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  1. walnut109

    Cayuga Cayuga 4-2-18

    Only fished south of Taughannock. Drove past the perch fisherman on the way to the launch.
  2. walnut109

    Cayuga Cayuga 4-2-18

    Fished south end out of Taughannock from 3 to 7. Trolled Thundersticks, Rapalas spoons and streamers on boards and dipseys. One small brown and one pickerel. Water temp along west shore was 37 with clear water. East shore was 40 and cloudy. Only one other boat trolling. Found lots of lakers and bait very deep near Bolton Point. Lots of perch fisherman in front of Canoga.
  3. walnut109

    Skn 10-22-17

    Thanks for the reports. Glad you caught some keepers. Looking forward to getting back out this week.
  4. Skan 10-13-17 Launched out of south end for a change. Wow was it windy. 1 small RT and 1 keeper LT. Managed to catch some perch too. Water surface temp is 63 and water clarity is still poor for Skan. Good luck to those that fish this weekend.
  5. Should be some perch right in Mud Bay. Chaumont Hardware should be able to direct you.
  6. Skan 10-6-17 Trolled from 7:30 to 9:30. Nothing. Surface temp is 65 with continued low visibility. Graphed quite a few fish but no takers. Fish were 20 feet deeper than two weeks ago. Nobody else trolling. Switched to warmwater fishing and had some success.
  7. If the drones are used for fisheries and wildlife management purposes or emergency response, I am all for this. Unfortunately, Albany will use these for monitoring the People of New York. I am not a fan of all the electronic monitoring we have around us now. I could foresee the day when each of us will be required to wear a GoPro while fishing and hunting and be required to send all footage back to Albany for verification that you are abiding by all rules and regulations. Government mandated video cameras in motor vehicles are not that far off. Big Brother is watching.
  8. walnut109

    Skaneateles Skan 9-8-17 & 9-9-17

    Here is a picture of the two biggest RT. Odd that this year we did not catch any sub- legal RT or any LLS. Generally tough fishing compared to last year. Lots of perch fry this year and rain stained water.
  9. Skan 9-8-17 & 9-9-17 Fished both mornings. Friday morning we landed 3 RT and 12 LT and lost quite a few leapers. Great day of fishing. This morning was poor. Only 4 small LT and never hooked a RT. Not sure what the difference was, but that's fishing.
  10. Fished 4 to dusk today. Not many boats out. Graphed a few and got a spoon bit off by a decent fish.
  11. Agreed. The walleye electroshocking sampling program is flawed. Too loud, too bright and too shallow of a sampling zone. It is a miracle they harvest any, but they do.
  12. Lets not panic, but certainly a change for the lake. Quite surprised by the numbers of small walleye netted. I suspect walleye have inhabited the lake in very small numbers for a long time and were possibly native as the watershed is part of the Great Lakes System. I highly doubt an illegal casual dumping of fish created a viable spawning population. DEC has tried to re-establish walleye populations in many lakes throughout the state with very limited success and has abandoned many lakes that previously supported walleye populations. As a long time walleye fingerling stocking cooperator, I have a pretty good handle on the walleye program in NYS. Establishing a self-sustaining walleye population is not an easy task. Based upon recent DEC Skaneateles diary cooperator summaries, the warmwater fishery has boomed. Also, the average numbers of rainbows harvested has decreased, but the average size increased substantially. Fishing the lake forty years ago, I do not recall catching a sunfish, largemouth or pickerel. Skaneateles is not the same as it was in the 70's and 80's. Weed growth is a major factor for warmwater species to thrive and it looks to have increased this summer based upon my observations. The link below regarding milfoil removal was laughable at the time but is now sad. Really $ 2 million and a patch sits right at the end of the State launch dock. It was such a waste of time and money by ideological bureaucrats and do-gooders. Ultimately, I think the walleye will have little impact upon the Skaneateles coldwater fishery, as it has already changed. I really enjoy the rainbow fishing in Skaneateles. Its still a great fishery and a beautiful lake. Walleye or Trout? I'll take either as long as they're biting and tasty. http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/09/a_skaneateles_lake_success_story_the_milfoil_removal_project.html
  13. Fished from 9:30 until 3:00 today. Found some fish at noon in 145 FOW, but could not get them to go. One small brown and broke off a leaping steelhead due to a tangle.
  14. Skan 8/27/17 Fished today for LLS and RT. Very slow. First shutout in two years.
  15. We started at 165 deep early and we did graph fish. Just no takers for us.