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Lip Rippers

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  1. Lip Rippers

    1st time

    best advice is check forecast first
  2. Lip Rippers

    14ft boat set up

    sent you a message suttontroller
  3. here ya go this looks like the right set up for your style kayak http://www.kayakfishinggear.com/collections/mounts-and-mounting/products/liberator
  4. Lip Rippers

    Is Keuka open?

    from the ice flows i seen and reports it was honeycombed and 4 inches and the way it was moving i would say it is a go for fishing if i had my boat ready i would be out there with you!!
  5. Lip Rippers

    Is Keuka open?

    from today in the h-sport area all open check the i love keuka facebook page there some videos of the ice heading past the bluff clipping right along at about 2 mph
  6. Lip Rippers

    Keuka Lake - South End

    ice is on the move toward hsport friends on east lake rd lost there boat house and dock last night we went out friday in the kayaks no luck screen on the ff was empty for the most part
  7. Lip Rippers

    Keuka Lake - South End

    report as i said maybe 40-50 yards open water in front of marina and 20-30 in front of the docks in h-sport rest of it still froooooooooooooozen i still might take my yak tomm if i do ill post pics and report
  8. Lip Rippers

    Keuka Lake - South End

    i was told 2 days ago there was some open water but not enough for trolling yet what i was told was maybe 50-60 yards out from marina and 40 yards out in front of the docks and not sure how far out in front of where cold brook dumps in i am thinking of taking my kayak down tomm will report better if i get there i might run down tonight and take a look
  9. Lip Rippers

    Hello everyone!

    welcome...glad to see another local
  10. Lip Rippers

    DEC to get a new logo ?

    reading a few articles this morning and ran across this on NYS rifle and pistol page http://www.registerstar.com/columnists/outdoors/article_5a61847a-ab5e-11e4-8f00-3f60cc04f16f.html
  11. Lip Rippers

    I pilot/self deploy

    there ya go
  12. Lip Rippers

    Fall LOC action on White Cap II

    great video
  13. Lip Rippers

    Paying it Forward