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  1. suttontroller94

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    I agree on that either way take all that thread with a grain of salt it was just an idea that would require a lot of moving parts I know personally if they run the same day my crew will be in both regardless of the system! Tight lines guys hope to see you all there
  2. Who pays new prices for unpackaged lures?
  3. suttontroller94

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    For sure I'll mention something and find out for sure if bears derby is that day
  4. suttontroller94

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    Would be great if they could work together and both use certified scales and have the weigh in for the tourney be a weigh in location for bears derby so guys didn't have to go all the way to Myers who launch outta deans mostly
  5. suttontroller94

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    That would be the way to do it for sure! Would honestly probably get more registered for both events if they were together
  6. suttontroller94

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    Yes it's a box event and I'll have to talk with the guys running it to see when their times are and check the b&b times
  7. suttontroller94

    Cayuga 2nd annual Margeit memorial fishing tournament

    Darn we looked for other derbies going on at that time and couldn't find any going on as for the flta I wasn't aware that the derbies conflicted other than maybe with when they are fishing other lakes but that's hard to change I mean their schedule stays the same almost every year. Is their any flyers for bears derby? I thought his was in September. Either way the margeit memorial and the Barney bear derbies could run in at the same time without many issues being bears is derby format vs tourney format
  8. Ok so I've been asked by numerous people if this event was going to run again this year and I now have the answer! The date is set for August 11th 2018 with the weigh in at south Seneca sportsmans club. I will post more details as I get them but mark it on the calender if you want to fish a great event. Last year's turn out was great and we'd love to see this year be even better! Those of you who fished the LOU All last the weigh in is at the same place and I'd love to see a bunch of LOU members at this event aswell!
  9. suttontroller94

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    I will say that guy you can't use anything you catch as bait. For instanct dont get caught using a fresh caught goby as bait on Cayuga they frown upon that for some stupid reason
  10. suttontroller94

    Cayuga Spoon length

    To be honest every size spoon from little mini scorpions all the way to magnums have days they work. Super slims and the regular size are actually most common
  11. suttontroller94

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    O yeah I'm not doubting the fact it's a secret and I know why for sure the amount of money that little boat has cashed checks for over the years has got to be insane I'm just saying with fishing live bait in general they know their game you are right about it being different than drifting for sure though. In my opinion if you were going to bother trying to use live bait you might as well anchor over a pod of fish and still fish them to maintain the proper presentation like mentioned above of minimal resistance when a fish grabs the bait. I know when I fish slipbobbers from shore that you have to let the fish run and a lot of the times they will run, drop the bait then run with it again before you can connect. Another thing was the choice of bait and this is kinda me letting out one of my old secrets... people think you need big bait like sawbellies or bass minnows but we used to fish year around off the pier in Watkins or the shore of tfalls with perch minnows under the float even when sawbellies were in do to them being cheap and easy to keep alive and most the time they outfished sawbellies
  12. suttontroller94

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    I feel like the best group of guys to answer this in the finger lakes are the crew of the "green machine" aka bill Ryan and his crew they are known for their live bait fishing in the series and take money in most the ones they fish with huge fish mostly huge browns. I'd love to be a fly in the boat one day to witness their program. I can tell you they use light leaders and small hooks from speaking to them when they weighed their 18lb brown a few years back in the memorial day derby
  13. I tie direct to spin doctor swivel. Actually I take the front swivel off all my spin docs when I get them and put them in terminal tackle box then my rigger rods for flashers and my dipsys for flashers all get one tied on the leader then I just snap the swivel direct to whatever flasher I want to run. Always have been taught the less connections and less hardware the better and I have no issues with line twist. My rigger rods that I run spin docs off are set up with a ballbearing swivel then 6-8ft floor leader and on my divers I tie the leader direct to the diver. Just my opinion
  14. If you don't have white with green dot pro trolls and spin doctors your missing out
  15. suttontroller94

    Cayuga 6/10

    What were you using before billy?