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  1. tough fishing for me and my dad, we fished hard all day sat. and sun. and only caught 5 small laker's and 1 small rainbow. Even though the fishing was tough we still had a blast on the water, especially weaving past all the boats fishing outside Sampson.
  2. Thanx for that info ray, pretty interesting stuff. These past couple of years on Seneca there has just been tons of bait fish (sawbellies i think), the fish finder would literally go black with them in some spots. Is smelt a species of fish that can be reintroduced into the fingerakes with any type of success?
  3. Do guys you think the DEC would ever even consider stocking some strain of steelhead in the finger lakes, or maybe just the larger ones like Seneca or Cayuga? I think it would be so cool to have big steelheads swimming around the lakes and in the tribs, i really believe steelhead would add a new dimension to fishing these lakes. I also think they would do quite well considering the size, depth, and available forage present in some of the fingerlakes.
  4. Hey guys, just wondering what size beads(mm) i should perchase for tying my own flies.
  5. Floatfisher i couldn't agree anymore with what you have to say. It makes me down right frustrated to think that this unique lake run natural reproduction fishery on Catharine creek can just be pushed aside like it is. Does the DEC do anything to ensure the future for this trout stream, I THINK NOT! Like you said the best thing for the creek is just to close it to fishing for a very long time(ya right, like this is ever going to happen.) The population of wild rainbows would climb back up to like it was in the olden days, no question about it. The tributaries of Catharine creek are what get hammered and fished out, the fish stand absolutely no chance in that skinny water. I feel down right sorry for the trout because the streams are so small and open they have no where to hide from people and they get harassed and snagged, or in some cases that i have heard even netted. If anything is done at all to Catharine creek close up the tribs leading into it and give those pore fish trying to reproduce a chance!
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if spoons are the better choice to run when the sun comes up a little later in the day as opposed to flasher fly combos? It seems like once the sun hits the water i never get a touch on the flasher fly for some reason, maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  7. Trout season is upon us and i have a few comments about the upcoming season. Ive been fishing Catharine Creek and other Finger Lake tribs for many years and i cant believe that the rainbow trout limit has not been reduced to 1 per person or turned into catch and release only. It makes absolutely no sense how a small and fragile wild trout creek like Catherine can be subjected to people hauling 3 fish out of the streams per person!! I saw way to many fish being carried out of the stream on stringers than i care to talk about these last couple of years, its just a complete waste of this tremendous fishery we have. With all the invasive species like zebra mussels and lampreys these fish need a break, no wonder why their population is declining. Lake Ontario is experiencing the same invasive species problem that we are and their tributaries are so much bigger and can handle much more fishing pressure, EVEN THEY have reduced their trout limit to 1, and the trout fishing on the tribs has improved dramatically. Does it make any sense whatsoever how this can be possible??
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