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  1. Holy sh****t i never catch anything on flat raps! I keep usin em cause they have such nice action!
  2. What happend to the rest of march and april? Man that was a long workday
  3. Rtrucking40

    Copper lengths

    Ill second 300 and 400 will be productive may -august. 500-600 shine mostly right before and during staging
  4. Rtrucking40

    Craziest non target species catch on lake O

    Ill bet those carp fought like a 25lb king!
  5. Rtrucking40

    Craziest non target species catch on lake O

    Awsome how deep did you get him
  6. Rtrucking40

    Craziest non target species catch on lake O

    That is awsome!!!
  7. What your craziest non target species catch on lake O? we anticipate lakers,salmon, and trout. What was your most odd catch trolling? big walleye catfish ect!
  8. Thanks for the update! Dissapointing but were gettin there
  9. So she would not be spawning this year correct? I get kinda confused..
  10. Awsome love fat nancys and screwie louies but hate the drive when im in a pinch for somthing. This is much welcomed!
  11. Rtrucking40

    Bald Eagle 9/3

    You got any more pics of that one fish steelhead or atlantic maybe?
  12. That boy is really silver but by the looks of the jaw hed be runnin soon? Still tryin to grasp the whole spawning thing
  13. Rtrucking40


    Still rollers but there well spaced and getting smaller ocasionally still a 4’ or better mixed in but there gental giants just rolling along
  14. Rtrucking40


    And ohh yes i puked twice so far but its gettin better out here
  15. Rtrucking40


    Temp deep 500 copper deep 2 for 2 right now 125 ft down started out in 100 fow 75 degrees almost to the bottom