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  1. I have about 40 misc. dodgers and flashers-different kinds and sizes. What exactly are you looking for? I have "beat up" and brand new. Cheap if you take them all. Troutman 87
  2. STEVE I can always use lead but I live in Watkins Glen and Hilton is along way to go for that much lead. I do appreciate your concern. Thanks anyway. HARVEY
  3. BILLY PAM at Brewers has a Cannon.
  4. Don't worry Bobby, the tourney is on.
  5. Wanted

    I can make you new two 10s and 2 new 8s and ship for a total of $90.00.Troutman 87
  6. for sale : usa

    You didn't "sell" that net, you gave it away!
  7. for sale : usa

    BOBBY Left you a phone message-call me Harvey O.
  8. 2006 HONDA 5 hp. $750.00 2006 Honda 5 horse. 4 stroke. 3 gallon tank. Brand new hose with squeeze ball and connectors-cost $128.00.Very good shape,few paint chips. New cost around $1800.00. Stored for the past 8 years. $750.00. call 607 535 2390.Thanks for looking.
  9. Seneca

    I go to the pier at Watkins Glen almost every day and it has been pretty dead. The perch fishing is done at the pier.
  10. Cayuga

    CAYUGA FLEAS Any sign of fleas on Cayuga yet? Thanks.
  11. I have had several recommendations about SVO and talked to Matt, one of the owners and probably will book them. I would like your insight also. Would you call me 607 535 2390? Also didn't you get torpedoes from me? Thanks Harvey
  12. 0hio deer hunt Anyone have a good recommendation for an ohio deer hunt outfitter? I got scammed last year by a guy that shouldn't be in the business.I would like to hook up and talk to with someone"who has been there and done that".Thanks for looking.Troutman 87