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  1. A little long range dry fire practice no live ammo in area. (that's why they are close). Keep them together so I can watch trigger pull.
  2. Great pics
  3. You can hunt moose, black bear, wolf, and caribou without a guide or kin. The powers that be in Alaska won't let you hunt grizzly, brown bear or sheep without a guide. Which is why it cost 18 grand to kill a brown bear with a guide that if allowed I could get dropped off and kill one for under 4k. As for now I hope the state never changes the rules for moose.
  4. Sitting under some big oaks on edge of uncut corn field. Just had two small bucks walk past at ten yards. They are lucky it wasn't me hunting when I was 14 LOL, she says she wants a bigger one. South wind and crap temps may make that tough. Having fun anyway Good luck to everyone who is out.
  5. Weekend Youth Hunt Anyone getting out for the youth deer hunt this weekend? My oldest hit 14 this year so we will probably get out. Going to be way to warm but will see how it goes.
  6. Good luck to everyone!! I'm going to pass on the morning to many deer on feed in AM to bump off. I'll try and sneak out in the afternoon.
  7. Daughters goat! Might as well get this thing started LOL
  8. Sweet great idea will be nice to look at!!
  9. DIY Alaska Moose Hunt My dad and I just got back from a DIY moose hunt in the Yukon Delta on the westside of Alaska. Had a great trip, the area we got dropped off in was loaded with moose. I called in over 15 different bulls and we each killed a bull. Found a couple great bulls 60 inch plus but way to far from water or camp to kill. Having to pack it out on the bone on your back in swamp and tundra limits your carrying distance. Had some wolfs near camp on day one but with the no hunting on the same day you fly in rule they got a pass. Killed my bull from camp across the lake at 700 yards with my 338 Edge and called my dad's right into camp which made for a nice and easy packing job. We had bulls walk into camp almost every night which will get your attention when they start grunting and destroying trees. LOL. Was an awesome trip, hard work but we'll worth it.
  10. Not sure but I'd start with H4350 and 168 grain Berger VLD. If you stick with the Noslers I'd still use the H4350.
  11. 425 pounder from northern Ontario was a treat to get out, my daughter was 8 when we killed this one together.
  12. One heck of a bear a 400 pounder is a giant in Ontario 600 that's massive. Ive seen a few 600 pounders up that way on the dumps but he sure doesn't look like any dump bear. And that's not all fat on that bear. Thanks for sharing
  13. 2016 Buck before and after Just picked this guy up today.
  14. Thanks guys! I'm dang lucky right now that all three of them are into it.
  15. Starting the year off with a speed goat My daughter Sierra drew a New Mexico antelope tag so we started off our hunting season this year with a trip out west. Found a great goat the first day and she got the job done at 400 yds with her 300 win mag. Was not an easy shot off sticks standing up in a cross wind, but she made her windage and elivation corrections as I called them out. Have some more great hunting to do over the next three months with the girls so more to follow. Sean