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  1. Getting flatter by the minute near Wilson, I see a few boats out
  2. Same for us, shallow, deep, west, east, just put something colorful at 55 and you’ll get some steelies. Lots of bait and marks, no takers
  3. I snap this on their jaw, then clip to the downrigger and send them back down to where the temp and pressure give them their best chance. Can’t prove it works as you’ll never see a floater but makes sense to me... https://seaqualizer.com
  4. I used this depth sensitive release all last season, clipped to the downrigger cable, worked perfectly and released at the set depth, usually 50 ft. Have to believe it made a difference. https://www.seaqualizer.com
  5. There’s an app called Marine Traffic that gets real time feeds from the AIS on the big boats, very accurate wind data and a map overlay...blue fishable, other colors not so much. It’s also fun the see pics, destination etc. of those big freighters as they go by....
  6. Thanks for the reports, how are the waves out there?
  7. I’ve got two of them on the back of my boat, Mercury Quickleen and Seafoam at each fill up, can troll all day with no fouling. Bulletproof IMO
  8. Nice! Quick question......I like the chinook divers, do you find they dive fairly true to the charts? Thanks
  9. I have twin 150 Optimax on my Trophy 2503 center console, pretty much bulletproof, I use one at a time to troll all day.
  10. Sure does....confirms that "offshore" is still the place to be. Thank you sir.
  11. Going out tomorrow evening, there's not much reporting which likely indicates the fishing remains tough. Any intel appreciated! John
  12. Did you solve this? I have the 2013 60 hp so interested in the resolution. Thanks
  13. I don't want to be insulting, but I've done this.....you checked the kill switch/lanyard and popped it in and out of gear, right? John
  14. I have a Trophy 2503 Center console with twin 150 Optimax. The boat is a beast, very solid, handles lake Ontario without problem. I can do 4 footers at 25 mph. The deep V and carolina flare keep you dry. I had a Wellcraft walkaround, but like the extra fishing square footage the center console provides. The hardtop is great, rocket launchers everywhere, baitwell, washdown etc. Very well thought out and engineered. You can enclose the helm if you need to. I went for the Opti's rather than the four strokes simply because the optis are light, powerful and basically bulletproof...cheaper too.
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