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  1. I think I know those fields...great job! A buddy of mine walked over ten miles this past weekend for one. He will be jealous.
  2. In Canada, the footprints most likely would have been from Sasquatch.
  3. We have seen lots of Rudd fishing Conesus the past two years, and particularly this year. It's somewhat concerning, as they are an invasive and much like alewives have the potential to dramatically change the fishery. Too late to do anything about it now, though.
  4. Wire: Mag Dipsy inside and deep on the short 8' rod, 1 setting, #5/124 mm Deeper Diver outside on the long 9 1/2 foot rod 2 1/2 setting.Set them in whatever order you want, but let them deploy slowly, usually I just back the drag off the reel and allow them to pull out. Too fast and you'll have a wire tangle. But don't worry - it happens like once every two years, and usually in crazy wind and current when your gut is telling you that you shouldn't have tried to run four Dipsys in the set.
  5. All of snow covering up my yard gives me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So white, pristine...at least at the surface, but you-know-what lies just beneath. Today though I'm going to take a page from Douglas Adams and his paper bag over the head trick where if you can't see it, it can't affect you. In fact, I declare today to be a new national holiday: "Blind to Dog Poo" Day. Of both the canine and political kind. Maybe I'll start a trend. And the politicians can do what they doo, while the rest of us get on with our lives.
  6. Crazy sensitive, it will burn your data if you leave it set on high detection sensitivity. Make super sure you don't face it east/west. Otherwise, solid unit.
  7. He means dog-poo runoff into the lake. Or just runoff in general from a ridiculous concentration of people. People-nutrients, lol.
  8. And then there's stuff you put on your lure to help catch fish that contains amino acids. Go figure.
  9. I just came back in from clean up duties, and judging by my yard, the alewives should do well this year. think I must have just cleaned up 40 lbs of dog crap from the last week alone. You'd think I was keeping horses. I can always tell the young one's poo by the fact that it contains string, stuffing from toys, bottle caps, and the occasional cat part (lol). Stupid dog eats everything. He ate a deck of cards from New Year's eve, half a towel, his bed, an X-mas decoration. He's the only dog that I ever heard of who, after his visit to Dr. Snip this past summer, ate his collar of shame, Twice. He ate two of them. How? How is that even possible?
  10. Good you guys got out at least. I opted to try to river, with zero luck. It looked perfect, and I had the west side to myself. For good reason, I guess. There'd been some action the day prior, but man, it was dead, dead, dead yesterday. And now we have this hot mess outside. What a winter.
  11. I wasn't sure about Buffalo, but I have some statistics that we use for justifying a STEM outreach program aimed at RCSD third graders suggesting Rochester is actually the poorest city in the nation, at least if you look at the percentage of students who qualify for free lunches and limit it to the city proper, in it's entirety. There are areas of LA and such that are more economically-deprived, but most cities balance those areas with affluent sections, whereas Rochester is...stressed. Working with those kids is a real eye opener.
  12. I like the micro for the most part - with the exception that the deer seem to pick it up easily - which is a buzz kill for me. In almost all of my pictures, I have doe stomping their feet. But it's cheap, simple to set up, a single set of alkaline batteries has lasted over a month so far in these conditions, and it picks up signal equally well as my cell phone. The app is nice, too. FYI, remember to buy the version (AT&T or Verizon) that gets the best service where you intend to put it. It doesn't matter who your carrier is on your cell phone. Oh yeah, it has a 100 picture a month maintenance plan that's free, after unlimited pictures for the first month. So, if you don't mind deer busting your camera, then .
  13. That's the honest to God truth. Unfortunately in today's world, appearances often trump reality, and hunters - tending to be no BS sort of guys - can forget that sometimes. How we project ourselves is how we are going to be perceived. You are doing a good thing.
  14. What a world we live in. If I'd have asked someone to "like and share" me thirty years ago, I'd probably have ended up in jail. At the very least, my hunting and fishing buddies would have been reluctant to go alone with me into the woods... Good luck with your new dog. My friend Paul runs a blood tracker, and he's gotten more and more into it as the years go by. He's met some great people tracking deer. Some real dumba$$es, too.
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