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  1. I have a 31” on my wall that I caught while casting cleos off the fair Haven pier years ago. Just happened to be opening day of walleye season that year 😁
  2. Nice job! I’ve done the same at Fair Haven where I trolled for a couple miles without a hit then nailed a trout right in front of the beach where I launched earlier.
  3. Keep at it, some of my biggest fish (tiger Muskie, walleye, and brown trout) were all caught in my kayak. 2 of them while trolling in Lake Ontario.
  4. For me fishing out of a kayak is the difference between a fly rod and a casting rod or a bow and a rifle. It simplifies the sport and puts you closer to the water and the fish you’re hunting. Some days the simplification is more attractive than the hassles of taking the boat out and waiting in line at the launch or a fighting with a finicky motor.
  5. This time of year I usually wear waders or rain pants to keep the paddle splash off my legs. In 10 years I’ve still never come close to tipping and I’ve been in some pretty rough water.
  6. I also used to run 2 rods with 80’ leads but after the first hook up my approach changed....my yak uses paddles, no pedals
  7. Nice, must have been a fun fight. I’ve only run my light trolling rods which is fun but I think I’ll use my spinning gear this year
  8. Nice healthy looking fish! How long of a lead are you running behind you?
  9. Nice fish! How did you like landing them with 8’6” rod? I use the same length but cut the handles down to make them more maneuverable when netting fish. Would love to use my noodle rods but the handles are still too long to manage in tight quarters
  10. I sign all of my blanks, not so much for myself but for my kids if they ever use them after I’m gone or done fishing like you said. It gives that personal touch that increases the sentimental value
  11. Thanks for posting Kevin. I just came in off the ice and saw this and was just telling my friend that I am still keeping my eyes out for another boat. Will definitely keep this in mind
  12. That’s the closest thing I found it to be except the flesh didn’t have the discoloration of sandy flesh. Just very white and smooth, almost slimy texture?
  13. I decided to stop at Oneida on the way home from work for the sunset bite and caught a couple in short order. The second one was 20” with a huge head but the pic shows the shape of the body, it isn’t an illusion. When I filleted it, there was only a skinny strip of meat on each side that resembled that of a bullhead more than a walleye. My guess is some sort of muscle degeneration. The color of the fish looked very healthy but the flesh told a different story. Has anyone else seen anything like this?
  14. If you are coming regardless try trolling red, pink, orange spoons for steelhead inside 20’. Might be a little early
  15. I drive a v8 Nissan Armada that pulls it fine but the gas gauge changes steadily as I go and 3/4 of a tank is sometimes used during one round trip from Syracuse to Henderson.
  16. I bounce around during the year between Oneida, Ontario and a couple of the smaller finger lakes but would also like to take it to the salt for some bay fishing during vacations but no way I would drive the glass tank out there along with my family and a weeks worth of luggage. Maybe I can’t have my cake and eat it too but would to at least know if it’s an option.
  17. I have seen Starcraft Fishmasters that look to be 20’ or maybe 21’ that are loaded up with 2-4 downriggers and set up for big water. Does anyone have any input on those?
  18. Hey everyone, I am curious about how well aluminum boats ride on the big lake. I had a 19’ glass CC that handled great but was a heavy haul from lake to lake since I trailer it everywhere I go. Trying to split the difference between towing a lighter load and still not getting knocked around too much in 3’ers. Would love to hear what you guys have and how they are working out. Thanks
  19. I couldn’t use the lighthouse marina the past 2 weeks with my 19’ fiberglass because of low water and the owner said my trailer would get hung up on the concrete drop off. If your trailer has considerable clearance to may be ok
  20. I’m hoping to get out Saturday for one last hoorah before targeting walleye so hopefully the wind cooperates
  21. Wow well done. I wish I could be more confident and only fish 2 rods, not much harm can be done while fighting a fish while spinning in circles which is what I would be doing alone haha.
  22. Has anyone tried to run a big flasher right through them on the bottom to stir them up and aggravate them? That was my plan the other day but too rough to get that far out.
  23. Nice fish. I’m about to take my wife out for her first salmon trip. What’s the wind like out there? Hoping for 2’ or less
  24. Wow, youve been getting them pretty consistently out there now. All on DR’s or running copper or leadcore? If I can’t get someone to go out for salmon this weekend I may try a solo trip for ‘eyes.
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