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  1. what are fishing for? I was up there for the first time may 15-20 for walleyes it was kinda tough. the most I saw the charters bring in at Hechins was 2. A lot of lakers came in. but I did get one 9 lbs in the Black river area. bomber 24a white / orange back, 20'down over 45'. I am sure its all different now. I am going back this Wed. Lets keep talkin.
  2. Just got back from a walleye trip to Henderson Harbor. When I pulled my boat Sun. the water was starting to go into the parking lot. An official was there and said they are gonna close it. Stoney Creek is still useable and in fairly good shape because the launch is so steep there. It is right up to the mooring cleats another couple inches and it will be in the grass. But as of Sunday you still wouldn't need boots. Sackets Harbor is in the parking lot. You can still launch but I don't know where one would park. Walleye fishnig was slow to non-existant. I got one ten pounder in 3 days. I stayed at Henchen Marina cabins where several charters are based and none of them brought in more than 2 walleyes. Lot of n. pike caught. The lakers seemed to be doing good. I kinda liked Henchen's cabins for $75 they came with protected dock space 50' from the door. Not the Hilton but comfortably adequate. Good Luck out there and bring your boots
  3. Downrigger emergency cranks, not sure which ones they are for, you're on your own there. someone said they fit the Mag 10 STX model made after 2012. they fit over a 3/4" nut. $ 24 for all 3 shipping included. Paypal only, US only
  4. Seven 8" flashers $35 shipping included. Paypal only, US only
  5. 24 spoons mostly 3 3/4", various brands, a couple of mags, 8 glow and 36 pouch holder. $35 shipping included Paypal only, US only
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