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  1. Mine did it out of no where my sonar started interfering with it shut the 50khz garmin off and used my 83/200 low rance the rest of the day no more issues and that’s after 2 years of using the 50 kHz and fish hawk together with no issues
  2. Not really kinda sporadic they were toughhhh last weekend super picky and chalked full of big bait
  3. Heading home now did okay this weekend but fish were scattered. Lots of guys were making like crazy in 90-100 but they wouldn’t bite. We caught fish anywhere from 115 to 500 but never got on them. Flasher flys we’re best followed by spoons. Meat took a few but slower. 3 4 and 500 copper all went dipseys went but riggers were slow. 80-90 foot puts u in temp but most of a fish came in the upper temp range
  4. Came up for the weekend and fairly certain we were the only boat on the lake Saturday morning til about 1 pm lol. Got out at 530 am to a angry lake and stiff north wind. Took a slow ride to 180 and set up on a south west troll. Had our first fish on around 8 in 200fow on a 155 diver with a mag spoon would end up taking 4 more 15-18lb kings on that same diver and spoon anywhere out to 180 out on the wire. Couldn’t get a 10 color or 300 copper to go all day and just 1 smaller king coming of a 55 rigger with another mag spoon. Got off the water for 5. Sunday the fish were def more scattered but still around went straight out of wrights to 150fow and pointed at the plant couldn’t get much going early so we put down some cut bait rigs and a 180 diver took a 20lb king and a smaller king. 300 copper with a mag spoon had a beast on but it broke off halfway down the leader after running about 250 feet on the strike gained on it a bit then it just took back off and never stopped. Had a lot of high marks all weekend in the 40-55 foot range and sunday a lot of kings went deep marked a lot down 150 over 200 fow in 41 degree water. Good weekend be back in a few weeks
  5. I like fixed using Scotty stacker release. I usually run 10-15ft above the ball. Only problem I’ve run into every now and then when I fish takes the lower line it will come up and catch the cheater line
  6. I’ve had water come back in thru bilge pump discharge if your hoses aren’t mounted high enough
  7. Trolled east outa wrights 20-50 fow 3 color hit a few 30 rigger and 50 or so dipsey took fish all browns went out lookin for kings around 3 trolled 100 to 259 with 2 shaker kings to show for it. Back out tomorrow if anyone has any intell!
  8. Sandy creek or sandy pond? Guessing you were on the west end.
  9. I have to wire diver setups on Diawa sealine 47 lc with 9 foot shimano Talora rods and I installed twili tips running 1000 feet of seven strand wire. They don’t seem to pickup smooth and easy like my cold water copper reels or sealine downrigger reels and I can only attribute it to the wire.. is this normal?
  10. Just put a new set of big Jon reels on the boat and running otter boards off them. I don’t care for the line that came spooled on the reels it seems to really catch the wind and getting a lot of slack in it to the board so my releases are not sliding down as far as I’d like. What’s the best line to re spool them with?
  11. Very happy with the results of rotella t-5 synthetic they make it 5-40 and 15-40 one of the best oils you can buy
  12. So having kids and stuff on the boat I have a ton of scuffs and stuff on the deck and sides of the interior. Maybe a runner scuff from a shoe or a spot where the net rubbed and left a mark or a planer board rubbed the side.. no amount of scrubbing and stuff is taking em off!! Been using toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and it does okay but I’d like to get it a lil nicer. Been looking into those Starbrite products. Any suggestions?
  13. Caught my biggest brown ever 16lbs in 325 fow straight out from oz with a 10 color leadcore never quite figured out what he was doing out there
  14. Also interested I have a bunch of worn out scorpion spoons I can send u for paint. My fav color is blue veggies uv
  15. Started Saturday in shallow but didn’t move a rod till 250fow. Ended up with 10fish mix of steelhead and kings all stingray size spoons… Sunday was a bloodbath ended up with 20 plus bites 10 color 300 400 copper 70-90 rigger 140-180 dipseys were hot Saturday but never moved a dipsey rod Sunday… caught a hammer brown out in 350 fow was our exitment for the weekend released the brown and 10 plus steelhead and kings!! Ff worthless all weekend.. no mature kings caught all weekend. Btw there are tons and tons of big browns in town mostly in tight to the 5 stacks to the plant. Tight lines boys
  16. Did you guys make it out last Sunday? Was way worse than the 1-3s they were callin for, everyone on my rig started feeling sick and we pulled the plug early.
  17. If your core took a shot mind you it could of been a steelhead up a bit higher in the Column, I’d try picking riggers up a bit
  18. Fished out of oz both days started out with some nasty waves. Fished from 20fow to 150fow. Best bite was 50-70 if you can call it that. Few browns baby Kings and lakers. Super slow from what it’s been the last cpl years. Bait was stacked in 60 fow on the bottom when we left and surface temp was 57
  19. Heading to oz Saturday there callin for 10-20mph out of the west but hopefully that changes a bit or it’s gonna be a bumpy shakedown
  20. So is it frowned upon to pull the boat up for a day trip right now? Im 40 mins south of binghamton dying to get out for browns while work is slow
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