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  1. 1995 Johnson 90 hp power trim and tilt. Runs like a top. Currently in process of looking to repower with smaller 4 stroke. Engine is on my Boston Whaler Montauk 17. Compression checked by Snake Creek Marine and all is excellent. Will sell with all controls and cables. Asking $ 2200.00 OBO
  2. Ditto to Big Spoon , proper care, bleed them ice them, trim them are all key points. I use a brine that you can find called sweet Oregon salmon smoke, alder is my preferred wood and smoke more to the dry side. Try it, it is worth keeping a couple now and then.
  3. i thought it was an R&R as well, I had some early pirate spoons that were hammered and light like that. I will look at my old collection tonight to see if I have it.
  4. Mercury Stainless steel prop with hub for Yamaha F 200 Outboard. Brand new in box. Asking $ 300.00
  5. Still Fishin for a 15 -17 Montauk. I've seen a lot out there on the websites, dealt with some scammers. just thought I'd drop another line out there.
  6. Anyone with experience with bow mount trolling motors on larger glass boats like GW Gulfstreams. I'm looking at the Terrova Rriptide in the 112 lb, 72 inch model. It appears that the bow to the water is about 45 to 50 inches. Calm day probably okay, any winds and waves probably not. Worked great on starcraft 210 but not so sure on glass boat. if someone has similar experience , please share.
  7. I echo all of the above. My first LakeO boat was a 212 and served me well for a number of years. A good follow up survey of the repairs that have already been done, a floor and deck check and the above prescribed engine checks and you should be good to go. Good luck.
  8. Are you talking diet to Cisco. Do you have their contact info.? Thanks
  9. Thanks to all. I figured most would advise Cisco. Did you also purchase the additional rail attached pulley system or just run off the reels high on the tower.
  10. Okay let's wait and see. There is never any shortage of opinions here. That's what makes this forum so good.
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