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    Besides hunting and fishing? Volleyball, rod building and sci-fi/fantasy. Oh, and I do a little science on the side...
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  1. Gator

    Update on my starweld

    I'd have retained a lawyer well before this. Good luck.
  2. Gator

    Wanted deer sheds

    Sheds are my favorite squirrel bait and keep me in top shooting form through the winter. I sure hope baiting squirrels with antlers isn't illegal lol.
  3. Gator


    I will post for Matt and Scott, who both sent me the same links. Awesome guys, and thanks. Fillet board is Deep Blue 40" board without drawer. At Tackle Direct: https://www.tackledirect.com/deep-blue-ftb-40-large-boat-fillet-table.html it's $179 Rod holder mounts are Magma Levelock Adjustable Rod Holder Mount MAG-T10-355. I bought mine through Wholesale Marine, but they run ~$70 apiece and are available lots of places. You want two of them.
  4. Gator

    NY western late season

    Looks like a fun day. We just picked up a fox red lab puppy a few weeks ago, so with the next year to work with him, I'll be back in the game next fall. Late season was always my favorite time. Particularly back when it was ten days and I could hunt each and every one of them. I cut my teeth on Keuka - redhead central. Every year gets a little bit busier and a little bit harder to get out, but the new pup gives me a great excuse. Hunting without a dog just wasn't the same. Are you making your own dekes? I'd love to get a better look at them if you have some pics to post. And I ordered the fillet board for the boat yesterday, thx.
  5. Gator


    Awesome! Thanks.
  6. Gator


    Hey Scotty, do you clean the fish with the cleaning board hanging over the side like that with the rod holders in the deployed position? Because I've been reluctant to pull the trigger, figuring that spraying the floor was better than trying to get blood off the transom, gunnel, rod holders, motor, or anything else above deck, which gets swabbed anyway. Your setup seems to circumvent the problem though.
  7. Gator


    20% below asking is nothing. The broker isn't doing you just service.
  8. Gator

    Saltist vs tekota A ? Pros/ cons

    I'd be interested in hearing some feedback on the new Tekota reels as well. The first thing that we did with the old ones was send them to Tuna Tom for the drag upgrade. Which seems silly, but made all the difference. It would be nice to see them perform flawlessly out of the box though. x2 on the Saltist, of course, but you know that.
  9. Gator

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    That's awesome! Keep it coming.
  10. Gator

    Marine Mechanic advice

    Or Mr. Tommy, lol. Both of them have sterling reputations. My Lund is currently with Tommy having some work done and I don't know Hank personally, but from what I've heard you can't go wrong with either. So, Hank is East and Tommy is West. Good luck!
  11. Gator

    2018 Season in review

    Nice show!
  12. Gator

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Awesome! Show them what we're made of! And keep the pics coming. Costa is on our short list for the next couple of years.
  13. Gator

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    Can I blame Jim, too? lol
  14. Gator

    Ice fishing

    Pat McManus used to say that before he went ice fishing, he'd sit outside and have his wife shovel snow down his back. If afterwards he still wanted to go, then he'd head to the doctors because he was a sick man... Don't forget to add a sled to the list above, with a long rope to drag it on the ice, and a bucket for fish / to sit on. More the later than the former lol.
  15. Gator

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    My season was here and gone in a flash, as per usual. When I look back on it, I wish I could have gotten out more, but my hunting log shows that I managed to sneak into the woods nearly every other day, albeit for only an hour or two at a time. But at least I gave myself opportunities by being there. The bucks showed on my property on October 12th, as per usual. There were multiple ghosts running around that I never put eyes on, making me think that access is still an issue and we're busting deer walking in. The peak of the rut came (and went) fast. Chasing started on Tuesday, October 30th with mainly small rack bucks in the game through the weekend, then the big boys came out to play the following week. And by mid-week it was done. Oh, there was activity here and there after that, but not the craziness that multiple doe going into heat simultaneously brings. I shot the one and only deer that I took this year on November 5th, on a quick Monday morning hunt prior to work. I'd already climbed out of the stand at 8 am when I almost got run over by a small buck chasing a doe toward Brian. So I ducked into cover, thinking to watch the show or help if Brian shot a deer. When the doe spun 180 degrees and ran back past me, there was a nice nine-point on her heels. He came to within 15 yards before turning broadside and saying "shoot me here" lol. Honestly, I had to shoot around one of my tree tubes, but that was it. Chip shot. And likely the most exciting thing I've ever been part of in the woods - I know that's a set-up, but no snarky comments please . I also passed on numerous small buck and doe over the course of bow season, but -as per usual- my property rotted during gun. It was only after season ended that I had graduate students asking me when the "venison party" was going to be held this year. I told them they missed the bus by not placing their order before the season. I'll shoot deer, but only if I know they're going to be eaten. I also passed on a stud nine the last Sunday of rifle season in Albion. Why? I don't know. I'd already shot a buck, I was hunting alone and I just didn't feel the need. Maybe he'll make it until next year. One thing that this season emphasized to me is the importance of tree stand safety and maintenance. I had numerous situations on the land we lease where stands were in disrepair and either prevented my hunting effectively or that I felt unsafe hunting. It's hard as you get older to keep up, but this stuff is important. So, as soon as the season ended I bought four new stands and planned to work last week in the woods. Three days on my back sick and an unscheduled surgery to remove a lump in my finger put a nix on that, as did a new puppy (fox red lab) that kept me up most nights. But the stands are in my garage and as soon as I'm able, they'll go up. Like Rob last year, I'm hoping to get the heavy lifting done early - and maybe avoid the yellowjackets this year lol. It's been a great time interacting and sharing everyone's adventures; stay well in the New Year; we'll do this again come fall!