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  1. So is it frowned upon to pull the boat up for a day trip right now? Im 40 mins south of binghamton dying to get out for browns while work is slow
  2. I plan on making a trip from pa around thurs to oz or mexico. If i cant work gonna try and get some fishing time in. Its hard to be more socially distant than being out on water..
  3. You need to be using deep water mode and 83khz if you dont have 50khz. Its what i run on my hds7 much better pic
  4. Weather on your vhf will give you predicted wave heights and current wave heights
  5. 100-150 on the bottom head north theres some giant lakers out there
  6. Tough bite guys workin out deep, all i found was little ones out there scatterd but ones we cleaned were eating giant alewives gl
  7. Naa you will be fine, 15 mph would be harsh saturday looks like its gonna be a nice day on the water. Im keeping my eye on thirsday!
  8. Gona be up 5 days next week, wanna break it up and spend a day trolling for eyes. Im staying in oz but dont mind makin the run up torwards henderson for some fish.
  9. Sitting on the bottom? I heard alot of guys doing good fishing really deep temps for the invitational.
  10. Hes probably referring to the kings not feeding, in essence you gotta just piss the mature kings off for a bite
  11. Wow fish were shallow 65 fow on a 5 color! I would never think in august must of been in 75 degree water
  12. Left oswego harbor 5am and headed out to 125 to drop lines, took our first fish around 545 on a 87’ rigger pulling a ff putting a 21lb king in the box right off the bat. Kept pickin at mid teens kings with a few low teens till around 11 all between 140-300 out in front of the twin stacks. Our original plan was to work 100-150 all the way down past 9 mile west tords fairhaven but there were alot of boats that wouldnt give us a line to work south west so we worked deeper out in front of oz. from 11 to 1 found solid screen around 250 fow and managed a few upgrades to close out the day. 500 copper down the middle was on fire 400 copper took 1 or 2 nice ones, couldnt get the dipseys dialed in but took a few fish on em between 250-300 out. Finished with 98.5 pound box but had a great time. Team bad company will be back at it in a week or 2! Tons and tons of bait stacked out tords the nuke plant in 80-100 fow!
  13. Got me this morning they will still take your 10 bucks tho
  14. Im looking into adding another board to compliment my tx-44. Usually pull 10 colors 300 and 400 coppers with success but im wondering if theres a board that will pull even harder than the tx-44. Sometimes when theres a bit of current the board will wanna pull behind the boat and find a dipsey or a chute copper
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