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  1. And thus does another brave soul start down the infamous path toward the inevitable copper-diver tangle. My advice: broaden your vocabulary before it happens. We are sailors of a sort after all...we should know how to express ourselves appropriately.
  2. I've been spot treating mulitiflora for two years now to get it under control. This year it seems that there's lots of bushes showing symptoms of rose florette disease, which I was told by a forester friend had entered the area. If so, they will not survive, as it's uniformly lethal. Symptoms are: Leaves and twigs produced are a bright, rich, red color. Leaves are distorted and twisted. There may be a proliferation of leaves. The stems grow slowly and produce excessive thorns. There may be so many thorns that there is no stem available to be seen and the thorns are often red-tinged. Also, I wouldn't advise using a bulldozer unless you're prepared for the results, since ripping up the ground just allows the seed bank to grow. It'll work great in the short term, but you'll have ten times the trouble in a few years time unless you really keep on top of it. A hydro-ax or mulching brush mower on a skid steer would be a better bet, but it'd still be best to spray the bush first. It's hard to get away from the chemicals for something as invasive as MFR. I've been locating the main stems on truly enormous bushes and treating cut ends with Tordon, but since Tordon is soil available it can spread (potentially...given enough treatments and time). Round up Brush and Vine is your best bet; you can make it yourself from a 50% concentrate that you purchase in bulk. Adding some marking dye will help you see where you've sprayed and a surfactant will make it more effective.
  3. Lake Champlain June 3rd-9th Just back from a week at Champlain fishing the Islands region in Vermont out of the Alburgh Passage. When we arrived on Saturday we headed out to the main lake and found 58 degree water and uncooperative fish. They were still in prespawn, but we stuck a couple nice ones on Keitech Swing Impact. Sunday we looked for warmer water and found a bunch of fish on humps around the Passage and inland Sea. The bite continued into Monday, mainly on soft jerkbaits. Tuesday it rained all day and the temperature barely hit 50 degrees. And that was it for the fishing. Wednesday and Thursday were flat and beautiful, with barely any fish to be found. We hit some weed beds for pike and eventually found some schools of small males moving onto the spawning flats, but it was a frustrating two days. With thunder and wind predicted for Friday, we hit the road rather than brave the elements and returned home. Other than the fishing, the trip went down without a hitch. Good friends, fishable water, no problems with the boat (other than a missing rivet near the waterline in the front that would let water in when we were fishing the front deck...drove us crazy trying to figure out why we'd take water out fishing then it was fine at the dock) and a cabin with no heat = really chilly in the morning. My buddy's Mom who we visited on Tuesday in Burlington made us cherry pie from the tree in back of her house though, and so all was good!
  4. Same thing happened to us last year up by Keuka College. They were there for an hour and we pounded them on perch jigs, then they were gone. Funny thing was we didn't do much of anything jigging lakers that day in the deeper water.
  5. That's exactly the same lure we use in the Erie canal for walleye. It's like candy to them.
  6. Confusion Lake, Ontario is way, way up North near some of the big wilderness areas above Sunset country. Are you sure that you have the right lake and the right forum to be asking this question? I won't make the obvious joke...
  7. I hadn't thought about that aspect. You're right, though.
  8. Wowsa, those look awesome! The color's almost like you smoked them.
  9. I love this format. It requires strategy and doesn't favor those with "a very particular set of skills". I think that this could be anybody's game.
  10. So, I asked myself, "If Montreal were to be swept into the sea, would this be such a horrible thing?" Actually, It's not a bad place...for a city. We're going to get a break this week from the rain. Maybe we'll have a dock to put the boat by next weekend.
  11. Heck, it's not just young buddy and co-owner of Nothing but Net suffered exactly the same thing!!
  12. I love my Costa 580, but just picked up a pair of the Flying Fisherman Master Angler series Azore and Boca shades on for $30 each. They're glass lenses and normally run ~$90. No complaints so far for a pair of backups. Very light for glass, too.
  13. Given the number of guys on here that chase big bucks, it's amazing that thus far opinions have all been similar: let folks chose for themselves. It's good to see. It's easier to support a decision made by choice rather than by force. In fact, it's exhausting trying to keep up with all the stuff that you're "supposed" to do. I don't mind when there's a valid reason to enforce a communal decision, but a choice freely made is much more powerful, and regardless there's no evidence that AR will be good for the herd. This from a guy who supports QDM, has planted thousands of trees and shrubs for habitat improvement over the last two years, and tries to only shoot bigger bucks than he's shot was five years between my last bow buck and this year's. But that's my choice, not the government's.
  14. My Mom used to pay us 5 cents a fish to bring home "garbage" fish from the Cohocton River for her garden. One year we got paid twice: she decided to make a fish soup for the flowers in a 55 gallon drum. Once that thing had fermented you couldn't stand to be within a mile when she opened it. We charged her twenty bucks to haul it away I have a tough time finding fault with somebody who uses his catch in a responsible way. If he'd said that the leavings after having cleaned the fish went into the garden, nobody would raise an eyebrow. Maybe I wouldn't use trout for this purpose myself, but via Pap's comment above: what if they were zombie kings in the stream after spawning? It's a matter of context. IMHO.
  15. I couldn't believe the size of the crowd. I'd just finished a herculean effort of planting 300 bare root shrubs, so I stopped by, paid my respects, dropped some $$, and gimped home. Would have liked to have stayed longer, but I was totally fried...kept bumping into people like I was drunk . I hope everyone had a great time! Tommy looked and sounded good. What a beautiful day, too..