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  1. Yes on taking Pay Pal. Send me a PM for more info and address.
  2. Have One lot of Spoons-44 total with 15 plated spoons, 24 painted backs, and 5 shoehorn style. Mixed group of used spoons-includes 3 diamond king,9 slammers, 2 Sammy packs and a couple flutter chucks. Spoons are used and may have some tape and paint modifications. Price is $43.00 including shipping in US. Have One lot of Rebel Stickbaits along with 3 Rebel Arrowhead Spoons-10 shallow divers, and 6 fastracs. Used lot that may have some tape on spoons. Price is $43.00 including shipping in US.
  3. I updated an older Minn Kota to a I Pilot Terrova with Universal Sonar last season on my Lund. Real happy with it- remote works great and the jog feature on spot lock is very nice. Put a Helix 7 in bow and that is very clear and is great for vertical jigging. I thought the Terrova’s stowing by hand might tend to be more trouble free than the Ulterra self stow feature. Wish I had updated sooner now.
  4. Lot 1 has been paid. Have original Lot 2 of Rebels and added two groups of spoons- 19 original NK's and another group of 26 Evil Eyes. Thanks
  5. I had a conversation with an out of state angler while waiting for clients at the DEC Launch in Bemus last spring and he summed it pretty well. He finished the discussion by saying “ another case where the little guy loses” as he shrugged his shoulder and walked away. Uphill battle for sure.
  6. Glad to see you guys posting this info. Fishermen need to read that Racine Johnson study as it confirms what we saw on our fish finders last year in the south basin with almost total lack of vegetation. I normally fish the south basin for walleye until late June and last year even with our cold May weather had to go North by May 25th to find a weed line to fish. It will be interesting to see what CLP plans for 2020, but will likely be another large request for acreage to be sprayed. It seems the people pushing the herbicide are both well funded and politically connected which is a tough combination for the fishing community as we are fairly few in numbers and have few dollars. Make it more important to voice our opinions.
  7. Edited to reflect sale/payment on Lot 3 the Storm Thundersticks
  8. Sunset Farms and Cabins in Picton would be a good choice. They have been there for several generations. I had some great times and fishing there years ago.
  9. Lot Two of Rebel baits has 10 shallow divers, 6 Fastracs, and 3 Arrowhead Spoons. Price is $55.00 including shipping is US Lot of 19 Original NK Spoons- 8 NK Mags and 11 NK 28's -all with painted backs. Price is $65.00 including shipping to US Lot of 24 Evil Eye Spoons-Qty of 14 of 3 3/4" Painted and Plated, Qty of 10 of 2 1/4" Painted and Plated, and Qty of 2 of 2 1/4" Painted. Price is $60.00 including shipping to US
  10. I found that when using scents and especially Smelly Jelly that it was important to wash the lures to remove residue from the lures before storing after use. I had finish on some spoons get damaged and tackle boxes having to get cleaned out if I was lazy on cleaning the old scent off. Having a small bucket of water with some detergent to toss the lures in when changing out is a good way to handle. On my trips to the West Coast, I see a much bigger selection of scents than what we have here in the East. Interesting to see what guys use in different areas of the country.
  11. Not trying to censor anyone or get into a discussion on NYS gun laws, my comments were meant to be specific regarding the use of the classifieds on this site and the rules of use. I use and own guns including an Ithaca Deerslayer so I’m pro hunting and pro gun. Just made a suggestion that this site was primarily for fishing and fishing related items.
  12. The rules for the classifieds on this site prohibits the sale/trade of firearms and ammunition. Gun parts like a barrel might fall under a grey area, but considering this is a free listing fishing site one might use another site for firearms classifieds. This is a great forum and want to keep it that way.
  13. If your cable steer unit has VRF- Virtual Rudder Feedback then the NAC1 Feedback port is not used. I think the Lowrance units have VRF and don’t require the stand alone Rudder Feedback Sensor which would plug in that NAC1 Feedback port.
  14. Lots of variables here-trolling speed, line diameter, lure type etc etc. Unless you have smart troll or fish hawk td to measure it becomes a guess. I’d say the old 5’ depth per color of lead core and 5’ of depth per oz. weight would get somewhat close especially at 2 mph or under. Over 2 mph I’d shade it shallower and the same goes for more length and more weight. Most of the time you’ll let the fish tell you what they want. To me most of the time “junk” lines like lead core run higher than what you might think and what printed dive curves say. Using a rough formula is most helpful in setting your spread and preventing tangles. If it works then you can repeat.
  15. Another option to get different depths from a lead core rod is to use a shorter length of lead core- 3 or 5 colors are both good choices- then use snap weights or dive bombs to achieve different depths. This option has a couple advantages over putting 10 colors on a reel and letting out less of the lead core to achieve shallower depths. First a short core can go on a smaller reel than a 10 color. Second you will have all the lead in water getting you away from the sag/drag of lead core from board to rod and the added wear on the lead core. Mono backer or braid is a better choice in that rod to board connection than lead core. The only thing you need to store on boat is a small box of snap weights and some releases or rubber bands. Many times there are different ways to get the result you want.
  16. Slide divers can slide on either braid or mono. I am currently using 40lb Maxima mono leader on my slides. In the past I have also used 30 and 40lb Berkeley Big Game mono which has flea resistance. I find the heavier pound test doesn’t need to be changed out as frequently as the 30lb. Easier on your hands than grabbing wire.
  17. You might want to look at type of diver and leader length as a means to make netting easier. By using a slide diver you might be able to shorten lead length enough to make your 10 footers handle easier. If you did decide to go with a shorter diver rod, an 8 foot diver specific rod would be best choice. Diver rods take a beating especially with wire so having a heavy enough rod is important. There are some reasonably priced diver rods available.
  18. Chowder and Sk8man are giving you good info. The Daiwa 47 Great Lakes have a balky drag unless they have had drags up graded to carbon fiber and are a 5 color tops reel. For a 10 color the Penn 330 is an old time traditional choice. The Penn GTi American made reels are workhorses. One way to use a bit smaller reel is to use Tuff Line Micro Lead as it has a thinner sheath with a smaller diameter than other lead core manufacturers. A snap weight that will work on leadcore without damaging it is the Michigan Stinger Dive Bomb so you can attach weight midway on leadcore as you deploy.
  19. Get a dedicated dipsey rod setup with braid or wire to run off the side. IMO a dipsey or slide diver running off the side and away from the boat is much more effective than running straight off the back. Fishing solo you also have to be aware of which rods have to be cleared to land fish and prevent tangles. You’ll likely have to limit your cheaters on riggers when you add a third rod. Another option would be an in line board with a lead core or short copper again putting out a wider spread vs packing more rods behind the boat.
  20. Few years ago I played around with some hybrid lead core copper setups walleye fishing with 2 colors of lead attached to a short copper. One of the goals was to make deployment of the copper quicker at the slower walleye speeds and easy pulling baits like worm harness. It worked but I went back to lead core as it was easier to deal with. I would agree with Legacy that at salmon speed and salmon baits that copper is the answer to achieve depth vs long lead core.
  21. With my Trollmaster (wired version) the tiller throttle is connected and starts/operates normally. The Trollmaster linkage is a loop so it doesn’t restrict the stock linkage if it is used. If you are using the throttle control and have the kicker above idle then you could increase speed with tiller however you could not take it back down to idle as the Trollmaster has the linkage pulled up and advanced. The model I have has an idle button which drops kicker back to idle and will also go back to your last setting if pushed again. I have my control on one of my riggers so I can adjust speed or drop it to idle from back of boat to fight or net fish.
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