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  1. Sold / Closed

    Just in case both previous replies fell through I would gladly take both lots or whatever is left off your hands. Jack
  2. Mexico is a haul for me but thanks.
  3. WTB 12lb Torpedo and Sub Troll Probe You can't fix dumb! So I'm screwed. Looking for 12 lb torpedo rigger weight and a sub troll probe.
  4. I think that someone on the bay called the boat in to the USCG and they in turn tried to find someone in that area who could handle the call. I'm just guessing, but that is the feeling I got from the radio chatter. I did see the USCG on the bay when I was coming in on Saturday though. I'll bet their presence will be upped from now on for a while.
  5. I heard the USGC and Sheriffs talking back and forth on Friday when a 35-38 foot cabin cruiser ran the length of I-Bay full out. USCG was looking for a Sheriff in the area to go get him but the Sheriffs were out at Braddocks. Too bad, jackass needed a ticket.
  6. Josh, are you back at Sutters this year? I moved out 7 slips to get deeper water. Ha, seems like it worked!
  7. Road to Sutter's Marina on I-Bay was partially closed last weekend but you could still get through. You can launch your boat without fully leaving the road. Floating docks, so they are all above water. Its a long, slow ride to the lake. Best to just drop the riggers and fish your way out.
  8. I don't think they can actually "enforce" it unless a state of emergency has been declared. I heard the deputies at the marine unit on the river describe it as a request/recommendation for right now. Looking at the water though, Mayer's gas pump is in water etc, it seems like it should be enforceable.
  9. Get it out of your system now Larry before you get on the boat Sunday. I guess we'll just fish for browns.
  10. I've been using the regular unpainted stainless ones for a couple seasons, but never tried the black ones. They are 100% flat black.
  11. Chinook Divers Ordered some Chinook Divers last week. Last night someone from the company delivers them personally to my door with my shipping cost returned in cash in the bag. Now that's service! I got the black ones to try out. I don't know if anyone uses them or if they produce better results at times or not. Hopefully.
  12. Speaking of Sandy Creek, does anyone know of any other transient docking options for the Shootout? East Fork is full and I am not getting a reply to my message from Sleepy Hollow. I would be more than happy to pay a private owner for a couple days of dockage. I already have my vacation days reserved and I would hate to miss out this year. Thanks Jack
  13. Keel sinkers x2.
  14. I have a 96 240 hard top I bought 3 years ago. It was considered in good to very good condition. The transom was just replaced. 8hp kicker, with electronics, rocket launchers, trim tabs etc but only a 4.3 and it was surveyed at $16,500.00 by a local Rochester surveyor. I'm thinking a compression test on the engines would tell a lot about their condition.