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  1. Did a 4 hour afternoon charter trip with Brian of Tall Tails as part of a bachelor party. Expectations were not high with wind out of the north east, but he put us on fish! We ended up 3 for 4 on mature kings 16-19 lbs, as well as another ~7 lber. We also went 2 for 3 on steelies with one being a lengthy ~33 in spawned out male. The other was a 7 lb beautiful chrome jumper. I lost a similar fish after a lengthy fight. Props to Brian for finding us hungry fish in less than ideal conditions. He also provided a great environment and we all had a blast. We're looking forward to booking Tall Tails again later this summer after these fish put on a few (bunch) more lbs. We doubled up on matures on the way in, after the group pic.
  2. We'd like to stay as close to Buffalo as possible since that's where we'll be staying, Thanks for the info everyone!
  3. I need to book two charter boats at the same time, out of the same port (west side) on Memorial day weekend. First off, will this be possible (not sure of tournaments, etc that weekend) and if so, who do you guys recommend? Thanks for any info you can share.
  4. The only time I've ever witnessed them was at Catharine creek in the middle of April. It was an unseasonably warm spring and they were as far up as the power station. The ugly critters were everywhere you looked - including hanging from trees As for the inlet, you could probably find them after any high water event in May, within the first couple miles upstream of the fish ladder.
  5. Nice fish btw bulldog. That second steely is a bruiser. Tim, I agree with all but the fish on the far right which you can fully see. Not trying to argue just become informed or help inform others. Click on the pic to enlarge it. Those are Atlantic markings (a bit larger, v-shaped, and extending further down on the body than a typical coho). The fish also appears to have less than 13 rays in the anal fin.
  6. Take another look at the fsh on the far right. Looks like Atlantic markings to me.
  7. Completely water dependent, and the fish don't stick around long. Your best bet is the power station and below.
  8. That's it? Mark - I didn't take the pic or even see the fish. Just going by what your friend told me. I was the jerk in bball shorts, brr.
  9. I will start it off - went out last night from about 11:30-2:00. There were around 10 people fishing for salmon. I witnessed 3 solid king hookups with 0 landed, and 1 laker ~10 lbs landed. Not really sure what the laker was thinking as the water was piss warm. The action is obviously not fast and furious yet, but keep this thread going with your reports. Its heating up!
  10. I also think about this issue all year and am willing to contribute time and effort for this stream. I like your ideas and I would love to contribute if you choose to try the petition again, or go a different route.
  11. A lower limit/C&R doesn't sit well only with the people who choose to be ignorant and consistently abuse the fishery. I don't understand why this amazing stream isn't a higher priority for the DEC. In a state of put and take trout fishing, wild streams as this should be set on a pedestal.
  12. Nice meeting you also. Nothing after you left but we didn't stay much longer. I got out again tonight for about an hour before dark with no luck. Saw one bow caught. I'll give ya a ring if I get out this week. Tight lines
  13. Nice! I'll be out with a group of buddies tomorrow night. We will probably be out close to the end.
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