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  1. A couple of drawings of what is a typical trolling pattern for me. Not just the only pattern and some involve more than 2 dipsy on a calmer day, if I have enough bodies on board and want to find a specific bait or pattern that is working. When that pattern manifests in a good response from the fish, I will trim down to 4 to 6 lines maximum, and target that preference from the fish. Less is more, in terms of fun, relaxation, and fish, usually so, I tend to use the productive parts of the spread and pull the others for simplicity. cent frum my notso smartphone
  2. Well not to be side ways about stuff, don't know why we are laying on our side! Welcome to the outrigger! This is a photo of my 15 foot Taco aluminum ones mounted to the T top. This photo is somewhat out of proportion due to the panorama photo, but give some idea of angle and height above the water surface the way I like to run my coppers. The T top sits about 8 feet above the water surface, and the angle I like is about 11 feet at the tips above the water surface vertical. The sweep angle is back to approximately stern even, so a little back from mounting position which would be 90 degrees in that case. I would say the poles are about 20 degrees back from the mounts so about 70 degrees from directly out to the side. The position allows me to run coppers high above the surface and the first entry point into the water is roughly 30 to 40 feet behind the position of the boat while trolling. This opens up the back of the boat for easy deployment of riggers and dipsey without fear of tangling. When running a dipsy on them I will generally lower the poles and angle back a little less, but keep the tips out of the water. I only use braid on the dipsey off the outriggers release. You can use wire off them if you have good quality roller releases to help protect the wire, but I have had no real luck with the AFTCO as yet. One wore the wire on copper in two, another broke, and lost the roller on a dipsey wire, so I can't say that they are strong enough for dipsey. Blacks is what I use exclusively now until I find a roller that is built to take the strain of the regular dipsey with ring. What Les said is true of the strength of the poles and mounts with a dipsey. There is a real considerable torque on everything so be aware of the capacities of all hardware and tackle used on the outriggers rigging. As far as using boards with outriggers, I wouldn't recommend it. I chose to use one or the other depending on conditions and what I'm intending to deploy, long lines dipsy, or in case of tight quarters of traffic. Maneuvers are more easily accomplished with the outriggers since less things, planners, are in the water to keep all in a row. Les said as long as you have them already, that's a great tool, and he is correct. They are expensive, and I believe in my case I would not have used outriggers had they not been part of the package on my particular vessel. I was comfortable with big boards, but find the riggers are being used 95 percent of the time just for the convenience and less setup time. cent frum my notso smartphone
  3. Intresting photos! Kind of like the reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains where I'm originally from. The city bought huge tracts of land in the mountains and created municipal water reservoirs where there once was roads and towns. Now all under water. There is some great trout fishing in those reservoirs but you need special permits and if you have a boat it had to stay there on shore. No gas motors either. The city has their own police stations there and vigorous patrol is always present. How are your kings doing lately, did the low levels hurt them at all? Since they are landlocked do they have any natural reproduction? cent frum my notso smartphone
  4. Holy jeepers Stan! You mean the Mexican border was once way up there! Now you got salmon fishing! Now see Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas could have salmon too! How long ago were those photos taken? Is that lake actually reservoir for city or agricultural use? Thanks Stan! cent frum my notso smartphone
  5. Good shooting guys! Glad you found them, I been hearing them for a while over here on Swett Road. Saw some of you around the Townline/Swett block. That's where they been yakking alot! cent frum my notso smartphone
  6. With five good 12 ga rounds last year I could have eliminated at least 50 of the flying sh!t houses. Packed in the trees like sardines. Crapped all over me and the boat from the trees just waiting for my son to come back from the launch parking. Whole area smelled like a bad chicken farm in 100 degrees. What is the need to federally protect such a nasty bird? Aren't they some kind of food value in China? They are way out of hand! cent frum my notso smartphone
