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  1. I hadn't thought about that aspect. You're right, though.
  2. Wowsa, those look awesome! The color's almost like you smoked them.
  3. I love this format. It requires strategy and doesn't favor those with "a very particular set of skills". I think that this could be anybody's game.
  4. So, I asked myself, "If Montreal were to be swept into the sea, would this be such a horrible thing?" Actually, It's not a bad place...for a city. We're going to get a break this week from the rain. Maybe we'll have a dock to put the boat by next weekend.
  5. Heck, it's not just young buddy and co-owner of Nothing but Net suffered exactly the same thing!!
  6. I love my Costa 580, but just picked up a pair of the Flying Fisherman Master Angler series Azore and Boca shades on for $30 each. They're glass lenses and normally run ~$90. No complaints so far for a pair of backups. Very light for glass, too.
  7. Given the number of guys on here that chase big bucks, it's amazing that thus far opinions have all been similar: let folks chose for themselves. It's good to see. It's easier to support a decision made by choice rather than by force. In fact, it's exhausting trying to keep up with all the stuff that you're "supposed" to do. I don't mind when there's a valid reason to enforce a communal decision, but a choice freely made is much more powerful, and regardless there's no evidence that AR will be good for the herd. This from a guy who supports QDM, has planted thousands of trees and shrubs for habitat improvement over the last two years, and tries to only shoot bigger bucks than he's shot was five years between my last bow buck and this year's. But that's my choice, not the government's.
  8. My Mom used to pay us 5 cents a fish to bring home "garbage" fish from the Cohocton River for her garden. One year we got paid twice: she decided to make a fish soup for the flowers in a 55 gallon drum. Once that thing had fermented you couldn't stand to be within a mile when she opened it. We charged her twenty bucks to haul it away I have a tough time finding fault with somebody who uses his catch in a responsible way. If he'd said that the leavings after having cleaned the fish went into the garden, nobody would raise an eyebrow. Maybe I wouldn't use trout for this purpose myself, but via Pap's comment above: what if they were zombie kings in the stream after spawning? It's a matter of context. IMHO.
  9. I couldn't believe the size of the crowd. I'd just finished a herculean effort of planting 300 bare root shrubs, so I stopped by, paid my respects, dropped some $$, and gimped home. Would have liked to have stayed longer, but I was totally fried...kept bumping into people like I was drunk . I hope everyone had a great time! Tommy looked and sounded good. What a beautiful day, too..
  10. You gotta respect a guy who doesn't know how to hold back . Redneck Yot Club. I nearly died.
  11. When I came to Rochester thirty years ago as a graduate student I bought my first boat and kept it at the Marina on the West side of Braddocks. I can't even remember what it was called in that short lived iteration but at one point it was Skinners. I recall that Vic Mason ran it and helped me out greatly as a newbie on Lady O. Chewed me a new a-hole too one time for taking some kids out and not having a functioning bilge--and rightfully so. Anyway, the only way to get out in August was to blast through the "channel" on plane. If there was a hard east wind blowing, you weren't getting out period.
  12. More and more young hunters are practicing voluntary restraint, which is good for seeing bigger bucks and good for the guys who chase them, but antler restrictions don't have any basis in biological management. It's for the hunters, not the deer. QDM on the other hand has a larger scope and includes science based management, even though it also preaches restraint. However, it's notable that since hunting became big business, the masses have moved whichever way they're told by their favorite "tv personality". How'd you like to have been in on the camo revolution, maybe "invented" mossy oak? Even the QDMA which started out great seems to have sold out. They closed their forums this year which contained lots of information on how to plot, favor of selling some commercial top grade seed mix their sponsor makes that only costs you half a year's salary. In other words, money talks, BS walks. Antler restrictions are being sold to us and somebody, somewhere has an agenda and $$ to make. Hunters needs to practice their own ethos and make their own decisions. I like seeing big bucks, but I agree that more rules is the last thing we need.
  13. It's official, all right. I got the call last night. He's either selling or "paying it off over the next three years and fixing it up". Hmmm....good luck with that. There's going to be lots of guys who are ticked off at the late notice, me included. Getting them back is going to be a tough sell. I ended up talking to Frank and he has a dock for me at Sleepy Hollow..
  14. I have a model that starts automatically when you insert the bag far enough. There's not even a start button. I don't hate it, but for it can be a PITA sometimes. I'd avoid an automated model and go with the button. X2 on the off-label bags. Ask on here to get brand recommendations consensus, though. Some of the stuff that's out there is made of really thin single-ply material, while other stuff performs well. I found something I liked years ago and stocked up. I'm not even sure they still sell but I'll check.
  15. I can't imagine trailering 5 hrs each way on weekends to fish, particularly now with kids. Even as a young sport I would have had trouble. And if you leave the boat up here it's awful tough to work on it when the inevitable happens. I respect the desire to own a big boat. Logistically, though it seems to make sense as Carl said to charter, particularly on those occasions when you have 4-5 guys to share the cost. You've got to ask yourself where you're going to be in five or ten years and whether a big boat will still be getting used. My buddy and I bought a 24' Wellcraft with a 200 hp Yamaha4S together 12 years ago. The last couple of years it's been late July before he fished on it, and it's in the water twenty minutes from his house. Have kids reprioritizes your life. Don't get me wrong, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But things change, and 5 hours is a long trip. If you decide to take the plunge, I'll echo the folks above who recommend a mid-size outboard. Our boat has an 8' 6" beam, fishes four, easily trailers, launches and loads, and handles more than I can from L.O. We dock it, and it's great to just step on the boat and roll. It'd be nice to have a wide open dance platform in the back, but not justifiable. Just my 2 cents.