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  1. Congratulations to BR and your friend's kid! Getting it done! Both really nice bucks.
  2. Just to make sure that I call out the bad with the good, I will update my thoughts on the new Moultrie Delta, If you don't mind feeding them batteries (or using an external power source), and odd problems are your thing, then you might like these. A couple weeks ago, one of the cameras started taking green pictures. My deer looked like the Hulk. I rebooted, and now the pictures are okay. Except for the inexplicable blurry shots that randomly occur, or the completely black night pictures. Always something with this model. I will say that the detection circuit is decent and the ability to transmit when there is little cell reception is surprisingly good. But they are not even close to what the 7000i brought to the table. I may have a couple for sale, cheap, before the end of the season lol
  3. The two Reveals I got from Bass Pro last week are in the field and performing flawlessly. I'm not a huge fan of the software interface, but It's not horrible. Just a few quirks as to where information can be found...like, data showing how far into your monthly allotment of images you are is buried in a sub-menu, and you need to have all of your cameras on the same plan, so there's no mix-and-match option for cameras that you expect to take less photos. The good news is that cameras share photos, though. Two thumbs up so far.
  4. Yeah, pretty much - big boys will be looking for mature does. IMHO, there's pluses and minuses to taking out the matriarch. It can certainly changes the entire hierarchy of movement on the property, which may be good. Or not. Flip a coin I guess. I see you managed a good one. Congratulations!
  5. We just finished a morning of trimming lanes and changing straps. Could have shot fifty bazillion doe walking around. I can’t imagine wanting to deal with a deer in this heat, but I get the motivation to harvest the older doe. It could work against you though, too. I’ll stick to squirrel this year
  6. I know that I've felt spoiled the past five years with how good the fishing has been. It's unfortunate that it seems like there's always something making it more difficult to get after them as much as I'd like - low water, high water, life in general - and this summer, I fished the least I have in twenty years. Maybe six trips? But they were all quality outings, with one in particular that I will remember for a long time. It's interesting to go back through the forum and to read some of the older threads to get a sense as to how the current situation evolved. Yankee isn't wrong about the West end being perceived as a dead zone after mid-August more years. But it's always been the place to be from May-July, and yes there is awesome offshore fishing for those willing to run later in the season. And Buckhunter has it right in that the East end doesn't seem to be seeing the fish it normally would in the late summer. One common theme is that the bait has been much more concentrated the past few years. Boom or bust. Maybe this is the new normal. But I doubt it. I think that the fluctuations we see occur on a scale of years, and that the pendulum will swing back.
  7. Great. This has the potential to turn into a real **** show.
  8. I've been testing the two Moultrie Delta that I bought in June at my house over the past week, and while I'm impressed with their speed and connectivity, the batteries (AA Energizer Plus) are draining at the rate of ~5% per day on both cameras. Inquiries to Moultrie have been met with, "we now recommend only the use of lithium with Delta model" and, "return it where you purchased it". Neither of which is really gratifying, since I'm past 60 days at Academy. I didn't buy these cameras to feed them batteries. I am trying presently to determine whether using my ice-fishing 10 Amp Hour Marcum Lithium Brute batteries externally will give me more time. I will update when I know more. I don't understand why it seems like the Moultrie cell cams have gone downhill since the 7000i, of which my three are apparently bulletproof.
  9. Everywhere I hunt and own land is in the September zone. While I don't think that it will make any more difference than small game or goose hunting to deer movement, I also think that it's a silly idea. They can't give away DMPs in those areas, for when you actually have a chance of finding a processor open or doing it yourself before it spoils. Try hanging a deer in this heat. Why in the world would I want to shoot a doe in September? We don't need an ad-douche-nal season. The biggest issue isn't a lack of open season, it's a lack of public land, and competition from iPhones lol. Nevertheless, there will be does shot in September. Bucks too I bet.
  10. x3 on the two different rod lengths. It simply makes setting the outside rod easier without tangling lines, and they run cleaner on turns. Drop them back slowly to avoid tangles. I let out 40' then let them slip under drag the rest of the way. IMHO, wire-wire tangles aren't generally too bad. Usually, it's just a hook that catches. However...wire-copper tangles are miserable. To combat that, we run our copper well off to the side from Otter boats, and almost never run a copper down the chute when running double dipseys. We like Mag divers on the inside rod at a 1 1/2 setting and the outside rod has either a Mag diver or a #4 Deeper Diver at a 2 1/2 setting. It may seem obvious, but the inside rod is positioned further toward the stern than the outside rod when they're set.
  11. My buddy Bill over in Boston blew his bearings and axel, and now he's looking for a trailer for his 22' Sailfish. He's driving to Rochester in two weeks, so I told him that I'd run it by the LOU community and see what folks have available. The caveat is that I'm leaving for Alaska tomorrow, with sketchy cell reception expected. I will try to get on here to check though. Thanks!
  12. I love jigging lakers! It's good to see you having success this time of year. Congrats on the nuptials.
  13. Gator

    for sale : usa Sold

    I’m not Dave, but I will mention that a change in location often necessities putting in new default satellites. I’d try that as a quick fix first Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I’d love to stop over once we get back from Alaska. I just finished planting my three plots today, and I’d love to quit having to spray the weeds at least twice prior to planting. Let’s compare notes come September Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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