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  1. What fish finder? Looking to get a new fish finder/GPS combo for around $300 or under I was looking at the humminbird helix 5 at cabelas for 299 but just wanted to see what else was out there. I looked a Garmin striker 4 as Well for only $104 but don't really like the 3.5" screen would prefer a screen around 5"or so
  2. Trade you a 2010 Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke and a hundred dollar bill
  3. Thanks and good luck hopefully weather stays nice and most the fish we caught were similar size to the 2nd biggest of the 2 my buddy is holding I was very surprised to get into the quality of fish we did. I'll be up every time I get a day off with a light South breeze
  4. Yes sir we were the red 14fter and just the ramp to the outlet after we busted ice out yesterday
  5. I'm sure they would work good however don't get popped using them I had Dec give me hell for using one even after he watched me catch it in the lake
  6. Went to hughes and shoveled ramp and broke ice out made for late start but had a good morning
  7. My preferred launch is hughes but I doubt that is ice free
  8. We are heading up from around Watkins and are pretty familiar with that area from steelhead fishing but just weren't sure what launches were ice free currently other than that one
  9. Well that's a bummer anyone know of any other options?
  10. Bear creek status Anyone know of bear creek launch is usable? Plan on fishing Saturday but live 2hrs away. Thanks in advance
  11. Not to hijack your tread but Make sure you check it occasionally because they do vibrate loose. Does anyone know where to get a replacement?
  12. for sale : usa

    Where are you located and what's your price on the whole lot
  13. I plan on picking some up this spring I just started using cowbells last spring and then I picked up a set of hammer heads and made a similar spin and glows as gamblers however next time I'm definitely buying his rigs its far cheaper and can get better colors than cutting down attomik flies and adding a spin and glow