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  1. FYI that original poster hasn’t visited the site since Oct 2019 (click on name and that info is available).
  2. I’ve put a lot of hours on small Hondas, Yamahas, and Suzuki in the last 20 years. I put one water pump and a set of plugs in a 10 year old Yamaha because I felt bad I hadn’t done anything to it. A new 20 hp Suzuki long shaft with controls looks to be under $3200 w/ frt (not sure on tax). 5 year warranty and build in rev limiter. I change engine oil and lower unit oil which is really simple. I’d rather fish than tinker with an old motor. Don’t look for labor rates to go down as the number of technicians is limited across the board-auto, ag, construction, marine and trucks. Every shop is looking.
  3. I’m not surprised at what you are finding for costs on parts and materials to rebuild. Makes it hard to justify even when you can do the labor yourself. Suggest you go to “online outboards.com” and check prices on new 25/30 hp outboards. My neighbor and I have both bought Suzuki’s from them several years ago without a lick of a problem. Neighbor replaced a 25hp Merc 2 stroke with a 20hp Suzuki and had better performance. Wouldn’t be surprised if you could go from a 30hp to a new 25hp with less weight and much better fuel use. Never hurts to know what new costs.
  4. Moonshine Lures 3” Walleye Spoon in Goby. Good diver spoon close to bottom on Lake Erie.
  5. I was at a show today and had a chance to talk with another guide that has a Lund 1875 Pro Guide with 90 hp Mercury. He has Titan power steering and rpm control which he likes both. He’s running a Vantage electric on the back and 80lb terrova on front for boat control. Sounds like my Honda has a little more top end and I have 8 hp Honda kicker to troll and the same terrova up front. He’s happy with Mercury only issue he mentioned was that he has to pull prop to change lower unit fluid. Makes some extra steps but makes sure prop shaft is lubed. Flip a coin I think good choices on all the motors in that class.
  6. I’ve been running a 2021 Lund 1875 Pro Guide with a 2022 Honda 90 tiller last two seasons (waited 4/5 months for motor). I could have had Mercury or Honda (same price) and at that time Honda warranty was 5 years vs 3 for Mercury. I went Honda for that reason. IMO you don’t need hydraulic steering on a 90. My 90 doesn’t steer any harder than the 60 2 stroke tiller I replaced on my last Lund. I don’t think you can wrong on either the Mercury or Yamaha. Go with dealer you feel will give best service. I wouldn’t be afraid of Suzuki either- not as common in NE but they are reliable as well.
  7. I’ve been happy with Daiwa Great Lakes Series 862MHF-LC’s for 7 color and up LC setups for walleye. You need the stiff backbone to handle the weight of the longer lengths of leadcore with the fast tip to detect the bite on the boards. Okuma has some similar rods that work fine too. When you have too soft a backbone then it’s harder to detect walleye bites.
  8. I wear a black balaclava - keeps my face warm and opening big enough for grunt call. Covers most of your face especially if you wear glasses.
  9. I use braid or wire for main line and tie in mono for the diver to slide on. Usually 35 or 40 feet for walleye. 30lb Big Game will work but I do find it wants to curl up after a bit so 40lb is a bit better. I’ve been using Maxima 40lb leader material the last few years and that is better yet. For a weekend guy either 30 or 40lb Big Game is Ok plus reasonable. I use the standard mono spring and lock down with surgical tubing never an issue with slide down. On the light bite arm I put a piece of the thin clear tube the diver comes with so the line can’t slip out of arm. Usually run a high and low diver on each side when currents permit.
  10. Might want to post a picture of the downrigger before you order more parts. Cannon has made a number of Mag 10 models over the years and it’s not uncommon for descriptions in places like FB to not match the item. Electrical items usually are non-turnable.
  11. Should use 10 gauge wire for zero to 15 feet- longer runs even heavier. Pretty heavy draw with a downrigger.
  12. mr 580

    Lake Erie bite

    If one were to fish the Fall Brawl, you would want Ohio license option too. The problem on the east end of Erie is that with prevailing winds the days you get out is limited. We’ve had a good run of weather lately, but forecast today looks more “normal” for fall weather. Looks tough to get out for next 4 or 5 days.
  13. Rereading the original post it sounds like you have a keyed separate switch for starting kicker. Check for switched power on the lugs of that switch.
  14. I’d tie it into another switched circuit-either a speed/temp or a downrigger for example that you switch off when not trolling. Or use a separate switch. Both of my kickers have stop/start buttons with no on/off switch on them.
  15. mr 580

    Lake Erie bite

    Look at 70 to 90 FOW west of the harbor. My last trip with father, son, grandson and buddy did 17 eyes, laker and 11lb steelhead. First timers they dropped some fish as well. Lead 7 to 10 color, divers and riggers - plugs and spoons. Grandson took the big steelie which was a treat. Biggest eye was 6lbs plus and they had a couple of 5's. Fishing has been good when you can get out.
  16. IMO for people that might want to only take a trip or two per year on big water like the Great Lakes by trailering a rig and getting the specialized tackle that the option of hiring a charter is one to consider. Divide the cost of the charter between several people and it becomes reasonable compared to boat ownership and expense. Might also allow you to look at a smaller boat for your normal fishing. Not saying that is what you should do for your situation, but it is an option that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  17. Seeing that you are out time wise a bit on the purchase, I would recommend talking to as many guys as you can at the ramps. Also see if you can hitch a ride on some newer boats. IMO I think you’ll find an 18 or 19 is preferred over a 16 or 17 for bigger water. With folding tongue trailers getting the longer boat in a garage isn’t the issue it once was. Another consideration for someone just wanting to fish the Great Lakes once or twice a year is to get a couple guys and charter. With today’s price of boats, fuel and insurance, it is a viable choice.
  18. mr 580

    Lake Erie bite

    There are eye’s available- getting wind to cooperate has been an issue lately. Dunkirk offshore buoy has been active. Go to GLOS.org then Seagull to get info. Provides avg significant wave height and temp profile. Wave height being an average means that if it shows 3 foot you probably have some 4’s mixed in. Accurate weather info more important than fish report IMO.
  19. Looks that way- joined July 10th then made this one post and hasn’t visited since July 19. And people wonder why there is a lack of posts.
  20. Sea Lion, if you don’t have luck finding them send me a PM on how many you want. I bought some years ago and never used them. Have 2 sizes in a silver willow leaf. I saw them the other day when I was tying some new crawler harnesses so I know I still have them.
  21. Probably best bet to reach Dave from R&R is to call him at 607-729-5711. He’s still painting and doing spoons as of a month or so ago.
  22. Daiwa Saltist 30 -great drags. Excellent as a wire dipsy reel.
  23. Still available- $80.00. Boxed and ready to ship at buyers expense.
  24. What is the make and model of the boat? What is age and what is main engine? If two people on opposite side don’t take out lean then you might have waterlogged transom/ flotation foam. Redistributing weight is a good start, but seems like you might have more going on.
  25. Called left voicemail. Call back or PM me if you need more info. Thanks
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