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  1. If possible I would definitely go for Chaumont Bay. I fished that also jun 19. It had alot more action than Henderson. Lots of perch and smallmouths. Some of N.Pike.
  2. Hey Hairbone, this is a guy fishin with his family. The heart and soul of thr outdoors. You don' even know if this guy has salmon fishin equipment like riggers to get out on the lake. Its just a rude comment and LOU can do without it. And Thork you ain't much better. Put a lid on it.
  3. I was at Grenadier island a week ago and in this shadow that was cast over the water there was a pile of smallmouths in about 15 fow. It was dead calm crystal clear and i could see them clearly and i was seein 5 and 6 lb. Smallmouths. Same thing, threw everything at them from crankbaits to wacky worms and no takers.
  4. Try trolling small stickbaits ( rapala f9 firetiger or white/ black back) in 10 ft of water to locate smallmouth and perch. When located try casting. If u find fish around weeds you hit paydirt. I was there june 15. I got one 12 lb walkeye but that was outside the bay in 50 fow 30 ft down with 3 color leadcore.
  5. Fished Henderson 6/15-17 for wally's. I started doin that since I don't do well for the kings in june. Surface 68 degrees. It was tough. Mon.Marked.some kinda fish, no bait, out from Calf Is., no takers.Tues found some bait in stained water outside the bay and fished the bait instead of the marks. Got one 12 lbs.,50 fow on 3color leadcore, silver/ black deep Smithwick. Fisnhed same area Tues and could not duplicate. But I was very happy to get what i did, second year tryin for walleyes there and a little success is good. Good luck out there guys
  6. Older Canon Mag 10 with dual rod holders, no mount.Works good, no wire on it, motor armatures and brushes replaced last year. $80.00 Pick up only in Phoenixville Pa. Or I will be at the Big Salmon Sun. June 14.The rest of the week I will be in Henderson.
  7. The guy has got in touch with me and is sending parts. End of story
  8. I am just checking my email now. I guess u stay up later than me. You got the right email. I will pm u. What did my email say ? If it was about the broken parts why didn' t u send them? I sent u 2 emails. The first was"where is my box" I sent after waiting a couple weeks and I didn't get a response to that neither as far as i know. I do a lot of business on line and I don't miss any communications I seriously doubt the lapse in communication was a fault on my end.
  9. There is color options. I stand corrected.
  10. I think you are mistaken. There is no color option on these.
  11. Just go to the website"Spooncrankbox.com" and see if you can get an answer to any question, then tell me how u did it. You'll see what a problem it is.
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