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  1. Its a mooching rod made by temple fork outfitters (TFO rods) https://tforods.ca/collections/conventional-rods/products/9-downrigger-mooching-rod-blue-blank
  2. the wind moves the surface water the quickest so when it blows hard from the east, the west end fills up with warm water so you have to fish deeper to find the cooler water. i have seen it blow so much that literally all the warm water gets circulated with cold water again. hope this helps!
  3. Thanks guys! hope things are going good on your side of the border! i heard its been popping over there too!
  4. 2020 spring-ish Shake down was outrageous. Never seen salmon so schooled up. Double and triple headers all morning. 20 minutes of absolute CHAOS. Definitely felt good to be back on the water! Thanks for watching, Dan
  5. Hey guys, We made it back for opener again this season and we got tight on some decent walleye and burbot! Always a good time up at the TK house. Im hoping to get one more clip in before my ice season comes to an end so stay posted for that! Thanks for watching, Dan
  6. First time seeing it for me too.. I was impressed
  7. Hey guys, I connected with my buddy Rob the other week and squeaked out for a fish during his pre fish for a tournament on BOQ. Tougher fishing but still managed some great fish! Awesome to see another side of your awesome BOQ fishery! Heres the clip: Im not sure if you still browse these forums Rob, but i had a blast out there! Thanks for the opportunity! Thanks for checking out my latest clip, Dan
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