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  1. Late to the game.......... https://swedishpimple.com/product/vingla-prism-red/
  2. I have watched the Fishing 411 team have success using the Spinfish, but I think it's still a west coast lure. (For now)
  3. X2! Look up Fishing 411 . They have lots of good informational videos from the south shore, as well as the other great lakes...
  4. I caught this back in July off Mexico on a magnum Moonshine spoon. After researching, I believe this may have been a Pink, due to the elongated tail spots. Do you agree? Thanks
  5. I ordered some from Fat Nancy's, and was told by Rob Ripka that he could not ship me any because MC had gone out of business. This was earlier this week.
  6. Anyone know of a similar product that works with meat rigs?
  7. From the launch to the North dune.................. no takers... marked plenty.
  8. Thanks for the update, been wondering what's going on in Mexico.....
  9. Don't forget to factor in shrinkage.............
  10. Thank you, that's what I was thinking I should do as well, it looks old....
  11. I was gifted 2 Penn model 68's spooled with monel wire, probably was used as a saltwater rig in the past. Does monel wire get any use on the GL? Everyone seems to run braided line.... Thanks
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