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  1. We started at 165 deep early and we did graph fish. Just no takers for us.
  2. Fished out of Fair Haven today. Lost one large laker, landed one small chinook and lost another but the fish of the day was a 28" bow. The fish were there, just couldn't get them to go.
  3. Skaneateles

    Fortunately, I have enough warmwater fish in the freezer for our use. Really enjoy the RT and LLS from Skan, both the fight and on the grill. Fished in front of the State launch and off Mandana. The fish are there, just feeding on small perch, which appear to be in very large numbers. Hopefully the bite will pick up by Labor Day.. Recreational boat traffic was very light yesterday, but we left at 10:00. There was a bass club tournament as 6 or 7 boats all left the launch at the same time. The lake is beautiful and you can't blame people for wanting to enjoy it.
  4. Skan 8-12-17 Fished 5:30 to 9:30. One small laker is all. Saw no other boats trolling for trout. Slow!!!
  5. Sounds like you had a good day fishing. Lakers are taken jigging, but I like to troll. I would try a bit deeper next time. We catch them anywhere from 50' deep early to 90' deep mid morning. Not unusual to graph fish over 120'. The laker bite has been slower than normal for us this year. As far as water clarity, last year you could easily see down to 25 feet. This year excessive rain has the lake a bit cloudy, and unfortunately increased runoff will lead to more weed growth. The lake has changed a bit over the last 40 years I have fished it. A great place to fish and enjoy the day.
  6. Skan 7-3-17 Fished 5:30 to 11:00 today. A few boats trolling. 2 keeper RT and 1 small LT. Lake is clearer, but still some floating material. Graphed quite a few fish, but could not trigger the bite.
  7. Skaneateles 7-15-17 Fished this morning from 5:30 to 9:00. Tough bite, but caught one laker and one rainbow. Water was slightly cloudy to very cloudy due to recent rain. Lake is very high as well.
  8. Skaneateles

    Our focus was on LLS and RT. Graphed some at 35-40 but could not get them to hit. Lakers were anywhere from 60 to 100. Found most fish on the contour. Very few marks in deeper water. Graphed lots of lakers.
  9. Skaneateles 6-30-17 Fished out of state launch this morning from 5:30 AM until 9:00 AM. Graphed fish, but pretty slow with only 3 small lakers caught. Nobody else fishing and only three trailers at launch when we left. Water surface temp was 66.5. Water is a bit cloudy for Skaneateles and we were collecting a bit of algae on our lines.
  10. Trolled from 7 to 11 today out of Dean's Cove. One 19 inch landlocked and one 14 inch rainbow. A bit slow, but a nice day. Did not graph much.
  11. Skan was tough for us last Friday(4/14/17). One hit, but a good one. We graphed very few fish. Not sure where the fish were, but things will pick up. 2.4 has been a good average speed for us.
  12. Surface trolled for rainbows on Wednesday morning with little success. One small laker after switching to a dipsy diver setup. Surface temp is 49.5. The supermoon may have played a part in the poor fishing.
  13. Glad you got into some fish. That's what the forum is about.
  14. Fish should be anywhere in the lake, but since we launch at the state boat launch we typically stay between the launch and Mandana. Our most productive speeds have been over 2 and under 3. Lakers will liker it slower.
  15. Also, our most productive water has been between 125 to 165 feet deep.