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  1. FYI, you should be able to get the 2xl at Field Supply for $87, last I saw. Good luck.
  2. I like that bench seat over the newer seats.
  3. Lost Ice Fishing Gear

    I I didn't find his stuff, but if I had, I'd have returned it to him. Can I still have a beer?
  4. Braddocks

    Agreed. My points were simply that if you're dying of cancer, a paper cut is of less priority--and that even a "clean bill of health" based on water sampling may be inaccurate.
  5. I have two HLD-LC702M. Maybe shorter than what you're looking for, but I prefer short rods for controlling fish and netting over an outboard. PM me if you're interested.
  6. We used to use those old sash weights for running strings of long-line dekes on the Finger lakes, too. But I think that I may have given the wrong impression. The blinds I had available weren't old, sash type blinds. They were relatively new blinds purchased maybe five years ago from Lowes. When we had some remodeling done, they were replaced...but they were practically new, reasonably expensive, stand-alone, no sash, no junk, and probably gone from the curb by now...
  7. If anybody can use them, I have three 35" wide window blinds, two of them with white slats and one with light natural wood. I also have a single 24" wide with light natural wood slats. We took them off some of our windows a couple years ago. All the pieces appear to be accounted for and they're in good shape. Pick up only--I live in Rush, just south of Rochester. I'd like to get rid of them as a set. Please pm me if you're interested. If there's no takers by Friday, to the curb they go.
  8. Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions has been running a sale on Frabill outerwear for the past year. The prices are amazing...I've posted here about it previously...but the inventory is getting picked over pretty good. I bought the F4 Cyclone rainwear jacket and bibs at the start of this year and I've been extremely pleased with them. They are simply outstanding. If you are fishing strictly 80 degrees plus, though, they'd probably be too warm. Of course, most everything except the absolutely lightest Gore-Tex shell is too warm in really hot weather.
  9. Seneca dead fish

    Excellent information from Tmag and in general on this thread. As a researcher, I will emphasize that while it's nice to have data, it's also important to distinguish between cause and correlation. There are a variety of models that might help to explain the situation, but as with most biological systems, Seneca is complex and likely impacted by multiple variables in only marginally predictable ways. This is why economic drivers almost always have an advantage over biological concerns. The sure bet of $$ in the pocket wins out against an uncertain ecological impact, and a cost-benefit analysis generally favors the almighty dollar (does that make me cynical or realistic ?) That having been said, it's great to see all of the folks who are trying to understand what's happening. Obviously from my perspective, science-based resource management strategies are the way to go. I applaud everybody who's supporting evidence-based decision has been getting a bad rap lately.
  10. Braddocks

    Not to step on any toes, but water sampling alone doesn't tell the full story. Lots of contaminants live in the muck. For example, there's a 30 year study going on of the Hudson River. There's so much contamination there, PCBs I think, but they can't get at it without dredging and that would release the stuff back into the water column. Ultimately, the stuff in the bottom gets into the food system eventually. Actual feces is the least of our worries...
  11. Food plothelp

    Beautiful description of the process, Chris!!
  12. Ice reel

    Model No.Bearings Weight Gear Ratio Line Capacity SS500 6+1 180 5.2 4-95 6-60 8-50 SS800 6+1 146 5.1 4-150 6-95 8-75 It looks like the SS800 is lighter, but has greater line capacity. The GV800 on the other hand has two less bearings than the GV500. I'm glad to hear that you like your purchase.
  13. Ice reel

    It's like that joke that posted recently...have the baitshop write you a receipt for what you told your wife you paid for them If you want to save some change, take a closer look at the GV500 over the SS500. I agree with John that the SS is the cat's meow, but you can get two GV for the price and I've never had a complaint with 5 bearings (4 and 1); they're smooth as silk, and I've caught walleye at Quinte up to 10 lbs, lakers at Keuka up to 8 lbs, and pike at Conesus up to 12 lbs on them. My oldest ones are >6 years of hard use and still going strong. As with all small spool reels, you'll want to run a micro-swivel in line 18" or so above the lure to prevent twist.
  14. Got to love the setup! I felt like I was in a Godfather movie. They are great sticks, though. Good luck!
  15. 2018 goals.

    Pay less attention to the weather (or weatherman) and just get out and do it when I have time.