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  1. Here is a recently published peer-reviewed article in North American Journal of Fisheries Management that supports the idea that pouring soda on a fish's (Pike) gills does NOT do anything to stop bleeding. Better to throw them in the cooler if you experience substantial gill bleeding. Published by scientist at Carlton University in Ottawa. They tried mountain dew, coca cola and carbonated lake water, no report on beer, however..... Thought this might be an interesting paper to share. If you don't have access to it, I included the PDF file so you can read the whole article https://afspubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/nafm.10571 Carbonated Drinks Article.pdf
  2. DW Blue Leopard by a longshot for kings and DW orange crush for steel
  3. Thanks for all the interest but someone picked it up yesterday, good luck to everyone on the ice this year.
  4. Refreshing post because no one picked it up this past spring. Auger is still sitting in my shed and still free to anyone who wants it.
  5. I decided to take yesterday off with the temperature swing and it paid off. Bucks were running everywhere, does were moving, just a really fun hunt. This buck came running to the base of my tree from my grunt call at 1 pm. He ran about 45 yards and piled over and another buck came under my tree again and stuck around for a couple minutes sniffing my buck. The rut is here!
  6. Given your great deal of experience on both the Fingers and Lake O, what would your advice be on down sizing the main engine and going without a kicker? I guess outside of looking for a dealer I’m also looking to see if given the parameters of my boat, it’s a good idea to go this route. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Part of me says ‘if it isn’t broken, dont fix it” as everything runs smooth right now but the other side says get more efficient and new as my main engine is a 1986. I don’t have a desire to go over 35 mph and the boat is only rated to a 140 hp (a 1986 2 stroke weight equivalent not a 2020 heavy 4 stroke) so staying small seems like a good idea to me as long as I can get up and move. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Looking to purchase a brand new 4-stroke outboard for my boat. Considering a Suzuki or Mercury based on my price range. Currently have a 90 hp two stroke Evinrude and a new 15 hp 4-stroke mercury kicker. I would like to save some transom space and weight on the back of the boat and run a single engine for trolling and cruising. Probably looking for a 70-75 hp. The boat is a 19.5' center console aluminum sea nymph that weighs ~1,100 pounds. The 90 hp pushes the boat 40 mph and is plenty so I figure I can go down a bit in size as i only use the boat to fish and don't need to go fast. The new Mercury and Suzuki engines have a trolling feature which allows you to use them like a trolling motor, but yes, I'm sure they don't sip gas like a 15 hp kicker. I usually only fish with 1 or 2 other people as well so total boat weight is relatively light. I fish Ontario mostly, but the Finger Lakes in early spring and winter. I understand and appreciate the safety of having two engines but I'm thinking brand new engines are about as dependable as a new car (or they should be). Just trying to think out loud here to cover the bases. Any recommendations on engine size or if I'm missing something? Picture of my boat below to give you an idea of what I'm working with. Any recommended dealers in the Rochester to Ithaca area? Price range I might expect?
  8. First ever bear on camera just outside of Ithaca in Trumansburg, NY. Don't see too many bears in the Finger Lakes Region.
  9. I fish both the fingers and Ontario as well and have a 65. I dont think i would have room for a bigger cooler without taking up too much space in the boat but the 65 works great for finger lakes fish and ok for Ontario if you only put 1 or 2 salmon in it. If you have the room for it, i would go bigger.
  10. Selling my Cannon mag10 downriggers. Both riggers work great and come with swivel bases dual rod holders all the necessary wiring new boom end pulleys extendable booms weight retrieve pulleys two termination kits auto up if you run steel cable instead of braid, and one rigger has a brand new board installed by Screwy Louie's Shop in Fair Haven and a new switch. $475 for the pair and pick up near either Brockport or Ithaca depending on the day of the week.
  11. BW..... you know my kill switch is the dog pulling the cord. Easier than teaching her to get another beer from the fridge! But yes I need to get the MOB+ it’s a drop in the bucket for the loss of the boat or life. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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