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  1. luv smashing those lites at top of screen, good fun, thanks to whoever did that!
  2. I have an older mag 10 whole digital control unit.. Don't know if that will work. I know very little about these things. If interested I can send a pic. I'd want $40plus shipping.
  3. What do you want to see? It is a good boat but rivots are leaking. No title for trailer.
  4. It isn't pretty but runs great, very reliable, some prop damage $900 484-894-7641 Located in eastern Pa. ( will consider delivery in NY or Pa.) add a 72 starcraft 14' and trailer $400
  5. This is a real creampuff, everything on it works perfectly. My dad owned it and used it on Oneida once or twice a year and was kept in a heated basement every winter. $1100 firm, Located in eastern Pa. (will consider delivery in NY or Pa.) Add a 72 starcraft 14' with trailer for $400. 484-894-7641
  6. I am on vacation in Pulaski and smashed a pulley on a Cannon lake troll downrigger. Need a pulley, even something I can jury rig.I am open for ideas. Or a cheap rigger. or one for parts Mike 484-894-7641
  7. where u at, I am in Pulaski on vaca and broke one, so I could use it pront
  8. newmike

    Wanted Oneida lake rental

    there is a lot on Craigslist
  9. 6 used 8" Spin Doctors (3 are missing front swivel) and 3 new 82mm (3 1/4") Deeper Divers $40.00 plus $6.00 shipping. Paypal only send to: [email protected] along with shipping address
  10. I will send money thru paypal. where do you want me to send my address and give me your paypal address
  11. A guy, has 8 rods/ $80 on the classified, what more could u want to get started
  12. $30.00 ea., 2 for $50.00, 3 for $70 2 ball bearings, cap: 420 yds/ 20lb mono located in Pa. Shipping $6.00