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  1. your welcome to my bathroom scale - it weighs 20# heavy or so....
  2. But..... how was the fishing? Sent from my SM-G973U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Let us know how you do and what water Temps you find. I am going in the am and was wondering the same. Will likly drop the probe shallow and see what is happening unless you leave us a good report. Thanks and stay safe. Looks bumpy out there today Sent from my SM-G973U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. glad to hear its been tough for others. I have a seasons worth of skunk runs under my belt already!
  5. no worries man - I aced it today - keep all my gear from getting caught in the mouths of those pesky browns!
  6. would love to love the Bills Man, Grew up in Detroit and I already have the Lions to let me down each year. Seemingly, the Bills and Holy Diver both got their a** kicked today. But... you know what they say, a bad day on the water... well never mind, I never understood that dumb saying anyway as there is no such thing!
  8. Well oldschoolmate.... That great to hear yet ruined my day! I set up at 6am in 300FOW, had a nice mark. two rods fired by 7AM on a north troll, got out to 450. Saw a few boats out deeper, but screen was dry, trolled back to 300 and out again. two more his in the next two hours then nota after 9AM. Felt I should have went anywhere but where I went! What were you catching and on what if you dont mind sharing?
  9. Glad I was not alone. Went 2 for 4 all morning Sat the 22nd. It was bad enough I decided to skip Sunday!
  10. Well, looking at the pic in the OP, that would be a heck of a gobie. They are basically a dinosaur. been here much longer than the salmon and trout. good for the lake I think. I tried one, which will never happen again, they will be all catch and release, unlike gobie which is catch and kill.
  11. Funny - With the name LakerTaker - you may! LOL I also take lakers and most other fish I catch. Rare for me to find a fish I dont like. I put my first bowfin on my boat a few weeks ago and into the pan it went. Shortly there after, it was moved from the pan to the can (trash).. It is also known as a mud fish. once you try it, you will know why. I just got a "new to me" fishing boat and was going to call it LakerTaker, but I see you have the name already. Back to the drawing board!
  12. Was out of ibay last night as well. Went 3 for 5 in 2 hrs. All bows and one mature king. Great night out. Lost one netting . rookie mistake. And one would not stop jumping and line snapped. If you see him. Please return my flasher and meathead Sent from my SM-G973U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. 1lastweekend, I am going out tonight from i-bay as well. I run out of southpoint - ill monitor 68 - I am in a yellow Triton walkaround with a hard top
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