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  1. No problem, I’m actually looking for electric but my brother in law wants manuals so I told him about them. I’ll let you know tomorrow morning if he wants them or not.
  2. Thanks Justin, I should have listened to you but went to Oneida for eyes instead. Stuck quite a few but couldn’t keep them pinned with a jigging rap in 15’. Had one close to 22” jump out of the net and nicely leave the hook tangled in it for me. Only a few shorts landed. I remember now why I never go out just for perch every fall, the pursuit of walleyes always leads me elsewhere.
  3. I’m taking my daughter out tomorrow and wondering if the perch are biting on Skanetleles yet. Please let me know if anyone has info, thanks!
  4. Is it still available? Very interested
  5. Shorts have been the story for me since last ice season. I bet I get one keeper for every 8 shorts. Next year should be a good crop
  6. I started off on Saturday quick with a blade until the wind shifted and they turned off. Switched to a jig and worm and picked up 4 more. I still haven’t tried the jigging raps much in the fall. Are you casting them or vertical jigging?
  7. Thanks, it is a really cool looking island. I’m looking forward to exploring it more next year. He is located in Rusho Bay. Looks like it would be a great bullhead spot in the spring. Walleye and pike would be what we would mainly be looking for but wouldn’t turn down a few good perch trips either.
  8. I was on Oneida, temp was 65-67 depending where I was. Perch were along shore in 8-10’
  9. Nice, I found some active perch last weekend while walleye drifting outside of the weeds. It’s fun when they hit nonstop
  10. I drove up Saturday night to do some night casting from the pier. Fished for half an hour until I was tired of cleaning weeds off my spoon after every cast into the heavy swells. Did some walleye fishing on the way home instead. At least it was only an hour drive for me.
  11. Random question on here but wondering if anyone has any youth cross country ski equipment they would like to sell. I have 3 girls between ages 8 and 12 that I need skis/ poles for so I need 120-150cm ski sizes.
  12. My friend just bought a cottage on Grindstone Island and we plan to do a lot of fishing around there from spring to fall. Would love to here some tips for fall and spring perch especially and would like some info on a good walleye guide that specializes around that area to help cut down on the learning curve. any tips/ info would be appreciated!
  13. I don’t know if this is helpful or not but there are a lot of fish in tight but depends if you want dark fish or silver.
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