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  1. I've been wanting to try the Thermacell for a while, but I can't get past the horrible negative reviews. And lots of them. I know that folks are more likely to post negative than positive reviews, so I figured I'd see whether there's an unbiased user base on here. We've got one thumbs-up from Steely Dan. Any other users? The most common issues seem to be battery life and inconsistent control via the remote.
  2. It's my pleasure, man! Hunting by myself just doesn't give me the thrill it used to, and seeing one of my friends be successful is way more of a reward these days. And since I don't have a kid of my own to pass this sport onto, I'm looking forward to Bradán (I didn't know which of the hundred possible spellings he uses, so I went with the old Irish version) taking his first deer over there. Only a couple more years of my dropping trees on his head until he's ready to hunt lol! At this rate, he'll be expert at setting and trimming tree stands - did you tell him that the buck you shot was out of the stand he helped us to put up in September? I bet he'd get a kick out of that.
  3. If anybody wants to borrow Brian's silver spoon, I'd guess he's done with it for a while . Seriously, the guy shot that killer drop tine on opening day, then the next afternoon had a ten point tending a doe at fifty yards for an hour. He tried to bounce it to me, but it ended up on the neighbor's property where it was promptly dispatched. I'll tell you, it was a stud of a stud. The bottom line is that I want some of whatever Brian eats in the morning. You can't buy that kind of luck.
  4. I get how having a named buck taken by an "unknown" hunter can sit poorly, but a public forum isn't the place to try to parse apart truth from fiction. IMHO, it does nobody any good at all and makes us all look bad. Poaching is a serious word. It should require some serious proof. With respect to all, I would suggest settling this offline.
  5. Tomorrow, I may have to take the stand Brian's been so hot for...we call it the boner stand. Because you see a lot of bone out of it, of course. What were YOU thinking?
  6. When this king-fest we've been experiencing over the past three years started, my spidey-sense started tingling. Particularly given the harsh winters and lack of alewife production we'd seen in the recent past. There's no way you go out and pound thirty or forty kings in a day and call it normal. Guys were saying how healthy the fish were and that they were seeing lots of bait, which seemed counterintuitive, but who am I to argue with folks who have way more experience than me? Fast forward three years. It seems like there's now sufficient buy-in to form a consensus that something is screwed up, and it likely starts with the alewife population. I'm glad that DEC made prophylactic cuts in stocking, and I hope that it's enough to prevent a total collapse of the fishery. I am perfectly content to return to the days of a couple kings per trip being considered good.
  7. Both ground blinds collapsed from the weight of the snow. The Barromett blind had two shattered fiberglass poles on side hubs that will need to be replaced. They're only $10 apiece, but it's a PITA to do it in the field.The Primos Double Bull didn't blink. I pushed the snow off the top and it's back in working order. The poles, hubs and fabric are significantly burlier than other makes I've used, but it's also a more expensive blind. I lost ten pounds in sweat getting them fixed, though. I hope this snow compacts by Saturday.
  8. Tough walking, for sure. Lots of tracks by the houses, and my buddy saw five bucks - probably a hot doe around. The neighbor missed an eight. I caught a peek at a buck as he drifted through my shooting lane, but with the snow on the thick stuff I didn't see him until he stepped out, and by the time I registered "Deer!", he took two steps and was gone. Wrong stand to hunt after a heavy snow, I guess. Great breeding thicket, but there could have been a dozen deer in there with me and I'd have never known. Going out to give it a shot this morning until I freeze my woobie off.
  9. You should see the ten point that my neighbor shot on Monday. Brian and I saw him on Sunday with a doe, but never up close and personal. He wasn't so lucky on Veteran's Day. The pic is not mine to post, but he was a stud. Wall candy now.
  10. That's funny! I have a Winchester Model 120 that throws Winchester slugs all over the place, but loves Remington Sluggers. I just put a new scope on her, and at 75 yards I can group three shots so that they are all at least touching the bullseye. So, 3" group? That works for me. And has for 35 years. I have to dig out this morning, but I hope to be in the woods this evening. I will certainly post conditions and a report. I just hope that my parking isn't a snow pile.
  11. Did you dance as a youth, Billy Elliiot?
  12. I had a tick sucking at my waistline a week ago, after running with the dogs at Oatka Park. Tweezers and a quick dose of Doxycycline. I think I got it off within a couple of hours, so Lyme is not a real concern. But there are other diseases that can spread with only 20 minutes of exposure. Scary. Check yourself every time you are out. Although I've never found one on me hunting west of Rochester, I still check. After three days of hunting hard, I can say with some confidence that there are bucks chasing AND bucks in lockdown. Yesterday morning, I saw a series of progressively larger bucks dogging a doe, while a button buck trailed behind. It was either a family member or taking lessons . It started with a steady parade of bucks under my stand, and every time a new buck showed up, he'd either join the party or get run off. It ended with a large eight, who would have been a shooter but for damage/accident screwing up his left side, leaving with the doe for the swamp never to be seen again. I also observed a very large nine tending a doe just behind a leftover hay bale on the edge of a hidden field. That same nine appeared to be chasing earlier in the day as it ran a doe past Brian. And yesterday morning, while I was watching the circus, Brian sat 300 yards away twiddling his thumbs. Feast or famine. I'd be hunting all week if I didn't have meetings and teaching lined up for the next three days. Friday looks good, and with the first fresh snow in the forecast, magic rut or not, it will be a great time to be in the woods. But when isn't?
  13. I'm mystified. I figured that with the lack of deer on our Brockport property to date, during both evening and morning sits, I'd try a mid-day still hunt this afternoon looking for a rutting buck chasing a doe. I've seen lots of this in past years, and in fact shot my buck last year from the ground, but not today. It was dead as a door nail. I wish I knew what was going on there. Three of us are hunting the new property in Albion tomorrow. Hopefully it will be game-on.
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