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  1. The company I work for does contract work at that plant. There's nothing like working in or near the "cake off" building on a summer day. Rather be working in the morgue coolers.
  2. Looks like Shipbuilders Creek.
  3. Thanks to both you guys. Sounds about like I expected/hoped. Now I have something to do this weekend. Four weeks to splash!
  4. Rotten Doghouse Repair The engine doghouse on my Thompson is completely rotted. I can push a metal rod down through the full length of the plywood like it is butter. Aside from just hogging out the rotten plywood and fitting another piece of plywood to be pushed down inside the fiberglass shell, is there anything I should know regarding adhesives, epoxies, sealants etc? What is the most effective way to repair? Thanks.
  5. Opinions on Penn Warfare Reels Has anyone tried the Penn Warfares out? I don't know how long these have been around, the first I heard of them was recently. Just looking for opinions from anyone who has used them. Thanks
  6. First weekend in April for me usually. That's when they swing the bridge at the mouth of I-Bay bay also.
  7. The county launch at I-Bay is $8.00 I think, but it is an absolute zoo from 11am on. The whole bay is for that matter. Always reminds me of that scene from Caddy Shack.
  8. Three of us were fishing I-Bay about 7 or 8 years ago and one of us went through three times on the way back to shore. The third time we thought it was all over for our friend. We took a different route back to shore than we went out on without really thinking about it. Walked our way right into some bad ice. It was like walking through a mine field. At one point I felt one of my feet start to go through and did a quick high step just in time. Just by luck we had brought two ice augers and were able to use both of them to make a two man, two auger chain on the second and third times. I haven't gone ice fishing since.
  9. After the dock. maintenance, repairs, gas, tackle, storage, insurance and beer, that's what I pay a pound for salmon.
  10. Maybe Pugsley's on 104 in Ontario or possibly the place on Empire Blvd across from South Point. I think it may actually be part of or associated with South Point Marina.
  11. Based on the Ademco box, the camera box and the B connector box I'm guessing we're in the same industry. Those B connector boxes are the best for tackle, especially flies.
  12. I believe anything that sinks must have single hooks. J-plugs and flatfish will work. Fish will start running anytime now if they haven't already started. Even if you don't have any luck, the river gorge is a great place to spend a sunny fall day.