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  1. Great fish, looks like a 24”? You guys fishing over the deep water?
  2. Hey I know that lake! I’ll be out there on Sunday when I get home from Brooklyn, can’t wait
  3. Great story and experience! Gotta love those rare moments that catch you by surprise.
  4. I do have an electric trolling motor and would eventually like to have a kicker motor, but this boat like my last is a bay boat design with the self bailing scupper valves just above the water line. I am afraid to put a kicker on and lower the deck any more which is why I think my boat sunk last fall when my bilge failed. I need something very light weight. My 6 hp Johnson was only around 35lbs.
  5. Awesome JD, that’s what I’m hoping for. I have company coming for dinner tonight so my hopes of fishing today were squashed but some day I will have a chance to test it out.
  6. Sk8man, you mentioned your stainless prop. What is the advantage of those over the aluminum?
  7. Good suggestion, I had two brand new drift bags that went down with the last boat. I’m going to try a little trolling tomorrow to see how it does and will probably order a couple of bags in the meantime. I’m hoping to replace it next season with a 4 stroke if I decide I really like this boat so I’m not worried about putting more hours on it. Thanks for all your input guys, very helpful.
  8. Wish I saw this earlier, just bought 2 spools for $42 each
  9. I just bought a boat with a 1995 Mercury 115 2- stroke outboard. It has an electric trolling motor but plan to troll with my main motor for more power. My last Yamaha 130 fouled plugs on every trip if I trolled over 3 hours. Just curious if anyone has a merc and has had good luck with slow trolling.
  10. Good to know. Still getting my new boat set up, no riggers yet just a lead core and 2 dipsey rods set up to start the season. Cant wait to get back out there.
  11. Curious how the launches are myself. I was at Stony Point today and the water is about 3’ below where it usually is this time of year
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