  7. I run my downrigger rods with 300 ft main 30lb Ande clear mono on top of 30 lb braid backing. Smaller reels. Just enough Ande to reach the ball for the purpose of sea flea repellant. leader is 30lb Seguar blue label or Gamma flourocarbon about 8 to 12 feet for salmon. I would run lighter for early season 12 to 15 lb flouro 20 feet mostly for trout and probably would stick to the same for salmon, but I often have some over anxious buds on board and would likely break 12 lb off, loose the fish and the 25 dollars tackle! About the sea fleas. If you do any fishing after end of June, you will encounter these Sobs and some days be very frustrated with them. There are special specific lines made to reduce the trouble of them attaching to your line. Blood run has some and there is Cortland flea flicker out there. I have found that they work well but also are harder to control knot quality. 30lb mono will keep most of it at bay unless the worst days for infestation occur, then 40lb might work better. Some days nothing works and they even get on your downrigger cables. During the flea season, you cannot use braid lines of any kind for dipsey or vertical sections to the ball on rigger rods. A few minutes of them in the water and they become useless during the worst outbreaks of fleas. I will recommend only one braid line for dipsey rods during fleas, but it is marginal in bad infestations. That is Fireline Fused Original 30 lb. It is about the same to a little better as 30lb malin wire as far as collection of fleas, but will not go quite as deep as wire. You can run 30 lb mono full spool on your downrigger rods. I just like to use smaller reels, and use the braid for backing to have more running line. cent frum my notso smartphone
  8. The alternative will be a ban on defecation, I think you can guess how that will work! Awesome! No sh!t !!! Such an inconvenience anyway... cent frum my notso smartphone
  9. Mike, the reason to use a fixed stacker on a downrigger cable is for #1...having more than just yourself on board and you can put more rods/lines in the spread than three. want to use an "SWR" style of rig, refered to here as a Secret Weapon Rig style of presentation. My preference as a stacker, is to call it a "tailgunner". The SWR is similar only it involves directly attaching a main line copper or lead core to the ball and running the ball higher in the water column out of the detection of fish in a desired temperature zone. The lure on the heavy wire then follows up later in the desired temperature zone deeper, and a fish will not be spooked by a ball and only see the lure quietly passing by. In the same context, the tailgunner does the same except it relies on active fish that are not ball shy and offers the second chance hookup on the second rod stacked 20 feet above the ball for a 100 foot copper. Other than that, there is no real advantage of stacking on a downrigger over the use of a fixed slider, in my opinion. The fixed slider will effectively give you 2 lures per rod, per person, vs. 1 lure per rod as in stacked. The disadvantage of a slider is not having an accurate depth control and the possibility of a swivel breaking on a fish wrenching the swivel against the terminal of the main lure, or the poor hook up from the belly of the main line as in the free slider version. The fixed slider is a little better in the hookup respect as well as more accurate depth control. I like to pin my fixed slider on the rigger cable about 8 to 10 feet above the main line on the ball. Known here as a "Mupp Rig". Very good presentation I might add. It involves 2 lures of the same design and action, the pinned cheater lure is bigger and slightly more flashy. The lower lure on the main line is the target smaller lure. In the end a stacker will only be of most value when you have enough bodies on board to use more rods. But even still in my opinion it is better to be wider and longer to get separation of baits and use dipsey or torpedoes, and heavy wires to achieve that, rather than stack into a narrow trolling pattern on the downriggers. cent frum my notso smartphone
  10. Killed my enthusiasm for making my fun into work!....if I was in the keys maybe then! At least it would work for more than 3 months. Still...puke..., peanut shells in the bilge pumps, drunks...naaa never mind. That's the best description of this business I could think of... cent frum my notso smartphone
