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  1. This one hits home man. Especially with all your support over the years. Thanks for that Frogger I hope one day we can cross paths. Till then, thank you for your support 🤝
  2. Spent a few days fishing onboard dirty goose sportfishing fleet with Casey and his new captain Joe. We went out looking for browns in shallow. We started in 12 fow right outside the harbor. Joe had me put down spoons and a couple bay rats. We started off with 3 browns + the biggest was 8# Not quite big enough for LOC unfortunately. We kept trolling down wind and found 5 kings on our brown trout program in tight. Neat little suprise for fishing in tight!
  3. Hey guys, I had the chance to connect with Richard of Crazy Yankee Sportfishing and Casey Prisco of Dirty Goose Sportfishing to shoot some content of the incredible spring bite over by wilson. Heres part one and a recap to the sporty but plentiful day on the water with Rick and his group aswell as a quick afternoon pre fish session with Casey to break off the rust and find some fish. It was quite an experience to be able to capture and fish under the wing of these well versed anglers in the industry. Hope you guys enjoy this little 2 part series with Rick and Casey!
  4. Hey guys, We ended up getting a great mid day bite that got us a solid 6 fish box however we made one small mistake right at the end of the tournament that cost us big time (full explanation in video below)... already thinking about the 2022 spring season!
  5. Ps 30 panoptix live view transducer on charter boat and GT36UHD transducer on the alumacraft. We have GPS map screens 10 and 12 inch on the charter boat and echo map 9 inch screen with a standard ducer on the alumacraft
  6. Hey guys, Been a pretty dry summer for content on my part but heres 30 minutes of hook ups and king action to hopefully get you through some of the winter anyways haha Enjoy: Thanks for watching, Dan
  7. Hey guys, This summer I stepped away from the regular content and tried something a little different. Competing in salmon tournaments has been a part of my summers for the past 12 years working with Nick and this year I really focused on capturing the moment for our team. Enjoy the first installment as team Energy Power Sports competes on the july king of kings out of bluffers Marina. Cheers, Dan
  8. Had the pleasure of running around in a brand new Alumacraft trophy 205 for a few days while capturing a bunch of guys in action + fighting fish. I set lines for 8am day one after shooting a bunch of photo and video. I was able to pull 3 bites and landed 2. one bit while I was reeling the rigger up which was pretty neat. Day 2 was nice right off the bat but waves picked up. We picked up a few dipsey fish and 1 rigger fish and closed with wind and waves. Here the clip from our 2 day fishing sessions: Thanks for watching, Dan
  9. Hey guys, We brought the boat across last week and fished both sides. our south shore bite was tough but we didnt get on the water until 10am. made our way north and marked tons of fish right on bottom in 250-370 FOW. we stopped and deep dropped with some 12 ounce weights for kicks but nothing came of it. We poked around some of our home waters and found 1 king and a handful of lakers. Hoping things ramp up here in the next week or 2 to kick off our season! Thanks for watching, Dan
  10. You'll get em going you just need to keep at it!
  11. We were out of st catharines for this trip
  12. Hey guys, Took annother stab at those spring kings with my buddy mark and instead of chasing them down in a bigger boat we decided to break out his 16ft hunt camp boat! Despite having a harder time sticking a few fish we were able to put together a decent program with lead cores and dipseys. 2-4 colors and dipseys 30 to 50 ft out was the ticket for us this day. Looking forward to kicking the 2021 season off and getting back to the grind 👌 Thanks for watching, Dan
  13. Hey guys, Our season just opened for trout here in zone 20 in Ontario and i managed to get into a few good pods of kelts making their way back to the lake. I fished mostly green wooly buggers and played with some smaller tubes and a prawn variant i tied on a size 2 iron. I was having a tough go sticking fish on my smaller tube so i switched up to the bigger iron and immediately stuck the first fish that grabbed. turns out it was my PB GL bow on the swing too! i called it after that but heres a bunch of good grabs on camera for your viewing pleasure. good luck on the rivers this weekend! Dan
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