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  1. Owasco 9/11

    Nice job Jason spoon bite was deffinately on fire that is one thing I need to work on in my versatile style of fishing adapting to the conditions of each bite whether it be spoon or spin doctors fly meat or etc. Can and will make you a great fisherman!!!
  2. Cayuga 7-24-17 BELLIS PROGRAM cayuga

    They were up at 3:30 ready to rip lips!!!! Lol even reeled in all the fish! They got a work out lol
  3. We left long point around 5 am stuck tight in to 50 ft of water early a good steady pic of silver's mix of browns salmon and bows and a few stray lakers slid out deep looking for lakers just could not get them dialed in back to the dock around 11:30
  4. 7-17-16 flta Seneca challenge

    Thanks guys! Sure seems like the year of short strikes and several coming unbuttoned for us as well going 1 for 6 right off the bat I'm surprised everyone on Seneca didn't hear me hollering every curse word in the books!
  5. Pre fished Saturday finding a good pod of lakers just north of Sampson in 100 ft but not the size we were looking for so this morning we went on a searching mission coming up empty handed we ran back to the fish we found Saturday around 9:00 this morning with a steady pic of lakers picking thru them to get 3 decent ones to weigh in then we slid in tight to 50-60 ft of water in the same area taking a salmon and a rainbow to give us our 5 fish to weigh as we headed to weigh in we knew we had a decent box but you never know what some of the great fisherman of the club will show up with surprised as we were we ended up winning our first ever Seneca challenge. THANKS TO IRON DUKE TROLLING FLIES GIVING ME WHAT I NEED TO GET THE JOB DONE!!!! STOP OVER AND CHECK OUT THE BELLIS PROGRAM FLY IT WILL PUT FISH IN YOUR BOX!!!!!
  6. Iron Duke Trolling Flies

    Stop over check out this new fly Mike made per my request any suggestions on new flies talk to Mike he will make what u need!!!!!
  7. F/F hot colors on Owasco ?

    Pm me or iron duke for any further questions what speed are u trolling?
  8. F/F hot colors on Owasco ?

    Green dots mixed with some of the best flies around iron duke in colors of uv extravaganza and fighting Irish and the a 10 extreme leads from flasher to fly around 18-24 inches hope this helps fish on!!!!!
  9. Memorial Day BFF

    Put the Bellis Program in that number 4 spot Nick good luck see you all out there
  10. B&B derby

    Not sure I was there yesterday and signed up they were repaving the launch parking lot
  11. B&B derby

    I've tried to call the number a few times no answer
  12. B&B derby

    Does anyone know if they are stil doing youth division can we still sign up at Meyers
  13. Seneca 5-14-16

    Holy smokes I'm famous!!!!!!
  14. Getting ahold of Finger Lakes Tackle?

    Idk the circumstances but I do know people paid him and begged like dogs for weeks upon
  15. Getting ahold of Finger Lakes Tackle?

    Good luck! Same problems I've heard