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  1. My 3 bothers, my youngest son and my nephew are staying in Henderson Harbor at the Morning View Cottage (Airbnb) for the week and our first fishing foray to Lake Ontario. So Sunday -we went 8/8…7 browns and one nice smallmouth. Only kept two Browns released rest and of course the smallmouth. All 6 browns were on a watermelon stinger on a downriggers at 25’ in 30-40 FOW at 1.6 SOG. We are still learning😎😎😎
  2. Luke you mentioned your second pike was “quite beat up.” Lampreys or fighting with other pike? Respectfully Scott
  3. Luke—-shhhh…let’s not give away the big secret😎😎😎😎 PoJ
  4. FF34--yep we have a large rubber landing net and practice all the same TTPs for stripers except we use rubberize fishing gloves to hold the fish along side the boat...please post orPM info/photo of your plastic clamping fish grips tied to a rope solution. Respectfully PoJ
  5. FF34…thanks for great insights. Here is a follow up question…landing/boating the fish: what is the best technique for our safety and health of the fish? We will likely catch and release 90% of our fish.
  6. Great way to pay it forward and introducing a new generation of fisherman. Keep on keeping on!!!
  7. Finders Keepers— I don’t do Facebook for personal reasons, but tried their website multiple times and a goofy error. Do you know if they actually run a non-Facebook website for those who prefer not to use Facebook?
  8. First is there a rule of thumb on setting planer board distance? I will like have two Yellowbird inline boards per side plus two downriggers on the stern. Second, how do I determine how much line to let out past the planerboards and downriggers? I will be running spoons, Rapalas, Cordell red fins, and Thunder stick jr. Some deep divers others not so much. Thank you all for your wisdom and insights. PoJ
  9. Thanks Les… we are getting all hyped up about the trip. Scott
  10. Yep…we get that for sure. Same for stripers and especially the hybrids.
  11. Sk8man—many thanks for the comprehensive response. We have and use our hook sharpeners constantly. Yes we follow your TTPs for setting and managing drag. Respectfully PoJ
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