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  1. O I agree it's foolish for a captain to take it. I'd imagine merchant Mariner would probably qualify for boaters safety. That's something to look into but you'd think
  2. I agree with all that. I was taught the same way. My issue is the people who come to the finger lakes from the city and elsewhere who hardly ever operate a boat but maybe once or twice a year
  3. That's a problem. However atleast it's. Covered a little during the course that's more than most people are ever taught
  4. Not to get all political but I would much rather deal be on the same body of water or even road with someone who has taken a couple hits off a joint than someone who has drank a few beers.
  5. Everyone will need one after 2025. Not going to lie. I think it's great. It's amazing how many people of ALL ages don't know the rules of the road on the water.
  6. Fair reminder anyone born after January 1st 1993 is required to have a boater safety course as of January 1st 2020! Anyone born after January 1st 1988 is required to have the course starting 2022! January 1st 1983 and after by 2023 January 1st 1978 and after by 2024 EVERYONE is required by 2025!!!
  7. I don't agree with the fall. Most people aren't thinking buying fishing gear let alone 90% trolling gear then. That's a bad move for the vendors.. I know if I was a vendor planning to attend a show with a table of gear and a fall date I'd request a refund on my table fee instead. Not to stir the pot but just being honest
  8. Park was a zoo sunday. They really need to put signs up to keep people from parking their cars in the boat trailer parking that aren't using the launch. When I was there if another boat launched they couldn't have parked their rig however there were tons of empty single parking spots... It's ridiculous
  9. Go ahead then don't go. No one will miss you not attending. Go ahead buy the gear you'd normally buy online and pay tax and full retail costs. Pretty sure that $3 is cheap compared to that.
  10. Correction for you. Southern zone ends Jan 13th
  11. New mallard limit sucks. Killed 2 first thing then had to watch greenheads decoy the rest of the morning
  12. This 2 bird mallard limit sucks. Spent yesterday on Seneca and my buddy and I were done by 720 with our mallards. Could've killed 4 bird limits for 4 or 5 guys easy. Spent a little while killing mergs after our mallards were done so we didn't have to leave early
  13. Pretty good weekend this weekend. Killed a 10 man southern zone limit of 50 geese Friday. Alot slower Saturday but still scratched out 10 between 9 guys. Went and hunted a loafing area this afternoon and killed 5 Canadas a wood duck and a mallard between 2 of us and a buddy showed up later just before the mallard was shot. 67 bird weekend isn't bad in my opinion!!
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