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  1. We were fishing with swimbaits this day. Victor and Lyle played around with a few different variations but sam and I just stuck with the swammers and did well like that!
  2. im on the north shore of lake ontario just west of toronto.
  3. Hey frogger this was just before christmas. Thanks Dan
  4. hey guys, Got out with my buddy Lyle off the niagara bar and found a couple kings mixed in with the lakers and browns! An awesome change of pace from the usual trolling we do in the summers! Merry Christmas and big fish wishes to you all in the new year! Thanks for watching, Dan
  5. Right on Rick thanks for the support! Looking forward to seeing you put a beat down with it!
  6. Hey guys, the past 2 years I had the chance to work on something really cool with a custom reel maker. Its a 2:1 gear ratio Mooching reel. Check out the knuckle busting session at the end aswell to see how the kick back is. Significantly less "dangerous" haha Let me know what you guys think about this rig! Dan
  7. Hey guys, Ive been on an editing tear lately as i try to pump out as much content from this past fall as i can. This clip was shot over the past couple months as i chased steelhead here on the great lakes. I put a bunch of time in this fall and was able to shake hands with a few great fall run fish on the swing. It been a while since i had the time to actually chase the fall run so that was great to be able to do! Am I the only one that looses that many fish or?? Thanks for watching, Dan
  8. its a cheaper boga grip made by rapala if im not mistaken!
  9. You guys are the best.. thanks for your continuous support on my videos!
  10. Hey guys, Its been a while since I have ran a trip with nick and sure enough we got on them good! the guys definitely got their moneys worth in fish action! thanks for watching, Dan
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