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  1. Appreciate that. I am working on a possibility right now but I will keep that in mind. Thanks,
  2. Well I'm about 6 months in to waiting for this shop to get my boat repaired. As it is now I'm being promised the end of May. A lot of talk about how parts can't be found for the hardtop etc etc. All I know is it will basically be a year since the fire when I get back in the water. I am looking for a complete hardtop assembly, from the gunnels up, that I can just swap out. That or a shop that can get me in ASAP and get me back in the water. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. We also pulled this guy on a turn with a stick bait. I-Bay has it all in early spring.
  4. The ever elusive I-Bay large spotted long nose brown trout
  5. Way to go Anthony. It was great fishing with you at the Sandy Creek Shootout this year. Maybe see ya next year.
  6. Hans, if you end up selling it, mine should be back in the water next season. I always have room. You can sell the boat but you can't get rid of the itch. For anyone looking, this boat is sweet!
  7. The marinas on the bay need to secure their docks with gates like Shumway's does. I got the angler's package with my insurance with $5,000.00 in gear coverage because I knew the probability of getting ripped off at some point on I-Bay was enough to justify it. Already happened to me once. The added bonus was getting all my damaged gear covered in July when I suffered fire damage. Boat US insurance, covered all the gear I claimed no questions asked. That insurance is the only way I slept at night.
  8. Thanks Brian. I guess we won't be winning the Shootout this year either.
  9. I talked to them. They said they don't do boat stuff too much but he did say to call him when I find out how it is going to work out with the insurance company. I'm hoping the insurance company doesn't try to work me over but if they do I'll utilize the NFA. Thanks for that info to begin with.
  10. Not much for updates. Talked to Irondequoit police and I knew way more than they did. Like the name of the marina's owner and the fact that there was video. i think they are only getting info from the fire investigator. The fire investigator sounds like he is at an inconclusive conclusion, can't say if it was fireworks or an electrical problem on the boat next to me for sure. I'm just trying to gather estimates for the insurance company. If anyone knows someone who will come to marina to do estimate that would be great. They don't want me to pull boat yet but everyone wants me to bring boat to them for estimates. Looks like about $2,000.00 in fishing equipment toasted, but it is insured. Hopefully it will all work out.
  11. With the mono I find that holding a section a flea covered line between your hands tightly and using your thumb or forefinger to snap or pluck the line sharply will clear them off.
  12. I was at the marina yesterday when they were pulling the video. I did not see it all but there is a clip of some fireworks being launched from a boat in a slip at one end of the marina. Shortly after there is video of the fire breaking out on my dock. There is also a head shot captured of the owner/passenger of the boat launching fireworks. The breeze that night was moving in the proper direction to push the fireworks towards my dock. I'm sure a little investigation will reveal whether electrical problems of some sort or fireworks caused the fire. I'm just waiting to see how it plays out. The bottom line is these people probably don't have insurance and if they did the insurance company probably won't cover their asses on an event like this. So either my insurance company will cover or I will have to sue the boat owner. I'm guessing suing the boat owner will yield nothing though. Sutter's has always treated me very well and I am sure they will do their utmost to get this ironed out. The loose irony of it all is that the jackasses were in my old slip from 5 years ago. I moved out of it when I got this boat because it was too shallow. I think the salmon pooled their money and hired this guy.
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