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  1. How many foot of copper were u runnin , thinkin of bringin 300 400 next trip
  2. Rtrucking40

    Fish hawk

    What frequency were u runnin on your fish finder, i have a totalscan mounted by my fishhawk that will wreck havoc on the temp on meduim chirp and even on 83khz. My p66 runnin 50khz does not seem to affect it. Try shutting down your sonar when its acting up. And btw my top number always runs high i trust my gps speed more than the top number on the fh
  3. Im so sorry to hear about this! People are fing scum!
  4. Rtrucking40


    Think its more in the transducer than your unit. 83/200 isnt ideal for deep water 50/200 will get much better returns specificly the 50 kz. I have a total scan on my lowrance hds 7 and medium chirp will give me some marks but for best fish marks i use my airmar p66
  5. Rtrucking40


    And approx how much down on the rigger with 15lb shark 2.5-3mph
  6. Rtrucking40


    I dont even no if i have enough cable on my riggers to hit 200 feet maybe i can with mag dipseys on wire i wonder how much line out that would be
  7. Must be the bad luck from our area that follows us i think ive done 3 bearings this year and 2 brake lines and 1 tire on the trailer this year... and thats with me greasing the bearing buddies every trip!
  8. Yes im starting to wonder why i own anything but green spoons and flys nbk spoon has been on fire.
  9. Im guessing the lake flipped as in warm water blew back in? We were out last weekend and ice water blew in 50 degree on surface all the way out past 200 fow. Headed out to 600fow and got a limit both days
  10. Yes if i ever ran that for 5 minutes id be tangled to high hell. EspeciAlly if a angry king grabs a lower line. This is why no specific pattern will work for everyone!
  11. 2 coppers 2 dipseys and 2 riggers to start. Spoons by themselves off of flouro leader usually 20-25lb leader for kings termintated tona good snap swivel. Flys behind spin doctors and padel flashers. You can use a dodger in front of a spoon but i usually dont. Cowbells for lakers
  12. Fleas were there but no where near as bad as they have been 30lb big game was practicly flea free and the only thing that seemed to pick em up were the wire dipseys and they easily flicked right off unlike the last couple weeks were they were impossible to get off
  13. Saturday started fast for us once we hit 250 fow bite was on 150 dipsey was magic all morning and torwards the afternoon 200 dispey was the number, 300 and 400 copper took fish to but could not get a rigger to fire which i kept in temp most of the day. mix of flasher fly and spoon bite temp was in the 50 down range but all the fish came deeper. 2 man limit early all teenage kings couldnt find a mature king and they werent doing to good tryin to release the So it was off to get a drink dinner and some much needed sleep. Sunday was a adventure gettting out, had the whole wrights landing lot basicly to ourselves and didnt see more than 1 or 2 more boats heavy sea was a little confused with nasty rollers out of the east with a south wind that was just makin it tricky ran down almost to the nuke plant and setup in 100 fow. All ice water must of blew in cause it was just 51 degrees on the surface. Started on a nw troll and it wasnt till we hit 450 fow we had action mostly on 200 dipseys. Stuck it out and the lake layed down quite a bit and turned into a beautiful day on the water, lost a big king on a 400 copper right at the back of the boat and a slammer off a rigger set at 65 on a 42nd mag spoon, had me out 600 on the counter twice and couldnt budge him reeled up and chased him down litterly could not turn him around had the rod about bent to the water a few times trying to pry him up and after 30 minutes my buddy caught the spoon with the net and yanked it out! Ouch! Finished 5 for 10. So what do u guys do when u have one on that u cant seem to move?
  14. Ya im not saying in terms of following fish i caught plenty in empty water i mean like charters and stuff cant be bailin at 7am lol