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  1. Cayuga Cayuga Taughannock Launch Closure

    Maybe they will raise the bridge a few feet
  2. Spring browns

    Make sure you dont just rely on bayrats. They are great sticks however some days different actions of different brand sticks seem to produce better. I will say after the past few springs my top producers have been a mix of bayrats, rapalas (f7, f9, f11 aswell as the scatter rap series in the same sizes) and various thunderstick jrs have worked well. Also it has been said already but Michigan stinger spoons in scorpion and the regular size are great. My 2 favorite colors are bloody nose and mixed veggies
  3. 2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!

    Congrats to the winners! I enjoy all the pics however i will say John's pic is awesome and the pic by longspurs belongs on the cover of a ducks unlimited mag! If that was my photo I'd be sending that in!
  4. Good luck

    Good luck aaron knock em dead
  5. 2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!

    My dads 2017 state land bow buck and personal best in almost 40 years of deer hunting
  6. My 2017 deer season

    Thanks! Neither one of is were to proud of our shots on deer this year bug it happens i guess. Sometimes it aint pretty but persistent tracking efforts pay off
  7. My 2017 deer season

    So its been awhile since i posted however i got oit for a quick hunt behind my house saturday before last and saw the first chasing i saw of the year by a small buck chasing 2 does up the hill by me and then a bit later i saw the 9 point coming dirrectly at my stand across the field. He made it to about 50 yards and then a doe that had been near me walked into the field and he chased her into the swamp. However this past saturday 11-11 even though my morning went rough do to dropping my release out of my climber at like 8am and having to climb down.. it quickly went back uphill agia. When my dad texted me saying he just hit the biggest buck of his life. I drove to the patch of STATE LAND he was hunting and walked to his stand. We jumped the buck shortly after (we had gave it plenty of time and he thought he had heart shot) we gave it awhile longer and i had him circle to the other end of creek bottom buck was headed up. Well to make a long story shorter i jumped the buck again and it circled out of the creek and wasnt going well at all and stopped just outta my sight. I couldnt get ahold of my dad so i crept up the hill and was awestruck to see the buck 40 yards infront of me fending 3 coyotes off him with his antlers! They necer knew i was there and he chased yotes away then ran another 40 yards and stopped. I decided togo back to my dad and go to truck for my bow. We got back on track because it was one of those few tracks where it was better to track him down and get anothet arrow in him. Well we did just that a short while later and put the buck on the ground. His shot had hit just maybe 2 inches low and busted a front leg. We (he) got lucky but it was a situation where we worked well as a team and got it done. We had a hell of a time trying to drag him out from a mile back in the state land and it was getting dark so we gutted him and drug him away from the pile, stashed him and covered him with debris to keep coyotes away and came back with the game cart in the morning. Very nice to have for big old 4.5 year old bucks

    Thats unbelievable! Try laying there in a layout stubbled like that and report back lol
  9. 2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!

    Neck colar and banded canada goose from monday morning after work
  10. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    I witnessed chasing by 2 bucks saturday morning one of which was my shooter who was coming til he chased a doe the other way... and as for the birthday thing i must have it pretty bad mines november 17th and my womans is in july

    Beautiful all drake shoot!
  12. Waterfowl season 2017/18

    Very nice southern zone goose hunt today with 4 guys! Ended up bringing home some special blind out of the 14 geese and 1 mallard we shot!

    Weve got tons of honkers down here but the ducks havent been the greatest yet
  14. Waterfowl season 2017/18

    Thank you! Wish we couldve got half the birds we shot at Sunday was just one of those days we struggled on the fast birds. The wind didnt help our shooting monday on the geese either but we did well still
  15. My 2017 deer season

    Well i havent hunted much with scouting for waterfowl after work and hunting waterfowl (see bird game section) but yesterday morning i pulled in my driveway to see a real nice buck making a scrape under the apple tree the doe i got was standing under when i shot her. I waited a few hours and set up a cam. Checked it around noon today think i have a new hitlister! Split brow on one side 9pt have another pic of him sideways that shows he was trying to grow crab claws on both beams that wouldve made him an 11. Hit scrape just after dark only 15minutes after a doe was there