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  1. launched at Hughs and fished shallow 10 to 40 Ft and never moved a rod ? Never saw another boat! worked west first to Pultneyville then went out to 150 and never marked a fish The light south wind turned east . Some days are just that way
  2. Alewives populations > Forage base. We were Fishing the shoreline Sunday Pm with a very strong south wind and were off the Bluffs just east of Sodus and we noticed several dozen Alewifes floating on the surface and I say what looked like schools of bait like we used to see when we has massive sawbelly bait schools in Lake Ontario Back when the Salmon fishing was at its best [early 1990's] The dead and wounded ones we saw floating were very small, perhaps last years spawn or the year before. I think that this is a good sign considering that Alewives [herring] do better on warmer winters. Has any one else noticed this change ? Dr W
  3. The strong south wind did bring up colder water , 46 degrees near shore, the Fish we hooked was in very shallow water between 8 and 10 feet deep. We did note several small alewives on the surface that had been hit by some predator . I think that "IF" the alewives [saw bellies] are returning we may have a good upturn in our fishery !
  4. Wind was out of the south @ 15 to 20 Kt but the lake in close was flat We boated one Brown about 10 Lbs Launching was nasty with the wind right on shore at the launch
  5. How is Wednesday AM for you. I Have cash
  6. Are you willing to meet say at Eastview? or Sodus [ going fishing if I can]
  7. Where in the Roch ? Might like the swingback seat. Could come up mid week from Waterloo.
  8. May 21 south wind... Should be good near shore With the south wind predicted to be 15 Kts or so I expect the deep colder water to up-well on shore by late afternoon This should bring many fish into shallow water. [IMHO] No waves to speak of near shore should be the case too. I personally plan on being off Sodus trolling east by 1 pm and Expect to see some action close to shore [10 to 25ft] Hope to see lots of company doing the same thing ! Dr W
  9. So how deep /Far back was the dipsy and spin doctor? And at what depth were you marking fish ? Tomorrow it will be different but always like a starting point. Thanks Dr W
  10. I am a Coast Guard Aux and our duty is not LEO related but We are the eyes and ears of the Regular USCG and will note such information and pass it on to LEO's I will take a picture and see anyone I see making wake receive a ticket! "WHY" because they could close the Bays to all boat traffic if boaters screw this up. Dr W
  11. Want to try a few variations ... The lake has changed over the years ! I use a lot of Rapalas and other sticks and I often wonder if it makes much difference what color you have out., Speed is a big issue ! try going faster and slower and zig zag so the lines on one side are moving fast and the other slow. I wonder about noise as well . Have you ever be swimming when some one has their Sonar on? It is loud chirp ! and some motors make a clicking sound as well . I noticed when I put a new big outboard on the last boat the hook up dropped off. Don't get in a rut and switch things up until you start hitting
  12. Same is in effect for Sodus bay
  13. The Rt 14 launch near Arnie's was open and we used that one with the no wake rule it took 15 minutes to get the the light house and out fishing. We went West and only hooked up one Atlantic Salmon about 8 lbs Folks who went east did better! Dr W
  14. List Boat Launch open and closed I am going to Sodus point Wednesday and try and go fishing. I will start at the Coast Guard station launch and IF that is not open I plan on checking first at the Rt 14 launch by Arnie's and from there I will head west and check Hughes and Bear creek if I must. It would be nice if we kept a list of open and closed launch sites for members. Dr W