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  1. Would it be possible to take a look at the dock on Sunday
  2. What are the section lengths. Can they fit on a 10 to 12 foot open trailer?
  3. Still available? 2018 pricing? Thanks.
  4. Near Owego, Southern tier about 20 miles west of Binghamton on I 86.
  5. Ordered them without. Troublesome on other riggers in past.
  6. Protournament model Single Rod Holder Swivel base Four foot booms. Excellent shape. 3 seasons limited use. $350 EACH. $ 675.00 BOTH.
  7. Thanks Jeremy, someone will come along. It's a great boat. As for the others, no wives, girl friends, pets, livestock, kids etc. Thanks to all.
  8. Thank you for your offer, however I cannot accept.