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  1. If you are referring to Sandy Creek Marina, it was purchased and the new owner intends on opening.
  2. Left a box and rod by your front door last night. It is great to see someone helping to keep the sport alive.
  3. I have some misc stuff, plastics, line, etc. I also have a few spinning reels that I just don't use anymore. They are lower end so to speak but work fine.
  4. Peace of mind and happiness! I'd take cash too though.
  5. Vinny didn't mention anything in particular regarding the channel. I am pretty confident that anything that needs improvement will be taken care of though. Especially if he knows that it is a concern of the customer's. It sounds like there is a lot to do there right now so it may be a work in progress for a season.
  6. jlogger

    Ibay 9/29

    Huh, never knew that. I knew about the gizzard shad but not the alewives. These must have been from the spring spawn.
  7. Got it. Yeah, Vinny and Amy definitely keep the atmosphere nice. Last year on Labor Day weekend at Port Bay they hired a blues band to do an evening set by the water. They set up a bar with a couple of kegs of beer and fired up a pizza oven for everyone. Free for all to enjoy.
  8. Brian, Who got booted and for what if you don't mind my asking?
  9. Vinny and Amy Rovatelli (not sure of that spelling). They also own Port Bay Marina and Campground. Great people, good friends. I'm sure they will be doing a lot of improvements. I saw some initial plans for new dock configurations etc.
  10. The new owners asked me to spread the word that Sandy Creek Marina will be open again starting this spring.
  11. jlogger

    Ibay 9/29

    We fished the bay yesterday from 7:30 till 11:00. Plenty of action on the small perch all morning. Finally found some good keepers later on our last stop. We caught one and it puked up a couple of 2" alewives. I didn't realize that any alewives spent time in the bays. Never thought that the perch were eating them either. Anyone ever hear of this?
  12. Based on some feedback I got, price has been set at $475.00 obo. Does anyone know of some good fly fishing sites I could advertise this on? There does not seem to be a ton of interest here.
  13. I am listing a Thomas and Thomas fly rod for a friend. She was cleaning out a deceased relatives house and found a Thomas and Thomas 9'6" 8 weight 3 piece fly rod. It was still in package, brand new never used. It had been won at a rod and gun club event years ago. I searched prices on the rod and found that similar rods made by T & T now go for $875.00. I saw one identical to this one on ebay for $500.00. I saw some advertised on the web for way lower but the sites seemed pretty shady to me. Looked more like someone fishing for financial info. I do not know what the rod was valued at when new. I am putting this up on a best offer basis. Ultimately it is not my decision on what an acceptable price would be. I may only offer her some advice on any offers that seem to be extreme low balls. If anyone has any idea what what the fair market value is on these now I am all ears, please PM me. Sorry the pics aren't the best. I didn't take them they were sent to me. Rod is in the Rochester/Irondequoit area. She also has 4 outboards that I will list when I get more info on them. 1 looks like antique. Chrysler Econo Mate 3.5 hp.
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