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  1. danne134

    East end Walleye action

    Thanks guys!
  2. danne134

    East end Walleye action

    Hey guys, I got out with my buddy Rob for some decent walleye action trolling worm harnesses. heres the recap Pretty cool fishery out east! Also, check me out on instagram to stay in tune with future projects! Instagram: @flyinspired Thanks for watching, Dan
  3. Sam was pretty pissed about that haha First time ive ever seen a cannon holder break like that.. Crazy
  4. Hey guys, Its been annother busy summer on and off the water but ive got annother sweet mash up of clips for ya! Some all around good action despite all the lost fish. No one cares about the fish any ways eh! All we wanna see are the rips lol Thanks for watching, Dan
  5. yessir thats a rainbow!
  6. hey Matt, we were out in about 250 ft of water! hope this helps, Dan
  7. Thanks for the love guys! Dan
  8. hahaha bout as good as proof will get in this clip eh ahaha what an adventure
  9. Speechless... 6 hours straight of pure MADNESS! The fish pushed both myself, the gear and the group to our limits today but when the going got tough, we put it in high gear and kept on chugging. One for the archives thats for sure! Anyone else ever experienced a planer board turned dipsey diver? Enjoy, Dan
  10. Hey Vince Yeah Quinny is a great addition to the team so far! Dan
  11. On top of the tougher fishing this time round, i had some camera gear fail me and i wasnt able to catch all them key moments you guys like seeing... next tournament il be back and in full force! The kings humbled us yet again on our performance during the 2018 scotty king of kings tournament out of bluffers park marina this June. we got our 6 fish box but there was definitely room for improvment! Key thing for this tournament is that "Even Flow" (our new addition to the fleet) performed great and shes ready for a long life chasing kings on Lake Ontario! Congrats to Reel Action on the big win aswell! Thanks for Watching, Dan
  12. danne134

    The Kings are biting (too many strikes!)

    Right on guys! just thinking out loud but what would you guys like to see more of in the future? Dan
  13. Hey guys, Aside from the insane fishing we had this day, this was pretty special to me because it was my first time getting to run a boat (assisted by Moby lol) The kings were chewin and rods were flying! nothing more needs to be said! Looking forward to new learning curves and another season of great people experiences! Cheers, Dan
  14. danne134

    Spring Browns

    Thanks guys! Aslong as the forums continue to allow me sharing of the videos i will do my best to continue sharing in moderation! Cheers, Dan