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    Besides hunting and fishing? Volleyball, rod building and sci-fi/fantasy. Oh, and I do a little science on the side...
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  1. Gator

    The wrong way to coyote hunt

    Appearances matter. And since the majority of folks aren't in our corner, we need to be aware that they matter. We don't have to agree with it; this isn't a judgement call. Fair or not, it's the world we live in. So yeah, we can do whatever we want, post whatever we want, call people names and antagonize them...it just means that the end will come faster. We are in the minority and dwindling fast. From an evolutionary perspective, making ourselves a target on purpose doesn't seem like the wisest choice. But what do I know? Maybe it's better to do down in flames than to fade away...
  2. I'm going fishing now. I'll be on the South end of Honeoye, if anyone - Republican or Democrat - wants to join me. I don't actually plan to catch any fish...this is Honeoye after all...but I will bask in the pre-Spring warmth and dream about kings on copper.
  3. Gator

    Hardwater report !!

    Sodus lol... We were down at the 'oye yesterday evening and Jim told me you'd posted these, so I looked around but we must have just missed you. The evening was spent jigging for walleye with no love, but I did see a few schools of crappie come by ten feet up and managed to entice one with the jigging rap. He's still there, swimming happily. It will probably turn on gangbusters two days before the ice becomes unsafe.
  4. Man, I love this country. Seriously. We've got people on either side of the table who can promote their viewpoints just about anywhere without fear of being shot or hauled away to jail, that doesn't happen everywhere. Yeah, I think that some of those viewpoints are strongly mistaken, and I hate to be second dog to downstate, but at least we're not muzzled. And the stereotype of a redneck fisherman who can't hold two thoughts in his head gets blown wide open on this board. There are some seriously deep, considered opinions on here. I'm proud to be a part of LOU.
  5. Gator

    State of the Lake Announcement

    And that would be a bad thing?? I'm going a month now on one meal a day and an hour workout in the morning. Gotta get ready for chainsaw season...
  6. Gator

    Hardwater report !!

  7. Gator

    State of the Lake Announcement

    Thank you for posting the video. I am always impressed with the creative data analysis and interpretation at these meetings lol. Seriously, though, these guys bust their humps for us and deserve both our thanks and respect. It's good to see stakeholder engagement. But even though it looks promising for the future, I'm still going to say a little prayer, just to be safe.
  8. Gator

    Lake Ontario United lake camera Sun AM

    I have a friend who, growing up, had a crow live in their yard for six years. It would hop behind them as they walked to school. They fed it...maybe it was injured and couldn't survive on it's own...but it would migrate in the winter and show up again in the Spring. Sounds like a tale to me, but who knows? I taught him how to bow hunt, but when I broached the subject of setting the caller up on his land along the river for crows he nearly took my head off.
  9. Gator

    Cant Catch a Fish On Dipsey

    With the right setup, Dipsys will often outproduce downriggers by 2:1 or better. That's why our go-to setup has four wire Dipsys and only two riggers. If you're fishing them in the summer, then you should consider wire. It's easy and effective. There's lots of information on here about how to rig. Or just take a trip with somebody and learn.
  10. Gator

    Folding Planner Boards

    I had a pair of twin Riviera collapsible boards years ago. I think they're still in my basement. They turned over. A lot. What a mess. Make sure that whatever you purchase, you can return. We run Otters and don't begrudge them a seat on the boat.
  11. I will take the tubes. Pm sent
  12. Gator

    Hardwater report !!

    I rigged up the long rods with rocket bobbers and jigs just this past weekend in preparation! I wonder if I could get close enough to those open pockets to cast to them lol?
  13. Gator

    Hardwater report !!

    Either way, it sounds like the ponds are a bust right now unless you're prepared to swim. Which I always am :). But I'm still not chancing it. There are lots of other places that should have held through this minor thaw and major wind. Although I heard that there's a foot of snow on the South shore at Oneida - you were planning a trip out of Lewis this week LS, right? I think snowmobiles are going to rule Oneida for the near future. Lucky, you went to Binghamton? Me, too! I SCUBA dove with John Titus for honor's research. In fact, John is still there...my daughter and I visited looking at schools this fall...but he's transitioned away from studying the effect of acid rain on underwater plants to studying the effect of deer populations on forest regeneration. Quite a leap. Anyway, the place looks way different that it did thirty years ago.
  14. Gator

    Hardwater report !!

    It's been so on-and-off as to be silly. I took off last Monday from work and fished eight hours in the sideways snow because the bite was so good. Yesterday afternoon, post-derby, the smallest jig I could get down still spooked the fish and the ten-mile-an-hour wind was enough to keep me from seeing the bite. The school that was there - and it was diminished greatly from family members going home in a bucket - must have got picked over pretty good. There will be more showing up at some point, but the ones that are there now are REALLY skittish. I did catch a bonus Northern ~10 lbs that came through high and hit when I reeled up to it. Congratulations on placing well in the tournament! See you out there.