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  1. I used a 7 gal bucket on each side of my 19’ CC this year to slow my speed and it dropped my lowest idle speed from 2.6 mph to 2.2. Upgrading to a kicker motor for next year but the buckets allowed me to fish my program for a year without spending money
  2. I was thinking about that but without knowing how thick the outside wall is I am hesitant of cutting even with using a backing plate. I emailed and will try to call Sea Pro customer service to find out if that is an option. If I can end up doing that I can finally mount my downrigger plate where I can wanted to.
  3. I would like to mount the kicker mount to the port side of the transom but have a problem. I would have to through bolt it through 10” of fiberglass. My 6hp kicker weighs only 35# but I am sure lag bolting it would not be sufficient, especially for trailering. Anybody have any experience with a boat like this?
  4. Awesome, thanks for the report. Hoping to get my kicker on the boat this week and try it out this weekend
  5. Awesome I didn’t realize the separator had two outputs. Should be an easy hookup there. The short rigger still has me nervous. I have a winger I may put on the kicker side to run the cable far away from that prop
  6. this is the situation, any suggestions here?
  7. Ok, that sounds like my original plan plus a couple valves which seems pretty easy to do myself. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Now I just have to figure out where to mount this thing on my transom, not a lot of room with my short boom downriggers. May have to kick one out off the side
  8. So the only primer bulb is ahead of the water separator and you close off the valve to the motor not being used at the brass T?
  9. After the trip was over I was wishing I had tried Shackleton instead but the dark clouds were rolling in and I didn’t want to venture further out from our starting point. Heading down to the Bronx this weekend but will be back at it the following weekend in hopes of a more aggressive bite
  10. I have been given an old but very clean Johnson 6hp kicker motor that I would like to run off of my main fuel line. Both motors use a 50:1 fuel mix and wondering if I can use a “T” fitting to feed both with a primer bulb for each motor?
  11. Awesome great news, running the same program from summer or larger offerings this time of year?
  12. Went out this afternoon and found the same, lots suspended 25-35’ over 40’. I picked up one keeper on a jig before deciding to drop the downriggers and pull crankbaits for a while before heading in with no takes. Work hard for them without much to show but looking forward to it picking up in a couple weeks
  13. Cool good report for not ideal conditions. I’m taking my dad out for some jigging and drifting for probably our only trip out together for the year so hoping to find some fish. Will probably start in the channel out east then move into the weeds for perch if we aren’t doing much. Are they active on the bottom or suspended?
  14. greenhornet73


    Haven’t been out on Oneida yet this year but thinking of heading out to the East end. Are eyes still being picked from the channel or are the numbers better in shallower water? I have spots in mind so don’t need exact locations but just a general idea of what’s happening out there. Thanks!
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