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  1. The weighted steel is over twice the diameter of trolling wire (0.036 vs 0.015), and I can't begin to calculate where your depth would run. I've not heard of anyone doing this...but it seems like it would be possible at least. But what do I know? Report back, success or catastrophe.
  2. There must have been over seventy cars parked along side the road at the north launch, with the parking lot completely full. Trying to leave at 10:30 am was a joke. Two trucks couldn't pass by each other without one of them pulling off in some way. And with a ditch opposite the parked cars/trailers, there was nowhere to pull over on that side. One lady headed toward the ramp slammed on her truck's brakes once she realized I wasn't giving way - I had nowhere to go!! I was at a complete stop, with my two right tires hanging over the edge. I don't know how we managed to get out of there without damage to the vehicle. I've never seen anything like it in twenty years of fishing that lake. And there was a steady stream of cars and trucks headed in while I was leaving!! So much for Hemlock being a peaceful getaway and place to avoid the madness at most FL ramps. There's talk about COVID increasing the number of folks outdoors. Blessing and curse, I guess.
  3. We fished on the inside and caught a smorgasbord, mostly 25-35 ft down over 35-45 fow. It wasn't a smack fest for us though, despite hearing reports of better action from other boats. Couple of teenagers in there with the browns and steel.
  4. From what I recall of Plan 2014, subtitled "Protecting against extreme water levels, restoring wetlands and preparing for climate change", the idea was to have "natural" fluctuations in the water levels, with at least one year out of ten being really high and one year really low. The decisions were to be based upon the metrics laid out in the Plan (which is publicly available), but there are provisions for "Adaptive Management Strategies" that could lead to on-the-fly decision making. You have to be good at math to get the details, or to calculate "rule curve parameters", but the gist of it is that Plan 2014 was supposed to lay out the ground rules. So, either the IJC isn't playing by the rules, or we've had multiple 100 year events occurring in the space of five years. Which wouldn't completely shock me, since hundred year storms seem to come around every few years too. Even so, I doubt that there's any aspect of retaliation in the decision making process. But it would sure be nice to count on more stable water levels. I get that natural fluctuations are better for the environment. But trying to restore what we've already screwed up is akin to implementing natural fluctuations in the level of your pool (this doesn't mean by peeing in it lol). It makes little sense to implement a costly strategy once irreversible damage has been done. IMH and only marginally informed O.
  5. The customer service is good, but having to update firmware on a camera that was just released this month (after having been held up for six months in production) is a bit concerning. I also bought two, and will check to see that the firmware is up to date prior to deploying them. A few of my test pictures were overexposed. Maybe that's the issue. The best upgrade IMHO from the bulletproof 7000i series is that the Delta cameras can transmit video on demand. If you set it to photo/video, it will send a thumbnail to your phone first, and if you like what you see, you can choose to have HD video (of pre-specified length) forwarded the next time the camera connects to the network. If not, the video will still be on your SD card. Most packages include some "free" video downloads, but it's also available a-la-carte at $1 per 50 videos.
  6. Everybody and their brother was up there this past weekend!! Paul, Scotty, Tommy, you...sounds like a party! Glad to see you were able to show the girls a good time.
  7. How much do you enjoy reeling in line? You can often find kings in the upper water column, out of temp, and I think that copper rigs are tailor made for this presentation. Even during the summer with the thermocline below 80', our 300' copper is a great producer. IMHO, a 300' and a 400' rig will serve you well, without the pain of dragging in a skippy on a 500' (or longer) line.
  8. Buddy of mine a couple years ago while we were up in the Alburgh Islands on L. Champlain kept seeing the dogs rolling just inside of where we were doing bass, in the frog waters. He threw spinnerbaits at them, and they'd chase right to the boat, slashing at the lure, attacking, sometimes even running into the boat, but he had trouble sealing the deal with a single large hook and those iron mouths of theirs. I thought he was going to fall our of the boat setting the hook so hard. I think he turned some of them inside out. Finally, he managed to score and check that species off his bucket list. It is just crazy how aggressive they can be under the right conditions. Topwater in the back coves at Braddock's is likely on fire right now...
  9. And don't tie up to the "active" part of the dock while you're running to get your trailer. Waste of time. Hook your boat to where it won't interfere with the sport who's ready to go, get your trailer, and get in line. So many times I see somebody tie up where nobody else can access the dock, then they wonder why folks get PO'd when they cut around everybody else who's waiting with trailers ready because their boat "is right there" - and nobody can get around them. God forbid someone move their tin can boat, though. Mt Vesuvius. Seen it many times. It works like a charm if the launch/retrieve area stays open until your trailer is in the water. It's the Googans who see an open space and think they got lucky that screw everybody else up.
  10. Yeah, this seems like an easily avoidable issue. Lose the fee for the Calcutta and take a bit more from the general pot. It might make the payout marginally less, but it circumvents the appearance of taxing a side bet. Appearance being the pertinent word. And done.
  11. He's just off the first successful landing of the SpaceX rocket lol. I bet it has a glow ladderback!
  12. Tactical? Interesting. Even with all the darn tough socks I own, there's always something new to discover. I think that the main difference between the tactical line and most other models is that the tactical are solid drab colors for military or police applications, where there's a dress code. The specs look very similar otherwise, including to the full cushion hunting and hiking socks that I prefer. Good choice. Did some searching - the tactical line is made with US sourced wool, whereas the other lines are made with globally source wool. I guess some government consumers buy US only products? Otherwise, the company says that the specs are similar. For the extra $1, I'll go with the tactical line from now on and buy American. You learn something every day.
  13. bump. classified section is going NUTS...
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