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  1. Nice report and great job with the boys! It looks like they're hooked.
  2. We come up with inventive ways to swear at the fish. This is a family forum, so I won't go into detail. And for some reason, we started saying, "Jewel crank bobo shaft" twenty years ago when all seemed lost - it always worked, 70% of the time.
  3. I prefer smoked with a bit of dill and horseradish.
  4. Millennium Marine is a new division of Millennium Outdoors, and I can attest to the quality of their ladder stands. They are the best, bar none. I would anticipate that the same is true here - but a first hand account would be great.
  5. I bet he's in Geneva, at the North end of Seneca Lake, based on his name lol
  6. Heck it could be ten years old if it came with the boat. I don't trust batteries. I replace them every few years and always carry an extra one in case of a case.
  7. We were out in 150-200, and it was good for two salmon and a steelhead down around 50' on wire dipsys, but overall a slow four hours. Temp has been moving around like crazy. But the fish we cleaned were packed with alewives of all sizes, so they're eating good in the neighborhood.
  8. We've donated several probes to the fish gods over the years, but it was never the fault of the klincher kit, Make sure to wrap your attachment site with waterproof tape to avoid signal loss at depths over 100 ft.
  9. Brian, I agree that it is safer to have multiples on board, but with all due respect, we are talking about grown men and women. I guess as a derby organizer, you might have to worry about liability if you promoted lone wolfs (although there are plenty of kayak fishing derbies), but from the perspective of personal responsibility - you are only (directly) putting yourself in harm's way, and I think folks should be given credit for being able to make their own decisions. From the perspective of rule management, multiples simply means that everyone has to have their story straight. Cheaters are gonna cheat. End of the day though, the derby owner makes the rules, arbitrary or rational.
  10. Awesome! Thanks as always for the great product and service.
  11. I won't go that far, but I will admit to knowing him now that he's won two out of the last three years lol.
  12. Well over a dozen hits in the first two hours, then three spread across the next six. Like a light switch.
  13. Harvey, I had my wife send you a check for $85 with our shipping address. I also send a couple of pms over the last week, but apparently they're not getting through. Please let me know when you get the check. Much appreciated.
  14. He must be getting swamped lol. My need is not immediate, so feel free to put me on the back burner, but I'd like to get two 12 lb torpedos when you have a chance. Let's touch base when you're less busy.
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