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  1. Launch is scheduled to reopen tomorrow (Friday).
  2. All said and done a pretty good day of fishing p3434. Im getting the itch gotta give the walleyes a break and swing up there to the big lake. Nice report.
  3. p3434 you fly whatever flag or banner you want this is still a free country. As for your fishing reports please keep posting them the information is very good and appreciated. Keep up the good work.
  4. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions. That's what makes america great. The first amendment is not a grey area. It's backed up by the second amendment.
  5. MAKE FISHING GREAT AGAIN! Explanation: Don't mix politics & fishing.
  6. The old timers did it by putting their time in. Spending many many days on the water paying attention to the weather, wind, time of the year etc. Then remembering the results of these many days spent fishing. I equate it to bowhunting which I've done for many years. We started out shooting a recurve with a leather glove. You had to practice a lot to be proficient. Now days you can take a compound off the shelf and shoot it pretty good with a release. Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Keep up the good work have fun and be safe on the lake.
  7. Fishing has been very good all week. Rain and high winds coming starting tomorrow. Wont be any fishing for a few days now rain and 10 - 12 footers predicted for the weekend. Cool high water is gonna fill the river with fish by early next week. Been a very good year on the lake. Time to focus on the hard toes now. Gotta put some meat in the freezer with the fish for the long winter coming.
  8. These fish are like a bad habit. Cant quit if you're still catching them! There are very few fish in the river. Still lots and lots of fish in the lake. Same thing every year. All them fish aren't hiding under that bridge by Woodys. You'll be back two more weekends if the weather stays good would be my guess. Hell hunting season hasn't started yet so what else ya gonna do? Have fun & stack em up.
  9. I don't know if we'll get too much new activity in the next few days until the weather changes. Maybe some rain and after affects of the hurricane next week will make a difference.
  10. Don't know what the down temps were. Out again this afternoon. Started looking around in 140 ft saw nothing. Moved in front of the river got one nice coho in 30 ft water. Quite a few boats not many fish caught. They were jumping occasionally. Another nice day to be on the lake though.
  11. Went out of the mexico launch this afternoon. Fog was so bad visibility was around 75 yds. Cleared up after awhile. Went out till we marked fish in around 90 feet. Water surface temp was 48 when we started out but varied from there to 62 in different spots. No takers where we were so we headed over by the river. Some guys were in real close and I guess picked up a couple fish in 15 ft of water. We never went in more closer than 35 ft. Nothing biting anywhere. Went back out towards the plant lots of fish marked but no takers. Fog was back in the end just like when we started. Air temp kept going up and down. Strange day. Lake was very calm.
  12. Winds of 10 - 20 knots. Waves 1 - 3 feet which means be prepared for the occasional 5 footer.
  13. That's being smart Low baller. Not everybody is. Im retired so I'm lucky I can pick my days. I know what its like to travel here and have the pressure to get on the lake no matter what the conditions. Theres no excuse to lose a boat due to rough water. Don't be out there if you're not comfortable. And for gods sake don't take your kids. Good luck to everyone and please use good judgement. You have to make it back to fish another day.
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