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  1. bettieanne

    Sandusky ohio, catabawa island ice?

    Awesome! Thanks for the responses[emoji106] Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. bettieanne

    Sandusky ohio, catabawa island ice?

    Were goin to head to Ohio as soon as ice is out and can get a boat in the water. Does anyone know someone in the area or a way to find out when the ramps are free of ice? Or a local fishing website with great people similar to Lou for the far westend of erie? Thanks! Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. bettieanne

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Congrats to all with their harvests! Some great bucks here in new york, even with out qdma. With no luck in getin a mature buck on the ground with bow i was looking forward to get the muzzel loader in my hands. Have had 2 good ones in the cross hairs, both on doe an when i gotem both to stop for shot of course. No good shot opportunity, the mature ones always just seem to know when to stop and not offer a good shot.[emoji35] this season ay least Took my 8 yr old out this morning on our newly acquired tradition of the thanksgiving morning hunt,3 rd year in a row. We got our first ever deer this morning!! He was like a seasoned veteran, here she comes, looks like a good one, you should takem dad. What a memory I have to cherish for ever! He was so excited, i couldnt belive it. He literally ran outa the blind to go see it! His first words after was dad i knew you were a awsome hunter! Was nice hearing him say that after the season i have had! Were havin breakfast then we gota go hang in the barn. Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. bettieanne

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Joe, i sat in the stand for several hours. I went to stand up to gather my suff to call it a nite and when i did the botton gave way.. was a hang on stand with the steel cables,a fold up. Luckly for me when i hung the set i was short on steps and only set it about 18 ft. When i hit the ground i layed there an thanked the lord that i was ok. Just layed there and looked up at my bow on the holder and said dam i need that for the mornin hunt tomaro.... bac up i went. Will be relpacing all with cables in the off season. Gona repace with linked chain... an yea the buck was the one i sent u pics of earlier this year. [emoji2961][emoji2961][emoji2961] just not my year!!! Fresh start in the am with the knight...now that the deer feel safe around me!!! Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. bettieanne

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Congrats to all who have suceeded!! Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. bettieanne

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Finally a cold morning. For the first time i have had to resort to the cross bow. After last nights, yet another failed attempt with the compound. The one i been dreaming of gave me a 30 yrd shot.stickers an kickers... An smack goes my limb on the shootin rail, arrow feel way short of the mark. This ladder stand has literly costed me 3 good ones[emoji2959][emoji35] its got the rail around it, good for takin the kids, bad for dad...yes, new stand will be goin up in this location next yr. He was the 6th mature buck within range, by far the most quality deer i have seen in one bow season over the almost 20 yr of bow hunting. Bac to this creeky stand this morning. Big guy didnt spook am almost got another poke at em. With all my troubles this year i can only laugh about last night. What can go wrong has gone wrong. Lol Also for the first time i fell from my tree.. wear your harnesses, i was rushin as i came bac from camp an wanted to get bac out and said, no i dont want to take the time. I am just greatful to still be able to be out here enjoyin mother nature, will keep on keeping on. Down to 3 sits for bow.... Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. bettieanne

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Well its been 4 days since i shot the big 9. No luck on the recovery. Boy it burns deep... when its your passion and you cant controll it. This afternoon will be my first time bac in the woods since.......time to get over it and move on. Looked friday and then saturday. Thanks jakey baby... one day we will have a sucessful recovery..on my end. Even took my good luck charms, my 5 yr old and 8 yr old boys saturday. They made me so proud as they tried to help dad find the deer. After there reward was to go fishin at the oak and candy from narbys!! Yea, during prime time!!! The struggel is real!! I have taken my boys almost as often as i have hunted myself this year. There is no destractions out there, just a father and his son! Some things are more important that a big buck.. Well thats what i tell myself..Good luck to all, still time left to get it done. Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. bettieanne

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    What a morning!! Had two huge deer come by in the dark. One gruntin up a storm. All i could see was silouets. Covered up with mature bucks. Blew it on a big split g2 buck. Doe busted me he was with then he circled around me. Had 40 yrd shot on em but not comfortable with a long poke. Passed shot. He was the 4th mature buck that i just wasnt comfortable with shot on. What a roller coaster ride this season has been! Then i look up at 815 an see a good one cruzin. Hit em with the can an hete he comes. Knew em from trail cam pics an knew he was a shooter. Came to 30 6rd ckean broad side an stoped em an let it fly. Looked like a good hit. Ran off tail tucked hard. Gavem 45 min. Recoverd arrow clovered in bloor then backed out. Gona givem a few hours an go back in......3 rd sit on this property an seen all but one of the mature bucks i had on camera. Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. bettieanne

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Hunting westside of monroe county. Just doesnt seem like these bucks are to fired up yet. Been seeing lots of 1 an 2 yr olds responding well to the calls, but no real chaseing. Did just have a decent 8 go by following a doe, but were walking like early october. 2 bucks an a few doe this mornin so far. Hunted my camp over the weekend, bottom part of stuben an it was on. Had a good one at full draw, not the shot i wanted to take. Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. bettieanne

    Sold / Closed Garmin G.P.S.

    I have same one, the only item i have that has been on all 3 boats I would trust that thing with my life. I have several times! Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. bettieanne

    Buffalo nite bite

    Fished Thursday nite outa buffalo. Had em goin from 930 to 11 then nothing for a hr an a half, wind picked up an pulled em. Save it for a better nite. Only 4 made it to the net, lost just as many on way to the net. Fished Hamburg and smokes creek. All our fish were caught in 8 to 11 fow at Hamburg.
  12. It tuff up ther for sure. More of a place to fish for eyes not catch eyes. U want limits go to erie! After almost 20 yr of spring fishing up there. I can tell u that. 6 or 8 in a weekend is bout average for us. Yea there some studs but to consistently fill the box can be tuff. Ther been years when 2 fish caught on a weekend then next yr 10 over 10lb. people post ther good catches but never mention the bad ones. An the ones that do have a network of guys that talk up ther trust me on that one.
  13. Great video!!! Keepem coming!!
  14. bettieanne

    Landing nets

    Joe, does that gold one have a extendabl handel?
  15. bettieanne

    Chamount bay walleye

    Musky, i will pm u