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  1. 160' was a good place to start out in front of the plant...
  2. I was up on the 10th. Launched out of Oz, couldn't ask for a nicer day..... Started searching around 150, and set up around 180. Fish were scattered, (as were the boats) and the temp break was easily seen on the graph, confirmed with the Hawk. Lots of fleas and we had 1 hit on a dipsy out at 150 with a chicken wing and one it on a lead core out 10 with a flasher fly. Slow day. Trolled out to 525, before calling it.
  3. Just installed 2 of them, no issues yet.... Are you saying you LOST the ball when you hit your depth?
  4. Thanks for an excellent report, heading up on Thursday.....
  5. At least you got the skunk off the boat... I'm booked at Catfish Creek the end of the month, but I think I'll be trailering West..........
  6. X2 - I was out there too. Washed spoons and sticks from the Salmon River North. Marked very little, got beat up in the rollers early.... Saw about 3 boats in front of Catfish Creek on our way back. Hope they did better.
  7. Coming up on Saturday, looking for reports from Henderson to Oz. Anyone having any luck on Browns? Thanks
  8. X2 on my Alaskan, also used the bow seat mount for the mast.
  9. Late to the game.......... https://swedishpimple.com/product/vingla-prism-red/
  10. I have watched the Fishing 411 team have success using the Spinfish, but I think it's still a west coast lure. (For now)
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