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  1. i'll be out there this weekend. Boat name BluTooth on Ch. 68
  2. CK3080

    Trolling Boats and Your Dance Platforms

    Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. CK3080

    People near Sackets and Henderson harbor

    PM sent. I keep my boat in Sackets and would be glad to show you the ropes. There are some good folks around our area, and i've taken several army guys out new to the area. My wife is active duty at Drum as well and i was in similar shoes when I moved here in 2015.
  4. nice! thanks. A bit too early and a little out of my range for now, but good use of space.
  5. Would be interested in seeing pics of the whole rig if possible. Was looking to buy and outfit a similar boat after this season, I'd like to see how you have it all set up.
  6. CK3080

    Mounting kicker, which side

    A lot of guys pick port side for kicker because driver is usually on starboard. I have a swim ladder on port, so i picked starboard. It does list some, but not too terribly bad.
  7. CK3080

    Fillet Knife?

    I really like Dexter-russell sani-safe for small-medium sized fillet knives (walleye, browns, perch, etc) , and bubba blade 12" for kings. I've been on the same knives for the last few years and they havent let me down.
  8. CK3080

    Wanted ISO Sub Troll Parts

    If not interested in my used one, I did find this one too... Says it should work with Depth Raider and Moor. It certainly looks the same as a moor.
  9. CK3080

    Wanted ISO Sub Troll Parts

    These are the best klinchers I found for the subtroll. I would order a few in case you need to change out or switch around your coated cable. I run a subtroll and I bought a whole subtroll set up on ebay last year for a spare probe and spare parts. I'd be willing to part with the antenna, dont know what they sell for though. PM me an offer? Also located in watertown/ sackets
  10. CK3080

    Sodus or Canandaigua for prop repair

    Prop Healer in oswego does good work. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. CK3080

    Turkey 2018

    Congrats to all who killed! This guy fooled me yesterday morning. I fooled him today at 0630 though. Black River, NY.
  12. CK3080

    Chamount bay walleye

    I had the boat out in BRB on tuesday night, I was seeing surface temps as high as 46 towards black river and 42 and dropping further out towards the main lake.
  13. CK3080

    Trees with pullys at top

    They put a lot of strain on the gunnels. Make sure the baseplates are solid, backed, or in good tracks. I run board snubbers on amish outfitters boards for added strain relief when the board hit waves and bounce. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. CK3080

    Panther Kicker Mounts

    Yessir on the backer plate. I used a piece of 4" x 8" or so 1/4" aluminum stock . I dont have trim tabs, but this bracket would definitely get in the way of them. Before I bought it, I did find this thread on another board from a guy with a similar boat to mine and his trim tab fix with the same bracket. If I ever did get tabs, I would have to go this route. Bracket is unique in that its two piece, so the trim tab ram can be installed inside the bracket.
  15. CK3080

    Panther Kicker Mounts

    I have this one: I wanted a fixed position bracket for a heavy T9.9. This one has a few different holes to set the kicker higher or lower to work with your transom. My wellcraft has more a euro transom, so this worked well. If you have a straight transom, I dont think this still would work, as there is not much set back. I dont have a great pic of it, but this will give you an idea.