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  1. It can be tough to keep them buttoned when they break for the surface and tear it up trailing a diver. The fish were full of piss and vinegar, with the exception of one lazy dog we caught right on the scum line. I thought I had a laker . Otherwise, spectacular! I'd rather have the show and lose them than land a bunch of underachievers.
  2. It really was spectacular on Sunday; it's unfortunate that the coming days look to be less so, weather-wise.
  3. Gator

    Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    I'm not sure about "certified Yamaha technician" status, but Tommy Barbera is the owner of East Fork Marina on Sandy Creek in Hamlin and one of the best marine mechanics this side of the lake. He has serviced our Yamaha 200 hp 4-stroke on Nothing but Net for the last ten years and >2200 hours (much of it trolling) without a hiccup. He's also taken care of the Yamaha 115 hp 4-stoke on my Lund. As a bonus, he's likely one of the closest to you. If Yamaha requires that the service be performed by an authorized technician for the warranty, you still might want to give him a shout and check out his status directly.
  4. Gator

    COTTONWOOD- Worse than Fleas!

    Lady O was full of cottonwood last Saturday. And the infuriating part was that we found the fish where it was worst! 25 lb test and wire helped to keep it off the lines, but I can imagine that on lighter rigs it'd be a real mess. We still ended up pulling rods to check the line every half hour or so, but that's par for the course anyway.
  5. Gator

    Costa Rica

    That's a sweet rooster! Prettiest fish around IMHO.
  6. Gator

    Braddocks 6/9

    We had a couple of fish with those huge alewives in them, too. When the bite is this good for this long, I worry about what they're eating, but the fish all look healthy. No doubt this will go down as one of the best springs for kings ever.
  7. That's a great "after-school project"! It sounds like you had a bit of everything going on. We find that with only two people on board, it's easier to run a four wire diver set than to mix cores, copper and wire. There will be those who disagree, but for ease of deployment and lack of tangles, it's a hard set-up to beat. We run mag dipseys on 8' inside rods at a 1 1/2 setting and Walker Deeper Divers (or #1 Dipseys with a ring) on 9' outside rods at a 2 1/2 setting. Oh, and I'm officially nicknaming your kid, "Mini-Rob"...although there was one photo with Yankee earlier this year where I think he cracked a grin.
  8. I read up on these, and I like the fact that they're continuing to try to improve their product, but I'm a bit dicey over why there were so many improvements to be made in the first place. Hopefully they'll be successful, stay in the market, and we'll have an additional option in future years. I'm looking forward to hearing first-hand feedback.
  9. We found the same thing. Half a dozen kings for the morning out of Sandy, with one of them big fish of the year thus far at 21.5 lbs.
  10. Does this include the Navionics chip with the package?
  11. Okay, time to clear up a common misconception. Your tax rate is not the same as a tax bracket. I'm not being snarky; it seems like folks might benefit from this. Let's take an example - here's the chart for single, married and head of household: 10% $0 $0 $0 12% $9,525 $19,050 $13,600 22% $38,700 $77,400 $51,800 24% $82,500 $165,000 $82,500 32% $157,500 $315,000 $157,500 35% $200,000 $400,000 $200,000 37% $500,000 $600,000 $500,000 . After taking your "standard deduction" you pay increasingly greater percent tax, but only on earnings that exceed the minimum for that bracket! If you're in the 32% bracket, you only pay 32% on earnings over $157,500. But you pay 24% on the portion between $82,500 and $157,500, and so on down to zero. So your effective tax rate is always lower than your tax bracket. But additional income goes on top, so it's always taxed at the highest rate. In practice, what this means is that any additional income you have from winnings is added to your base income and taxed at the highest bracket you're in, not at your effective tax rate, and it's individual-dependent. The more you make, the less of it you take home. A guy with no income would take the entire check to the bank. A guy with a big income would only take 63% of it. Take home message: let the guy who makes the least claim the prize, then split it up accordingly.
  12. Gator

    Boat fish cleaning station ideas

    Man, that is nice! You're giving me ideas.
  13. Gator

    Boat fish cleaning station ideas

    x2. I clean them up in the bottom our our fiberglass boat, then hose her down. And kneeling for a long time sucks. I was thinking collapsible table with good grippy ends on the legs, but I'm down to hear what other folks are doing.
  14. Yes! Chipmunks! I trapped and oft'd two yesterday that were digging at my oak seedlings in pots.
  15. Gator

    Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 question

    Platinum card are fantastic for coastal areas. The 3D harbor entrances make it easy. For weekend warriors? Overkill IMHO.