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  1. Bump! Now is a great time to start registering guys and gals!
  2. I agree about how the over harvest and pressure are going to take a negative effect on the lake. Especially now that ALL of the other finger lakes are struggling and there are far more boats on Cayuga. Changing the limit to 5 fish each may not have been the best option. I know the boat I've been mating on is one of the charters you're talking about and we do encourage catch and release however as you mentioned if they are allowed to keep a limit you can't deny that to them. In my opinion I would like to see a 3 Laker limit again and maybe even entertain the idea of only 1 fish over 28inches. Alot of people wouldn't like it however protecting the strongest of our finger lakes for future generations needs to be a priority.
  3. I won some heads last year at the Tom Margeit memorial Derby. Thought the hooks were thin until I tried jigging and realized how much that helps having a thin hook. Hook might get bent too bad every so often so just change heads and you're back in business
  4. Corey Redditt of Black Dog Adventures!
  5. Have this on the finger lakes thread already but with the conditions on lake Ontario this year I figured maybe it would raise some interest with some lake Ontario guys and gals. Solid tournament with great boxes and great pay outs yearly!
  6. Sounds good Mike I'll be there and the flta meeting!
  7. Feel free to start registering as soon as possible guys! Chicken BBQ again this year and it's one of the better paying derbies in the finger lakes! Last year has amazing boxes brought to the scales as well! Feel free to contact me this year as well to register I will meet with in reason if it helps you out hope to see some new faces this year!
  8. Now is the time and the date has been set for the 3rd annual Tom Margeit memorial Derby on Cayuga lake. Feel free to contact me at 6074268426 for any questions as well as Corey Redditt or Dylan Margeit whos numbers are at the bottom of the flier for questions!
  9. I'm far from left wing and I don't mind the hat at all. Just saying that it's a different world now. A text or a phonecall gets somewhere much quicker than a message in a bottle from your quill pen. No reason to be afraid of the things
  10. Dude you're the kind of radical right winger that gives the rest of us a bad name. Apparently you've never been In a bad enough situation where it could help. What the hell has that got to do with wearing a Trump hat?!?!
  11. Holy chit do some of you guys wear tin foil hats while you're fishing? Give me a break 😂😂 scared of smartphones and think they are useless because you've never had one and witnessed how much they can actually do for you and potentially get you out of some touchy situations
  12. Walleye are a terrible fish to coexist with trout species. Look at Owasco lake
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