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  1. All of our wire diver rods have always used Twili tips. We love them.
  2. Indeed! AFC at Bills Stadium would rock. Did you hear that crowd last night? I can't believe that 6,700 people made that much noise. Really got to them in that backup situation at the goal line. 12th man!! Go Bills!
  3. 12" is a nice crappie. There will undoubtedly be lots of smaller fish to feed the seagulls as guys weed through them to get there. Not every one that gets released dies, but not every one survives, either. If nothing else, the scientist in me says it's an interesting experiment. But slot limit management techniques have been proven effective over and over, I don't get why they aren't used more. Keep your 9-12" eaters, nothing below, one trophy fish above.
  4. No charge, I like building them. I'd be stoked to build another laker rod. Let me see what I have in terms of blanks or what I can get, and I'll be in touch with you.
  5. I hate this damn disease with a passion. Too many good folks taken too soon. Rest in peace, Mike. We will think of you often this coming season.
  6. All few years ago, I watched 33Canuck pulling up Keuka lakers one after another on a perch rod. Yeah, they're not the biggest lake trout in the world, but I think that most of what happens to determine whether you land the fish is on the angler end. I just like having dedicated rods for different fishing situations, because I like to build and test them. It's tough to beat a whippy fiberglass blank in shallow water. But I will take a "bullwhip" carbon blank with a needle tip and decent backbone outside of 15' for panfish, and once you start talking jigging rapalas and heavier jigs, the gauge changes again. Different tools for different jobs. I mean, you can make anything work if you're a decent fisherman, right? But half the fun for me is figuring out my favorite. I could have limited myself to brunettes as a younger man, but where would have been the fun in that lol?
  7. Every year, I seem to get pictures of little bucks sparring until their antlers fall off. They must figure, if you got them, use them. Their annual appointment with the deer-equivalent of "Dr. Snip" is coming soon enough. And Rob, much as a I feel for you, and I've been there too, I think you've got to look at it as fifteen+ years of being blessed. But it sure does suck in the moment.
  8. I like my HT rods, too. Not as much as the two of you, obviously. But I only use them in shallow water, since I find that the parabolic bend of the light glass makes cranking up a crappie to get back down onto the school fast a bit...tricky. Kev, you should let me build you a rod and see if I can change your mind lol.
  9. Yep, the Tickle Stick is a nice rod with a flat tip that serves as a strike indicator, and the Widowmaker is another higher end option that's very light and sensitive, but with decent backbone for lifting slabs. What's your primary application? How deep a water are you fishing? I love the freefall in 15+ feet, just to let a slow fluttering presentation, and with zero twist you don't spook shy fish. You could also consider going all the way and having a custom rod made to specifications. I have a freefall on both light and ultralight setups that I use for crappie in deeper water, and they are very nice.
  10. I won't be the idiot who says, "that's why they call it hunting". Duh, I just was. Sorry to hear you didn't connect. Sounds like a fun trip and great group.
  11. I'll ask the question that's burning in everyone's mind: what happened in Ohio this year? Dish, Rob! Enquiring minds want to know.
  12. I used to carry a man card for the same reason, until my wife took it away from me.
  13. Lots of interesting information there. I recall that Les posted a link referring to the recent Science article on how leftovers from tires wearing down were causing big problems in West Coast Coho. Here's the abstract. I don't know how widely this applies to other salmonids, but it's worth considering.
  14. That's some nice gear she's wearing. I suspect she's not new to the game. Nicely done!
  15. My season recap: Start each day with unwarranted optimism. Sit. Watch. Crap. No deer. Curse and return home. Repeat. 83 times. Lol. Honestly, though, this was by far the poorest season I've had in decades, despite having hunted more than ever. I'm assuming it was just me, since others seem to have done well, including some buddies I hunt with. I'd say luck of the draw, but I suspect that there's something I'm missing, scent, movement in the stand, hearing - we joked that I might have selective Turret's syndrome that only manifests in the woods, combined with early AD so I forget what I did. Picture this: deer comes by, I see it and start swearing at it like a sailor. Deer shakes its head sadly and moves on. Best day was October 1st, when I videoed three 2 1/2 year old 8 points wandering under the stand feeding on acorns. The worst days were the next 82. My bowhunting ledger that I keep for DEC showed that I had a fair number of sightings from the stand, and you'd think that the numbers look good, but many times it was something like thirteen doe that stormed by as I was getting ready to leave, probably pushed by somebody else or a buck one of the neighbors had shot, coming over to die by me. Not a joke. My number three buck got shot and lost by a neighbor. My number two buck got taken by another neighbor who saw it chasing a doe in his backyard, went inside to get his rifle, and shot it between the houses. My number one disappeared, so who knows? I was happy to take a small eight and a doe with clean shots during gun, one of them at 170 yards, which isn't a long shot but it's my longest. Now, if we're going to talk about how much fun I had being able to hunt with my friends and spend time in the woods, that's a truly different story. Production may have been down, but the value I place on being blessed with the ability to hunt and share my hunting with the people I love is immeasurable. Stay frosty, my friends! Until next year...
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