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  1. greenhornet73

    Trolling with a Yamaha 130 2-stroke

    I like the idea of having a back up just in case, just not sure if there is room on the transom for a kicker. I may start off with trolling bags and in the meantime talk to the mechanic about mounting options, thanks guys
  2. Yep, off of any of the piers especially if there is a north wind
  3. I have J-11 and J-9’s, which ones are the preferred size?
  4. Hey guys, wonder if any of you have this motor? I recently bought a 2003 on a 19’ sea pro (Fiberglas CC) and wondering if it’s going to troll down to 2 mph or so or will I need to install my kicker? Haven’t run it yet and having it looked over by a mechanic, may be a couple weeks before I get it back.
  5. greenhornet73

    Musky in Salmon River ?

    It never got hooked but the teeth got caught up in the egg sac mesh which is how I landed it
  6. greenhornet73

    Musky in Salmon River ?

    Can’t say for sure what year but between the range of late ‘90’s and before 2005 since I haven’t done much steelhead fishing since then. Even at such a young stage, the markings clearly looked to be a musky to me. I have caught many northerns in the estuary but haven’t heard of any muskies caught in that area but seems like all the habitat they would need are present there.
  7. greenhornet73

    Musky in Salmon River ?

    Never caught an adult but did catch a musky fry about 5” on an egg sac at the trestle pool years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the lower river but was really surprised to catch one that far upstream
  8. greenhornet73

    Walker downriggers mount

    LB, I still have the yak but my shoulders started feeling their age last year so I placed a bid on ebay and ended up with a boat lol. Just dropped it off at the marina to have it tuned up and ready to go for spring Browns with fingers crossed
  9. I am getting my boat ready for ice out and apparently still have some time before I need it finished. I bought a couple Walker downriggers from Craigslist and am trying to find mounts for them so I can remove them when not in use, especially on the ladder side for when the kids want to go tubing. Does anyone have walker’s and know what I can use for mounts?
  10. greenhornet73

    Line recommendation

    Thanks everyone, I went ahead and had one reel spoiled with 30# BG and will save the other for a wire set up. LB, I like the braid idea at the terminal end to avoid kinks.
  11. greenhornet73

    Line recommendation

    Great thanks for your input! My next question is since my reels are Okuma 30’s will 250 yards of 30# be enough since that is probably the max that they will hold
  12. Hey guys, I have upgraded the fishing kayak to a boat this year and am putting together a couple more outfits to add to my trolling arsenal. I have two new rod/ reel combos that can handle over 300 yards of 20# mono. I have been told not to use braid, which is already on my walleye and brown trout rods, for salmon rods. I would still like to use these new rods for walleye and trout but would just add long leaders of lighter line. What brand and # line do you guys suggest for dipseys and downriggers?
  13. Pray for a slow, gradual defrost!
  14. Yeah tell me about it, I’m actually a little stressed out trying to fit in all the species I can in only a couple months time. I have to remind myself that a couple solid trips is more enjoyable than a bunch of run and gun empty handed missions that just waste time and gas and piss off the wife
  15. Yeah they looked too silver to be within 40’ which is when I usually start for them with the yak without downriggers. Right now I’m tying porgie rigs and clousers for the false albicore run that is finally starting