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  1. large lot of Chinese crankbaits, the quality of these lures has greatly improved, the hooks are good and they are well put together stickbaits, divers, poppers, jerkbaits, etc. the "Reef Runner" imitations work just fine and check out their hooks; round bend nickel plated sharp as hell. 40+ baits $25 shipped Paypal only U.S. only
  2. Stickbaits, F9, F11 rapalas, J-Plugs, spoons mostly 3 3/4", some missing hooks, some rust but a lot of good fishcatchin lures Everything for $30 plus $5 shipping Paypal only, U.S. only
  3. 8 Used J-plugs ( no hooks) 2 different sizes, 2 flatfish $20 plus $5 shipping. Paypal only, U.S. only
  4. Assortment of used spoons, mostly 3 3/4" some more used than others, some missing hooks, 4 new "Willy" Spoons $20 plus $5 shipping Paypal only, U.S. only
  5. Big used lures, Musky, Stripers $20 plus $5 shipping Paypal only, U.S. only