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  1. Warm Fall is good for us The alwives [Saw bellies] are temperature sensitive and this warm fall may help keep the water temp in a range that is better for our forage base.. Sure hope so See you all in the spring ! Dr W
  2. That is Captain John Orvec The best guide on the lake [IMHO] You want to charter a trip he is the guy to put you on fish and teach you how and why! Dr W
  3. Here you go NICK..... This is the one !!!! 31foot Tiara Diesel powered in Ohio ! http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1986-tiara-31-continental-103074126/
  4. Mix it up Try short leads on your riggers with J-plugs and faster speed up to even 3 mph That worked back in the 1990's for me. I also pulled big Dodgers OO size with a twinkle fly or a squid back then Lots of turns and change speed too.
  5. Check the Canal map There are many places to the east that it is allowed to do 25+ MPH
  6. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1983-bayliner-3270-bayliner-102688375/
  7. Nick: I talked to a guy who bought a Diesel Trawler from Long island to Seneca Lake and he did it in a long weekend Coming up the Hudson and then the Mohawk to Oneida lake and then on to Seneca He said he could make 10mph all the way. About 35 hours or him If you had a faster boat that could do 25 mph average I think you would make that trip which is 300 miles in 2 long days. With a "BIG" boat with twin big blocks 454's you better plan on lots of fuel my guess is 400 gal or more. BTW there was a Bayliner 32 up n Henderson with twin 4 Volvo engines>? Maybe diesels ? That would be a good fuel saving option? Dr W
  8. Diesel Vs Gasoline Engines [Boats] I keep wondering why so few boats on the Grate Lakes [inland waters] are Diesel powered ? Diesel motors are ! Higher torque and last longer and use safer fuel, as far as fire hazard is concerned. Many ocean going fishing boats as well as sail boats have diesel power, so why not here? The alternative used most in salt water happens to be multi engine outboards and that is not the case here either. Would you buy a diesel ? I would even though I would them be stuck hauling fuel or having to go to bigger ports where it is available. My Truck is a Diesel and I love it , Power and economy when pulling a load! Dr. W
  9. Nick : Check this one out for a boat! I wish I had the time and money to go get this one myself 30 ft stamas My idea of a perfect Ontario boat. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1985-stamas-30'-arrival-102545164 You could even go get it and bring it home on the Canal system. Dr W
  10. Do you want to do a bunch of work on a boat? I saw a Rommer for sale cheap ! Hard to find and super good hull. old 327's but it was running and a fire sale .. $2000 is cheap https://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/d/1964-chris-craft-roamer/6306448814.html IF you are going for a ride Contact John Orvec over in the oak and look at his boat to get an idea of both luxury and fishing space. [Trautman ] he is a pro and on Lake Ontario United too. One of the best guides I ever met.
  11. So Nick : How big is "BIGGER" and are you thinking Trailable ? or not? Love looking at boats and I have seen some BIG TWIN ENGINE boats over 30 that could sit on a trailer [ but over 120 inches wide] permit needed to trail them. Troutman over in the Oak ran a 11 meter with twin 455's and loves it for charter An express cruiser design that big is very nice and handles 5 and 6 foot waves Dr W
  12. So Nick : Are you really thinking of trading boats? How big Are you looking to go? Trailable or you going to keep it at the Marina? I ask because I know of a 28 foot single screw full inboard down in Penn Yan full cabin fly bridge on a trailer. You would have to rig it but it has potential. I would even tow it to Ontario for you [once] I have a diesel truck . I should have bought that one but it is just to big to trail every week Dr W
  13. WOW all that north wind blew a lot of warm water south and drove the cold water deep. Hope you have plenty of cable on your riggers! and how far back would you put a dipsy diver ? 500+ Take all week to bring that fish in.. Perhaps we should try ocean jigs in the 3 or 4 ounce range with Sawbellies ? Dr W
  14. 2018 Stocking levels

    Pray for a warm winter to keep the good times going The bait balls are looking better and better !
  15. Ruff Rider we missed you today , The lake was calm and the fish we marked were right in your favorite spot down about 100. We hooked up 3 times but no big kings , a brown an Atlantic and perhaps a small king the way it acted , It hit a green ladder back J plug had a good rip then gone. Dr W