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  1. Thank you! I always forget about the facebook thing. Don't normally use it.
  2. Ran a two man crew on Saturday between Port Bay and Fair Haven. Definitive temp break at 50 ft. 5 for 9 with a steelie and 4 kings. Kings were 24, 22 and 19 and 6 or so. 70-80 down over 125-140 on meat. The Minion Carbon 14 started it and the Chromeo behind a sea sick wadler spinny did the rest. Warrior bird of paradise took one steelie and dropped another on the wire about 50 down. Had a blast with two of us in traffic and fish on. Amazingly not a single crossed up line all day. Can't say enough about those Minion rigs. They were producing well for us last year for the time we had in the water. Started getting hot out and we decided we had enough filleting to do already so we headed back in around noon. .
  3. Well it took a year but we're back on the water. The boat was back in the water on the exact same weekend as its last trip out in 2018 before the fire. I had the work done at Fast Forward in Brewerton. He is very busy so it took a little longer than I hoped but the work was top notch. Boat looks factory showroom where the damage was and they also cleaned up some odd scuffs and scratches here and there. We are just getting familiar with the new home in Port Bay but the boat is catching fish already. Good to be back on the water. In light of the events I am considering a name change to The Phoenix. On a side note, I heard that some morons were doing the exact same dumb crap, only at South Point instead of Sutter's, this year on the 4th with the fireworks. Launching them across the marina. It's like people think because the boats are on the water that they cannot catch fire. Maybe a quarter stick up their asses would get the point across.
  4. Well, I guess it couldn't be solo unless a seagull took the photo. Haven't finished my coffee.
  5. Nice freakin fish Al. Solo? Your gonna have to come out to Port Bay one of these weekends. I'll trade you a Port bay trip for an I-Bay trip. Visitor buys the beer afterwards.
  6. Way to go Hans. It looks like the new boat is a Pursuit. Congrats on that. Are you still in I-Bay? We skipped the tourney and shook down the boat in its new home in Port Bay Friday and Saturday. First time out since the fire incident last 4th of July. Nice to be back on the water.
  7. Sweat Hog would be a good name for a spoon.
  8. If that falls through for some reason I would gladly buy that. Thanks
  9. I've been boarded twice by the Coast Guard. They don't seem to care about anything but safety equipment and condition of your vessel. They didn't try to find an infraction of some other type. It was over and done quickly and they seemed pretty friendly. They also gave me a piece of paper and told me to just hold it up if another CG vessel wants to board me, for the remainder of that year, and they will just ask to see life vests and then be on their way. The second time kind of sucked because they were just training some new recruits and used me as a training tool. Problem was we had eight rods out. Pull the divers, pull the copper, pull the riggers, PITA. Ticket for the tag not being on my throw able. Sent that in to the admiral with a picture of a receipt for a new throw able device and ticket was dropped. Still not a bad experience. I've had a problem with authority all my life but I get the part where they don't want to do recoveries.
  10. I've been reviving some of my old spoons by repainting them with an air brush. What has everyone that does this found to be the best type of paint to use? I've just been using a water based hobby paint and then heat curing them. Works OK but I was wondering if there is something better. Thanks
  11. I am considering docking the boat at Port Bay Marina this year. Does anyone know if there are ever any problems with water depth in the outlet? Does it need to be dredged yearly? Any other info, good or bad, regarding that bay is appreciated. Thanks
  12. That beaver must be responsible for the high water.
  13. Appreciate that. I am working on a possibility right now but I will keep that in mind. Thanks,
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