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  1. Hello,

    I'm looking for 16# torpedo downrigger weights.

    Not sure how to contact you.

    I would like to purchase 2 of them and have about 30# of lead I can send you.

    Thank you

    1. TROUTMAN 87

      TROUTMAN 87

       Fender Call me  607 535 2390 Thanks,Harvey

  2. Probably looking for the "needle in the haystack" but I thought I would give it a try. I am trying to find a certain Shakesphere fiberglass Wonderod Purist. It is model No.940 9ft.,0 in.,line no.11 with a 2 inch power butt. Will pay cash or trade for downrigger weights. I have tried the internet and Craigslist with no luck. Thanks for looking. Troutman 87.
  3. Hi Harvey, it's Sam Jenson here again. Please send the 2x16lb weights to the following name and address: Sam & Joan Diller 215 N Bentley Road, Bluffton, OHIO, 45817 - much appreciated!

  4. Hi, looking for 2-4 16lb torpedo weights. Sam Jenson #519-577-3607

  5. Years ago perch fishing on Seneca in front of Glenora Point my anchor hooked a railroad tie. Had a heck of a time getting it in.Dragged it on shore.A gold mine of lures-23 in all. Pflugers, Suttons, Twin Minnows, homemade spoons, cowbell rigs, Flatfish,etc.
  6. Would you trade for downrigger weights?I make torpedoes, 12 and 16 pound, balls 6 to 15 pound and 10 and 14 pound fish.
  7. Want to trade for down rigger weights? Torpedoes, balls, fish style-all weights.
  8. I have cash. I can't come today or Wednesday pm. You tell me when would be good. Also where.
  9. I am intrested in your batteries. Would you like to trade for downrigger weights? I make all kinds of weights-torpedoes, balls, fish. Weights from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. Thanks-Troutman 87
  10. Troutman 87s # 607 535 2390-weights available
  11. I am wanting to purchase 2 12# torpedo’s

    406-241-9966 cell number


  12. Are you still making 16lb torpedo's  if so please send me your address and total for 2  i'll send you a check like I have in the past

    my email- [email protected]  phone 716 445-6688

    1. Richard


      I am looking for the 13# torpedo downrigger weights i saw that you were selling. I currently have the ones A Tom Mik used to sell. I think yours were almost the same. Do you still make them? What is the current cost. Defiantly need one if not two. 

  13. I will donate two of my torpedoes to the raffles. Harvey- Troutman 87
  14. I NEED 3 12 LB TORPITO  PLEASE CALL WES AT 315 668 7711 

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