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  1. There's also this one as well on cayuga
  2. Way to go John hopefully these next few tourneys will be alot easier on us very impressive that's you've finished so great the past 2 tourneys with only fishing a few hours each time
  3. That Tom Margeit memorial is going to be a fun event with alot of boats on the water for sure going to take a BIG box to probably win by ounces that's for sure. There's also one out of south shore marina on owasco June 17th or so
  4. The Tom Margeit memorial fishing derby on Cayuga August 5th aswell. Which is already looking to be a good turn out based on word of mouth. I know it's not for like 2.5 months yet but never to early to consider
  5. Seneca

    May fish out of Sampson a morning or 2 will be fishing out of the 14ft little tin can good luck
  6. Bet that board gets a pretty serious shuffle tm fishing has been unreal wouldnt be surprised to see a 8- 10lb landlock and a 11+lb Laker added tm
  7. That it a good tip especially if you fish with inexperienced guys often or truthfully anyone
  8. For sure darkwater. For me and most the flta guys there's Kueka this sunday then 3 days on Seneca then Owasco the following Sunday. I think I might even get demoted to the dog kennel lol
  9. Wish this derby wasn't same weekend as flta kueka tourney cuz the fishing has been great on Cayuga and would be nice to have a good weekend of fishing before NLTD
  10. I buy em in any color but they almost always end up painted black
  11. Big thing to be said I was targeting the bigger landlocks we didn't catch one under 18" all day and we lost a pair that jumped and I could get a good look at that were clearly 6- 7lbs as well as losing many between 3- 5 and catching some in that range aswell
  12. Dont wanna give to much info out with the derby there this weekend but yesterday we found the Lakers above the landlocks and that being said the landlocks were big and spunky we lost many more of those than we caught aswell as losing a Laker that was an easy 14lbs at the stern of the boat due to some terrible netting... the fish are in and around bait for sure
  13. We had 48- 49degrees on surface out of t falls and fish were in deeper waters
  14. Another open seat for 1- 2 guys tm 5- 16- 17 out of t falls around 715am
  15. If you have rigs your fine as sk8man stated. Just bite off one piece at a time and add things slowly. Before i had downriggers, leadcores, coppers and wire dipsys we ran a seth green and a mono dipsy on a 3 setting per side and a mono dipsy set on 0 right down the chute. Its not ideal to run dipsys on mono vs wire however it works well. We never even had line counters for them rods just level winds and i knew how many feet of line per pass of the level wind back and forth again not ideal but worked for broke highschool kids and caught alot of fish. Later i took those rods i used for mono dipsys and used them for leadcore rods. No need to over think it. Start with the rigs, add a rod or 2 when you can afford it start with dipsys if you like lake trout and move to adding coppers, leadcores and downriggers later