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  1. How far off to the side will it run on setting 3? Ive been running mine at 2 and they don’t seem to plane more than 10’ off to each side, at least my line at the surface.
  2. Don’t be ashamed to be proud of a legal catch. You had every right to keep it. It’s when a fish is kept just for bragging rights and foolishly wasted afterwards that is shameful.
  3. Oh good, glad it didn’t go to waste. Milk works great and so does beer.
  4. I saw that video a year or so ago and reminds me again of how bad I want to try that on the finger lakes. Thanks again
  5. So these are two different examples. Mine is a “fixed” cheater and sk8mans is a free slider.
  6. I use a 5’ leader with a duo lock snap on each end then take a rubber band and half hitch it to your DR cable at the depth you want to be at. Lock one snap over your line and clip the loop of the rubber band onto it as well. The rubber band will hold your lure in place until a fish strikes and snaps the rubber band and your leader will slide down to your barrel swivel above your lure at the ball.
  7. So you must run your boards out a pretty good distance? I have been adjusting my DR leads up to 60’ back but wonder if I should be back 100
  8. Wow, I was wondering if those were big tigers sitting on the bottom. I dropped my downrigger spoon and ran it 5’ over their heads without a bite. That’s a really nice one, good job
  9. This is an example of an extra large one that would work for this purpose
  10. Justin, was that one deep? I was out the other night and saw a few large marks on the bottom in 58-60’.
  11. Wow, nicest one I’ve seen this year. My nephew caught 4 this week but all low to mid 30’s
  12. Steelie. Sometimes on the water there are variations that can make you scratch your head or second guess yourself. The square tail gives it away before being able to see the mouth or spots.
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