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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the people that poached those 60 or 70 something salmon from Burt Dam last year? I think it was Burt dam. If I remember correct, they were Russians. Last I heard there was a court date scheduled but I never heard what the result was.
  2. I just put in an impeller in early '16. I'll just do another. Perch fishing is good in the bay right now so maybe another week or so before I'll pull it and see what I have to deal with. I think I may just have the marina wash it down this year. I don't really need 10 lbs of mussels in the driveway.
  3. Yeah, something got my shifter bellows 4 years back. Boat almost went down. I'm having the bellows and gimble done this winter as a preventative measure against normal wear and tear.
  4. The drive was painted with drive paint the past two seasons. Didn't help this year though. Unfortunately it does not trim far enough up to get the water intake ports out of the water. From what you're saying Brian, it looks like I am also putting another impeller in this year again though.
  5. Zebra Mussel Cooling Issue My out drive got completely enveloped in zebra mussels this year. I have never had any mussel problems before this. Eventually led to temperature issues with engine near the end of the season. Anyone know of any fixes to keep the zebra mussels off of the out drive and why they were suddenly a problem this year? Thanks
  6. I have never run the TDs but have always wondered how much the unit itself affects the running depth of the line. Does anyone know or have an estimation or is there no difference?
  7. You're OK up the Genny to Seth Green Island but I usually turn around under the Veterans Bridge just to play it safe. Don't get too close to shore at NNW corner of Turning Point, Depths between 7 and 30 feet from lake to Veterans. Always a real nice fall ride. I think I do it more for the ride than the fishing but its always fun fighting a salmon in there. We have also picked up Walleye here and there.
  8. We had far less flea problems this year and the fleas we did get were very easy to shake off.
  9. That was one of the benefits. The boat has never been so organized throughout an entire season. The sailboat races they run across the entire width of the bay are my favorite.Especially when they are running two separate races at once.
  10. Finally! I think I saved about $350.00 in gas this year though.
  11. 15% to the boat and an even split between all on board after that, for any cash prize over $500.00. The boat cost money to buy and it is $3,500.00-4,500.00 a year for dockage, insurance, maintenance repair and gear. If it were just an even split without the 15%, I would just be less in the hole and everyone else would be ahead.
  12. Cow bells with a Gambler rig. On the bottom roughly around 120-160 fow. Slow 1.5 mph or so. Just sit by your rigger and watch for a couple of tugs.
  13. Looks like you are in Fairport. I'm next door in Walworth and can help you out. 585-370-8659 Jack
  14. Makes sense, but what does the 100' from shore do? Maybe that distance keeps the carcasses from being washed onto shore?
  15. What is the concern with putting the carcasses back in the water and how does the 100' or more from shore alleviate that? Just curious, I never have heard the reasoning behind it.