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  1. I removed the steel plates covering the old mounting areas of where a t top used to be mounted on my boat and found a hole below one of them. The base of the new t top will set right over where this hole is so I need to repair it first. Can I use Bondo glass filler for this or is there a better method to use? The hole is about 1/2” deep and 3” wide. The material below the hole feels pretty solid.
  2. The streams are fishing well today for the opener. IMG_1539.MOV
  3. Looks like it’s going to be stream trout for me
  4. And stay away from break walls, you can get blown right into them and it is tough to paddle away from them
  5. So I lugged the 60 lb battery down to the basement and crossed my fingers as I tightened the terminals down and all the lights came on! Thank you so much guys for working this out for me. Now if you could all just pray for some warmer days we will all benefit from it and I can finish my boat projects and get out on the water
  6. BTW it was really nice of longspurs to start this thread, it made my work day go by a lot easier 👍🏽
  7. If not, not even a smoker can tame that meat haha
  8. Yep, I learned that from cleaning/ eating bluefish. Believe it or not when cleaned properly and eaten fresh they are delicious, especially when under 10lbs
  9. Haha well after 19 years you’re doing it right. Keep it outside then for sure.
  10. Hey longspurs, with a fish like that you don’t have to go with strong flavors to cover up strong flavored fish like fall salmon. I like baking it with butter, olive oil, minced garlic, dash of thyme, salt/pepper and a splash of lemon. 350 for maybe 12 mins and done!
  11. Haha, if you only saw me trolling in the “trench” off of Henderson and hooking up. I could see the guys in the big boats rubber necking as they passed. Ahh the good’ol days
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