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  1. Sucks man! Was this Sutters again? It kind of looks like it. Mine got cooked there 3 years ago the same way, boat next to mine caught fire on 4th of July. The same deal, no insurance on any other boats involved. My insurance totaled the boat and I bought it back fairly cheap. I used Fast Forward Fiberglass repair in Brewerton. They are a long ways away but did really nice work. Although it took a long time for them to get it done. I mainly used them because everyone else either did not want to touch it or wanted too much money. They had also done prior work on the boat for the previous owner. They did my work for less than half of your estimate and it looks like the extent of my damage may have been worse. When all was said and done I pocketed a decent chunk of cash too. It might be worth a try with them. Matt is the owners name. I have more pics of the boat when the repairs were in process if you want to see what their work looks like underneath the gel coat and all. Good Luck!
  2. We were out Sunday between Port Bay and Fair Haven and it was slow. 1 king about 20-22 lbs on a mirage fly behind a white and UV paddle. It was around 170 fow on a large diver back about 180'. Roughly 60' down. Most of the bait and marks we saw were around that 170 fow area. Fished from 150 to 250. Hope things pick up.
  3. This was caught in Sandy Pond so i am guessing Bowfin. I did not think Snakehead were in Great Lakes.
  4. I would like 5 of the 13 packs. Tnx
  5. I'm not sure if he bought it new or not. We were talking about it this weekend and he said he had another picture of it in which he could almost make out the serial but not quite. I'm not sure if he will bother trying to do any CSI work to enhance the image or not. It is a unique canoe with the storage compartments, oar locks and rod holders. Hoping that might be enough to identify it but the cops won't do anything without the numbers.
  6. One of the guys I fish with had his fishing canoe stolen from his back yard in Sea Breeze. He discovered it gone last Monday. 15'7" Rogue River canoe with oar locks and oars, red with white interior. It was behind his house on a dead end street so whoever did it was probably local or had local knowledge somehow. Much appreciated if anyone sees one go up for sale if they could let me know. The picture isn't the best but it gives a rough idea. Unfortunately he did not have the serial number recorded. Thanks
  7. I am looking for a company or individual that can pull a 28' 5th wheel camper from Walworth to Port Bay. The big catch is I do not have plates for the camper so a dealer/transport plate is needed. I got a quote from a national service and their minimum was a little steep at $500.00. I had it moved from Webster to Walworth 2 years ago for $125.00. The seller arranged the transport and has forgotten the service that moved it unfortunately.
  8. I had a similar problem with my 4.3 Alpha One. Drove me crazy for months. Turned out there was some corrosion in the lower unit that was letting exhaust gases into the water intake. I could stay below 3000 rpm all day no problem but as soon as I went above that my temp would spike and fluctuate heavily.
  9. Sunday we stayed in 115-200 fow b/w Port Bay and Fair Haven. Plenty of marks around 130. Riggers down 80-100, divers out 220 on widest setting. 400 copper out but useless. Down temps 58-64. Managed a decent steelie a decent coho and a dink king. Dropped two kings that were def teens or better. Everything came on green dolphin or green banana. Two lost kings were green dolphin spinny and fly on diver. No pics. It has been slow, at least for us, around Port bay. That was our best day of season this year.
  10. Yeah, I run my copper down the chute almost exclusively, but I quickly turned a 300' copper into a 175' copper and shortened a wire line by about the same distance that exact way Tyee mentioned. Just pull out the cutters and start snipping. There is no undoing that mess. Barring that mess though, I find if we move the copper out to a triple tree when fighting another fish we're usually OK. Sometimes with bigger fish you need to get that copper in ASAP though.
  11. Nice job Al ! Good to see you are well. I'm splashing Sunday and shaking down finally. We have to grab a beer when all this crap settles down.
  12. jlogger


    Thanks for the replies. Another lesson learned. For sale- complete set of zinc anodes for 96 Alpha One Gen II out drive. $2,500.00 OBO.
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