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  1. Troutman 87, 777 spoon received. Thanks, it makes a great addition to the collection.
  2. Fished out of Sampson 7/4. Best screen for LT was 1 mile north. We were after silvers and got 1 small brown and 1 big pike.
  3. Troutman 87, I appreciate it. I will contact you later today.
  4. I find superline around my electric motor prop shaft all the time. Disappointing but a reality.
  5. I have not fished Skan yet this year, but my brother reported to me a guy he worked with only got 1 LT on an outing last week. Good luck.
  6. Sad news and totally unnecessary. At least I can go out of my camp. All Hail King Andrew!
  7. Both are open. Not sure about the docks at Skan. Owasco was a bit low last week, so you may need hip boots.
  8. The Rome Hatchery has a zebra mussel infestation. Not good news for many waters that receive stockings. https://www.syracuse.com/outdoors/2020/02/zebra-mussels-infest-ny-trout-hatchery-some-adirondack-waters-will-go-unstocked.html
  9. Personally, I was not pleased with the initial sentence. He should have lost all guiding and personal hunting/fishing license rights forever. He was undertaking an illegal action for personal financial gain. That being said, I respect the licensed guides and the services they perform. Their job is not an easy one and certainly done for the love of the outdoors.
  10. Just saw this post today. It saddens me to hear this news. My prayers go out to the family. I will have to make a trip down to the store very soon.
  11. Small spoons and Yo Zuri Pins Minnows. 20 to 25 feet down,
  12. I got a 5, 44 and 31 from Old Forge Hardware years ago. I wish I had gotten more as they were old stock. Got out this AM and had a 10 minute flurry from shore. 17" and 21" RT.
  13. In the back of the store there is a piece of paper tacked up. There are three spoon outlines, 42, 43 and 47. The first 47 I saw I thought was a fake and I did not purchase it. Then I saw the outline in the store. Got lucky to come across the 47 and the 43. 5's are my favorite for RT on hot flat days in mid-summer, but a hammered 44 is a great all-around spoon. 31 was the go to for LT back in the day along with the 88 at the bottom leader of the Seth Green rig. Miller finishes seem to hold up a bit better over time and would not bend quite as easy as a Sutton. But Suttons always seem to have that certain awkward kick every 3rd or 4th flip if run at a certain speed. I like them all, Miller, Sutton, Quick Strike and Pine Valley.
  14. Thanks to those who are looking. The 42 is going to be hard to find. It is a hand cut spoon that was made in the same time period as the 43 and 47. Suttons are works of art in a fishing lure.
  15. Thought I would share a photo of my Sutton flutter spoon collection that I have been gathering for a few years. Odd that I am aware of 42 different numbers and that I need a number 42 to round out the board.
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