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  1. Inquiring for a friend that bass fishes, does it have the side imaging or is it just the helix 5? Thanks Tom
  2. Thanks I’ll let my friend know. He unfortunately just left for Aruba today for the week. How old is the unit by the way?
  3. Stu this has all been sold. Sorry it was a friends that passed away, Joan wife sold it all and I forgot I even had posted it. Tom
  4. Not sure what happened with the pictures 🤬but give me a day or 2 and I’ll get it fixed[emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. I’m in Rochester but the equipment is at point breeze. If there’s something your interested in give me a call and I’ll try and make arrangements. Tom 354-7700 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. It’s a standard IMG_4845.HEIC Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I am posting this all for a friend. All the stuff for sale is brand new or used barley even 1x. I’ll try to answer or get a answer for you that I can. ION electric auger with extra battery and extra set of blades $550 (new may have cut 1 or 2 holes) (2) Frabill 28” ML rods with Black Betty 6061 reels. Both new $80 each Frabill 30” Ice Hunter Dale Stroschein series rod and reel combo $25 (2) Berkeley 5’ UL rods with Black Betty 6061 reels $80 each Pflugger UL reel and Berkeley 4’6” UL rod combo $50 Frabill 26” Light Sub Zero rod and reel combo $30 (4) brand new Jawjackers $45ea Frabill 28” ML rod $25 (2) 26” light Ugly Stix rods $20each Frabill Sit & Fish Bucket loaded with all new tackle: pan fish jigs, bobbers, Rapala Jig & Raps, Batteries and other tackle $40 Misc stuff: (2) sets ice survival spikes $6 each Genie bait jar $10 Gaff $10 Bubba Blade $50 Celsius chisel dip & scoop $8 Bobs Butt wipes are free to anyone that makes a purchase and wants them [emoji38] (2) Froggtogg outerwear rain suits (used but in good shape with no tears) (1) Size L (1) Size M $35 each Frabill folding 3 legged ice fishing chair $15 Small folding 3 legged camouflage chair $10 Ice sled with rod holders, storage compartment, bucket holder, auger holder and ATV/snowmobile sled pulling bar $55 Clam sled pulling harness $25 Entire package is worth at original costs over $1,500 Make a reasonable offer on individual items or on the entire package! Contact me Via PM or cal 585 -354-7700 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app IMG_4845.HEIC IMG_4795.HEIC IMG_4797.HEIC IMG_4840.HEIC IMG_4798.HEIC IMG_4800.HEIC IMG_4801.HEIC IMG_4802.HEIC IMG_4804.HEIC IMG_4806.HEIC IMG_4805.HEIC IMG_4807.HEIC IMG_4808.HEIC IMG_4809.HEIC IMG_4810.HEIC IMG_4813.HEIC IMG_4814.HEIC IMG_4815.HEIC IMG_4817.HEIC IMG_4818.HEIC IMG_4819.HEIC IMG_4825.HEIC IMG_4823.HEIC IMG_4824.HEIC IMG_4829.HEIC IMG_4830.HEIC IMG_4836.HEIC IMG_4834.HEIC IMG_4833.HEIC IMG_4837.HEIC IMG_4844.HEIC IMG_4847.HEIC IMG_4841.HEIC IMG_4842.HEIC IMG_4843.HEIC IMG_4826.HEIC IMG_4845.HEIC
  8. Posting this for a friend. Brand new insulated side set Frabill Flip Over Ice Shelter. NEVER USED and in need of selling quickly. https://tactsport.com/frabill-bro-flip-over-shelter-arctic-camo-frabill?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6eSSj-i73AIVRJ7ACh2EUwq6EAQYAyABEgLI7fD_BwE $550 Contact me on here via PM or call 585-354-7700 Tom Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Called and left you a message. Have a friend interested in the motor and will be out towards webster today. Guessing by your phone number you may live out that way. Any trouble getting ahold of him (Scot 585-469-3527) call me Tom @585-354-7700
  10. In and back to reclaim my crown!
  11. Brand new Ozark Trail pvc padded lined rain coat in blaze orange size XL and 3 blaze orange winter hats (2 new knit caps & 1 used open face knit cap) Contact me via text message 585-354-7700 Local pick up or buyer pays shipping Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Can they be mounted on to a mast? I have willies now I need to replace one that broke. Are you in Rochester?
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