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  1. Thinking of updating 2 of my braid reels which are my go to reels for trolling locally where i live. They use 30lb power pro, plan is to swap out current braid reels and make a 2 and 5 color core out of them and buy some nicer reels set up with 30lb power pro. Heres my question what place do these have on ontario. Pulling shallow dipseys in spring? How many of you flatline cranks of boards with braid? I already have 2 wire dipseys set up so trying to find a place for these on the big lake if i make the investment.
  2. Transom replacement material

    Coosa board all the way, lighter than plywood, less than 1% water retention and no need to glass both sides what you spend exta on the board you will save in time and resin!
  3. Has anyone tried directional downrigger weights? Looking at the ones made by fishfinder Im thinking of adding a 3rd rigger to my spread next year and theres no way im gonn get 3 in there without a mess unless i use somethig to swing my outside riggers out. Trying to avoid using wingers and i already have to much gear to carry around.. do these tend to tangle into dipseys at all? I guess id have to use all #1 dipseys unless going reAlly deep with mag dipseys because of tangles?
  4. Magna 30 drag

    I put in carbon fiber washers on my magdas, they seem to help a bit but ive still have them be sticky at times, i dont really use my magdas in my salmon spread for this reason but i have cAught some giant 30 pound stripers on them.
  5. Staying stuck!

    I been gettin alot of kings shootin right up to the surface soon at there hooked, everyone keeps yellin steelhead
  6. Olcott 8/24,25

    What were your temps you were fishing
  7. I no i ask all the time but i take it your numbers are for a #1 dipsey and not a mag?
  8. Oswego bust # 3

    Was that 315 and 400 on a 1 dipsy or a mag dipsey. Couldnt dial in a number for dipsey this weekend took 1 on a mag setting 2 245
  9. Oswego bust # 3

    Bob were headin out of wrights now are you out there? Ill keep in touch if anything hits what radio channel you run?
  10. Oswego bust # 3

    Dont get down on yourself we were out all day today and hit 1 20lb king. Got it in 500 fow on a mag dipsey out 240 ff rig. Frustrating cause i marked fish alllll day mostly 100 foot down. Idk keep trying and if you figure it out let me no!
  11. Zebra mussle question.

    Lol!! We legit did have a fish on got it in to about 100 foot left to go before it came unglued and it took a few runs on the way in so it was def a fish, just odd it would hit it full of zebra mussles and btw i live by a resivor that was damed up in the 30s the trees are all topped and stick up about 30ft off the bottom and i donate about 200-300 dollars worth of tackle there a year so i no what its like fighting bottom, i have even brought up giant tree branches
  12. Zebra mussle question. Had a fish take a spoon on a 275 wire dipsey in 90-110 fow cant remember exactly, we lost the fish after a hard battle but when i reeled the spoon up the hook was full of zebra mussles does this mean the spoon was ticking bottom or do zebra mussles come up a bit
  13. We fished 90-110 from plant to 4 stacks riggers with ff setup. 82 and 94 was best rigger settings, dipsey setting 2 275 out with a spoon also grabbed 2 fish. Good luck.
  14. Who else got caught out when the wind kicked up? We left oswego around 6 to head back for little sodus launch had to be all of 6+ foot rollers. 8mph all the way back it got sketchy!
  15. You guys are the best thank you flew in to 100 fow no more than 10 min 24 pound king green ff on a rigger 80 down ty again