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  1. Just got another steely 175 fow 15 foot down gold perch stinger
  2. Started thi morning out of oz east troll picked up 3 quick browns 30-35 fow 2 And 3 color headed out to 100 fow steely on a dipsey out in 175 now looking for kings any idea where i can find a king?
  3. 1 for 2 on kings out of oz today will be back at it in the morn both hits came in 100 fow 1 on green black spoon other on pink orange spoon green ladder 3 color and 1 dipsy out 40 If anyone else has any leads plz let me no water temp from 41 to 48
  4. Ty For the report is it worth bringin the flasher fly box or to early
  5. Reports are callin for 10-20 mph se wind so i dont think it will get to bad but also a half inch of rain what are your guys predictions on the weather? And recent oz reports
  6. Rtrucking40


    Nomis what were they hitting on? Im gonna be heading to fair haven this weekend
  7. Awsome very nice! I def seen u 2 weeks ago on the pac was in the trophy walk around trollig same direction as you. How did u guys make out that day
  8. Hey mike welcome to site, think ive met you on lake wallenpaupack before, i also own a trophy anyways being from scranton myself closest place to launch for me has always been wrights landing in oswego or little sodus bay outside of fairhaven. Wrights landing costs a small fee but theres alot more parking, and if you plan on heading torwards the power plant your gonn be alot closer than launching from fair haven. Gl
  9. Rtrucking40

    Fuel guage help!!!!!

    Ty for the reply i had it like that and it just peged the guage to full when the sender ground went straight to guage
  10. Rtrucking40

    Fuel guage help!!!!!

    So ive never had a working fuel guage in my boat since ive bought it and decided to fix that this year. I bought a brand new gauge and sending unit. I did a dry run before installing everything and with all the wires hooked up the gauge read perfect when i moved the float on the sending unit. So i had the boat in the water for the 1st time yesterday and as soon as i fired up the engine the fuel gauge was bouncing all over. Heres how i have my wiring ran sending unit wire to sending unit post on gauge, ground from sending unit direct to battery. Ignition hot switch to gauge for power when keys on and guage grounded in line with all other guages. Any ideas what could be acting up?!?
  11. Rtrucking40

    Rod tree suggestions

    Great lakes planers great price and very solid product
  12. Rtrucking40

    I’m new to this game

    Idk how well braid is gonna work in your downrigger releases. 20lb-30lb big game mono for fleas is pretty standard for kings.
  13. Debating tinting my walk around maybe darker on the sides and lighter on the front.