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  1. I'm currently running a 2005 Trophy 2352 Ht. This is the third Trophy I have owned. I had a 1997 Trophy 2002 which was made by Bayliner. I believe 1999 Trophy was built by Bayliner. The quality of the 2005 is much better than the 97'. The 2352 is powered by a 5.7 with an Alpha drive. Fishwells do fill with water from rain. I used some half round weatherstrip and this stopped the water from going in,. Fish mostly Lake Champlain and Lake Ontario. Over all I really like this boat. Ride is nice, good on gas and has held up well. Jim
  2. I'm thinking of selling my 2005 Trophy 2352 hard Top. Great LO boat. Getting older need to downsize. Here is a pic. PM me if interested. Jim
  3. Check with Taylor Made Co. in NY. I found a windshield for my trophy with them. Good to work with
  4. Fishmedic

    Engine help

    Check driver safety switch if so equipped.
  5. Lance Camper 2003 Lance 845, 8ft 6 inch truck Camper Air condition Gas heat and hot water Gas stove gas / electric refrigerator Shower / toilet / sink, enclosed Kitchen sink Queen size bed Dinette table Excellent condition $7,000 Tie down system included
  6. Bushwacker What size pedestals did you use for the riggers ?
  7. We have been fishing LO for about Fifteen years. Our yearly trip is the last week of August fishing for Kings. I retired last year and now we have more time so we're thinking of a spring trip to fish for Browns and Walleye. Looking for suggestions on which Month April or May would be better. We fish out of Henderson Harbor so any info would be greatly appreciated. Never have targeted Browns but have fished Walleyes on Lake Champlain and river back home. Thanks for any tips
  8. First time posting video Lake Ontario August 2015 Hope you like https://youtu.be/4_pu4ILrewU Jim
  9. Fishmedic

    Acid Wash

    Go to a marine stor and get some " Slimy Grimy. Follow directions. Works great wont hurt metal Jim
  10. Just did my double axle trailer. Couldn't find just the shoes. Bought the Tie Down complete set, backing plate, shoe, cylinders. Best way to go and was easy. Called the Marina and they wanted $ 300 per axle. Bought parts online and did both axles for $300 including shipping.
  11. I have the 958 c DI and love it. The down imaging works great and details are very good. Don't have side imaging and don't realy care for it. The plotter or trac plotter is very accurate and easy to use. Very pleased with the 958 Jim
  12. The boat came with a 3/4 swim platform. It's made for a kicker. The Garelick bracket is spring loaded so lifting the motor is easy. I use the fishwells in the floor instaed of carrying a cooler. We fill used water bottles and freeze them then just put them in the fishwells. Works pretty good. jim [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  13. This is on a Trophy 2352. 20 Hp Yamaha FS Made by Garelick. Not sure model # 7000 something Jim [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  14. 2005 Trophy 2352. Love this boat. It's my third Trophy. The only problem I have had with the Karavan trailer is poor tires other than that I trailer about 2000 miles a year and have had no other problems. Jim
  15. I'm glad to see Moore is selling my quick connection for their ST 900. I modified a Klincher connector to make it able to remove the probe. I posted this on Great Lakes Angler back in 2005 and they ran the instructions in thier magazine. I thought this would help others to make thier own setups. I contacted Moor and they told me they had designed this eight years prior. Funny it wasn't available in 05 when I bought my ST 900. As far as the ST 900 I have been very pleased with it and with this connection I have had no problems down to 200 ft. Guess I should have pattened it !!!!! Jim
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