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  1. I used to have one on my old boat and that worked for me and now they are out of business if anyone has one and wants rid of it drop me a note. I will make offer/ Dr W
  2. IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT! My boat would have every bell and whistle GPS and Radar and auto pilot could make fishing easy ,BUT WOULD IT REALLY ? Navigation always depends on the human element and all those aids are just aides! I actually always have a compass , and because everyone will question even that compass I keep a hand held bearing compass on board as well.
  3. OF COURSE ! And GPS and I am now considering adding Radar! Remember all IO's have low speed wander and maintaining course is by eye The mate was not able to handle it.
  4. We took a short trip out of Sodus Wednesday morning and the fog was so thick that with out GPS you could not navigate, and to make it more fun the wind could not make up its mind which way it wanted to blow. Were there any other fools out in that pea soup? Dr W
  5. Looking Good Mike how did the PennYan run? Dr W
  6. We who are with the USCG.Aux just want every boater to be safe and we try and do our part. We could sure use some more members too! so IF you have the time and want to help the boating community we can sure use the help. https://cgaux.org/
  7. I will do safety exams for anyone around Waterloo/Geneva on request I am a Coast Guard Aux Vessel examiner here in Waterloo. The Exam is free and goes over your safety equipment so you know that your up to code for the year. Send me a note here! Dr W
  8. Dr W

    Downrigger stacking, help

    Depends on your set up after you have about 8 to 10 lines out it starts getting complicated, and the experience of the crew Comes into play as well.
  9. Dr W

    Downrigger stacking, help

    When I fish deep I have been known to put the first line on the ball and then stack a roamer up the cable 15 feet so you have 2 rods on that Downrigger then put the slider on the top rod so you cover as an example 110 bottom 95 stacker and then about 45 with the slider Beware this can result is a tangled mess but you do hook up more. Remember that the lake has changed and it is harder to hook up with just down riggers and take a hard look at the Chinook divers made of Stainless they are the best I have found for deep and spread out well
  10. Dr W

    Downrigger stacking, help

    100% roamers as well both on the bottom and up the cable !
  11. What color Bay Rats were working best and were they deep or shallow ?
  12. Dr W

    QUESTION ON ELECTRIC trolling motors

    Fishnut The other reason is that the electric would be silent where the 5.0 makes some noise . I have both trolling bags and a trolling plate and can slow. Waverammer There is no good way to mount and run a kicker on this hull unless it were electric start and had full controls. The freeboard is very high and it would be tricky
  13. Dr W

    QUESTION ON ELECTRIC trolling motors

    The Minn Mora 160 salt water was the one and would it be able make 2mph
  14. There is a twin ELECTRIC that mounts on the IO or cavitation plate of outboard with 160 pounds of thrust does anyone have any experience with this good or bad battery useage and power I have a bayliner 2452 and could put up to 4 battery on board
  15. Warm Fall is good for us The alwives [Saw bellies] are temperature sensitive and this warm fall may help keep the water temp in a range that is better for our forage base.. Sure hope so See you all in the spring ! Dr W