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  1. I've also been meaning to try www.bloodwormdepot.com FYI
  2. Good deal, sounds like you are doing everything right. Try Certified Marine for worms in Connely, or if they are out I have driven up to Red Hook (about 15 minutes away) to a tackle shop there. He always had worms. I fish the stretch from the Esopus light house south to the park on the West side. Where do you fish?
  3. Had to go through mine, the clutch washers had turned to a sticky mess and wouldn't free spool. Luckily, it's a simple job and replacement washers can be found at Lowes in the hardware section. They work great again after 30 years of use...
  4. Been fishing the Hudson for stripers out of Kingston for at least 15 years. What kind of set-up do you use that you are using 144 worms a day? 20 stripers a day usually means about 36-48 worms for me.... FYI I've never had much luck with the crawlers or the fake stuff.
  5. All the big name rodent companies have bait stations that prevent what you describe. You simply fill the station and place it under your boat / camper, etc.
  6. Poison UNDER the boat, near the wheels, and tongue foot. Kill them before they get in. Works for my camper...........
  7. Many thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Was hoping someone could give me some information about where the shipping lanes are when fishing out of Henderson. Someone also mentioned the wall in this area. Is this the same wall near the finger? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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