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  1. We had far less flea problems this year and the fleas we did get were very easy to shake off.
  2. That was one of the benefits. The boat has never been so organized throughout an entire season. The sailboat races they run across the entire width of the bay are my favorite.Especially when they are running two separate races at once.
  3. Finally! I think I saved about $350.00 in gas this year though.
  4. 15% to the boat and an even split between all on board after that, for any cash prize over $500.00. The boat cost money to buy and it is $3,500.00-4,500.00 a year for dockage, insurance, maintenance repair and gear. If it were just an even split without the 15%, I would just be less in the hole and everyone else would be ahead.
  5. Cow bells with a Gambler rig. On the bottom roughly around 120-160 fow. Slow 1.5 mph or so. Just sit by your rigger and watch for a couple of tugs.
  6. Looks like you are in Fairport. I'm next door in Walworth and can help you out. 585-370-8659 Jack
  7. Makes sense, but what does the 100' from shore do? Maybe that distance keeps the carcasses from being washed onto shore?
  8. What is the concern with putting the carcasses back in the water and how does the 100' or more from shore alleviate that? Just curious, I never have heard the reasoning behind it.
  9. Nice! Looks a little bumpy.
  10. An alewife walks into a bar, the bartender says whattya have? The alewife says what? Bartender says whattya have? Alewife says what? Bartender says whattya hard of herring? Sorry.
  11. Thanks. It is good to get some kings off I-Bay finally. Maybe it has just been us but it seems like everything has been to the west..
  12. Thompson Gunner 7/30 Fished out of I-Bay Sunday. Straight out to 190fow and dropped gear. Continued north until around 400fow we started picking up a nice steelhead bite with some small kings mixed in. Moonshine Shelley Snack on the 190 diver was getting all of the bites. After we passed 500fow the bigger kings started and we managed to boat three and drop three. Minion meat rig and spinny on a 240 diver, mag Pro King green/silver on 400 copper and Stinger Caramel Dolphin on the 90 rigger for all the bigger kings boated and lost. Ended up 11th in the SCS. Always a fun tournament! It sucked losing a couple of hours of fishing while the bite was still on to the 50 minute ride down to the south end of I-Bay (still idle only) and then the drive to the weigh in but still better than mowing the lawn. We lost our Subtroll probe on Thursday to a broken cable so we fished the "old fashioned way" all day. Sometimes i wonder if that subtroll isn't more of a distraction than a benefit. I guess I'll find out over the remainder of the season. SCS was great tournament as always.
  13. Sounds like the drag is worn out. Was the reel used?
  14. X2 on the haywire twist to SPRO but with heat shrink over it, then attach flourocarbon leader.
  15. I installed an 18 watt Coleman kit on my hardtop. Comes with a regulator and some various cabling adapters. Works real well and it seems to take some of the strain off of the kicker charging system when out on the water too. I got it from Bass Pro for around $100.00. You could probably find it cheaper though.