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  1. Sealine sg57 for downrigger Was looking to pickup some reels for downrigger use and i can pickup 2 sealine 57 line counters for around 130 dollars. They will hold 330 yards of 30lb mono which from what i gather is the prefred amount of line on a rigger? They also have a 6.1:1 gear ratio. Is the gear ratio okay for use with downrigger rods? How are the sealines as far as quality. These are new out of box.
  2. DUHh!! Thanks pap i needed to wake up i have offshore snap weights and i completly forgot the .5 will run that shallow!
  3. Spoon depth with split shot in front?? What kinda depth can I expect a stinger spoon and or a scorpion spoon to run at off a planer board Figured at 10lb mono around 40-50 foot behind a board trolling 2-2.5 mph with a split shot 7 foot in front. I got the biggest split shots i found at gander about the size of a pea . Thanks for the help.
  4. I am with hardknox tho I gave up doing it full time I still work on my own stuff and I cracked block would very rarely cause a no start. I just recently worked on a bf8a Honda 4 stroked guy rebuilt carbs all new coils wires etc. it was not pulling fuel and when I checked the compression 1 cyl had 0. Pulled it apart and found a stuck valve. Bent from smacking the piston. New valve guides and springs and it runs like a champ now. Start with spark if you are getting spark verify you are getting fuel. If it will fire on starting fluid your problem is on the fuel side. Check your compression. And are you leaking oil or water from the crack in the block?
  5. Do the 2-7 foot ones dive to deep to be run off a dipsey diver?
  6. What are you guys running these behind any type of flasher or dodger.
  7. So what is the optimum amount of line (feet) to have on a reel to be used on a downrigger
  8. Hey not tryin to hijack this thread but i have almost the same question. Will diawa accudepth 47s work for downriggers? From what i gather its either 25 or 30lb mono will these hold enough line to get the job done? Thanks