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  1. Yes those are it! You harness defiantly looks older. I've been seeing a lot of Sutton spoons over the years but the harnesses i have not. Thanks for the info!
  2. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I was hoping someone could give a little info on this harness. My grandfather just gave me a tackle box. Ive never seen one before and cant find anything online about them. It says Sutton #4. I guess Im hoping to find a manufacture date and rarity? Thanks
  4. I spoke to the crew last night. They are a good bunch from Florida who was enjoying NY hospitality. They are indeed using a type of sonar that requires those small pressurized air explosions to get their readings of the salt mines. The release of pressurized air is about 2-3 foot under the surface. The sonar cable is 2500' long and is only about 3' under the surface. They have been completely cut off from their cable on a couple occasions by boat props (Not on our lake). They admit to not having the proper signaling flag. The reason being their hired tow company that towed their vessel from Florida broke them off on a bridge on the way up. They also admit they should fix it. They have been approached by the DEC, Marine Safety and Sheriff because at the end of their cable is a empty row boat of some type. People saw a empty boat and called the police. I showed them this thread and they were impressed by how much more people on this thread knew about what they were doing then they did.
  5. Nice! We couldn’t manage a laker bigger than this.
  6. When the water is that high is when The Lamprey also can make it upstream to spawn. They made it over a couple years ago. Lets hope for a successful treatment.
  7. Payment sent 10lb trout cheaters please Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app James Vogel P.O. Box 217 Etna ny 13062
  8. Lot 3 NK MAGS? Sorry a little confusing now that some have sold PayPal [email protected]
  9. Getting rid of the last of some tackle I have. LOT 1 (6) NK28's Great Condition. 16$ Shipped LOT 2 (13) Mixed Lot - $34 Shipped Dreamweaver - FLT - SuperSlim - Carbon 14 Ladderback LOT 3 (15) NK MAGS - Like New 38$ Shipped Also Text James Vogel 607-592-9707 Paypal [email protected]
  10. I have for sale a BigJon Manual Dual Planer Board Mast. It's in great shape. 6 years old but never used. It spent one season on the front of my boat, Then went into the shed. This mast has no base. (35$) 250$obo Txt James Vogel 607-592-9707 Etna NY 13062
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