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  1. They respond well to turkey calls. I have had more fox come within 10’ than turkeys in the spring🫤
  2. Does anyone know of the Owasco lake launch closes for the winter?
  3. Oh sorry for the confusion, in our diocese the deacons don’t wear collars although I know it is permitted by canon law. Yes Jesus and many of the greatest Saints were fishermen and fishers of men. Keep up the good work.
  4. You are a great fisher of men. Great work Father and have a blessed Christmas season.
  5. I’ll have to play around with my set-up and see what works better for me. I have one leadcore rig that I have only tried out here and there over the last 2 seasons and haven’t had as much success with it as my other rods.
  6. I just bought a Piscifun Salis X 300 and with 90yds of 40#braid held 8 colors of lc. I haven’t used the reel yet but it feels solid and smooth. Something to consider since it is a less bulky reel than a 500 or 600 model.
  7. Doesn’t the long leader defeat the purpose of the leadcore? Why not just use a 3 oz snap weight on braid or mono. I thought more than 15’ of leader loses the ‘whip action’ of the leadcore to the lure.
  8. My 1 acre pond in the back yard has skimmed over. Need some overnight teens to harden it up. Still haven’t put my boat away just yet 😉
  9. Hopefully we get more than a weekend of good ice like last year
  10. I’m hopeful but still haven’t put my boat away just yet. If the wind could lay down a little I would be happy. There is snow in my yard right now so there could be some fishable ice before December on small protected water.
  11. Yep, I remember one morning in particular when me and 2 friends landed 7 8-10# fish from shore then the next time out not a single hit using the same bait in the same spot.
  12. That’s awesome, thanks for the report! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one still with the boat on call. Going out Friday or Saturday wind permitting probably along the North shore in Constantia.
  13. This might be another year to try since I think it may be another poor ice season
  14. Good to know, I never tried that time of year 👍🏽
  15. What a blast, couldnt get out this morning but at this rate I may not put the boat away until December this year.
  16. Everything aligned for once and I was able to get my first and last trip in on Lake Ontario. The docks are removed from the lighthouse launch but I was able to launch by myself no problem. The rest of the trip went smoothly and had a chance to wash a bunch of plugs and spoons while no fish interupted that effort sadly. I fished between 10-40 fow and found the most marks in the 30’-37’ range but only a couple small pods and that was it. Could have been the fish spooked out of transducer range since I was in skinny water but ran a downrigger, a small diosey and a planer board and traded in a leadcore occasionally. It was a beautiful day to be out, a fish would have made it a perfect trip.
  17. The shore bite for lakers starts in October where you can access steep drop-offs from shore(80’+). The brown and landlocks are usually crashing the surface at that time tight to shore. For many years I always used fresh floating egg sacks and 1 Oz. Egg sinkers and always caught trout. Last couple times I went everyone was using sawbellies and egg sacks were unheard of. Still did my thing and caught lakers when nobody else was moving a rod. The bite continues right into February but never fished later than that because I’m usually fishing through the ice by then.
  18. Nice catch! How was the water clarity that day? It was gin clear where I was and natural colors were all I took fish with.
  19. Great video👍🏽. I took a bunch of videos this year to give me something to watch in the dead of winter when there isn’t ice and the boat is covered and need to feel like I am fishing again.
  20. Those pike are dandy’s by the way, what a blast that must have been
  21. I agree, late fall is awesome. Little fishing pressure, tranquility and bigger fish to catch. Hard to line up a day off from work with good weather/ wind but when it happens it’s all worth it.
  22. We found them in 45’-48’ that weekend but the wind made it tough to stay on them and the anchor seemed to spook them. Ended up keeping 35 with two outings but a nice 13” and other large ones mixed in
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