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  1. Unfortunately, as the Sampson school proved, these fish in the Finger Lakes are highly vulnerable to pressure when they're located and catchable. I haven't been part of the perch club for a few years now, but they're a tight lipped bunch. Nobody's going to put you on a school. However, if you bounce around enough you'll find some.
  2. The larger shelter didn't fit into the guy's Jeep, so it's available again. Just to be clear, the folded dimensions of this are approximately 4' wide by 6' long. You will likely need a truck to haul it. It's a great "base camp" type shelter. If I don't have any takers by Wednesday, it's at the curb.
  3. These are gone. I hope they're put to good use! I have two Clam shelters. Both are hard bottom setups with holes cut into the base and have metal poles and tent covers. One is a single tent (a "Clam Junior"--like the Shappel DX4000) and the other is a double that folds in half and easily fishes two or three people. The bigger one is heavy. I just checked on the tents and the small one is flawless, the larger one has two areas where the mice got to it but it's patchable and otherwise perfect. Free to pickup in Rush, NY. Pm me if you're interested with your phone number. First to pm me, first served. Tight lines.
  4. Judging from other manufacturers' offerings, I think that the top set is able to be rotated in many directions and the bottom set only rotates up and down not side to side. You should be able to pull the rod out of the bottom set when they're deployed by lifting them up without triggering a release button.
  5. I know I wasn't the only one who saw the end of the game in sight when NE won the coin toss in overtime. Who needs a balanced offense when you have Brady? The guy's the embodiment of a rich, entitled superstar, but man can he play.
  6. I agree with you. Lund gets the job done, but you'd better be wearing Gore-tex if it's rough out. We take my boat to Lake Champlain Alburg Islands area and run all over the place. When it gets gnarly, there's inevitable spray. Of course, there are benefits, too, particularly backtrolling or bass fishing in the wind. And you can't beat their build quality. If I had to choose one aluminum boat strictly for trolling, no doubt I'd go with a Superfisherman.
  7. This just showed up on Craigslist. It's smaller than I'd want for the lake, but I love my Mr. Pike 17' and this is the 16.5' version. Alternatively, this is the same boat that TripleS fishes and I've seen him out in some gnarly, gnarly conditions and he trailers everywhere.
  8. Probably not what you want to hear, but wait, find somebody who does it out of a small boat and hitch a ride, get a look at their setup and whether you're comfortable with it, whether you could launch it alone if you wanted, and keep your ears peeled for a good deal. In the meantime, buy a kayak to fish out of this summer on the bay, just to scratch the itch, It's quick, easy and enjoyable. And perfect for the Finger Lakes. I own half a dozen boats but enjoy fishing Hemlock from a kayak as much as anything. And IMHO, a 17' deep v hull with a 115 4-stroke would be a perfect all around rig.
  9. Too much going on at work this week to get bored...fingers crossed for ice this weekend.
  10. Gosh, and all I had to do all this time was have theories . Who knew?
  11. Okay, so this afternoon I'm bored. I smashed a knuckle splitting wood last week, had a piece kick up at me when I hit it...not solidly...and the scab broke off early this morning steelhead fishing. So, I'm leaking blood everywhere and it won't stop. I can't put a glove on. And I ended up lasting about two hours before my fingers were frozen. Stupid blood was still oozing out though. So, after lunch I complained to the wife. Now I'm doing the yearly steam cleaning of the carpets. Word to the wise: never complain to the wife. This isn't the fun that I'd anticipated today.
  12. This is the only time of the year that whining is allowed! Everything is harder to do and age rears its ugly head... As for the ash, I haven't hinged them this time of year before, but unlike trimming apple trees I think that it'll be fine. Scotty B. may want to weigh in...I know he hinged some last year, but it was much warmer last year, too. I figure that the ash is going to die in the next few years anyway, so what's the worst that can happen? I'll post a pic on here at some point. It looks like good chaos.
  13. I spent a bunch of time today with a chainsaw hinge-cutting ash trees. It's not the most exciting thing in the world, but it kept me from spending money and got me outside. Worked up quite a sweat. And found out that I shouldn't drive to the back of our property in the winter, snow or me, the 4x4 got a really great workout and now I have some huge ruts to fill. Then I watered the crabapples, siberian peashrubs, dcos, and hybrid oak that I'm propagating under the lights and planted some hybid hazelnut. Fun watching stuff grow. Tonight I'm going to finish building an ice rod. And when I'm all done, I'll maybe spend a few minutes on a lecture for the 4th year medical students that I'm giving on Monday. Maybe. Winter is slow, but life is good.
  14. Yeah, I see that. The place that Walmart is getting them, though, appears to be "Brandshopper" which is the name of the company that showed up on my PayPal bill when I bought from Field Supply two weeks ago. Walmart also tacks on an extra ten bucks or so for your privilege of doing business with them. I'll tell you, I had an auto alert set up on the Frabill stuff for the entire past year, and this sale they have blows it out of the water. I don't know how the prices on their other stuff rates, but I can't imagine you'd find ice suits for cheaper. Not that there's any ice at present...and I expect It goes without saying, but I have no affiliation with the company.