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  1. Tommy on the radio

    Everybody's favorite Sandy Creek marine mechanic and heart transplant recipient Tommy Barbera will be speaking about his experience and pitching for organ donors on 102.7 FM this Wednesday at 10:30 am.
  2. How was the turnout? I know that DEC uses turnout as a measure of stakeholder involvement. Which makes me wonder whether the information that I and others posted about the Rochester meeting might be counter-productive, like movie pirating keeping some folks away from theaters. I hope not. Even if you know the story, it's worth showing up in solidarity.
  3. Gambler Rigs and Hammerhead cowbells

    Yeah, a guy can get tired quick on your doubt, you have a system. Thanks for sharing it with us mortals You're going to be at the ELOSTA show this weekend with your rigs?
  4. State of the Lake meetings

    Which reminds me that there's a standing invite to board their vessels and observe the trawls, incumbent on space and getting to whichever port they're working. Obviously this is something that would need to be coordinated beforehand, and they might not be able to accommodate all comers this year. But, I though that it was a great way to engage stakeholders and elicit interest from the community. I'm not sure who you'd contact...Steve would be where I'd start.
  5. Video editing software

    Cyberlink Powerdirector is the go-to for a few of my students. It's not free, but it's not too bad price-wise, and I think that there's a mobile app from them that may be free. Windows 10 can do some of the basic stuff and I've heard that the open source software Shotcut is serviceable.
  6. The View Out My Window...

    My kid is 16 and it's been a great winter to learn to drive. It reminds me of my Dad setting up orange cones in the P&C parking lot in Bath and handing me the keys for the beater truck with the roll bars...which came in handy once or twice. Growing up redneck isn't a bad thing .
  7. State of the Lake meetings

    The auditorium at the SAU wasn't overflowing last night, but there was a good representative showing of ~50 or so, maybe a few more. The guys from across the border had an interesting presentation on walleye migrations tracked through telemetry, but other than the cool factor I'm not sure of the bottom line. Fish go into Quinte during the winter and come out into the lake during the summer. Anyway, they're doing it again this year, so if you catch a tagged walleye up there, don't eat the transmitter! (try to release the fish if you can, of course). Otherwise, the printed synopsis reflected the presentation almost point-by-point. The fish are healthy, we had a record hatch of alewives in 2016 following two (cold) years of record low recruitment, so the bait's out there...with some potentially interesting differences between the US and Canada, which is now included in the trawls...and not many folks made it out last year because of the record water, but for those that did, it was banner fishing. That's the nutshell version, I'm sure I missed stuff.
  8. For the Love of Copper!

    Me, too! It seems obvious in retrospect what you meant, I think it's my fuzzy head this morning. A pail full of perch should help to clear it out.
  9. For the Love of Copper!

    Nicely done, Rob. Are you looking at submitting some version of this to GLA or similar magazine? I had one spot of confusion, regarding "Big Jon Otter Boats are a great big board but there are many on the market". I wasn't sure what you meant, or whether the but should simply be an and.
  10. I wasn't at my best yesterday...we graduated another PhD on Tuesday, went out celebrating, and I think I have a beer allergy. That's the only way I can explain having felt so poorly on Wednesday. Is Scotty sarcastic sometimes? Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear sh$t in the woods?
  11. Didn't they just open their doors last year, right around show season?
  12. You need to reply to your pms.
  13. Time to slow down and think

    Hey Dan, I don't know if this applies, but my wife runs research trials at URMC using computer based retraining to help stroke victims who have subsequently impaired vision. I know that PT often ignores the visual system, but its loss can really impact quality of life. Feel free to shoot me a pm. This goes for anyone on here or their loved ones; she's always recruiting and has seen some phenomenal success, in fact they're starting a large scale clinical trial soon. Keep on keeping on!
  14. I'm with you guys! Mass media, instant cultural homogenization, and everybody has the recipe. The reason it keeps happening is because we're telling everyone exactly what to do. It's not just kids who are lemmings. Monkey see, monkey do. That's most of us, me included at times. As for how all this is going to play out on gun manufacturers, I think it's impossible to predict. The pundits didn't expect gun sales to skyrocket like they did with Omaba or plummet with Trump.
  15. kayak fishing

    Immersion suits are very expensive, but a great investment if you're going to do this routinely this time of year. Simply look online...I don't know local availability. I may be mistaken, but I think that pfd are required to be worn at all times in a kayak, summer included. Nobody does, and I may not myself on occasion. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.