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  1. My seven year old niece just had (successful) heart surgery this morning and it got me to thinking about Tommy. His luck has to break better soon. I hope to be able to attend; regardless, I will be contributing to the cause.
  2. Hey Mike, Yes, we are, to prevent it from spinning on the reel if a king rips off 700+ feet. Single wrap and we've never had an issue. XX2 on John's suggestion to demo the reel. Put it on a rod in store and pump away. I have no problem with the Saltist, but one of my friends complains he gets a bruise when fighting a king on them. It all depends on how you position your fighting arm, I guess.
  3. Crazy year. A couple weeks ago we were fishing out of the canoe...
  4. x2 on the reels. We run Daiwa Saltists because the drags are unbeatable, but some folks don't like the way the line counters project out from the reel. You'd want to try one before deciding, if you haven't already. Saltist 30 reels get paired with Shimano Talora rods. We use a 9 foot diver rod TLA90MH2 for the outside diver and an 8' rod TLA80MH2 for the inside diver. If you're only running a pair of wires, I'd go with the longer rods. 1000' of wire spooled directly, with a simple overhand loop to attach a large swivel to the end of the wire, as stated above. Hence, no mono and no other knots. Check the last few feet and retie as necessary, mainly due to kinks. The Walker Deeper divers worked great for us in sizes 4 and 5...I think they've been rebranded "Disco divers" now...and we ran Chinook divers last year. The Chinooks are all metal, great construction, and they work well once they're dialed in, but the release settings are somewhat tricky to hit that perfect sweet spot. Unfortunately, they don't fit in Die-ver docks for storage, so we'll probably go back to the other brand this year. Tips on running them: let them pull out on their own. I even let them spool slowly under drag pressure while I'm rigging the rest of the set. If you simply drop them or allow them to go out in free spool, they will tangle. Wire-copper tangles are a nightmare. Run your copper either down the shoot or well to the outside off big boards. Don't set the hook when a fish strikes. They'll hook themselves. You'll just rip it out of their mouth. Those are the big things.
  5. Jim is currently out west enjoying sun and fair weather. His daily texts rubbing it in may earn him a "prize" when he returns.
  6. Hard work never made a steak taste so good . My mom told me they were at 43" south of Utica yesterday. Her husband got the tractor stuck trying to clear the driveway. I think we might have 18". It's going to make outdoor activities a challenge for awhile.
  7. X2. I haven't heard a good theory yet that explains the discrepancy between US and Canadian waters. Is the structure over there more conducive to a diversified baitfish population so that alewives comprise less of the diet? Got to be a thing.
  8. All good points. The lake cleared up, the thermal breaks got funny, and I haven't run a surface program in many years. I know that the guys out toward Vince still target steelhead in August out deep deep, but it seems less common as you move East. Interesting that research shows increased levels of thiaminase in well-fed alewives. Maybe there's a link between our arguably missing year-classes of fish and the recent steelhead issues? Does anyone have the past two years data on the "plumpness" of the alewives. I know that they collect it.
  9. Tournaments!! Gah....
  10. Matt, you've offended me with your crass my butt hurts .. :And I'm turning into a snowflake. Two feet of them, tho be specific. Actually, my back hurts from shoveling and it's only getting worse. All fun aside, you've got the right attitude, my friend. We need to get together and stop sabotaging each other. What's good for the lakes is good for the tribs and vice versa. The vocal minority may or may not be the guys who are the problem that Brian alludes to, but they sure have an agenda.
  11. I'm all for less government interference in my life! I just hope that we don't lose our compassion in the process. And I hate to see the division getting wider. I'm a moderate in most respects, but it's easier to get attention when you're shouting from the end of spectrum...while the middle gets caught in the crossfire.
  12. I'm starting to see something interesting via this Trump Effect, perhaps unintentional perhaps not. Where it looks like gaps are emerging, people or even businesses are coming forward to fill them. It's happening via Silicon Valley and Planned Parenthood, Golisano and the downtown arts center, numerous other examples. Regardless of your politics, it's changing the way business gets done. On one hand, this Is good to see, as it puts the financial onus on the supporters themselves and encourages stakeholders to get involved. On the other hand, we are a leader in caring for those who can't care for themselves. This could change. There's not as much vested interest and too much abuse of the system to encourage general support.
  13. See you all there! I hope everybody's power gets restored today.
  14. Bob, I think that you had better respond before somebody has an aneurysm . I've never seen so many guys rabid to buy a boat. Makes me want to put my Lund up for sale...nope, the feeling passed. I love my boat too much. Good luck to all and tight lines.