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  1. So she would not be spawning this year correct? I get kinda confused..
  2. Awsome love fat nancys and screwie louies but hate the drive when im in a pinch for somthing. This is much welcomed!
  3. Rtrucking40

    Bald Eagle 9/3

    You got any more pics of that one fish steelhead or atlantic maybe?
  4. That boy is really silver but by the looks of the jaw hed be runnin soon? Still tryin to grasp the whole spawning thing
  5. Rtrucking40


    Still rollers but there well spaced and getting smaller ocasionally still a 4’ or better mixed in but there gental giants just rolling along
  6. Rtrucking40


    And ohh yes i puked twice so far but its gettin better out here
  7. Rtrucking40


    Temp deep 500 copper deep 2 for 2 right now 125 ft down started out in 100 fow 75 degrees almost to the bottom
  8. How many foot of copper were u runnin , thinkin of bringin 300 400 next trip
  9. Rtrucking40

    Fish hawk

    What frequency were u runnin on your fish finder, i have a totalscan mounted by my fishhawk that will wreck havoc on the temp on meduim chirp and even on 83khz. My p66 runnin 50khz does not seem to affect it. Try shutting down your sonar when its acting up. And btw my top number always runs high i trust my gps speed more than the top number on the fh
  10. Im so sorry to hear about this! People are fing scum!
  11. Rtrucking40


    Think its more in the transducer than your unit. 83/200 isnt ideal for deep water 50/200 will get much better returns specificly the 50 kz. I have a total scan on my lowrance hds 7 and medium chirp will give me some marks but for best fish marks i use my airmar p66
  12. Rtrucking40


    And approx how much down on the rigger with 15lb shark 2.5-3mph
  13. Rtrucking40


    I dont even no if i have enough cable on my riggers to hit 200 feet maybe i can with mag dipseys on wire i wonder how much line out that would be
  14. Must be the bad luck from our area that follows us i think ive done 3 bearings this year and 2 brake lines and 1 tire on the trailer this year... and thats with me greasing the bearing buddies every trip!
  15. Yes im starting to wonder why i own anything but green spoons and flys nbk spoon has been on fire.