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  1. I'll keep that in mind. I have a couple of possibilities going right now but I will circle back if they fall through. Thanks Jack
  2. So I got my old 18' Blue Fin back from the friend I sold it to some years ago. Unfortunately he ran it over some 1000 Islands granite. A fair amount of the skeg is missing, the shaft looks bent and the prop is history. I am looking for a lower unit for it. The engine is not original but I think it is around a 2002. Hoping to be perch jerkin from it this fall. Thanks
  3. I'm sure most people do a better job at checking their hitches than I did. But just in case, here is a friendly reminder to check your hitch before you pull out for the season. I noticed my trailer was riding low in the front a month ago when I brought the boat back out to Port Bay. Looked underneath and crapped myself. This is what I found today when I pulled it off to replace it. 4,200 lbs of boat plus gas, gear and the trailer. This could have been BAD.
  4. Just an FYI for anyone who might fish or cruise out of Port Bay. Stay clear of the break wall out towards the end of the channel. A lot of gravel and sand has been getting pushed in there and the water level has dropped substantially. There is basically a gravel and sand shoal along the wall. Stay in the middle and don't try to go through when another boat is in there. The gravel and sand are about 10 ft. out from the wall and the depth is about 1.5 ft. We found out the hard way Sunday. The 2 guys with me had to jump out and push us off. Easy to see in the afternoon on the way back in but in the morning I didn't see it.
  5. I thought there was an adjustment potentiometer on the backside of the head. I could be wrong though. Either way, find the speed on the sub troll you are catching fish at and reproduce that as a base to start from each time out. The specific reading doesn't so much matter as the ability to consistently reproduce your most productive speed(s).
  6. Nice job Al. Let me know when you have an open seat on a weekend. Or come on out to Port Bay some weekend.
  7. Poor guy got tangled up in some bird netting so I had to carefully cut him free. He eventually went on his way. I thought water snake at first too due to the wetlands back there. I accidentally chopped another one to pieces with the mower last weekend. The snakes are all over my property this year.
  8. Trying to figure out what my garden buddy is. Anyone know their snakes?
  9. jlogger

    for sale : usa 2018 Crestliner Kodiak 1800

    ttt one last time
  10. jlogger

    for sale : usa 2018 Crestliner Kodiak 1800

    2018 Crestliner Kodiak w/2017 30HP Evinrude 2 stroke E-Tec. All in excellent condition. Includes 2018 trailer, cover, GPS/Fish finder, livewell, anchor and all safety equipment and 2 rod holders. $20,000.00. I am posting this for a friend, please contact Tony Greco at 585-202-5859 or [email protected]
  11. North end has been open to the lake. My old 18' Blue Fin would go under that bridge with ease. Launch is useable, saw a boat going out recently.
  12. I have one of these models, what is the damage that occurs? I am at 145,000 now. Still runs great but it would be good to know what to watch out for. Thanks
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