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  1. Congrats. You are now living the dream. Enjoy it life is short.
  2. Not worth it now too late. Lots of wind predicted for the near future.
  3. I thought thats what you were referring to. Thanks PD.
  4. When you leave the little salmon where are "the dunes" located? Thanks for the good report.
  5. Lot of armchair engineers and contractors here. Many we should wait till its done before we pass judgement. Usually new projects turn out to be beautiful.
  6. Sounds like your exhaust manifolds might be clogged or badly corroded. When was the last time you changed them? Check the temperature of them with an infrared thermometer.
  7. Pieman I would stay home and save your money for a better day. 16 ft boat + storms = no fun.
  8. Good report thanks for sharing. Keep up the safe practices and we'll all get through this.
  9. Thanks for your input it is very valuable and appreciated.
  10. What do you guys use for predicting wave heights? The site I normally use (wunderground) doesn't seem to do it anymore.
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