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    Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie from Dunkirk and Chautauqua Lake as USCG Capt. and NYS Guide with Proline 25 Walk and Lund Pro 1775
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    Dunkirk-Chadwick Bay and Chautuauqua Lake
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  1. IMO leadcore due to all the variables from speed, currents, different backing and lure choices is likely to run shallower than “advertised”. I use 5’ per color as a general rule and shade towards the shallow side. For example I figure my 10 colors run closer to 45’ than 50’. The bottom line is leadcore catches fish even though it likely is running shallower than one might think. Letting out more backing isn’t going to greatly effect depth either as other factors especially speed limit depth.
  2. The camo cable was supposed to blend into the environment better than the flashy silver cable commonly used on riggers then. I don’t remember if the camo was coated to add life in saltwater. As far as dual rod holders I think you would have to find used ones. Current models mount differently.
  3. Digitrol 2 which shared many parts (including motors) as Mag 10a. Both models from mid 1980’s and was common for the Digitrol 2 to be converted to Mag 10a when keypad failed. Parts availability limited. The “Marlin” versions that I had were a camo cable in lieu of a silver cable. Interesting with Cannon that the Mag 10a model was produced before the Mag 10. Were a solid rigger in their day- still common to see them-slow retrieve likely helped them last.
  4. Mend in a spro swivel with haywire twist on the copper ends.
  5. If you want a high quality net, you might look into RS Nets. Made in US and pretty much custom as to colors. Upper end price wise and nice finish.
  6. I think you might find the Seagate a better option for your application. The Seagate has carbon fiber drag, more ball bearings and stronger frame. More $$$ but in your price range. Sea line looks like a price point entry level reel- likely fine for the weekend guy. Going up a notch or two to Seagate or Saltist better option for heavier use. If it was me I’d fix the Sealines and pickup a couple Seagate to try then upgrade when I found something I liked.
  7. I have a LGC4000 puck which I believe is compatible as a replacement for a LGC3000. I have the puck along with a Global Map 5200C with a Nautipath Chip covering Lake Ontario and Erie. I’d sell for$55.00 including shipping. If interested I can provide pictures. I updated and puck was working when I removed. Have wiring, manual,cover and mount for puck. Thanks Frank
  8. Chautauqua has good access with plenty of boat launch’s in both basins. Should be about a 3 hour drive from Canandaigua. Lots of options to troll and cast. Visitors Bureau has a good site for information www.tourchautauqua.com Besides musky the lake has walleye, bass and panfish. DEC has musky hatchery at Chautauqua too. Most first timers are surprised when they get on the lake.
  9. Check your battery voltage both fully charged and after a days trolling. Also how old are your batteries. I had electrical “issues” several years ago and determined the batteries weren’t holding voltage levels high enough. I’d always used load tests to check battery condition and the batteries would load test in the green however voltage wouldn’t be high enough for electronics to operate correctly. I’m planning to replace batteries every 3 seasons and now check voltage more than load to determine replacement. The high speed riggers take more electricity than the old mag 10’s.
  10. With that size boat you would probably need a 60” shaft and at least 24 volts. With Minn Kota that would mean a Terrova I pilot 60” 24 v with foot pedal, remote, and universal sonar at $1850. You can save a few bucks by going with same model without universal sonar and the foot pedal for $1470. The universal sonar is nice for jigging so a big item to give up. The foot pedal isn’t such a big deal as the remote is very functional. I don’t even have the foot pedal plugged in on my terrova and have it stored on the boat. Tough to find deals on I pilots - you might check Hodges Marine on line.
  11. Chautauqua is a nice change of pace from the big water tactics used on Lake Erie. The 17 to 20 inch eyes on 5 colors of lead are way more fun when you use light spinning gear with 8 or 10lb test and you feel the bite. Lots of rod in hand tactics are working now-pulling harness’s along weedline, jigging and tossing plastics. Great place for kids as there are plenty of panfish mixed in with the eyes.
  12. For someone that has just gotten the walleye bug, I’d suggest heading for water with a good population of walleye. Right now the 3 “Crown Jewels” of New York walleye fishing per DEC - Lake Erie, Oneida Lake, and Chautauqua - all have great numbers of walleyes. Oneida isn’t that far from Sodus and much more likely to have success with a variety of tactics. I used to fish eyes on Lake Ontario out of Cape Vincent in September and it was a big fish game not a numbers game. I was lucky to know a local so we access to some info, but even that was limited. Trolling the breaks on the shoals would get some fish. For somebody starting out, water with a better population of walleye would show more success sooner.
  13. Seeing as you used selling dealer for high altitude setup, I think I would go back to them with your question for additional top end. Could very well be you need a low level prop too. Dealer should have an idea of how the motor ecu adjusts to the altitude difference. Out East here on Great Lakes we don’t deal with high altitude setups.
  14. The Bert’s rod holder is reversible- one side allows it to ratchet and the other you have to unlock to pull up. You pull the c clip to pull pin and the lock mechanism then flip the rod holder around. The teeth on the bottom are configured differently to allow for this. Designed that way.
  15. I spend a fair amount of time on Chautauqua and to me a couple issues. Guys do target musky before season- Saturday 5/23 I saw a boat running down rods and trolling at high end of walleye speed. I’m likely to see more this week. Other issue IMO is DEC coverage on the lake is “spotty” at best. Traffic this year has been high and more boats means likelihood of more funny business. Not all of it is intentional with lots of out of state people where regulations might be different.
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