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  1. Biggest brown for us on Sunday but not big enough for payout, put him back for next year. Caught off one of the points south of Dresden with a greasy chicken wing stinger and 3 oz snap weight on a board. No lamprey wounds, but most of the LL we landed did
  2. Not sure if your big boat and small boat are near each other but you could always buy just the fish hawk transducer and a new power cord for the fish hawk and then use your existing display and probe from your big boat. The screen pops off the mount easy enough and then just grab your probe and you can use it on either boat. New fish hawk transducer is ~$200
  3. Selling my Orvis Clearwater Spey/switch rod. Bought it brand new from Orvis and used it once. 4 piece, 12’ long 8 weight. Comes with Array Taylor Fly Fishing 8 wt. reel and fly line. I don’t fish the rivers enough to use it. Comes with rod case and reel case $400. Pick up in Hilton, NY Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Still low but not terrible. The river current was very strong and there is a ton of debris floating Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Fished from 1-4 pm solo. Browns were stubborn even with good color and warm shoreline temps. Scooted out to 100-120’ and went 9/9 on Lakers. Cowbells and green spin and glow took all but 1 laker with rigger 5 feet off bottom. 1 laker on F/F with white/gold fly down 30’ on the Downrigger. Nothing on leadcore or boards. A lot of fun pulling them up but no silver fish to be found, probably out deeper. 1 wild fish and the rest stockies, all fat and healthy without lamprey wounds 6lb-12.5. 46 degree water on surface 42 down 90’. Speed 2.0-2.6. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Looking out my window now, its very rough. May lay down around 6-7 pm
  7. I've fished it every couple of days for the past two weeks. Its been very slow. I've only picked up a few lake trout and a brown. From 5' -110'. Mostly been targeting browns in close, might be better out deep for silvers. The river has come up a bit, still 3' at the launch and between 3'-8' through the channel. I live on the water and watch out the window throughout the day, not a lot of boats in close and haven't seen a fish boated in a over a week. My two cents, its beautiful out there today, go deep.
  8. Its definitely a preference thing, I trust it more than cable. I run 250 lb scotty downrigger braid and have no issues with a 12 lb shark and a probe. If you want to get more life out of your downrigger braid, at the end of each season peel off the entire 300 feet and then re-spool from the end you tied the rigger ball to that year. Now you have the fresh end that was always on the spool and never touched water as the end that ties onto the ball, doubles the life of your braid.
  9. I was backing my boat in when he got stuck, not a good situation. There was nothing we could do to get it up, good thing the excavator was there when that happened. A roller trailer is your best friend right now. Back in shallow and push the boat off the back. 3’ at the dock 2.6’ at the mouth for those launching this weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Started at 1:30, still out here. Chop is perfect, overcast is perfect, water temp is 44.5, but water is gin clear from 9’ out to 70’ didnt check past that. 2 boards out with sticks and a Sutton down 5’ on rigger, nothing. Water needs some color. FYI launching at Sandy creek (Hamlin) water is 2.6’ at shallowest and a guy at the ramp put his double axle over the end of the concrete pad and got stuck, we could not get it out of the water, not sure how he ended up. Beautiful day to be on the water, but the dogs expression explains the fishing.... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. 15 HP SOLD 9.5 and 6 still available
  12. I have three two-stroke tiller motors for sale. All have original service manuals. 1992 15 H.P Evinrude with a long shaft manual start (20”). (Dark blue engine). I upgraded to a new 4-stroke kicker last year so no longer need this one. Motor has rectifier/regulator to charge boat batteries while running and a new prop. Comes with gas tank and new fuel line -----SOLD 1970 9.5 H.P Evinrude with a short shaft (15”) manual start (white and light blue engine). We used this on the back of a 14’ aluminum boat for many years on Seneca Lake but put a new 4-stroke on that boat this year. -----SOLD 1974 6 H.P Johnson with long shaft (20”) manual start (white and tan engine). This engine is like new and was only used a handful of times as a kicker on a Penn Yan in Seneca Lake. ---- SOLD All start and run as they should. I have videos of all of them running this past weekend that I can send along if interested. The files were just too big to upload here. Send me a PM if interested. Pick up in Trumansburg NY Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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