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  1. Hey guys, We made it back for opener again this season and we got tight on some decent walleye and burbot! Always a good time up at the TK house. Im hoping to get one more clip in before my ice season comes to an end so stay posted for that! Thanks for watching, Dan
  2. First time seeing it for me too.. I was impressed
  3. Hey guys, I connected with my buddy Rob the other week and squeaked out for a fish during his pre fish for a tournament on BOQ. Tougher fishing but still managed some great fish! Awesome to see another side of your awesome BOQ fishery! Heres the clip: Im not sure if you still browse these forums Rob, but i had a blast out there! Thanks for the opportunity! Thanks for checking out my latest clip, Dan
  4. Hey guys, I connected with my buddy Lyle a local guide in the Niagara region for some fishing on the big river and we get into some good fish. Sam got into his first brown, Lyle got super close to a new PB brown and I got into some great steelhead. heres the clip of our day: Its no off shore fishing experience but the jumps and runs definitely get the blood pumping! Thanks for watching, Dan
  5. Hey guys, We set out on a mission to catch some eater sized salmon and we managed to get one for the grill. Tougher fishing this time around but we still got it done! Thanks for watching, Dan
  6. hey guys, my buddy Lyle invited me out for some smallmouth action and we managed a few decent fish aswell as a big ol sheepie. Tube jig fishing is pretty awesome and i dont think we even got onto a crazy bite that day.. still a riot of fun getting to fish with a few bass guys! Thanks for watching, Dan
  7. They get moved around pretty good with the winds i found.. more east wind for us in the west end and they push down. i think it was pretty well even something like 7 on meat and 6 on rocket. pretty impressed! Hope this helps! Dan
  8. Il see if i can get you in contact with one of the guys at the shop to set you up. Ive not played around with many other rods but i used a 9ft tdr before i could buy the tfo and it fished perfectly fine! my buddy down the dock has an islander rod and they said its pretty fun on those rods too. wel be in touch
  9. It's made by TFO I found it when I was out west. I wish the butt end was longer but other than that it's a workhorse of a stick
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