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  1. Probably call would be better,my emails not working.
  2. This is Troutman 87 and I am back in making weights again. Torpedos 16 lbs.,12 lbs. and 10 lbs. Balls 15 lbs. down to 6 lbs. 14 and 10 lb.Herbies aka Fish or Dredge weights. Message me on this site or call me 607 535 2390. Thanks for looking.
  3. I will have lots of 12 pound balls at the FLTA show. Also a.friend of mine will have some at Brewerton.
  4. Troutman 87 will be at the show with his table full of lead. Rigger weights-torpedos,balls and fish shaped weights. Seth Green trolling sinkers, small sinkers etc.
  5. Congrats on him.Looks like a big body. It is always good to rid the woods of a rack like that.
  6. Anyone have today's results? Thanks in advance.
  7. Want to trade for both for two 12 pound torpedos? We each pay for shipping.
  8. I make them in 1O pound and 14 pound. My customers really like them. I have to make two 14s tomorrow for "FISH PIMP" as he donated two to Lake O. They are $30.00 each. I have a Captain in Alaska that takes 4 every year.
  9. No PayPal or venom,just checks or money orders.
  10. Bob If you guys are going to have the extra draw prizes,I would like to donate my rigger weights.Let me know. Harvey.
  11. I make 12 and 16 pound torpedos. 12s are $35.00,16s are $45.00. Shipping for 2 is $ 17.00.
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