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    for sale : usa Sold

    Used Canon Unitroll rigger. Works good, good wire, with mounting block. $120 or Best Offer, shipping included US only, Paypal only
  2. newmike

    for sale : usa SOLD

    31 lures various makes $52 shipping included Paypal only, US only
  3. Ok i stay there a lot, usually in a trailer. Know right where its st now
  4. How bout a pic of the outside
  5. Thanks, but I have enough of those
  6. Want to buy: deep Smithwicks, full size whatever it is 4 or 5" , looking especially for orange back
  7. I have a 2002 40hp longshaft tiller mercury 4 stroke
  8. We fished all over Monday and only had one rigger fire with nothing. The water was 74゚ all the way down till 130. We got blown off and couldn't fish Tuesday and Wednesday. But the Strong South winds moved the water around and Thursday we were reading 45゚ at 90', And then suddenly we were superstars
  9. me and a friend with an 11 yr old crushed it thurs am limited out. 120- 140', lances 2 face f/f took most. A couple on green jplugs 90- 100 down
  10. I make and sell custom hunting knives. I use top of the line D2 steel and mule deer antler handles. I will be in Mexico Aug 29 -Sep 2 if anyone would like to see them. $130.00 and up 484-894-7641. Mike
  11. Wanted: 25 to 40 hp tiller, longshaft, New York and Pa. Area
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