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  1. Last year was a Chinese Fire Drill on this lake. I witnessed many small bass boats and even some houseboats launch from the North end. I suspect that this was let slide because of COVID, but I hope they put a stop to the nonsense this year. The type of usage I was seeing is inconsistent with the intent of the law, if just within the letter, depending on what you believe regarding the motor regulations. The major users are canoe and kayak paddlers, of all sizes and ages, but there are always going to be a few folks who think they're special. It's one of the last places that you can get away from the summer clamor on the other Finger Lakes. If you want to play Ricky Zoom-Zoom, there are other places to do so. And yes, I know I sound like a curmugeny old fart. Get off my lawn, you darn kids!!
  2. Part of the simplicity for me is the lack of a trailer. I simply don't want to deal with googans at the ramp. My kayak fits in the bed of my truck, without even needing an extender. Two ratchet cords to hold it in place and I'm on my merry way, in less than two minutes from hitting shore. No ramp? No problem. And if I want to leave from work, I just sling the boat on top of my truck - it's almost as easy. Of course, my yak only weighs 50 odd pounds plus gear. I can one hand it from truck to water most days. Okay, thinking about how much I love my boat gave me the itch. I'm headed out for an evening paddle.
  3. I would worry less about freeboard in terms of handling rough water than in terms of rigging...bending over is no fun in sporty conditions...but that's an easy fix. I knew a guy with a 19 foot ProV that fished in challenging conditions that made me wince. I suspect that the boat is more than up to it. And they trailer very well. You're probably better off trailering this year anyway with the low water. If the boat you're looking at is the Lund 1900 on Craigslist, that looks like Lund SSS's old boat, the guy I knew. That boat saw lots of L. Ontario trips. I thought that it had sank - I know he has a new Lund glass boat that he's been fishing from this year. It must have been recoverable, I guess.
  4. I guess it's good to see those small alewive, given the lack of data from trawling last spring. I'm holding my breath on the bait though. It's going to be an interesting picture that emerges this year out on the water.
  5. I don't know, as soon as we have 2 1/2 feet to make it from the dock to the lake, we will splash down. I'd bet that it will be going full steam by June, and earlier around ports with a good deep water launch. Didn't GW Bush, among his many other famous tropisms, say something about not counting your broken eggs before they hatch lol?
  6. It looks like over a pound better than we usually manage in the fall, unsurprisingly. Couldn't have asked for better weather.
  7. Guys, I think there's some sarcasm being thrown around here to illustrate the irony of the situation. Don't get the knickers in a bundle - I doubt anyone from the IJC actually reads our posts lol. The low water does suck though. My kayak will see more use this year, if that's even possible.
  8. well then I guess that answers whether there's a curb at the bottom of the concrete to keep you from backing in too far...or somebody ignored it...glad the town was able to help him out.
  9. Nice rigs! Every time I start to think about upgrading to a pedal drive or a larger boat, I remind myself why I love my kayak: it takes five seconds to load it into the back of the truck, and I can carry it in one hand just about anywhere. I agree that it can be a PITA in other ways...big fish in the weeds, yep, been there...but with a Lund in the driveway and Nothing but Net docked at Tommy's, what I'm really looing for is the ease of use and the laid back experience. And yet I can't help thinking how nice it would be to upgrade...
  10. What kind of boat does everyone paddle? My wife and I had our kayaks out last night for the first time this year, and mine is a Wilderness Systems Pungo. Big open cockpit, stable, tracks well...but not a "fishing" kayak. I do okay from it though lol. I'm always looking for a better mousetrap, though.
  11. I was told (and this is word of mouth, not gospel) that there is a curb at the end of the ramp, much as on sides. I'd guess the intent is to prevent you from backing in too far and dumping your trailer off the ramp. But it would also keep the rear tires on a tandem axel trailer from hovering off the edge. I can't imagine actually going over it...ouch.
  12. While I love my Saltists (despite the PITA linecounter), we spent many years running Sealine 47LC for salmon, and so far as I know that guy that I passed them onto is still running them. I would stay away from the Accudepth line - really, once you get under $100, there is not much out there to recommend. You may be able to pick up a few decent used reels here and simply upgrade drags or have Rochester Reel Repair take a look at them.
  13. Thanks! I will keep that option open if you don't mind. My kayak is a WS Pungo, and the material is light enough that I'm hoping to be able to mount each track using at least six screws. Unless anyone has a better idea? I'm using Downeaster clamp on holders now - they work, but not optimal. It would be easier if this was a sit on top rather than sit inside kayak. But it's 20 years new and has only been expoxyed twice lol. I love my kayak, mainly cause it's simple fishing. There's not a lot of bling; I don't even have a depthfinder. But in terms of pure enjoyment, it's hard to beat. Great way to catch fish, too.
  14. Looking for 6" rod holder tracks to add to my kayak. If anyone has a used pair, I'd appreciate a shout. Thx.
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