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  1. $80.00 Shipping included. Brand new bulk spool of Trilene Big Game 25 lb. mono. Paypal only, US only 484-894-7641 Paypal Email: [email protected]
  2. If you click on the letters beneath the pic a video will play. I don't know why it happened like that
  3. Hachimo, Catfish creek is not a campground or RV site. They rent what I said above, Cabins and 60' mobile homes. I've Never seen any wild partyin there in 3 yrs. Everyone seems to be old like me. But if you do know where there is any wild parties let me know! HaHa
  4. Let me start off saying I am from Valley Forge , Pa. I fish from a 1983 16' Sylvan open fishing boat with a 40 HP. tiller. SO I am a little behind the 8 ball and I fish alone.I've been doin this for just 3 yrs. I am still open to helpful hints. This may be a little longwinded, But I hope some my find this useful. I stayed and launched from Catfish Creek camp its halfway between Mexico and the power plant. I trolled between mex. and plant back and forth. Day 1:On lake at 6:30 130 fow riggers at 80 wht/wht meat rig and 100 Green NBK stinger, Dipsey' out 200" (I actually use a 104mm Deeper Diver) with a Green Tuxedo Stinger. about 9:00 I got a nice 20" brn.on it. Thought I had somethin goin, but rod didn't move again for an hour so I put on the dipsey a 8" Lances 2 face and Atomic S500 grn Hammer fly ( 22" leader to rear treble) out 280'( which I got most of my fish on). Lances 2 face UV flasher and Super frog UV seem to be hot. The stores in Pulaski can't keep them and the hammer fly in stock. A lot of guys were really successful with all chrome flashers also. At 10:30 15 lb. king slammed it in 144'.Landed a 15 lb king. It looked like kings were onto F/F's. took spoon off rigger, put on a Burkes Valium w/ stud UV adjusted riggers to 70' and 90'. At noon dipsey took off screamin with drag dipsey tight even, took it from 280 to 380 I pumped in about 30' then it took out to 420' after a great 20 min. fight I landed a 26 lb King nothin else quit at 3:00. So I got my 3 fish and was a great day. Day 2: Seemed like an f/f bite so I rigged everything with F/F s set up riggers 70' and 90' dipsey out 250'. At 7;00 hooked up 90/140 UV/Wht Spindr.. It stayed deep and shook its head for 4 or 5 secs. til it got off. Don't know what that was about. I thought F/F s were lookin good, wrong again! trolling 140-160 (most of the charters were trollin 150'- 200'). Then nothin, so at noon I put out a Grn. Tuxedo UV stinger on dipsey out 250. In 10 min. I had a jack then in another 15 min. I got an 21 lb. King. Now it looked like a spoon bite. Switched to spoons and nothin. Quit at 4, Day 3: Fished from 6- 10 had 1 fish on dipsey 220 out on Lances 2 face. It took off screamin then broke off for some reason the rear treble broke off. I never had that happen on a Atomic tourney rig. and that was it. Lookin forward: I had great success last year end of Aug.100 fow down 70 dipseys out 220, all F/F s Burkes Valium and grn hammer. I went 11 for 15 in 3 days and had a couple doubles. Mostly dipseys. Considerin 100 - 1000 guys go out and only a handful print successful stories, its not always as good as it looks guys. Fish hard and stay hopeful. My successes are small but growin'. I stayed at "Catfish Creek Camp" they have older mobile homes for daily rent ($110) 1- 4 guys. and new cabins price on website. It was wonderfully adequate, full size frig w/ freezer. Best part is their boat launch. You wouldn't know the lake was high. I didn't even get my rear wheels wet launchin. Free dock space and only 200 yds. to main lake. I saw a 30 footer launch there. " Catfishcreek.com " And that's my story, Good Luck out there If you click on the letters beneath the pic a video will play MVI_0093.MOV MVI_0093.MOV
  5. I was up mexico this past week and had a fish on 90 down over 100 and take a f/f and just sat there shaking its head til it shook off. was kinda strange. I am not sure what it was. a charter guy thought it was a laker ????? I also had something beak off or bite off the rear treble on an Atomic tourney rig and that's 50# fluoro
  6. what are fishing for? I was up there for the first time may 15-20 for walleyes it was kinda tough. the most I saw the charters bring in at Hechins was 2. A lot of lakers came in. but I did get one 9 lbs in the Black river area. bomber 24a white / orange back, 20'down over 45'. I am sure its all different now. I am going back this Wed. Lets keep talkin.
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