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  1. Sounds like the drag is worn out. Was the reel used?
  2. X2 on the haywire twist to SPRO but with heat shrink over it, then attach flourocarbon leader.
  3. I installed an 18 watt Coleman kit on my hardtop. Comes with a regulator and some various cabling adapters. Works real well and it seems to take some of the strain off of the kicker charging system when out on the water too. I got it from Bass Pro for around $100.00. You could probably find it cheaper though.
  4. It would be strange for the impeller to just suddenly and completely fail, I think. It might have been a plastic bag or some other crap blocked up the water intake.
  5. Will there be a team list put out for the Friday event?
  6. If the shark is still available I can pick up this weekend.
  7. Larry, say for some reason I don't do the facebook thing. Maybe due to being sought by the FBI and CIA, just an example of course. Or maybe I'm scared no one will want to be my friend. Is there another way to sign up?
  8. Well problem found. I took my deck brush to the transducer, cleaned it down a little and made sure it was all the way down in its normal position. Problem immediately stopped and everything worked great all day. It's always the simplest thing. Thanks to all.
  9. That makes some sense. So the signal that marks the bottom on the screen and the signal that gives me the numerical depth are separate then? I'm just trying to understand a little more about how the transducer works.
  10. I believe the problem was there in 50 and 200 but i did not check dual mode. I always run it in manual so i don't know about auto depth.
  11. Good point, I would bet that it does. Not sure why or how settings would change though, but that might at least offer some hints as to what is happening if anything changes after that.
  12. Furuno Problem I have been having an intermittent problem with my Furuno 620. Sometimes the depth displayed is incorrect according to the number displayed but the bottom is correctly represented by the screen. The deeper I go the more the difference is. I had the problem at the end of last year, but at the beginning of this season it was OK. Now it is incorrect again. My question is, transducer or head end problem or maybe some sort of ground issue? There is another transducer near the one for the Furuno but even with that unit disconnected I still see the problem. My thought is that if one or the other depth is correct, then the transducer is OK. I don't know enough about how the transducer interfaces with the head end to be certain though. I attached a photo that shows 79 fow on the bottom display but 108 fow on the numerical display. In 20 fow the numbers would be more like 14 fow and 18 fow respectively. Thanks.
  13. Sold / Closed

    Just in case both previous replies fell through I would gladly take both lots or whatever is left off your hands. Jack
  14. Mexico is a haul for me but thanks.
  15. WTB 12lb Torpedo and Sub Troll Probe You can't fix dumb! So I'm screwed. Looking for 12 lb torpedo rigger weight and a sub troll probe.