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  1. Thanks again everyone. I'm home from Chaumont, actually Guffin bay! I must say that my trip was a success. I caught more 3-5 lb fish in a week as I would in a month at home and have some pics but could use a hand on posting? Overall the family had a blast and will be returning next year. The highlight was a 36" northern which unfortunately flopped out of the boat before I could snap a pic. My son didn't catch anything but learned to be a great photographer and net man, and one last thing before I go the lure of the week goes to one of my all time favorites....chartreuse spinnerbait!!!
  2. Thanks again guys. One other thing popped into my head. How big is Chaumont bay? Just wondering for travel times.
  3. Thats great info guys thanks a bunch for the help. I have a tackle box full of spinnerbaits, crank baits, senkos and stick baits so it's Lund like I'll do fine. I live in glens falls and fish mostly adirondack lakes and do very well for myself. Hopefully I'll have some pics to post or maybe one for the wall because my wonderful wife said if I boat one that's worthy I can!!!! Happy camper
  4. Hello every one, I'm new to the site and was interested in some possible hints and or help for fishing for bass or northerns in the bay. My family and I will be renting a cottage on the water for the first full week in August. I will be fishing from a small boat and don't have the luxury of traveling long distance. Not looking for secret spots or lures just some help. Thank you in advance
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