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  1. Thats not gonna ruin your day. Prob have some gentle rollers
  2. Headed out of wrights landing about 8am sat morning and went straight out to 100 fow, continuing between 80-120 fow didnt move a rod and had almost no marks. Trolled our way into 40 fow little west of oz and found a patch of really stirred up water and rods started firing. Mix of kings and lakers and one fat 10lb brown. 3 color did lots of work and couple off the riggers went 5-8 on kings 4 lakers and 1 brown. All spoons exept broke off a nice king on a green bayrat came straight up outa the water and broke off behind the boat pretty cool never seen a king jump like that. Stingers and stingrays doin work, nothing on mag spoons. Sunday we headed east and marked tons of fish out torwards the plant but only picked up one king. Called it a early day. Browns seem to be no where to be found... would of liked to got into more.
  3. 2-4 on kings so far ended going east outa oswego. Struck out deep, found some color inside 50 fow and fish followed
  4. Sposed to blow pretty decent from the west tomarrow. 25 mph w wind should stir it up good
  5. Following... east end reports have been non existent! Will be fishing out of wrights landing sat-sun
  6. Holy Smoked she should fly!!! I get 30 mph with a 50 evinrude! 18 ft
  7. Stiffer the better to me , like a planer board rod. I use 9ft diawa rods
  8. I usually find out when i pull into wrights landing and see how hard shes smashing the break wall. 3 hour drive plus hotel room paid for usually means were still gonna send it.
  9. Oz, that way you can head 9 mile west, out in front of fair haven would be short drive as well, or you can troll out in front of the nuke plant, more options.
  10. Holy sh****t i never catch anything on flat raps! I keep usin em cause they have such nice action!
  11. What happend to the rest of march and april? Man that was a long workday
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