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  1. Just think, in 30 years she'll be posting (via text of course), "it's always harder when you're hunting with an old guy, it's got to be the perfect setup, but we got it done..." Until then, you've got lots of memories to make.
  2. It's tough knowing that your pal's going to move on faster than you. And yet we still keep getting them, training them, giving our hearts and souls to them...and it's all worth it. On a hunting note: I hate the warm weather. Two sits yesterday with not a deer seen from the stand. Blech!!
  3. Ship it down before-hand. Traveling with saltwater gear sucks. If you need to though, I have a bunch of three and four piece break down rods including heavy"ish" saltwater rods for trolling mahii/sails and of course lots of travel fly rods that you could borrow.
  4. Hey Matt, my brother used to live in Lauderdale. He always went to the Keys to fish . But he was a fly fisherman looking for bones and tarpon. I recall that the sails can be on fire some years up North. You probably don't want to limit your search to Lauderdale, as there's some great fishing off Palm Beach as well. I'll let you know if he has any advice.
  5. I got mine for $60 on Amazon and am using the cap on my pickup with an old shower curtain bar to hang clothes. I'd be careful about taking a generator into the tree with you--breathing ozone isn't good for your health. Last night's sit was a total bust. No deer from the stand or in the fields walking out. This warm weather has everybody else so happy, but I'm just depressed. Enough is enough.
  6. There's no way the dinosaurs can breed. Unless we splice frog DNA into them that allows them to swap sexes.
  7. Short hunt last night. I thought I was busted ~6:30 when I heard a out of the stand to take a slow walk back to the truck and had a nice eight cross the trail 20 yards from me. I don't think I could have drawn without him seeing me, but he wasn't the deer I wanted anyway. I think that the snort I heard may have been him, and I don't think that it was me getting busted. I probably should have stayed in the stand. I also had a small doe feed to within twelve feet of seems a lot more exciting when you're on the ground. We played the head-up, back down to feed, neck-bob game for awhile before I got tired of it and said, "Boo".
  8. One scrub buck, one decent 2 1/2 year old and two doe Saturday evening, nothing that looked like they were interested in each other though. It's got to cool down soon. Monday looks great, but then it's back up into the mid-70s for the foreseeable future.
  9. If you hit a rippin' king with his tail on fire, there's not enough line in the world...
  10. You're probably safe enough if you don't overdo it, nothing is safe in excess (even water...), but I'd think that dehydrated dying fish would taste like concentrated death. Not on my bucket list.
  11. Mental borderline!! Now that's good, I've got to remember it and not have the dyslexia kick then becomes "borderline mental", which is still useful when describing most of our bowhunting cadre. Good luck out there!
  12. I'll stick by my guns (pun intended) that if you've patterned a buck over the summer, you have a decent early season shot at him. Nice job! And good luck with your impending doom...I mean third child . Actually, they say two is four times as hard as one, but three is only half again as hard at two. I'm not a math major, so I'm going to interpret that as, "it's not any harder". The flip side of early season is that if your cameras are bare of any quality animals in August and September, it's unlikely that you'll have one magically show up in early October. That's my situation...does and scrubs all day. One decent buck on camera. But between October 15 and the end of November I'll have two dozen different shooters show up, as we're in a major travel corridor. I wish I could attract the summer deer, but between the large sanctuary across the street and our use of the property during the summer, it ain't happening. Finally, thanks for the tips on processors. I've used Jay on 259 by North Chili for years with zero issues, but he doesn't have refrigeration...having been said, he usually cuts it up within an hour of drop off this time of year and it's into the freezer. The one downside is that the meat takes longer to freeze and can sometimes saturate the meat wrapping paper so that the different cuts stick together when frozen. Minor problem at best.
  13. My buddy just saw an ad on Craigslist for a processor North of 104 on Rt 19 that advertises refrigeration, obviously a plus with this weather. The phone number corresponds to Mank's Farm Market. Has anybody used them for processing and what's your take? Please feel free to pm me.
  14. We went North for probably twenty years in a row, mainly Perch River then Upper and Lower for awhile. Lots of work. But my dad used to say that if you didn't enjoy the process of duck hunting, then you weren't a duck hunter. It was all about the preparation, setting the decoys, training the dog, practicing at the range (not nearly enough). Either swearing at the mosquitoes or pouring hot coffee over your fingers to get them to move. I haven't been up there in a couple of years. Everybody got kids and got busy, myself included. I'm glad that the duck gods were good to you! Maybe next year...
  15. LMAO. True that! I forgot about the spinners!! Mojo dove operated off a six volt battery and was deadly on pigeon. The motion really attracted the birds, and unlike ducks where it could be advantageous or detrimental, pigeons never got spooked by spinners, probably because they saw them so little. That'd likely change if they were in widespread use. Pigeons aren't dumb, despite appearances.