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  1. Great vidieo!! Thanks for sharing, like the narration.
  2. Lake Erie, Buffalo Was woundering if anyone has been fishing outa buffalo, from the harbor to 18 mile creek? Just curious of water conditions, I have heard its dirty water. I am considering going for the nite bite this weekend and live by the oak, so rather find out before the hr ride. Thanks, Joe
  3. Not the opener weather we have had in the past, bad year for a new green crew, I am hoping they don't turn green.
  4. Be somewhere around chamount bay. Taking my 6yr to the cottage for his first fishing trip with dad and he gonna be missing some school. I dont know who's more excited me or him, he already got his lures picked out, we ben to bass pro and the genese charter sale and he knows what to look for. Also have my dad, which havnt fish's the opener in a few yrs with, brother and 7 yr old nephew going for the first time. Should be interesting, have a feeling I may be doing my serious fishing at nite when they sleeping. Good luck to all!!
  5. Great event, found some great deals. My son was loving helping me make selections! Thanks to all who made it happen. Those were some tasty fish cookies btw
  6. Buddy spent 35k on a 205 alumacraft trophy, 2 yr later has a dent (poped in) in the front lower section and the walk thru window flops in and he babyied the thing, i would passem with my crestliner with only the prop in the water. Sent back to aluma craft and they pretty much toldem sucks to be you. I would question their graetlakes sea worthyness. Just my observations. I had new crestliner and they replaced my whole floor due to one little soft spot with no questions asked. Currently have startcraft and love it, same with my crestliner.
  7. Do yourself the favor and don't settle for anything other that a 19 to 20 ft. Especialy since you are coming off that bigger boat that you had. I am on my fourth aluminium boat in 8 years and wish I had went with a 20 ft model I an fishing out a 17.8. My cousin bought a 20 ft new 0n 06 and wish I had done the same when I got my first new boat.This joe b, I bought quad a way bac.
  8. The motor is a short shaft, sorry(lol I will just say that first) and I am in Kendall ny, wich is 15 min east of oak orchard.
  9. 2006 mercury 9.9 four stroke 2006 mercury 9.9 four stroke. Used as a kicker,Very low hours 1100 obo.
  10. Was givin my first boat by my grandmother. She passed shortly after so name it the better Anne, after her. Now up to the better Anne 4. Have always been taken care of when out on the water with them all!!
  11. X2 on the truck sightings. I dnt think that was a marlboro!!
  12. Couple weeks, depends how busy he is also. I don't know how to post pics, but look identical to any regular taxidermist job.
  13. Some great bucks taken, congrats to all. Good luck to all. Headed to camp in a few mins with my dad,managed to harvest our biggest buck we had on camera on my last trip down. Hopin another mature took over his area, since he was running most other bucks outa there and rubbed every other tree in his core area and watched escort a few bucks puts ther before i managed to poke em.Truth be told I am looking forward to Monday to get back up here to chase these lake shore giants. Seen a stud last nite out searching for a mate yesterday at 4. Should be a great mornin in 8a tomato. Hoping for same down in Allegany county
  14. sent u pm