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  1. I echo all of the above. My first LakeO boat was a 212 and served me well for a number of years. A good follow up survey of the repairs that have already been done, a floor and deck check and the above prescribed engine checks and you should be good to go. Good luck.
  2. Are you talking diet to Cisco. Do you have their contact info.? Thanks
  3. Thanks to all. I figured most would advise Cisco. Did you also purchase the additional rail attached pulley system or just run off the reels high on the tower.
  4. Okay let's wait and see. There is never any shortage of opinions here. That's what makes this forum so good.
  5. Please advise. Cisco or Big Jon planer reels to mount to tower rails on Grady White Gulfstream
  6. Trorun

    Looking for Engine Cowling / cover repairs.

    Thanks , I'll contact them .
  7. Looking for someone who would be able to repair a crack in my 2005 Yamaha F 150 Engine Cowling. Can some one point me in the right direction.
  8. I know there's a bunch on the various marketing lists out there but I always trust boats I get from this website more than any other place. If you have one that's been sitting in your storage area for a number of years and would like to part with it, send me a note. Thanks 15' 17' 19' lengths. Trorun.
  9. I have sent all of these boats to my brother. Thanks for the reply. Boatman, can he contact you directly for more information on the ones you have listed.. Where are you located boatman.?