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  1. its a cheaper boga grip made by rapala if im not mistaken!
  2. You guys are the best.. thanks for your continuous support on my videos!
  3. Hey guys, Its been a while since I have ran a trip with nick and sure enough we got on them good! the guys definitely got their moneys worth in fish action! thanks for watching, Dan
  4. Thats the go to we also put a single over hand above aswell and 1 inch of surgical tubing with a bead on top to minimize shock when we reel up all the way to the rod tip
  5. Hey Frogger Luhr jensen is our dipsy of choice and this time of year when the kings are still higher up we run regular sized dispeys which i believe is size #1. we run exclusively wire lines this time of year and braid in the spring and fall. make sure you are using the right knot if your running wire. the wrong knot and send you into a never ending cycle of break offs hope this helps! Dan
  6. Hey guys, Its been a fun past couple weeks with some good action on this end of the lake. heres some hook ups to keep the the excitement at bay until the weekend: Thanks for watching, Dan
  7. Its a mooching rod made by temple fork outfitters (TFO rods) https://tforods.ca/collections/conventional-rods/products/9-downrigger-mooching-rod-blue-blank
  8. the wind moves the surface water the quickest so when it blows hard from the east, the west end fills up with warm water so you have to fish deeper to find the cooler water. i have seen it blow so much that literally all the warm water gets circulated with cold water again. hope this helps!
  9. Thanks guys! hope things are going good on your side of the border! i heard its been popping over there too!
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