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  1. Never launched there but the owner of Spanky's Bait once told me I could access right at the cove on the right as you are driving in. Not sure if that is just for winter access or not, in fact I don't even know if Spanky's is even still open for business anymore
  2. love it MrClean I hope to make it out soon, life has been too busy since last fall and hasn't let up to fish since last october. I have a reliable source that has been having great luck for the last 2 weeks, just not in the Fair Haven area yet but many have been large. Should be making their way in soon!
  3. I have been in a pinch like that before many outings. Ebay has been clutch if there is a "buy it now" option. Saw one New Otter Board available when I did a quick search
  4. greenhornet73

    oneida 10=27-17

    yeah it was a blast and didn't have to paddle too much against the wind which is always a plus
  5. greenhornet73

    oneida 10=27-17

    yep, find the weeds and you'll find perch
  6. greenhornet73

    oneida 10=27-17

    North shore is still on fire. Got out for a morning yesterday in my kayak and limited out on perch and walleyes. The eyes are looking very healthy this fall, like footballs
  7. greenhornet73

    walleye stocking lake ontario

    We are blessed with plenty of strong walleye fisheries in NY and only one pacific salmon fishery that also holds plenty of trophy class 'eyes. I'd vote not to disrupt the lakes' fishery, if you want to try for walleyes on Lake Ontario most of us know where to look even though you likely wont fill a stringer unless you fish them exclusively
  8. nice fish, gotta love those Fair Haven sunsets
  9. How late in the day is too late to troll out there? Thinking about going up tomorrow after work around 6 PM for a couple hours
  10. greenhornet73


    I agree, nice box but the catch is really nice too
  11. greenhornet73

    otisco.9 17-2017

    1st I've heard of it as well
  12. If more people tried goose jerky, there'd be a lot more hunting this time of year than salmon fishing. my 2 cents..salmon are definitely addictive though, even if they taste like garbage once they're dark.
  13. greenhornet73

    otisco.9 17-2017

    Went out casting for a couple hours Tuesday night and had a lot of action, just not walleyes or muskies. 15" crappie, 2 smallmouths and a rock bass and 2 others that spit the trebles. Air temp was 64 and hardly a breeze at 11pm. Water has really dropped since I was there last but that always happens after the State Fair. This weather is nice but water needs to cool down before good shore action starts up
  14. greenhornet73

    Chamount/Henderson walleye

    I have, by luck, caught a few large walleyes trolling along the 23'- 27' drop off along stoney point with reef runners and dixie spinners in July and August
  15. no doubt they are. Unless water levels are low, early September always gets a decent push of fish