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  1. Nope, I’m a CNY native. Just a fish nerd that has been studying fish from all over the world since I was 5 years old. I also use words like pogy, bunker, mooneye,sawbelly, etc that, depending on what state or region you’re in, sometimes has people scratching their heads.
  2. I did, Glenn. Been doing my best to get the walleyes out of there one at a time just as they were put in there.
  3. I had a steady, decent evening bite on Skaneateles tonight until I hit a double header. Both riggers went off within seconds of each other. My deepest rigger kept peeling drag while I was reeling in a walleye on the other rod so i cranked down the drag a little thinking it was too light so it wouldn’t spool me while I left it hanging. It was almost locked down and still peeling. I skipped the 19” walleye in and grabbed the rod and knew it was either a giant walleye or lake trout. After 20 minutes of reeling in the 250’ of line it peeled off, i finally saw color behind the boat and thought it was a 32” walleye until it got close enough to see the spots. Almost didn’t fit in my net and measured out at 34” and weighed 13 lbs. Took a long time to revive it in the 78 degree water but finally swam off. What a day and what a fish.
  4. Cool, I have a few Gambler rigs but haven’t tried them on Oneida yet.
  5. I’ve seen those Kokanee rods, pretty pricey but the type of rod I’m looking for. Those Eagle Claws look spot on and the right price for buying a pair for the riggers. Awesome suggestion guys, thanks for posting.
  6. What length and action on the Ticas? I’ve looked at their surf rods but never the inshore rods
  7. I only run mooselooks and the smallest Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoons on this particular lake. I like to be able to feel every bit of the fight and headshakes while I’m playing out the fish. Let me know when you find a dowrigger rod that you’re happy with, it would save me some trial and error as well.
  8. Good to know, thanks. I recently bought a Daiwa wilderness ML for a leadcore rod. It will work well for that but with just running mono for smaller trout it is overkill. I was catching 5# laker trout on my Starfires last weekend and each time thought I hooked a double digit walleye.
  9. Thank you, that’s awesome. I was hoping to use as much of it as possible without just using the breasts and discarding the rest. Now I just have to shoot one and not shoot over it’s head like last year.
  10. That’s sounds good. Did you do anything else to it?
  11. Before we get there, now is a good time to plan what to do with one before we bag it. Still haven’t shot one yet but the flock showing up in my field every day is getting my hopes up. They always seem to disappear on opening day but just in case, what are your favorite ways to prepare wild turkey?
  12. Same here! Thanks for all the responses and troubleshooting help.
  13. Nice job getting to them early. I did the opposite and put in at 10:30 and couldn’t maintain enough boat control to give myself even a decent chance to connect with a fish. It was just enough of a NE blow to spin me around if I took my hand off the wheel. Glad to hear you’re still on them.
  14. Just got home from a 3 hour troll and the oil level is still perfect. Easy fix with a replaced thermostat.
  15. Nice one! The wind really put on a show yesterday afternoon.
  16. My uploads have been doing that too lately. For some reason if I screenshot the same picture and send it again it will upload fine.
  17. I hope the wind cooperates for you guys. I’m heading back out Monday, let us know how you do!
  18. I can’t stress enough to occasionally jerk the rod or give it a steady pull then drop back motion during mid-troll. You’ll grab those followers that otherwise may not strike a steadily moving lure. I learned this trolling spinnerbaits and bucktails for pike and muskies in Ottawa.
  19. I ran a third quart of oil through the crankcase today to make sure all of the gas/oil mixture was out and filled it with good oil. Fired it up and ran it for 10 minutes on almost half throttle with muffs on. Checked the oil after and was perfectly clean and level didn’t change. I’ll run it on the lake this weekend but for now it seems replacing the thermostat did the trick. Thanks everyone for all the input. If anything changes over the weekend I will post it to help anyone in the future with the same problem.
  20. I replaced the thermostat and changed the oil twice. Will fill again tonight and run it and post what I find.
  21. Seriously, makes my transom look like a car top boat!
  22. I’ve been experimenting with different setups each time out and have caught fish each time. So far it is one rod that takes the most hits on each trip. One day it was a planer board flat line with crank bait, next time was a 1 color with a spoon, and last time out was the downrigger but over deeper water which makes sense. The one constant is that I have been running every line on one side of the boat instead of spreading them over a larger area.
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