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  1. This probably won't get you in time It is 11:00 am Wed and I have not gotten a call from your dad. I have to leave at 12:30.
  2. Sounds good. My # 607 535 2390. I get there around 6:45 pm. Have him call during the day. The total is $ 220.00.Thanks Harvey
  3. No I don't travel that way. I will be in Geneva on Wed. Sept. 16th. in the evening if that will help. Shipping on 4 would be $21.00.
  4. Yes the USPS Priority mail delivery has gotten really bad as of lately Expected delivery 2-3 days,how about a week to 10 days. Of course they are blaming it on the Covid.Not much can be done, at least they are still shipping.
  5. It sometimes all depends how deep your pockets are I am a Barnett man and really like them. I am now helping a beginner with a Wildgame 370 made by Barnett. A nice starter bow for $200.00. E-Bay. It is fast and fairly quiet. The scope that comes with is not bad, but the arrows need replacing. Just my take. Troutman 87
  6. Sir I did not get a pm from you-maybe try again.
  7. Hello,

    I was interested in a set of 16lb weights. My number is 585-813-4929.

    I would consider picking up this week if possible. My name is Jason.

    Please contact me. Thank you

  8. Does it have the Pro-view 3 x scope?if so, I'm not trying to insult you,but would you take 5 big ones?
  9. I am interested in the bow if you still have it. How about some more details.
  10. Ron I got your ck. and am sending your weights Monday AM. Do you mind if they are painted flat black?
  11. I have given all my boxes etc. a good search plus I just bought out a bunch more of tackle like you are looking for. Dodgers-27 alltogether- Luhr Jensen # 0,5-1 Les Davis chrome.Some are rough shape Size 00- 21 same some are rough,5 are brand new..Needlefish-5, not bad. Probably over 20 sets of cowbells. Jensen,Dave Davis,Les Davis, Miller, etc. and some misc. smaller sets and different names in the mix.$ 150.00 shipped for all.
  12. I sent your weights this AM 8/18. Expected delivery Sat. 8/22/20. Thanks for your order-Harvey
  13. Mark I have 2 for you right now. Let me know when you could come and get them. Thanks,Harvey
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