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  1. X2 Nail on the head here. I fish from a 14fter so I've gotta really be cautious of what launch I use and would prefer to just launch at Sampson and travel cross lake however living in a primarily West wind area find severne to suit my needs far easier most of the time
  2. RBonnel. Lodi and Sampson are both on the east side of the lake
  3. Will agree that new plater sucks!
  4. I hope by limited you meant 5 each! Just checking to make sure everyone knows limit went from 3 to 5 on Lakers and from 5 to 3 on rainbows in Browns on Cayuga and Owasco
  5. Could've been sculpins but looked like the gobies we consistently pull out of Cayuga Lakers and meat was bright orange like all other gobie eating lakers I've taken. Hard to tell when they are fairly digested though but definitely were not smelt or sawbellies
  6. We caught Lakers with gobies in their guts in owasco last year
  7. Yeah we tried out the new electronics and got blown off around noon but we tried alot just didn't move many rods
  8. Nice job John. We had tough fishing over there yesterday glad to hear they were willing to play today
  9. Owasco lake launch Anyone know if launch at south end is usable?
  10. What do you want for just the spoon box
  11. What area are you from I personally troll from a small (14ft boat) on the finger lakes however I'm set up just like most of the bigger boats and would be glad to fill an open seat if you were willing to join, so you can pass the knowledge on to your 6 year old. By all means don't be afraid to still book a charter however most captains won't start using those deeper water tactics you want to learn until May. And we use them year around on the fingerlakes
  12. Where are you located?
  13. The fish have to win sometimes. Just hope people stay clear of beds and don't stomp all those eggs.
  14. Maybe it's because I'm an Odessa native and have spent allot of time on Cayuta but I wouldn't hesitate to try that again if I were you it has been getting better and produces better perch, crappie and bluegill every year. I could give other places in the Odessa area and more info on that lake in a pm if your interested