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  1. Which ZEP did you use? The calcium lime remover or the mold and mildew remover? Did you have any problems with it taking the bottom paint off the hull? Thanks!
  2. It's not just the FInger Lakes...I'm here for a week at Upper Saranac and I put the boat in at Fish Creek campground. There's a small gravel ramp with a dock, not good but good enough for the Lund. The guy ahead of me launched, packed three of his pals into the boat and left Grandma at the dock with the truck--with the trailer pulled out of the water but blocking the ramp. I waited patiently for 5 minutes in the turnaround, no possibility of missing me, and finally asked Grandma to pull the truck forward so I could launch. She seemed surprised. The woman checking trailers for DEC remarked that if I hadn't asked, I'd probably still be waiting. I don't get it...
  3. 30" x 42" hoop, extendable handle. I hear Yankee likes the Cummins nets...fiberglass handle?
  4. I fish alone too and I'll tell you, it's not easy but it doesn't have to be difficult either. It's one thing to park a boat at the dock while you go get your trailer, but it's another to insist that everybody wait for you when they're ready to go. Almost all of the ramps I've been at have a spot you can tie up without tying up the ramp itself. I'm sure the guys on here aren't the ones holding things up for the most part...IMHO.
  5. You guys are all over the place! Your boy is going to have more time spent in cool places by the time he hits college than most grown men in a lifetime . Keep it up!
  6. I just about took a guy's head off a few years ago when my daughter was younger, her, my wife and I were on Honeoye. My wife dropped me off at the dock and I went up and pulled the trailer around while she idled 50 yards out. The line was a few cars deep, but when it was my turn I backed in and motioned for her to drive on. And some schmuck who was tying his boat up to the dock to walk up and get his trailer started swearing at me about jumping in line. F-bombs flying in front of my daughter, unreal. It turns out that he expected everybody to wait for him to go get his trailer and pull his boat out because he was tied up to the dock. Talk about inefficient. Rule of thumb: it's where you are in the line of vehicles with trailers that determines the loading order. Don't tie up to the dock where other guys are trying to load and just walk away. Don't expect to cut around other vehicles with your trailer--that can cause a Chinese fire drill. If you're alone, hitch your rig to the outer part of the dock. And talk to other solves lots of problems. Needless to say, I don't fish the Finger Lakes much over the summer. Kayak and the big pond for me.
  7. My buddy brought black sea bass to L. Champlain for an evening meal this year...everybody knows they're supposed to be one of the best tasting saltwater fish out there...and they tasted to me like big rock bass!! Slightly sweet, great texture, and delicious with panko and coconut, fried-up in peanut oil, mmmm...
  8. x2 Beckman
  9. Got to love the Lunds! I've had my Mr. Pike out on Erie for perch a few times but just don't seem to make it over there as often as I'd like.
  10. Excellent! I guess Pequod has been doing well there lately, too...I've been too busy getting a grant out the door to fish much at all. That changes Saturday when we head to Upper Saranac lake for a week. What rig are you fishing out of in the photos?
  11. I don't know. Both brands of autopilot use an NMEA2000 communications standard, but I don't run Humminbird units. I did notice that a Ray EV-100 with 0.5 L displacement pump is $1500, good for smaller powerboats; I hadn't seen that option before.
  12. Ridiculously cool.
  13. We have a Raymarine and love it, but you can't go wrong with either the Ray or Garmin GHP. A hydraulic unit is preferable over one that attaches to the steering wheel, but the core unit without a pump will set you back $2K new.