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  1. I gave spring brown trout fishing from my kayak one time last year. I went from Durand beach to the summerville pier and back. I will probably try it again if we get a nice warm day with minimal wind.
  2. A question related to water temp: if the Genny's water temp is in the 50s, does that mean that the browns will be out at the piers in good numbers? I ask because I am boatless. Also, how long to the browns remain in close to shore? Thanks
  3. I need a some help selecting a rod and reel.The intended purpose would be for trolling a dipsy or a jet diver as well as fishing from summerville pier w/ egg sacks come september. Does such a set up exist? If so, what about line? I am pretty new to this and any help would be greatly apprecated. Thanks
  4. Gave it another try on Sunday Morning 6am to about 8am. Wind was blowing pretty good making it a bit uncomfortable. When I got there there was no one fishing, by the time I left, there were probably about 10 or so people fishing. Fished w/ egg sacs and cleos. No hits and saw nothing caught.
  5. Went out tonight from about 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Fished eggs sacs and a glow cleo. Nothing. The pier was deserted.
  6. went out an Saturday from 5:30am to about 8 am. I had zero hits on egg sacs and cleos and saw nothing caught. Guy just south of me caught a steelhead just before I got onto the pier. Went Sunday evening from about 7:30pm to 9pm, I was the only one there, inculding fish. No hits on eggs sacs, cleo or OK woobbler.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the input. I changed hooks (size 4, Eagle Claw salmon egg, gold color) and went back out last night. Nothing new to report but I will keep at it. Thanks again, Fletch
  8. Went out last night from about 7pm to 9:30pm. Was a beautiful night after the rain stopped. Fished an egg sac in the lake and casted a 3/4oz glow cleo on both the river and the lake. Nothing for me. The fish started jumping just after sunset and a guy just south of me caught something, I didn't see what it was. Then it got pretty quiet and no other action was to be seen (although there were not that many people out there).
  9. Just wanted to post a quick follow-up. I do not mind putting in the time and if my experience on Summerville is common, so be it. Again, thanks for any input. Fletch
  10. About 3 weeks ago I went out fishing for salmon on Summerville Pier for the first time. I was with a friend of a friend who showed us the basics. We fished egg sacs about 24" below a split shot and an egg sinker above that. We had one hook up and saw one big fish next to the pier that got away. Even though we didn't catch any fish, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and became committed to catching something off of Summerville. Since that first night, I have been out about 5 more times for a total of about 18 hours. I have fished in the morning before sunrise, in the evening before sundown and at night and I still have not had a hit. The people I have been fishing with have had a few hook-ups and I have seen people on both sides of me hook up. So my question is (are)...... First, is my experience on Summerville not uncommon? It seems that I should be getting a little love from the fish. Is my set up wrong? I am fishing red Atlas eggs sacs that come w/ the styrofoam floats on a 3/0 circle hook (left over from my time in Florida) about 24" above an egg sinker. (For what it's worth, I don't think the sacs float w/ that hook). I am also casting a 3/4 oz Cleo w/ no results. I saw a 20+ lb fish caught today on a green spinner w/ a gold blade. Am I missing something? I won't get into my pole/line/reel issues. I will save that until after I hook up and lose a few fish. Anyways, sorry for the length of the post and any help is appreciated. Flecth
  11. Went out Thursday @ 6pm to 9pm. My buddy caught about a 6-7lb. walleye casting a cleo in the river. We fished egg sacs in the lake w/ no luck. Went out Saturday @ about 5:30am to 9 am. I fished egg sacs in the lake and casted a cleo on both the river and the lake. Nothing for me. Saw a hook-up just south of me @ about 7:15 and saw a 20+ lb. salmon landed just north of me @ 8am. On my way off of the pier a guy said he just lost a salmon @ the pier.
  12. Went out on Friday night from about 8pm to 11pm. Fished egg sacs on the lake side. One hookup and nothing the rest of the night. Was a bit windy. Went out Sunday morning from 5:30 am to about 8 am. Lots of people fishing but only saw 2 caught. We fished egg sacs on the lake side and casted a 3/4 oz. Cleo for a short while on the river. Had a brief hookup on the Cleo in the river that ended w/ a broken line.
  13. I went out on the pier this past Friday from about 8pm to midnight. This was my first time fishing for salmon. We fished w/ egg sacs. The general consensus among the other anglers was that it was just a bit early for there to be many fish. We did see one large salmon that was lost at the pier. The gentleman was using a little Cleo, orange and gold, if I am remembering correctly. Eventhough we didn't get a hit, it was very enjoyable and I plan on doing it again soon.
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