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  1. Hey guys, We set out on a mission to catch some eater sized salmon and we managed to get one for the grill. Tougher fishing this time around but we still got it done! Thanks for watching, Dan
  2. hey guys, my buddy Lyle invited me out for some smallmouth action and we managed a few decent fish aswell as a big ol sheepie. Tube jig fishing is pretty awesome and i dont think we even got onto a crazy bite that day.. still a riot of fun getting to fish with a few bass guys! Thanks for watching, Dan
  3. They get moved around pretty good with the winds i found.. more east wind for us in the west end and they push down. i think it was pretty well even something like 7 on meat and 6 on rocket. pretty impressed! Hope this helps! Dan
  4. Il see if i can get you in contact with one of the guys at the shop to set you up. Ive not played around with many other rods but i used a 9ft tdr before i could buy the tfo and it fished perfectly fine! my buddy down the dock has an islander rod and they said its pretty fun on those rods too. wel be in touch
  5. It's made by TFO I found it when I was out west. I wish the butt end was longer but other than that it's a workhorse of a stick
  6. Hey guys, Bowen and I snuck out on the local Lund for some fall king action. next years class of fish is looking SOLID. Its always nice getting out for ourselves and catching our limit.. Freezers full for the winter! sorry for hard righting on that first fish Bo... Heres the clip: Thanks for watching, Dan
  7. Hahah maybe one day. O For now, youtube will just have to do I guess!
  8. Well, we finally did it. 2 weekends ago we competed in the scotty king of kings with low expectations due to a tough bite in days prior. With mere hours to spare (the night before), we caught wind that the eastern grounds were fishing well so we took a shot in the dark and it paid off.. An extremely proud moment for us. Heres the video of our win: https://youtu.be/GSVLmTWQBvQ Thanks for watching, Dan
  9. Hey guys, Heres our latest clip from the king of kings tournament from this June. We had a tougher go but we managed a few fish into the box. Congrats to team underdogs for taking the win on this one! Good luck this weekend to all you south shore boys! Dan
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