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  1. My LCD was screwed up for a while too it had gotten Moisture inside it from a rainstorm making the display read funny.. I had to take it apart pull The display unit out of the casing and stick it in a bag of rice for a couple days then it started reading OK.
  2. I would be interested in how you do in the upcoming days. I'm wondering myself when it's gonna peak this year in the lake. It's still too much like summer.
  3. Last trip on big O my fish hawk probe started reading 3.8 Degrees. Which from other information on the website I heard is a death blow for the probe. The unit is 16 months old which is covered under the 2 year warranty from fishhawk so I registered a warranty issue through their website via email they got back to me the same day and are sending me a new probe and said I could keep the old one. I was fortunate it happened while it is still under warranty because I heard other guys that had the same issue That weren't as fortunate. My sympathies are with them. And that's my story
  4. Fished out of Catfish Creek 8-27 to 8-30. Then got blown off the lake Wednesday and Thursday like everyone else. Managed to get one mature king in the morning and evening each day. Monday was the best day we got 3 Monday morning. 2 nights in a row we got one at exactly 7:30. Got one fish in 160 the rest were between 95 and 120. All on riggers set at 100 to 80' nothing on dipsies which tells me they were kind of bottom huggers. All on Flasher flies: Lances 2 face with a stud and spin doctor White with green dots with a green hammer. 21" Fly length at 2.6 MPH. Was all over the place from Sandy pond to 5 stacks.
  5. Do you use the regular size or the magnum gambler rig
  6. Great tip, Thanks. Its just my second year fishing lakers, never thought I'd catch that many.
  7. Stayed at Hechens marina and cottages. Fished off Stoney Island on the main lake side, in 3 days landed 31 lakers most over 10 lbs. Biggest 18 lbs. Lemon lime 5/0 cowbell with hammer colored spin n glo. 150-170'. Lake was calm and was an awesome trip.
  8. Personally I don't like braid, it has load strength but not the abrasion strength, a nick and it could break, were as steel will take lots of abuse.
  9. I don't know if many people consider Henderson and Browns together.
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