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  1. danne134

    Niagara river Double header

    Thanks guys!
  2. danne134

    Niagara river Double header

    Hey guys, I got the call late friday night from buddy Lyle and he said things were looking good so i grabbed the cameras and headed for the big river. Needless to say, we locked into some solid action and got them dialed in pretty quickly. This was my first time doing this style of fishing and Lyle was nothing short of helpful in getting the stick and I rigged for action lol He said that the stick might actually be good for this style of fishing and man was he right. darn thing might be 40 years old but it definitely still performed great! Its a zebco with very little info on it. all i know is that the cork handle was so old that it has since crumbled to bits since i started using it. Thanks for watching Dan
  3. danne134

    change of pace: white marlin action

    Right on Dave! They are some bad ass guys to fish with thats forsure! Thanks Sk8man!
  4. not quite the northwest or dog leg but we were past 200 forsure. the bite was good from like 230 to 320 that day. Dan
  5. Thanks guys. I appreciate the support!
  6. Hey guys, We got out for one last haul on the big pond and found some good fish before the lake flipped. have a great winter everyone. take care, Dan
  7. danne134

    change of pace: white marlin action

    Thanks guys! hoping to get out there for some more action next season. Maybe even find some work out there! Dan
  8. Hey guys, I connected with a few fishy guys all around my age a few weeks ago down in ocean city and we did a number on some salt water fish. tried my best to get rods firing! let me know what you guys think! Thanks for watching, Dan
  9. danne134

    East end Walleye action

    Thanks guys!
  10. danne134

    East end Walleye action

    Hey guys, I got out with my buddy Rob for some decent walleye action trolling worm harnesses. heres the recap Pretty cool fishery out east! Also, check me out on instagram to stay in tune with future projects! Instagram: @flyinspired Thanks for watching, Dan
  11. Sam was pretty pissed about that haha First time ive ever seen a cannon holder break like that.. Crazy
  12. Hey guys, Its been annother busy summer on and off the water but ive got annother sweet mash up of clips for ya! Some all around good action despite all the lost fish. No one cares about the fish any ways eh! All we wanna see are the rips lol Thanks for watching, Dan
  13. yessir thats a rainbow!
  14. hey Matt, we were out in about 250 ft of water! hope this helps, Dan