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  1. bettieanne

    Sold / Closed Garmin G.P.S.

    I have same one, the only item i have that has been on all 3 boats I would trust that thing with my life. I have several times! Sent from my SM-J327V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. bettieanne

    Buffalo nite bite

    Fished Thursday nite outa buffalo. Had em goin from 930 to 11 then nothing for a hr an a half, wind picked up an pulled em. Save it for a better nite. Only 4 made it to the net, lost just as many on way to the net. Fished Hamburg and smokes creek. All our fish were caught in 8 to 11 fow at Hamburg.
  3. It tuff up ther for sure. More of a place to fish for eyes not catch eyes. U want limits go to erie! After almost 20 yr of spring fishing up there. I can tell u that. 6 or 8 in a weekend is bout average for us. Yea there some studs but to consistently fill the box can be tuff. Ther been years when 2 fish caught on a weekend then next yr 10 over 10lb. people post ther good catches but never mention the bad ones. An the ones that do have a network of guys that talk up ther trust me on that one.
  4. Great video!!! Keepem coming!!
  5. bettieanne

    Landing nets

    Joe, does that gold one have a extendabl handel?
  6. bettieanne

    Chamount bay walleye

    Musky, i will pm u
  7. bettieanne

    Chamount bay walleye

    Had a great trip! The fishin was pretty average for a opener weekend. We got our fish all over the place, we fished from deep in the bays to out on the lake an each spot was giving up fish. My dad wanted new scenery so that's what I have him. Lots of marks on the graph but wad tricky getting them to bite. Had my dad an son on the boat an 4 generations of fisherman at our cottage!
  8. bettieanne

    Chamount bay walleye

    That number was dis connected. I called long point st park an the guy said that all the floating docks got ruined due to high winds. As of now long point or the three mile launch doesnt have docks in even at the launch ramp. He said he was goin to call the regional office an try to get em in by friday.
  9. bettieanne

    Chamount bay walleye

    Gotcha, thanks. Hope the sun shines strong all week.
  10. bettieanne

    Honda outboard controls

    Yea, i can get longer cables! I not sure what it's worth? Where are u located? I live by oak orchard river
  11. bettieanne

    Chamount bay walleye

    Who's ready!!! Hope ther still some up ther. Hopeing for better luck for this years opening weekend. Does anyone know water temp in chamount bay, or around piller point?
  12. bettieanne

    Honda outboard controls

    Boy, i could use that! I got a 10 hours honda, that i use to troll an speed has to be adjusted on the handel, wich means the guy drivin has to bark speed orders to guys working at back of boat. How long are the cabels? Work on a 18 ft boat with kicker mounted on oposite side of controls?
  13. bettieanne

    She's ready

    Looking good!
  14. bettieanne

    Ohio walleye

    Yes they we're! I have never seen so many boats, it was unbelievable. Plenty of areas to search for fish tho. We trolled for ours, 98 percent of people were jigging tho. Gotem in front of power plant in 14 to 16 fow with smithwicks an bayrats. Deep divers with short leads goin 1.4 on gps. Got a couple good ones, that came on the bayrats. Water was dirty an cold 42. Awsome area to fish an they cater to fisherman.
  15. bettieanne

    2017 pics

    Very nice!!!