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  1. Beware if they tell you to make your PayPal payment to them through “ friends and family”. That protects them from having to give you your money back or canceling your payment.
  2. Nice fish! I was thinking about going out in front of the SR today but ended perch fishing instead. Maybe next weekend
  3. Actually probably more like 9”, depends on which ruler I’m using🤫
  4. Hey Clark, what is the distance from the water level to the bottom of your transom cut out? Looks like it could handle some waves. My bay boat is probably only 12” so I have to be very aware of wind direction and boat position or I my bilge gets busy
  5. Nice! Only sketch part about where I was is that there were whales breaching in the same bait schools so you didn’t know if a 7 ton whale was going to blow up in the center of the blitz or a school of stripers. A whale landed on top of a boat right in front of our beach house a couple of days before we got there. I took this from the back deck while drinking my coffee before heading out. I waited it out a while instead 😬
  6. Usually it happens while I’m fishing the beach but this year it happened while I was out in my kayak. The bunker were slamming the bottom of the yak while the water was boiling all around me. A little nerve racking but awesome at the same time.
  7. Awesome! Congrats on breaking in the boat with an epic outing. It’s amazing to get into a blitz, everything you put on works! Also amazing how they swallow those huge bunker effortlessly.
  8. Wow it would be hard to not reactively set the hook when getting bit that close to the boat.
  9. Correct to assume $14 each must include shipping?
  10. Awesome, well done and glad to see your license is prominently displayed unlike myself who always seems to leave it in another tackle box wherever I am not. A trolling bag will get your speed down. I mount one 30” bag on each side up towards the bow to keep me straight on track and keeps them away from the lines.
  11. We got a late start and didn’t get to the launch until 10:00. Water level is low but we’re still able to launch my 17.5’ sea ray without any problems. Lots of fish jumping in the estuary and just outside the mouth with a few boats flatlining with planer boards within 10’ of water. Started off in 15’ and marked quite a few right on bottom running j plugs and j13’s. Snagged up on a dipsey so put in neutral to reel everything up and spin around to free it and the rigger j plug gets smashed while barely moving and takes off. Line was wrapped around the cable and of course snaps off….no other hits in 3 hours while also moving out to 20’ and then 90’ without seeing many marks at all. Didn’t see any boats fishing deep, all were within 8-20 fow. No complaints, I got to spend a few hours on a calm Lake O doing what I love with the one I love most on a beautiful day.
  12. Heading up in an hour with my wife and hoping for an anniversary bite, hope they aren’t out too deep
  13. I would try the North Shore forum, you would probably get better local info
  14. My wife and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary and she has surprisingly asked me to take her salmon fishing Wednesday morning. That is amazing in itself but to actually get her on her first open water salmon would be amazing. I’m sure there are quite a few in tight in front of the SR but if there is a good silver bite out deeper I would prefer that if weather allows. I would really appreciate any intel anyone wanted to share.
  15. Nice! Thank you. Just wondering, when you run your J plugs do you run them just off bottom or throughout the column?
  16. The starbrite product line has worked well for me from the textured deck cleaner to the fabric mold and stain remover for the vinyl. I had to use a magic eraser for a couple of scuffs though that nothing else would touch.
  17. You will appreciate the fiberglass, stains and all, on the big water.
  18. I feel like this generation takes our history for granted and has no idea what is at stake if we let it slip away. May all those lives not be lost for nothing.
  19. Looks awesome! I like the decal on the stern too
  20. If you haven’t already tried you should list it on eBay since that would be a much more popular reel along the coast and you would get close to full price for it.
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