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  1. 1 footers or less... I would go https://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-78.71978&lat=43.34395#.Xr7nmai6NPY
  2. I have a 19 ft center console with a t top and with the t top off i couldn't get under the bridge, i launched from Treman on Saturday and was the only boat out there all day probably because of the 30 mph winds and snow flurries.... South end was STACKED with fish and forage, all the warm water was pushed down to Ithaca with the North wind, lots of trees and branches floating everywhere. Unless you have a bass boat or a boat with short gunwales don't count on getting under the bridge for a while. I still think they should make that bridge taller or get rid of it, taking your planer board mast or top off or down every time you go under it gets annoying.
  3. Once you figure out how you want to "plug in" your down rigger to the power supply you should connect it either to a fuse box or an inline fuse on the hot wire before routing to the battery. I run cannon down riggers and if it were me i would cut the plug ends off the big johns and wire on some quick disconnects which are water resistant. To give you an idea of how mine are connected, there is about a 4 foot power cable coming out of my cannons, then a quick connect made by cannon (so i can take them off the boat without a ton of electrical cable) to a another line that runs to a fuse box and a negative bus board which have a bunch of different electronics wired to it (gps, sonar, other down riggers) which then run to the battery. The fuse box has different amp fuses depending on the electronic it is powering so you can choose which electronic gets which size fuse. IF you want to keep it simple, just put an inline fuse somewhere between the down rigger and the battery. http://www.chicagonow.com/legend-outdoors/2014/07/downrigger-wiring-basics/ A regular receptacle wired back to the battery will work or an outdoor extension cord cut to length and wired correctly, but just keep in mind safety, especially with a wet environment.
  4. I think this also goes without saying, but those riggers run on DC (direct current) not AC so DO NOT plug them into the wall in your garage or house to test them out before running them on the boat or it will fry them. It seems like a no-brainer but when my buddy first got into fishing he purchased those exact big john's with regular receptacle plugs, and plugged them into the wall before putting them in his boat and poof motors fried..... I'm not suggesting you would do that, but he did and was pretty mad when he realized what he did lol
  5. Atlantic's don't have black spots on their caudal fins, and rainbows do
  6. A very helpful guide for your future debates https://seagrant.sunysb.edu/glsportfish/pdfs/SalmonTrout-LakeOntario2012.pdf
  7. I use one of these foam protection cases from Harbor Freight. Pretty cheap at $12 and they are similar to the ones sold by fish hawk https://www.harborfreight.com/1800-weatherproof-protective-case-small-64550.html
  8. and as soon as i get a spot, NY deems marinas as non-essential.......... great
  9. Just got off the phone with him, didn't see your reply soon enough. He hooked me up though, if you see a blue center console in the parking lot, come on over i owe you a beer.
  10. I should probably clarify, I'm talking sandy creek west of braddock bay, north of brockport, in western Lake Ontario. I'm in Brockport most of the week.
  11. Does anyone know of any dry boat storage (e.g., marina parking lots, barns, garages, gated storage centers) to rent which are accessible to frequently trailer boats in and out of and leave the boat during the week while not fishing, in the Braddock Bay or Sandy creek area? I have a 19 ft boat that i fish in both Lake O and the Finger Lakes. I store the boat in my barn on Cayuga Lake but i would like to leave the boat on Lake O. frequently instead of trailering back and forth. Looking to rent out a spot to park my boat rather than leave the boat in a slip. If anyone knows of anything like that or has some barn space.....ha..... please let me know. Picture included to give you an idea of the boat size.
  12. That looks like an awesome paint job, did you use a sprayer or hand roller? Came out beautiful
  13. I haven’t run it in a few years but if you want it I’ll just give it to you for nothing, was cleaning out my garage and I’d rather see it go to someone than trash it. The blades are brand new if nothing else Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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