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  1. I did get one guy up near Henderson .
  2. Wow am I glad I brought this up . Learning things and opinions about how things have changed in the past 15 years. Back when I left the AUX and quit fishing Ontario everyone use the Marine radio and we even had a marine operator to make phone calls when needed. When I had the steering problem there were perhaps 3 or 4 boats visible and they were all trolling and now I understand that not a single one had their radios on the hailing and distress frequency's I thought that as a licensed Captain you were required to maintain a radio watch ? see you all in the spring on the lake catching some browns
  3. I found it hard to believe that no one heard my radio broadcast ? on high [25watts] and heard by Oswego station about 30 miles away I called on 16 and 9 and having run out of Sodus for years in the past I knew that many used 68 back in the day. No sour grapes here just shocked I am trying to get folks to consider joining the Auxiliary, and Flotilla 4-4 at Sodus point could use the help.
  4. Bob You still have not figured out what my points are! First point not a single vessel answered my radio call! It was not a MAY DAY call just an all stations request . Point #2 The Coast Guard Auxiliary is in need on new members and back when I Was active no radio call went unanswered! I now am active again because of this incident ! So the next boat that calls [IF I AM IN THE AREA] will not go unanswered! Unless it is Bob , in that case I will send the towboat US out ! [LOL] Not
  5. You missed my point ! No one even answered the radio call except Oswego station! I towed many boats in who had trouble when I was in the Auxiliary, and was happy to do it. This post is about drumming up some interest in the Aux. This was a "NEW" older boat to me and was not fully equipped on that first trip, Today it is. The rest of the story ? The motor was working and I did navigate almost to the light at Sodus point but with out steerage I did not trust being able to navigate the channel AlI wanted was some one to escort through that channel. This was about seeking new members
  6. U.S.C.G. AUX Help wanted. Here is the story Fishing buddies ! The Coast Guard Aux. is way down on members and that is not good! WE NEED YOU! I was in the Auxiliary from 1988 until 2000 and then sold my boat and stood down ! Well last year I bought another boat and returned to Ontario and on the first trip out my helm locked up and I had no steering ! I called for help and no one was there [on a Wednesday] the Charter boats ignored my call as well. The Oswego station answered and sent a paid towboat to help me and yep it costs a bunch! Well I am once again in the Auxiliary and will be helping the 4-4 that works out of Sodus point. The Coast Guard Auxiliary could sure use some new members ! You can get info on line. Come on guys and Gals you love the lake and being on the water give us a hand! Dr W
  7. King thing. easy radio call...
  8. Remember to K I S S it keep it simple so the radio calls are not to complicated ? I recall a boat back in the 1980's that would make you laugh every radio call , a real tongue twister.
  9. rolmops: What is a Scorpion? Some of the new stuff is unfamiliar to me. I like to use stick baits in spring and in close [10 to 20fow] Dr W
  10. We stayed at Fair haven SP for the week and could not get out much with the wind and waves and we never did get out in the 120 to 150 fow range Not much showing on the Sonar and we never saw a fish. Dr W
  12. I learned that the hard way ... Rigger cable around the prop off Bradick way back around 1998. I went in the water with my shorty wet suit because it was so bad and when I went under the boat I could not believe how loud. As a kid I remember boats on Canandaigua lake sounding like a click click click and clicks faster with more speed.
  13. And motor noise and the sonar noise too could spook the fish ? IF you are fishing deep water and wont drag bottom try turning off the sonar. Bet you might hook more fish Want to see my point ! Go swimming near a boat while the motor is running in gear ! Now if you can go under your boat while the sonar is chirping ! Yes it makes noise!
  14. Artemas: I started fishing lake Ontario back in 83 and it was easy to catch lots of fish , all species. I sold the last boat in 2001 and quit fishing when I started getting skunked regularly. I just returned to Sodus and have been hooking up a little but nothing like the late 1980's [sad to say] Keep in mind that the water is far clearer today that it was so you must change tactics, that is why the dipsy's do well. [farther from your boat shadow.] I would bet that boat color makes a difference too a blue bottom painted boat might do better than other colors depending on light conditions. The one thing I learned this year is do not follow the fleet because they are not doing so well this year. I also discovered that using frozen saw bellies on a Sutton Hemlock spinner worked better than any spoon in my box. I think that this season is not over and we should have several more weeks of better fishing ahead Good luck