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  1. Its definitely a preference thing, I trust it more than cable. I run 250 lb scotty downrigger braid and have no issues with a 12 lb shark and a probe. If you want to get more life out of your downrigger braid, at the end of each season peel off the entire 300 feet and then re-spool from the end you tied the rigger ball to that year. Now you have the fresh end that was always on the spool and never touched water as the end that ties onto the ball, doubles the life of your braid.
  2. I was backing my boat in when he got stuck, not a good situation. There was nothing we could do to get it up, good thing the excavator was there when that happened. A roller trailer is your best friend right now. Back in shallow and push the boat off the back. 3’ at the dock 2.6’ at the mouth for those launching this weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Started at 1:30, still out here. Chop is perfect, overcast is perfect, water temp is 44.5, but water is gin clear from 9’ out to 70’ didnt check past that. 2 boards out with sticks and a Sutton down 5’ on rigger, nothing. Water needs some color. FYI launching at Sandy creek (Hamlin) water is 2.6’ at shallowest and a guy at the ramp put his double axle over the end of the concrete pad and got stuck, we could not get it out of the water, not sure how he ended up. Beautiful day to be on the water, but the dogs expression explains the fishing.... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. 15 HP SOLD 9.5 and 6 still available
  5. I have three two-stroke tiller motors for sale. All have original service manuals. 1992 15 H.P Evinrude with a long shaft manual start (20”). (Dark blue engine). I upgraded to a new 4-stroke kicker last year so no longer need this one. Motor has rectifier/regulator to charge boat batteries while running and a new prop. Comes with gas tank and new fuel line -----SOLD 1970 9.5 H.P Evinrude with a short shaft (15”) manual start (white and light blue engine). We used this on the back of a 14’ aluminum boat for many years on Seneca Lake but put a new 4-stroke on that boat this year. -----SOLD 1974 6 H.P Johnson with long shaft (20”) manual start (white and tan engine). This engine is like new and was only used a handful of times as a kicker on a Penn Yan in Seneca Lake. ---- SOLD All start and run as they should. I have videos of all of them running this past weekend that I can send along if interested. The files were just too big to upload here. Send me a PM if interested. Pick up in Trumansburg NY Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Not to my knowledge, the short stops works by electrical current. When the current is broken (with the water) as the wire termination comes out of the water, the cannon shuts off. No stainless wire, no current, short stop doesn't work. You could use the old style switches which are either on/off not auto-up, but you would still need to turn the motor off before the ball smacks the boom end. Scotty downriggers use a switch that turns off when a bead or a swivel runs through it. Some guys like them some don't, but that's one way to run braid with auto-up still functioning
  7. I sold my cannons last year and bought Scotty's specifically to run braid so the auto-up function would work (it wont with newer cannons with braid). I switched because the humming was really bad at times with wire and i wanted to see if there was any difference with electric current on the wire vs no electric current on braid. I didn't see much of a difference in hook-ups but the quiet trolling with braid was well worth the switch. I use the scotty 2200K premium braided line in 250 lb test. Its thick, maybe even thicker than wire and flees don't seem to stick to it. In my opinion, switch to braid if your equipment allows it. Quiet, no wire fray or kinks, better to bounce bottom with for lake trout and its easy to cut and tie without crimps or special terminals.
  8. Selling a 6’ Big John planer board mast with two reels, mounting base and two homemade planer boards. Work great, but switching to in-line boards. Asking $250 and pick up in Hilton NY, near Rochester Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. I talked to Fran today at Brobiel Marine in Buffalo and he said that he in fact does have a 2021 Yamaha 9.9 with a long shaft and electric start and electric trim. Like i was saying before, he is retiring and closing the shop so his engines are on close out prices plus $150 Yamaha winter rebate. I think he said the long shaft with electric trim and electric start was right around $3k
  10. I purchased a new 8 hp long shaft Yamaha there last week. The owner is retiring and closing the shop for good. He has sold almost everything, I believe the only two motors that remain are a 2021 9.9 hp and a 2015 15 hp both are 15” short shaft and manual start. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. That's where my boat is in winter storage
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