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  1. Thanks to the replies. I conducted a good check today, on ch 16, with a side note containing professional frustration in the coast guard operator’s voice for my “recreational boat radio check” to henceforth be done on Ch 9. I appreciate the seriousness of the matter, though, as mine is a fishing and a family boat. Thanks to the replies, and wholeheartedly agree with Grady95, hats off to the service-members. Lets all have a good, safe year on the water this year.
  2. I am new to the radio world. In LO, what is an appropriate channel/way for me to conduct a radio check?
  3. Teens Hitting riggers 80/165. Meat & spoons. Temp 50’s.
  4. All good ideas. Thanks for the input. I’ll be working on it tonight.
  5. Having trouble with one of my cannon riggers ~15 yrs old. Will auto wind up for about 15 ft, then stop. Have to wait about 20 seconds, then hit the button again, and repeat (up 15 ft, wait 20 seconds...) until it’s up full. Any ideas, or similar experiences? Thinking about taking it apart, checking auto-stop switch, continuity, board, etc.. just looking for a good starting point. Thanks.
  6. Still available? Interested in the two remaining.
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