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    Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie from Dunkirk and Chautauqua Lake as USCG Capt. and NYS Guide with Proline 25 Walk and Lund Pro 1775
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    Dunkirk-Chadwick Bay and Chautuauqua Lake
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  1. Crossbows have pros and cons like most things. After shooting Ten Points for a few years, I feel biggest advantage is they are cocked so no draw and accurate to 40 yards. On the other hand, they are heavy, awkward to carry, and are slower with more arc than most vertical bows. For certain Hunter groups especially older hunters and people with shoulder problems, they allow them to continue hunting. They work especially well from a ground blind and have good energy so useful in urban areas where firearms aren’t allowed. A good vertical bow Hunter with a range of 30 yards is unlikely to see much advantage by going to a crossbow other than the draw advantage and pushing range out to 40 yards. Crossbows can shoot beyond 40 yards, however from a realistic and ethical standpoint not used in many hunting situations.
  2. If motor is accessible during storage, I‘d wrap a rag around the plug and soak it in penetrating oil. Leave it sit and give a another shot of oil occasionally. After it has sat, try to loosen. If it doesn’t come then more oil. I have had pretty good luck with this method when you have time to let things soak. Might want to consider a dab of never seize on the plugs as well.
  3. I have RRH-400 and RRH-400T Traxstech mounts for Salties. That mount works better for “down” rods to me than a flat mount.
  4. Traxstech offers mounts with Down East Salties in several heights. Believe you can buy with or without Salties if you already have the rod holder. I use them on my musky trolling setup on my Lund. Don’t usually see much of any deal on specialty items like this. I did buy at a show with a discount a few years ago.
  5. FYI that Lund and Crestliner share the same owner and are made in same factory. Lund uses riveted construction and Crestliner is welded. Models and features slightly different but price point probably pretty similar. Same company owns Mercury so most are Mercury powered.
  6. George B, if you look close at Noodler54 original post it was edited on 9/13 “Boat Sold”. This was his first post on this site and apparently doesn’t realize he needs to mark as “sold/closed”.
  7. Wally, universal sonar is a transducer in the trolling motor so you can run a bow mount fish finder and no foot pedal means you just run off remote ( I run my Terrova just with remote and just have foot pedal stowed as only a backup). Doug N , you need to see if you can have two 12volt batteries wired for 24 volts. If you are “electronically challenged” consider having someone install for you so nothing gets fried.
  8. With trolling 24v better than 12v. Minnkota Power Drive is 70 lbs in 24v and should be in budget. Power Drive doesn’t offer universal sonar or foot pedal option. If you want those then you go to Terrova and likely over budget. If you buy a 12v, it is likely you would wish you got the 24v.
  9. With Mercury and Suzuki the 70 and 90hp share the same block/displacement so weight is the same. IMO the 90 makes more sense as you currently have a 90 and likely price difference minimal. Mercury has more dealer options than Suzuki, lots to consider when updating outboard on a boat. Talk to several dealers before deciding.
  10. From your pictures that does not appear to be a live well as it looks like plywood with a thin layer of resin. Also don’t see any hinges on cover- was sealed and screwed down apparently. If memory serves me well, was pretty common on the Thompson’s for guys to put a platform on transom over outdrive for a cooler/fish box. Likely easier than doing pumps/plumbing for a live well.
  11. Long drive from Syracuse area, but I’ll pass along as he does quite a few bears (and likes to do them). Bob Crossley at Crossley’s Taxidermy in Sherman, NY. Phone 716-761-6117. Full time taxidermist working from a shop at his home. Did a shoulder mount on the Bear I shot last year. Bob was very helpful as it was my first bear in providing info on care, finding a processor (many deer processors in this area don’t want to do bears), and with quick turn around. When I picked up my mount he said he had done 25 of the 41 bears taken in 9J in 2019. If you don’t find someone closer, you might give him a call. I’ll try to post a pic of my mount.
  12. With the boat demand this season due to Covid, it might be a good time to let the dust settle and see if used boat prices come down. If you want to read up on how crazy it has been there are several threads on the Hull Truth site. Likely you will have to travel - Western Ohio and Michigan tend to have more used boats than our area especially if you are looking for freshwater only. IMO if you want something to keep 10 or 15 years then you want 2000 or newer. Something turn key, clean and with low hours in a 21 to 23 w/cabin in those years likely way over your current budget. Getting a surveyor outside the area isn’t hard, just don’t hire one recommended by dealer or seller.
  13. Registration should have vin number as well. My guess is early 80’s.
  14. IMO the Grady might make sense if the current two stroke got you through a couple seasons or until you found a reasonably priced freshwater late model 4 stroke. To me in today’s technology outboards give you more flexibility on a used boat. Regarding rigging and electronics, you’ll likely want your own anyway. Even with a new repower, it would be way less than something from like 2010 or even let’s say a well equipped new 19’ foot aluminum. Lots of different ways to look at things and why having a checklist of what is important to you is a good way to simplify a search. After years of helping others search for equipment, happier endings come from those with criteria and interestingly price many times drops down the list in importance. Have some fun and good luck with search!
  15. 1985 - ten years off initial target of 1995 or newer. West Virginia registration bit of a red flag as their are plenty of scams around. Might be worth a look if a cruiser layout fits your need. The Watertown Craigslist that Bob mentioned with Wellcraft also has a 1995 Grady White 22 Seafarer outboard for $11,900 advertised as a 2 owner that is a pretty blank canvas- needs trailer and likely a repower to newer 4 stroke. Could be something worth looking at. Also a Pursuit Denali listed there as well. These boats are more of a fishing layout. Checking boxes of what fits for you might work better than jumping at a lower price early in a search.
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