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  1. Well everybody can rest in peace NewMike got a new boat. 20' center console/ 175 Merc ( Don't ask me why the pictures upside down)
  2. Go get on tiger! wishing you a good trip, from another small boater
  3. Older Mag 10 downrigger, digital keypad, 4' boom it works ok. $80. Available for Pick-up in Mexico area Aug 29- Sep 2 484.894.7641
  4. Well I see now you are a fisherman and a gentleman, hope we meet sometime, On a waveless day, good luck out there,
  5. I don't go out in high winds or hurricanes so I doubt there be much life risking to Fetch me. And actually those guys love a rescue that's what they Signed up for...... Action. You think them and the coast guard just like sitting in the house? I say that because I have a young friend that just retired from the coast guard And he's all about action. And like I said " I have people that Love me and will come get me" I check in with somebody every night when I come in, They have a very large boat, if I don't come in, they come looking for me. Any questions?
  6. Thank you much for your support bro. If you're in catfish, What's your boat look like I will look for it. PM me
  7. I am going to try to keep this friendly And explain myself. I don't mind danger and excitement I enjoy them. there are typically type a and type B personalities, I am a type A personality. I like excitement and adrenalynn. I like jumping off cliffs, jumping out of airplanes and running around lake Ontario in the 16th foot boat. There are those of us who Climb mount Everest and choose to do space exploration. Some people just can't understand the ways of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. I would rather die at the bottom of lake Ontario than in a wheelchair in a nursing home. Bear cat and El rodAlonzo I hope you enjoy your stay there. My grandchildren will say that grandpa Was out there doing things living life out loud.and hopefully I'll inspire them to step out beyond the normal bounds of things And not be afraid to take risks. And because of this I do not think I deserve to be called stupid. I am 67 years old and have lived an adventurous life always and I survived not because I'm stupid but because I am probably way above average intelligence. The stupid people that have lived my life style are dead. That's not to say I have a death wish, I definitely want to live one more day and catch 1 more fish but I'm not going to let the fact that I don't have a big boat stop me. Some people should just stay on the porch and not get off and run with the big dogs, and thats ok. I don't need the Line for the roller coaster getting any longer. And I would like to thank everybody that took the time to insult me.
  8. That's funny whaler.I was thinking the same thing, gotta be a Democrat
  9. anybody interested there is a page 2 to this post, I missed it at first myself
  10. Thanks seeyawader, I won't be fishing until Sunday afternoon but maybe we'll cross paths. And good fishing to You too partner
  11. Any of you guys see me this week give me 3 toots on your horn and if you see me floating around please pick me up
  12. I wear an inflatable life jacket, keep my phone in a waterproof Phone zip, and I have people to pick me up if I go under.. U can all hold your breath I'll be backup there this Sunday. You guys should come rapelling with me down some cliff faces, it's another hobby of mine.
  13. Farthest I've been out so far on a fairly calm day has been 350'. One very important thing is my motor is almost brand new it's a year old. The boat is an old piece of crap but I believe in very good motors.
  14. I appreciate your concern mommy, but I've been doing this for 10 years. I do know the limits of my boat and along with some very insightful weather watching From a lifetime of being on the water i feel pretty confident in keeping my butt alive for one more trip.
  15. When 3 for 4 all kings. 2 teens, 1 24lbs. 1 at 6:00 p.m. 2 were in the morning. All on riggers parked at 100 + 120' over 170FOW. All on flashers. Lances 2 face UV with a stud fly. 2.6 mph. Good luck guys, It's been really tough. Popular opinion at the docks was that we did real good considering things. Another small boat miracle
  16. Yeah that was me, Small boats get it done. I'll be back this Sun. The 15th
  17. Fished 3 days out of catfish Creek actually. Got one king A-day in the 20 pound range. All on flasher flies, Michigan stinger 2 face with an atomic greenhammer fly, and Burkes Valium with aStud fly. All on the deeper diver 107MMMM 250' out about 7280' down All on the deeper diver 107MM 250' out about 70-80' down. 130'-250fow. The temperature break to 48 was at about 95' but it seemed the catcheable fish were still in 70'. Trolled most of the day morning and evening for one fish A-day it was a pretty brutal slowburn. but my friends were happy. anybody recognize this 16' boat out there I should be getting a little well known after the last couple of years.
  18. I think I will. letme get my head together. I still got a lot of fog in it from the fishing trip.I'll get back to you later this week With details. $20 for shipping
  19. Somebody is supposed to meet me to pick it up Friday or Saturday. but we'll see if that works out. So keep your hopes up and don't be too sad yet.
  20. You are a character, you got me thinking
  21. No I just don't want to go through the trouble of packing that up and going to UPS to ship it and stuff
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