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  1. I recently moved to Auburn, NY and wondered if there are any wild game dinners held in this area or the Finger Lakes. Back in the Binghamton area where I'm from, there were a number of them, usually during the winter months. Typically they are fundraisers held by either Sportsmen's Clubs or churches, usually serving deer, and sometimes more exotic game like elk, rabbits, bear, salmon, quail, etc. If aware, please post the dates and locations of such events. Thanks.
  2. Marcstevens, a sale is pending on the entire lot. He supposed to pick them up on Saturday, but if he doesn't show, I will let you know.
  3. I have 7 rods of different types to sell. Selling separately or save and buy the entire lot for $100. #1 & #2: Cabela’s E-Glass, medium heavy action, trigger grip, 8 ft., brown, $20 ea. #3 & #4: Walker Downrigger, medium action, twist eyelets, 8.5 ft., black w/ yellow tip, $25 ea. #5 : Eagle Claw Black Eagle, medium action, repaired reel seat, 8.5 ft., black, $8 #6 : No Name Spinning Rod, light medium action, repaired grip, 7 ft., blue, $5 #7 : Ike Walton Fly Rod, over 50 yrs old but could be a classic, Horrocks-Ibbotson No. 1348, made in Utica NY, light action, 8 ft., brown, $15. Located in Auburn, NY.
  4. Hey Muskyman, I just posted 7 rods on Facebook Marketplace and some of them may interest you, especially Rods #1-5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/498294487956299 Mike
  5. Thanks for the info Justin. I guess that another option would be one of those trolling plates (Happy Troller, Easy Troll, Trol-A-Matic, etc) mounted to the motor's anti-cavitation plate. Not sure if you or anyone else has thoughts on one of these.
  6. Just got a new 22 ft. pontoon with a 115 hp motor, and I think I will need to slow down the troll speed using a trolling bag, also known as a drift sock or drift bag. I don't know what size to get. I think the slowest I can go now is about 2.5 - 3.0 mph on the Finger Lakes. Would like to get down to about 1.0 - 2.0 mph. Is it better to go with 2 smaller bags, or 1 large bag? With 2 bags, there's one more obstacle in the water to deal with, plus added cost, but that's ok I guess. What size should I go with for each of these options? Thanks for your help.
  7. How's the water level at Treman? Still safe to launch and get out of there? Supposed to be in 70s this weekend. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Magill. Need a place to park so looks like I'll need to launch at either South Shore Marina or at the north end (Emerson Park), even though I'll be fishing the middle. I think that's it for launches, right?
  9. Is there a launch on the west shore of Owasco? I'm looking to launch my 16 ft fishing boat. I once remember a launch, perhaps on Ensenore or Casowasco Roads, or somewhere around there. Does this still exist and if so is there parking? Thanks.
  10. Trorun, Nice to see you got the rig out. Sounds like you hammered em. Did you have my fishing consultant (Craig) with you? Lakers have really turned on up at Sheldrake for jigging. Best time is early. Last time out caught 3,two of which were wild. The fight with the wild ones is probably 3X better compared to the stocked one. It's unbelievable. Mike
  11. Getting a variety of comments, which I appreciate. Most seem to think that I should replace the starting battery with the same instead of replacing with a deep cycle. I just thought that perhaps a deep cycle could be run down more than a starting battery between charges, but was concerned that a deep cycle would not have enough "wallop" to kick over my main motor (60 hp Yamaha). I also have a 9.9 hp Merc for trolling, without electric start, not collected to any battery. I plug in my on-board charger before just about each trip out to top off both batteries.
  12. I have a question for the smart guys on LOU. I have 2 batteries on my boat, a deep cycle and a starting battery. My starting battery does not hold a charge well, so needs to be replaced. My question is whether I should replace it with another starting battery, or should I switch to a second deep cycle battery. My starting battery powers everything on my boat (lights, 2 downriggers, dash, fish finder, and outboard starter), while my deep cycle only powers my electric trolling motor. Looking for your thoughts. Thanks.
  13. Mark, you ask some good questions. I may not have the main line tied to the swing arm. That may be it. I will have to check this weekend at the lake. Thanks for the advise.
  14. Looking for any help/suggestions to this problem. When I'm running dipseys (either the regular size or the Mag size) it gets twisted up. The main line going to the dipsey twists around the leader (6 ft. long) going to the spoon, effectively disabling the dipsey. I have swivels going to the dipsey and on the leader going to the lure. I've tried letting line out SLOWLY and still get the problem. Has anyone had this issue? What am I doing wrong?
  15. Caught some nice smallmouths (3-4 lbs) trolling with stickbaits last August. Troll in from deep water into the southwest tip of Cherry Island as you veer north. I think my lures were running at about 15-20 ft.
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