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  1. fishfish


    Google about TILAPIA fish sold at stores. You wont buy it again I bet after reading what they are fed.
  2. 8/9 Braddocks after work. Landed a nice one around 9 pm. 500 ft water on my friends new boat. Hit a Mag spoon cheater that was on a 125ft down rigger. Fish had adipose fin.
  3. June Transition talk ..... I think people use June as an excuse for poor fishing. The lake is always in a transition and the old days of the thermocline holding all the fish are wrong in my opinion. Fish are deeper with clear water its colder down there. Not the magic 50's everyone looks for on the fish hawk. Fishing tactics are evolving. Seems like downrigger bites are less and less. More fish are caught on lures away from the boat with side presentations from what I can gather.
  4. fishfish

    This can't be good

  5. The LOC fall derby had only 3 or 4 fish entered from Rochester to the Oak Orchard area for all 60 place fish divisions. I understand the Salmon year classes change with stocking from previous years ect... but what about the larger browns and steelhead not present in the mid section of the lake ?
  6. I fish only weekends but it has been the slowest , worst fishing I have seen in front of Rochester area for trout and salmon.
  7. Lots of boats out this morning not any nets going in the water. 70 to 150ft had scattered bait.
  8. 80 to 125 feet bait and streakers looking at lures no hits. Trolled out to 225 feet blank screen between 125 to 225. Lots of Weeds and tree parts floating out there. Not one fish or release today but is was calm and sunny nice ride.
  10. 8am till 11:30am fished went to 325 and found clearer water out there 67 surface temp, not much on screen trolled all the way back into 100 feet. 55 deg 30 feet down. 2 steelhead and a skipper king and lost one.
  11. The motors are year 2000 4 stroke evinrudes. Sorry original post said 2006. Some pics added.
  12. 1986 Boat 23 ft ? with twin 2000 evinrudes 50 hp. 4 STROKE 4 cannon downriggers fish hawk lowrance fish finder gps power winch on Yacht club trailer Estate sale. Call Bob for details 585-802-1996 $5,500 package deal
  13. Are they keeping levels low on purpose ? The ice is gone on Braddocks bay / salmon creek and the water is still the same as November levels. It doesn't seem like a normal spring run off.
  14. Fish this morning 6:30 till 10 am. Very cold water still inside 50 feet, foggy. Headed out to 230 ft. Had 55 deg water 50 feet down. 26 pound king on a dipsey with green glow nk 28. 130 feet out #3 setting. Lots of steelhead and skipper kings too. Best day i had this year. Fleas are heavy out there now also.