Choice string installed last year, peep and kisser button installed Max-1 Camo finish on bow and quiver Excellent condition, have hunted with it for several years, just ready for a new bow. Accessories: Tight Spot 5-arrow quiver Trophy Taker Smackdown limb-driven drop away rest Spot Hogg Real Deal 5 pin, with fiber optic wrap Fuse stabilizer Wrist strap 10 arrows (CE Mayhems and Easton Carbon Injexion) Asking $600 or best offer. PM for more details or photos. Located in Sackets Harbor / Watertown area
  13. Which Auto Pilot To Get?

    The Raymarine EV-100, which was pretty much maxed out on my hyd steering ram, was constantly pumping on my boat trolling into or in the trough of anything bigger than 2 footers. It did work great, though not sure what the longevity of the pump is going to be under my conditions. Although not sure what the draw rate was, I would not use that pump with a kicker without an alternator.
  14. Which Auto Pilot To Get?

    Todd, you would still need a drive system for that unit. I've done a little research into mating a system like the Octopus Type S mechanical drive (type that attaches to cable-drive steering wheel) and Raymarine EV units, and it seems like a definite possibility. Cabling and programming needed for this, I have no clue, but seems possible.
  15. Which Auto Pilot To Get?

    Good luck with whatever route you decide! Because I fish solo or with my wife and inexperienced buddies often, installing autopilot for this past season has improved my fishing experience and catch rate tremendously. Unless you have a dedicated, experienced wheel-man, AP is a great tool to have. I know we fish the same waters quite often, if you want to hop aboard and give mine a try early next season, you are more than welcome.