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  1. How much are you paying in Newfoundland? You can do a DIY drop hunt in Alaska for probably close to the same price. I've done three so far this was this last September. Sean
  2. That's one nice bull!! We're are you located out west. Thanks Sean
  3. Exactly!! Strict physical discipline LOL! I don't think anyone here believes beating a child is a recipe for success. Don't need a study to figure that out. But respect and fear of consequences at a young age is not taught by the majority of parents. I remember getting pulled over at 16 and it was yes sir or no sir. Now the little snow flakes are laughing and asking what the Fu** did you stop me for. My oldest is in high school came home the first week telling me how only her and one other girl in her math class don't use drugs. And the laundry list of kids that tell teachers were to go is insane. Maybe they need more safe zones to talk about there feelings.
  4. All ambush style shootings or drive by shootings. Just like the shooting PAP is talking about were two PA troopers were shot from a tree line 80 plus yards from there station.
  5. Exactly my point! the days of gun free zones for security reasons is over. Yet people freak out over a trained security or police officer armed in our schools.
  6. Not going to argue with you on that our military budget is greater than several countries combined. Fact is now we have terrorists of all types living here and the environment has changed. We need to dump the money into school security. And the majority of people in this country need to wake up.
  7. Yeah i have no problem with who you want to describe as a terrorists. But if a group of Muslims terrorists want to attack soft targets a school is a great place. Maybe we shouldn't protect our schools untill a few more get hit. But I love the little jab! How many police stations do you see active shooters attack ? Or state office buildings none since they first got hit then flooded with armed security and medal detector's. The word terrorists offending someone is the core reason we have these problems. You can't fix these problems and make everyone happy. Sean
  8. Just got to read this post it's a disaster what happened in Florida. I am not going to say I'm an expert but years in the military and law enforcement and hundreds of hours teaching all levels of active shooter training I've learned a few things. First off the vast majority of the population is clueless to what's going on around them. Everyone wants to blame someone for not seeing the signs or reacting to social media post. Most of these people are the same libs that would blow a gasket if law enforcement kicked in there door and dragged little Jimmy to jail or the psychologist for posting crap on Facebook. Yet today they are livid that that didn't happen with this kid. Yet when hundreds of black lives matter protesters March down the street chanting kill cops nothing can be done. And at the same time since 2016 there was a 167% increase in law enforcement officers killed in ambush style killings on law enforcement by the same people. It's definitely a combination of problems. I could take you to people's homes right now that have tinfoil over there tv and windows so the gov can't hear them. And they have piles of guns. They get them taken away and then get them back from the judge. I drop people off all the time for mental health issues, they are out of the hospital before my shift ends turned back out in society. Until people are willing to see some folks have there rights involuntarily taken away you can't fix that end. As for schools that really pisses me off. I can walk in any school around you may have a old lady pushing a button on a non secure door but that's about it. I can protect my kids at home I can protect them in public but at school I'm relying on " well nothing" . You may have one SRO that's not enough. Easy fix to school shootings money and education. Secure doors with armed security, response teams walking in school , and mix it up with random vehicle searches. Bullet proof glass and medal detector's. Now everyone that wants guns band will say your making schools militaristic. I'd call it safe. As for firearms wack jobs of all sorts should not be allowed to own firearms that needs to be fixed. As far as banning black scary guns I'm sure it will happen some day. Will it help no because they will ban the scary weapons of war LOL and the old fat wench hitting the buzzer at the school office will still be there to open the door for the kid with the sawed-off 12 gauge, and the Mason jars of gasoline. We live in a society were soft targets get hit I'm very suprized no mass terrorism attacks have accured at schools. In today's world you can't leave our most valuable resource unprotected. Sean
  9. Get a manfrotto not cheap but worth it then with the quick connect system you can get something like a triclawps Shooting vise for it. Go from scope, binos, rangefinder, to rifle.
  10. Exactly same here my daughter and I really appreciate the prize package. Thanks again!
  11. Draw not open yet I believe it starts in spring usually ends middle of May. Just apply on-line. I believe you can still have two hunters on a tag also in Maine
  12. You draw a tag you won't have any trouble getting someone to go with you! LOL
  13. I know a guy and his dad who have been picked three times, the first time was his first time applying. You never know I'll be applying same with all my girls.
  14. One thing I do know is farming practices have changed drastically in the Seneca lake watershed. Dairy farms with 70 cows and an old crap spreader that got used once or twice a day have been replaced by farms with thousands of head and slurry tanks that get spread all at once. Back in November every slurry tank in chemung and Schuyler County we're spread. I remember the last load hitting the ground as the 4 inch rain storm started. Next week I sneak into a hunting spot cross one of the small creeks for Seneca lake and sink in cow crap entire stream was black. Where do you think all that crap went. Not hard to figure that one out. Fields by me that were black with liquid crap were clean a day later all washed off. Sean
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