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  1. Black cloud flightstopper shot ain't fun to chew on that's for sure! I've been thinking of getting a metal detector wand for checking goose breast before they make it to freezer
  2. It sure makes you look around thinking that this can't be happening for sure! My first flock of geese was very similar to that with my father which was his first flock too some 11 or 12 years ago we had birds back winging at 12-15 yards popped up and nothing fell! Those flocks you sure remember!
  3. Waterfowl season 2017/18 With September season winding down and it being a slow one for me at best only being able to hunt twice and the first hunt on opening day the birds moved fields but we walked away with 6 Last night 9/22 we hunted an evening feed which we had scouted with somewhere between 80-90 birds in some chopped corn we had to take a non ideal set up do to wind direction vs direction of houses and birds devoted well after Sun got blocked out by trees enough that our shadows weren't an issue. We shot well the first couple small flocks that decoyed and then a flock of 30 and a flock of 40 joined together and worked us beautifully we had birds landing on our blinds and we let the big group keep swinging and swinging just enjoying the show. After a few passes they came around to set down and I called the shot the 4 of us (whom are normally very good shooters) popped up and each emptied our guns then were left speechless and laughing our butts off as we only killed one bird out of all those and that was one someone ground swatted all in good fun though and a nice night we ended with 14 which isn't bad for the low number of birds in our area and whiffing on the big flock! But that ain't what it's about it was an enjoyable day in the field! Onto the migratory birds in October now
  4. I have a 14ft starcraft deep v I used "eagle feet" brackets with a deck board mounted across to mount riggers too. I have a smaller beam length than that boat and I run 2 riggers both directly out the back with minimal problems I have a pair of Scotty manual riggers on my boat and love them. They function great and the lift up feature is amazing for safety and easy use purposes because you don't have to lean over the back of boat to get to rigger ball. The eagle feet aren't cheap for what they are but you don't have to drill ANY holes in your boat and if you wanted to take the board off you could do it in less than a minute I have left mine attached for almost 2 years now and it's still solid enough I could just about stand on it and I've never been concerned about it on a tow to the lake or while dragging 2 12lb torpedo weighs across bottom in 120ft of water
  5. Sounds like could make it happen in one day if you really wanted to and a 10hr break in for a 4stroke vs a 2 stroke sounds like an easy trade for me for what it's worth a 4 stroke your gonna save money in the long run
  6. Hard to beat a 4 stroke and break in period doesn't seem like a huge deal. Can you throw muffs on it as part of break in? Or do you have to be on the water running?
  7. Current Oswego wave report? Anyone got current wave heights for oswego?
  8. Count the tin can in if weather is fa.... nevermind just count me in
  9. Good job Mike and crew tight points race going into the last 2 of the year! Way to add a little breathing room to your lead and catch a 5 fish box on a hard day to catch those silvers
  10. Was just curious is all wondering if maybe someone else coincidently got another nice one aswell. I've gotta get back out there
  11. Is this the same fish or a different one?
  12. Cayuga

    You think they are bad now go to the lake and sit on shore during december/January during duck season.... This ain't nothing
  13. Cayuga

    If only that were true... a while back (years) some guys tried to do a little "vigilante justice" on commerants on lake Ontario and got slapped with heavy heavy fines after killed hundreds to thousands. I'm sure you could find the article somewhere it was a huge deal
  14. Layout blind $50 Layout blind for sale frame is broken in a few places and has a small hole or 2 in floor. Broke very soon after purchase however I used it for a couple years as it still functions. Pick up or meet only located in Alpine, ny and work in lansing. Blind doesn't fold up easy $50. (Blind is wet from being sprayed off in the pics)