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  1. I believe that as well. I don’t target bass to eat but I will eat them out of skaneateles lake and they taste great. I always figured it was the cold and clean water.
  2. Probably won’t eat another again but jigging them up in open water is still on my bucket list. Ice fishing them is a lot of fun.
  3. I’ve only used them for fishing shallower water to 30’ down and they work great and can run them 50’ ahead of the spoon. I hear the larger sizes won’t get the depth that the fixed ones get though.
  4. I like those slide divers. Started using them walleye fishing this year with spoons.
  5. For what it’s worth, my boat came with a style like the Swivl-Eze Lock 'N Stow Motor Stabilizer Lock - Model 10107 from bass pro and it works awesome. Pricey for a transom saver but it’s compact and very effective.
  6. It was a great day to be out for sure. We fished 130’ with a mostly blank screen besides a few lone rangers 100’ down. Had to pack it in at 11 but saw more fish and bait heading in between 110’and 120’. Casted for a while in the estuary while my wife was on a work call and saw plenty of boils and one quick strike on a j 13. Hopefully I’ll get out one more time before they are all shallow.
  7. I may have to run a plug program inside if we’re marking and hope for the best. Don’t feel comfortable going out to deep water without a radio and still don’t have riggers on yet. Just running 3 dipseys and a leadcore.
  8. My wife and I both took the day off tomorrow, hopefully we can get her hooked into a brown or salmon. If it’s dead inside we may cast plugs in the estuary for a little.
  9. Oh 100-150’, damn taking my 18’ out on Thursday and planning to stay close within 100’
  10. Beautiful steelhead. What depth were the stagers mostly at?
  11. I caught 2 with harnesses off stony PT a couple years ago in my kayak labor day weekend without even knowing the area. Both were over 29”. They definitely work when the deep divers aren’t catching.
  12. Seeing those pics gave me the itch to try my favorite finger lake tonight. Went 1 for 2.
  13. Wow that was a chunk. My biggest otisco walleye ever is a 26.5” 10.5 lb. Looked like it swallowed a kids nerf football
  14. Not bad for a 3 hour tour! Was the biggest around 31”? I’ve never done well trolling at night for eyes.
  15. greenhornet73


    Finally made it out for my first Oneida excursion for the year since Ice season and same story for me. 7 eyes and only 2 over 15”. Most were under 12” and had to really work for them. Conditions seemed right but should have known by the lack of boats on the water that things are slow. Nice to get out and surface weeds weren’t too bad for trolling. Jigged ‘til my arms were sore and resorted to trolling for 4 shorts while my dad dragged a plain worm on the bottom with some split shots to get 1” short of his limit.
  16. Big fish. Nice job right out of the gate! Do you have downriggers on that boat or are you running dipseys?
  17. Good luck Clark, let me know how you do! I’m hoping to find a sitter for the kids so I can sneak out for the morning and fish tight since I don’t have riggers yet
  18. Wow I wish it was a 2 piece, just got back from the cape and am looking for a 10’ lami.
  19. Great fish, looks like a 24”? You guys fishing over the deep water?
  20. Hey I know that lake! I’ll be out there on Sunday when I get home from Brooklyn, can’t wait
  21. Great story and experience! Gotta love those rare moments that catch you by surprise.
  22. I do have an electric trolling motor and would eventually like to have a kicker motor, but this boat like my last is a bay boat design with the self bailing scupper valves just above the water line. I am afraid to put a kicker on and lower the deck any more which is why I think my boat sunk last fall when my bilge failed. I need something very light weight. My 6 hp Johnson was only around 35lbs.
  23. Awesome JD, that’s what I’m hoping for. I have company coming for dinner tonight so my hopes of fishing today were squashed but some day I will have a chance to test it out.
  24. Sk8man, you mentioned your stainless prop. What is the advantage of those over the aluminum?
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