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    Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie from Dunkirk and Chautauqua Lake as USCG Capt. and NYS Guide with Proline 25 Walk and Lund Pro 1775
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  1. The Map chips aren't sold by size. They are brand and model specific. They are offered for different regions so you need to drill down to be sure the lakes you want are offered on that particular Map chip. Most of the sites selling these have a three step process so you get the right chip. Most also offer free updates for a year as well. Just spend some time on Navionics or Lakemaster sites so you are comfortable getting the correct chip for your 597ci.
  2. I run a Navionics Map card in my Humminbird. I went with Navionics as they had coverage for Chautauqua Lake. Humminbird has Lakemaster Map cards, but I found the lake coverage for NY to be limited. Before you purchase check both unit compatibility and lake coverage. These Map chips aren't cheap and are non returnable once opened. Another thing with a 5" unit you will have pretty small view of contours in a split screen. I recommend at least a 7 inch screen. I contour troll and drift in my Lund and the Map chip works well.
  3. I run an 8 hp Yamaha on my Lund 17 1/2 ft. Trolls down to under 1mph and will run up over 6 @wot. Has an alternator that keeps starting battery charged. Like the 8 on that boat better than a 9.9 I used before I went to the 8 hp.
  4. Have used the Amish Outfitter snubbers for a few years. Hold up well and take the "snap" out of the stop on Cannon high speed riggers. Reasonably priced also.
  5. Have you looked at putting kicker on a "mini jack plate"? T H Marine has one that moves kicker back 4" and up slightly- both would help tilt clearance. Years ago I had similar issue on a Starcraft and made a bracket to move kicker up about an 1" that gave me clearance to tilt the kicker. Price on the fixed jack plate is around $125 so a lot cheaper than a new kicker.
  6. I just got 5 Type 1 adults from Sportsmans Guide. I went there after having an issue with Amazon and a 3rd Party vendor. If you go to Amazon and see a vendor listed as "HKX Direct" it is an offshore scam. I was able to get a refund but it held me up for a while. Seems to me that anything with a USCG approval has a premium price. I won't say I got best price at SG but they did have in stock. Some places don't offer Type 1. Good luck with your search.
  7. If something happened with kill switch that would let engine turn over and you would not have spark so make sure that is working. Check ignition switch in on position. I'd also check fuses and ground connections for corrosion-clean with emery cloth. Sometimes a little green crud can make electronics stop working.
  8. I believe a 1995 Mercruiser should have electronic ignition and no points. I'd suggest checking connections and voltage at ignition switch and kill switch lanyard if you have one. Will need a multimeter to read voltage in the system. If not comfortable testing, probably need to have someone look at it. Can be expensive throwing parts at a problem. I'd look for corrosion in a connection before I bought a new electronic module or other high buck pieces.
  9. Check the glass on the passenger side to see if it has a manufacturer name. If it is Taylormade then you might be able to order directly from them-you would likely get the glass and frame in one piece. Believe the windows are made in Gloversville, NY. I had a window on my Proline get broken-once I got part I installed myself-wasn't exactly easy as most of the windshield had to come off to do it right.
  10. With a manual rigger like unitroll 5 you don't need a snubber unless you want to use it as a "break away". Snubbers come into play with high speed electrics to take away shock from rapid stop. With a manual just wind slower as you near top. You might use 5lb weight fishing shallow and slow. Most of the time you'll want to use 10lb when fishing deeper for less blowback. Best way to get used to riggers is to get on water and run them.
  11. Great detail-impressive. Customer will really enjoy.
  12. A custom cover maker should be able to use the existing snaps on the boat. Make sure you tell them that is what you want. Custom covers well worth the money- every couple years spray on fresh waterproofing.
  13. My tracks came with 1 3/4" screws, flat washers, lock washers and nuts. I have some Bert's and they use same size.
  14. Believe I saw that Daiwa was no longer making parts for the GL reels about a year ago so parts were limited to stock on hand. Lots of those reels around but could be harder to find parts as time goes on.
  15. It's important to determine exactly which model Cannon you need parts for. The Mag 10A was made earlier and is older than the Mag 10 with different motors for each model. Motors are available for the Mag 10 and not available for Mag 10A. Fish 307 has Cannon schematics by model to help identify each model-the motor cover design is an easy way to tell. Cannon didn't make this easy by how they designated model numbers with so many Mag 10 models over the years. Not sure what exact years Mag 10A were made, but I bought some in 1988 and that wasn't first year for that model.