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  1. I will catch whatever the big guy upstairs sees fit to put in the path of my rod. So - what do you use for Asian Carp lol?
  2. Get them started early!! My buddy and I took our teenagers out yesterday, too. Great time on the lake.
  3. You can come cook for me anytime, Kevin!
  4. Your son is pure magic. I've got to listen to him call sometime.
  5. Rob -- broken links? I'm getting "pages not found"
  6. My livewell temperature in the kayak today was lake temp. This time, I managed to bleed them on the outside of the boat...using heavy duty shears rather than a penknife did the trick.
  7. I bled some walleye while kayak fishing earlier this week, and Tommy said he didn't even have to wash his fillet board lol. Unfortunately, I used my pen knife to slit their throats, and one of them juiced all over my jacket and pants. Adds realism to the spread.
  8. So, I know a little bit about sushi, having spent a year of high school in Japan. Actually, sushi is what you call it when it's on top of lightly vinegared rice, rolled in seaweed. Simple raw fish is sashimi. Raw fish cut up and cured with lime juice is ceviche, which is in a world of its own. Bahamas, baby! That having been said, although there are parasites in both fresh and saltwater fish, the real problem is that freshies harbor some nasty bacteria. And bacteria are not destroyed by freezing. My advice is that you avoid salmon sashimi while on the lake. If you do decide to indulge, can I have your boat?
  9. Keep the faith, Matt. I've been out the last five days in a row after not turkey hunting for thirty years. It's been up and down, but today rotted. That snow came just as we were leaving. I've seen a couple of birds and Tommy shot a nice tom yesterday, but nothing has come into my calling - unsurprising, since I likely sound like a wounded groundhog. But I get how this can be addicting. The birds will come. There are better days ahead.
  10. I have no personal experience, but I do recall one LOU member who posted a long, convoluted tale of his issues with customer service. Whether this was a manufacturer or dealer issue? I don't recall the exact details, but here is one of the threads:
  11. Finger lakes - Seneca, Canandaigua, Keuka, Cayuga - Lake Fork plastics on a dropper rig, for smallmouth-size perch (but fewer than Erie).
  12. Rainbow. There used to be some good ones in there, and a decent spawning run, too.
  13. I volunteer you to help out in one of the hospitals in an affected area - maybe in Wyoming county at some point. You're not immune. I don't disagree with some of your political views, but your mechanism of communicating them has led me to discount anything you say. You may be a nice enough guy, but that's a rabid post.
  14. It's going to be a PITA dealing with the fallout of this mess, but I'm not sure that bankruptcy would be any less painful. I don't know enough to comment intelligently, but I've had some folks who I respect tell me that it would trigger the equivalent of economic nuclear fallout. And if NY plus California both do it, well...the national economy is likely to experience second-hand disaster. Of course, at this point that may be like shooting someone after they've fallen off a cliff.
  15. Love him, and hug him, and call him, "George".
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