  11. If you go with electronic box ignition, be sure it's a potted unit. I'm sure being an alternator guy you know what that means. I can't say anything bad about the box ignition, except for what you already mentioned about failure. You need a spare unit to be safe. My old ford has the ignition control module and when it craps out, it's in the middle of a busy intersection full of impatient rush hour traffic. Not cool! Not to mention making me look like a fool when trying to push a 1 ton truck off the road, and some some dumb bastard yells " Ya know ya gotta put gas in that thing idiot![emoji34][emoji32] So I carry a spare unit and bungee cord the Damn thing to the inner fender cause it craps out often like that. Can't beat the old stuff.. points, condenser, for being able to mcgiver the thing to work. Still even a coil can fail. Just had one do that yesterday. My 1966 cub cadet original Kohler coil just cost me 80 dollars. Damn inflation! Would have cost probably 5 bucks or less in 1966. cent frum my notso smartphone
  12. Don't worry Brian! This statement t should make you feel better. "If there's good news in this saga, it’s that it's a huge water body," D'Amato said. "I can't imagine a tangible environmental impact coming out of this." It's all good if you can't touch it. "Tangible" ...get it? Anyway, they said that they disinfected the turds and man hole covers! Hmmm...always wondered what the strong smell of chlorine was coming from the last few I know. cent frum my notso smartphone
  13. "City it's"..good one. Well they need a king and queen of "City It's" Funny how they think upstate needs the city and we need them to run the state. Again, the King let millions of federal dollars sit on the table that could have benefited the ocean fishery down there, but held to the whining of the elitist downstate crying about having to buy a marine fishing license. Every state in the North East has a marine fishing license except NY. So how do the downstate drama queens get their new marine facilities and park maintenance and other enhancements? With your NY Conservation fund...that's how. Millions went there from upstate license sales and other funding in upstate, that could have been funded federally from all the excise tax that you and I and all of America paid at 10% on all the fishing and bow hunting tackle sold country wide. A marine license would have qualified the state for substantial federal matched cash from these excise taxes. That federal money would have put quite a few million dollars less stress on the Conservation fund. King Cuomo let it get away on the backs of upstater's again...we need this how? At least if ever we upstater's want to go fish the marine waters it's a free license! Every body, even the non New Yorkers,! Imagine that! Of course King Cuomo would never mix federal matched money and state money in the same fund anyway. I'm sure there's no sense of management to put the money in the right place to do ALL OF NY "STATE" any good. I learned a long time ago about being self sufficient and not expect everything to come on the backs of others. When I was young my dad said I think I'm going to go look at a boat for us to fish in. "You wanna come along"? I said "SURE"! What kind of boat? He said " It's a used row boat" After a 20 minute ride in his pickup we pulled up in front of the farm that has the boat. It's out back behind the barn the owner said. We get out there, and I'm thinking, wow this boat is really ugly, not very attractive at all. None the less, my dad kept looking it over and came over to me and said, "You like this boat"? Well, not wanting to make my dad waste his time on this trip "I said sure Dad..." He said "You want to fish with me in this boat"? "I said Yeah Dad..." He said "Ok well, the price is right". Paid the man his cash and said "let's go put it on the truck." Must be I had a look of dismay on my face, and obviously my enthusiasm was a little faint. "He said what's wrong?" I said "Well it looks really rough dad. You think it will float even?" He reminded me that I agreed that we could fish in this boat. Then he went to his tool box and rummaged around in there until he handed me something. He said "This is sandpaper". Lesson learned. Rubs me the wrong way to try to ride on the backs of others to this day. [emoji38] cent frum my notso smartphone
  14. My measurement gives me some walking excerize. A big field and a laser distance finder. Stick a post in the ground at 100 feet, walk to it, go around, and return, walk to it, go around, and return, walk to it, go around, and return. Now how many feet do I reel up? Crude, but the most accurate you can get. Don't rely on the counter on your reel, it won't even be close. cent frum my notso smartphone
  15. Frigging ground hawg...he ain't my rodent! Only thing about this I can say is the thruway closed to trucks means the mail I'm carrying might have bills in it you won't see for a couple days in Rochester and Syracuse. However...I think there might be some Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions in there...sorry! cent frum my notso smartphone