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  1. These are flies only, no hooks/leader correct?
  2. From my experience with boot foot waders, if you plan to wear them in cold weather get the next size up. Thick socks will cut off your circulation and your feet will freeze. I used to fish for steelhead through the winter and learned that lesson quick. If only wearing them in fair weather then disregard this message.
  3. Sherman I just told you yesterday I am buying these, why are you getting involved you aren’t even local?
  4. Addictive for sure. My house got hit with Covid so here I sit after that last outing and will likely have to put the boat up once I’m released. There were some massive bass around inhaling lures at night pushing 6+ and my friend caught one a couple nights ago that went 5-8 and didn’t look a big as the one I had landed last week. Ended up being a solid boat season and looking to still get a lot more casting in before ice. Snow is piling up on my deck as I am writing this.
  5. I watch the show quite a bit but nothing could compare to seeing a fish like that approach the side of the boat and then on the deck. Must have been surreal. I wish I could handle a trip like that but even after all my years on the water my stomach can’t handle those rough seas.
  6. Sound like the mixture is in the tank and the motor runs directly off that gas tank.
  7. Sometimes it takes a lot of casts and a little moving around but when you feel that ‘tap’ it’s all worth it.
  8. Very nice. I haven’t been able to manage more than a handful of walleyes jigging lately each time out and most have been short. The night casting has produced better quality fish for me. 2 nice ones from last night casting large sticks.
  9. I always used stabil marine without any issues but this summer had a mechanic tell me to only use k100 for overwintering, said it was the best.
  10. Cool thanks. My brother-in-law tried yesterday with orange spoons with no luck and didn’t mark anything. Water temp was 53. Still hoping to give it a try before I put the boat away.
  11. Does anyone know if the state launch on skaneateles is still open? If I remember correctly you can launch year round as long as the water level is good, correct? I’ll have a few chances to get out this week and thinking of trying for perch or maybe do some trolling.
  12. Thanks, I hope to make it out Saturday morning between SR and Selkirk if the weather cooperates. May end up walleye fishing on Oneida unless it’s really sloppy out.
  13. One thing I want to cross off my bucket list this fall is trolling for steelhead off the tributaries. I’m planning to troll some spoons in 10-20’ along shore this weekend before I reluctantly put the boat away for winter. I would love to hear some tips from anyone that has done this in terms of lures/ techniques.
  14. The jig bite was pretty good yesterday with a few shorts and perch as well. Water temp ranged from 59-55 where I was. Has the shore night bite heated up yet?
  15. Ok great, thanks for the info I will give them a call! The marina by me is done by next weekend.
  16. Ok great thanks. I can store it on my property but just want to get it shrink wrapped
  17. How late in the season can you shrink wrap? I still have a couple of weekends to fish and not ready to winterize yet.
  18. There are some decent shore locations along the Oswego river where I have seen guys targeting pike less than a mile or so upstream from dam in Oswego.
  19. No problem, I’m actually looking for electric but my brother in law wants manuals so I told him about them. I’ll let you know tomorrow morning if he wants them or not.
  20. Thanks Justin, I should have listened to you but went to Oneida for eyes instead. Stuck quite a few but couldn’t keep them pinned with a jigging rap in 15’. Had one close to 22” jump out of the net and nicely leave the hook tangled in it for me. Only a few shorts landed. I remember now why I never go out just for perch every fall, the pursuit of walleyes always leads me elsewhere.
  21. I’m taking my daughter out tomorrow and wondering if the perch are biting on Skanetleles yet. Please let me know if anyone has info, thanks!
  22. Great thanks, let me know
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