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  1. Chamount bay walleye

    Who's ready!!! Hope ther still some up ther. Hopeing for better luck for this years opening weekend. Does anyone know water temp in chamount bay, or around piller point?
  2. Honda outboard controls

    Boy, i could use that! I got a 10 hours honda, that i use to troll an speed has to be adjusted on the handel, wich means the guy drivin has to bark speed orders to guys working at back of boat. How long are the cabels? Work on a 18 ft boat with kicker mounted on oposite side of controls?
  3. She's ready

    Looking good!
  4. Ohio walleye

    Yes they we're! I have never seen so many boats, it was unbelievable. Plenty of areas to search for fish tho. We trolled for ours, 98 percent of people were jigging tho. Gotem in front of power plant in 14 to 16 fow with smithwicks an bayrats. Deep divers with short leads goin 1.4 on gps. Got a couple good ones, that came on the bayrats. Water was dirty an cold 42. Awsome area to fish an they cater to fisherman.
  5. 2017 pics

    Very nice!!!
  6. Ohio walleye

    Yea any info as to where to stay and launch would be muc appreciated. Born to fish, we are hopeing (weather dependant) to head out from kendall friday sometime an maybe we can meet up for a drink. Was talking to the crew thats goin an i mentioned the lou post an come to find out u fished with my buddy dan on lake o for salmon. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Ohio walleye

    Looking to make our first trip to the west end of lake erie as soon as the weather allows. I have done a little research and it seem the areas around sandusky is the best area to fish. I was woundering if you have to go that far into ohio to get into walleyes. I know ther around dunkirk in the spring ( nitebite) so i would like to think they could be all thru the west end. But i would prefer not to find out the hard way and fish daylight since it will be unfamiliar waters. Thanks
  8. Euro skulls

    I am posting for a buddy. European skull mount done for 50, located in spencerport. call steve at 585-613-8160
  9. Taxidermy (skull)

    I got a buddy in spencerport, 50 bucks, taxidermist around 125 last i knew and quailty just as good. call steve 585 613 8160.
  10. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    I also hunt in a block that is farmed only by rob fruit farm and have access to 220 acre, 140 of which the land owner would rather let golden rod grow then let that guy farm and murder deer. I have hunted it for 12yrs which use to be able to seen a dozen deer a sit and multiple quality bucks a season. The last 5 yrs I have watched numbers go down and I thought last year was rock bottom until the 2017season rolled in. First 2 sits and zero deer. Left me wondering if some diese wiped them out??? When we first got the land we could see 25deer in a sit. Its going on 4 seasons with out pulling the trigger. I am not goin shoot the last deer left and be responsible for their extinction. Thanks buddy. It makes it hard to get my younger boys and future hunters to stay interested in hunting when we don't see anything. The habitat hasn't changed much and the number of hunters is way down from what use to be parked around the block . Not one shot heard in block I was hunting this am. Is there a common ground we can reach.
  11. BOAT STORAGE KENDALL Boat storage available. My place is full and I am posting this for a friend. Indoor can accomadate almost any size boat. 200 for the season. PM if interested and will forward his contact info thanks
  12. hello, i would be able to come get toward end of the week or next weekend. Curently at camp and wish i had that boat with us! If you could hold it for us that would be great,if not that alrite. Wil get in touch later nxt week. Thanks joe
  13. Morning, That would be a great boat to take my boys to the small ponds with, also to get in the ponds in Greece in the spring. My buddy use to have one that we could lift over guard rail, miss that. where are you located? Thanks Joe