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  1. This would be impressive
  2. I'm sure it would have blowback but letting out 40ft of backing would probably put the 3oz weight ~20ft down
  3. May I ask why not? Essentially it's the same as clipping it to a rigger ball and putting it 22ft down which I know alot of guys have done with shorter coppers. Just thinking out loud is all
  4. I've ran divebombs but have yet to come up with a method that consistent. Going to try to attach a divebomb on copper just before backing next time out and let out enough line that will have the divebomb approx 20-25 ft below the surface before attaching to the big board and sending it out. I feel I could essentially turn a 300 into a 400 this way basically adds the equivalent of 100ft of copper to sink ratio without needing 100 extra ft.
  5. Don't be afraid to try different tactics. However don't be afraid of Seneca and that's coming from someone who loves Cayuga lake
  6. What's new price?
  7. Wouldve been my reccomendation aswell. Forgot he heads to Ontario this August
  8. Pretty good argument that we are just struggling to fish against all the bait
  9. Thanks Mike and I agree I'm looking forward to it. The entire top 10 is honestly really tight. If drops were figured as of right now there's only a 7 point difference between 1st and 5th place. I predict some big shuffles in points from the last 4 tourneys
  10. Good job Mike no matter what is up with the lake you guys managed to create a good game plan and find some good fish
  11. Cayuga

    Bet that anchor out up a hell of a fight. We caught about 400ft of copper with 2 mag kwik fish on it last weekend that was fun enough
  12. for sale : usa

    First time I've saw the no nbks was last week at south shore marina in Moravia on Owasco lake i bought a few didn't see mags or copper ones however the backs on a few were like halfway between silver and brass. Doubt it helps much but who knows
  13. Just a little ball bust in harv! Good luck to you and crew
  14. X2 on gamagatsu's (or whatever the correct spelling is) sharpest hooks I've found personally can't tell you a number either I always just compare them to spoons at the tackle shop til I find what looks like the best size fit. I use them for rigging flies as the treble aswell and use either a gamagatsu or an owner as the single
  15. O God don't tell the flta club officers