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  1. Lot of armchair engineers and contractors here. Many we should wait till its done before we pass judgement. Usually new projects turn out to be beautiful.
  2. Sounds like your exhaust manifolds might be clogged or badly corroded. When was the last time you changed them? Check the temperature of them with an infrared thermometer.
  3. Pieman I would stay home and save your money for a better day. 16 ft boat + storms = no fun.
  4. Good report thanks for sharing. Keep up the safe practices and we'll all get through this.
  5. Thanks for your input it is very valuable and appreciated.
  6. What do you guys use for predicting wave heights? The site I normally use (wunderground) doesn't seem to do it anymore.
  7. All said and done a pretty good day of fishing p3434. Im getting the itch gotta give the walleyes a break and swing up there to the big lake. Nice report.
  8. p3434 you fly whatever flag or banner you want this is still a free country. As for your fishing reports please keep posting them the information is very good and appreciated. Keep up the good work.
  9. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions. That's what makes america great. The first amendment is not a grey area. It's backed up by the second amendment.
  10. MAKE FISHING GREAT AGAIN! Explanation: Don't mix politics & fishing.
  11. The old timers did it by putting their time in. Spending many many days on the water paying attention to the weather, wind, time of the year etc. Then remembering the results of these many days spent fishing. I equate it to bowhunting which I've done for many years. We started out shooting a recurve with a leather glove. You had to practice a lot to be proficient. Now days you can take a compound off the shelf and shoot it pretty good with a release. Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Keep up the good work have fun and be safe on the lake.
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