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  1. Well done. We get on each other pretty hard, but this is a community of...nurturers...okay, maybe I won't go that far. But at the end of the day, we're all here to make each other better. Mending fences is tougher than backing a snowmobile trailer into them. Twice. Not that I know anyone who's done that lol. When you give respect, you get respect. I hope you're successful in following your dream.
  2. Out of Sandy, same story. 3 for 8 with one medium king and two skippys. They'll be back.
  3. We had 3" at my house in Rush and I spent the day on Thursday dealing with the patio, basement, and neighbor's house. You know that you can hook your spare bilge pump to a hose and run it off a lawnmower battery to get standing water out of a basement? We had three going at the neighbor's place.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to pull it off and open the steering assembly, which is where the smoke came from. If that's it, Fish307 sells them for $127. I'm also worried that the "system ready" green light wouldn't go on after she smoked...I know there's power getting to the motor, because the check battery function works...but if I can't figure it out myself, then it's going out for repair. I spoke to Tony - 80 years young and still going strong. May take a ride to Orchard Park to see him. Thanks, Zach, but the Link function on the iPilot is wasted on me.
  5. I have something constructive to say: when somebody gives you reasonable advice, don't throw it back in their face just because you don't want to hear what they have to say. Don't use expletives on a public forum. Your future clients are developing their opinion of you NOW. Don't trash talk somebody when you don't know who they're friends with. You mentioned a "fraternity". Well, you just ticked off most of the guys in it. If your intent was to sabotage your potential as a charter captain, fine start young man. Fine start indeed.
  6. Last night when I deployed my Minn Kota Terrova, as soon as the power switched on there was a flash and a puff of smoke that came from where the shaft goes through the control unit, and it smelled electric. I suspect something was fried, despite my having a 50 amp breaker installed - the motor wasn't under load, so it likely wouldn't have mattered. I'm trying to figure out whether there's a shop nearby that can handle electrical repairs on trolling motors. I considered purchasing a new unit without the iPilot and moving the existing head, but it turns out Minn Kota doesn't sell the Terrova anymore without the iPilot factor installed. And prices on new units are outrageous. Any guidance is truly welcome.
  7. 50/200 all the way. CHIRP is for bottom fishermen lol (love it on my Lund though).
  8. Gator

    No wake

    True fact. This may be the new norm. Global weather patterns are changing at an unprecedented rate (don't jump down my throat, Scotty, I'm not claiming credit for it lol), and if we get 100-year precipitation every other year...I hear the mountains are nice in summer.
  9. Buy this for $3 from Home Depot - magnetic carabiner hook - and attach it to the bottom of your net. Then use electrical tape to attach a washer to your net handle. The two couple together perfectly and come apart easily when you lift a fish in the basket. It's a three dollar solution and it works slicker than sh!t.
  10. I seriously hope that the difference is due to better manufacturing processes resulting in a thinner diameter product, not some profit driven mantra, particularly for Seaguar. Take graphite. Today's rods can be made using nano-resin systems rolled under extreme pressures that allow them to be virtually weightless, yet stiff and strong. But these high-tech blanks cost an arm and a leg, even though there's less material. Is anybody on here in the business and can comment on whether leader materials have evolved?
  11. We had a transient slip at Kingsman Yacht Club and fished the Northern part of the Bay. Saturday morning we ran South through the Woods Hole passage (in dense fog, following the Martha's Vineyard ferry through) and crushed the stripers on the Middle Grounds in Vineyard Sound, but that was a long run, and we never found big fish on Lucas Shoal. Mostly we just stayed near the Western canal entrance and the various structures within a ten minute run. The BSB were everywhere, but we targeted bigger fish by using 9" plastics. Less on the hook, but nearly all of them over 20". It was truly a meat run, and the freezer is full.
  12. We got so lucky with the weather...it was crap before we got here and it's going to be windy as we're getting ready to leave. It's no fun trying to drift in 20 mph+ and 4' waves. But we had a beautiful window and made the most of it. We hit a nice keeper striped bass yesterday and a madhouse feed of schoolies that was insane for two hours. And our final limit of BSB. Ready to hit the road home in an hour or so. Tight lines!
  13. Yeah, a fresh deer carcass with hair spread out over twenty yards and scat all over the place. And a couple of spots where the brush was beat down in a 15' foot circle. But no trail cam pics. I think that this was his second year at my place. Probably a male passing through in the late winter early spring.
  14. As promised, limits of 20" plus fish every day. Unreal the colors on these guys. Check out the montage my buddy Bill put together. We've also done striped bass to 28" and snapper blues. The weather has been calm and partly cloudy. What a great trip!
  15. I'll be in West Falmouth in six hours. And I'll have a limit of BSB over 20" in seven! Five days of chasing feeds in Buzzards Bay and Vineyard sound. Keep your fingers crossed for light winds. I'll report when I get back.
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