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  1. I am buying a boat with an Evinrude ocean 150 FICTH outboard that runs well but misfires a bit at mid range Does anyone have any idea of where I should look to correct this issue ? I have been told that this motor class has had some issues ? Some of them run well and others never do. Love to here your thoughts,. Dr W
  2. Dr W

    Flea report?

    I have been to busy to fish and hope to get out soon. Last time out the Sea Fleas were real bad How are the fleas now? I do have a pound spool of 30 lb test but would rather not have to change the lines if the fleas are not bad. And how are the kings doing? and are they moving in yet? Coast Guard has kept me busy but I hope to see you all next week on the fishing grounds Dr W
  3. Dr W

    any tips for a newbie on Cayuga?

    You can also buy some sawbellies [Frozen] and use a jig but I would find some 2 oz jigs and tie up a trailer single hook. With the heavy jig you can drift a bit faster and cover more water
  4. Well how did you boys do on Saturday ? We were out making sure you all came home safely no one said much on the radio so thought I would ask now
  5. HA HA HA landing a 35 pound salmon is nothing compared to saving a 25 foot Vessel with 4 people aboard
  6. As a long time Coast Guard Auxiliary member I get a bigger thrill out of hooking up and saving folks or their boats! Fishing I can do any time! Dr W Flotilla 4-7 Should you call for help I'm coming for you under Coast Guard orders or not!
  7. Fleas ?> does anyone have a good way to deal with them? There are some lines that they say will help like Flea flicker does anyone have and experience with them?
  8. Top Secret I do believe I saw you out there ? We had the riggers set at 50 amd 60 so the stack went from 60- 50- 45- 40 We could see the thermocline setting up at about 50 ft. Wednesday we went 9 for 12 so we were set up right I ran long leads and did not change anything ? Boats name low profile [Bayliner 24 foot hardtop]
  9. We got an extra early start [5am] expecting to find the fish where we left then on Wednesday, the weather was a complete shift and with a fresh west wind building the lake became rather bumpy and by 8;30 we called it . Not a single release! small pods of bait was around 125 FOW not a single hook [fish] around them. I suspect that with that full moon the fish gouged on bait last night and were not feeding. Hope others did better than we did BTW we only ventured out to 180 FOW so the fish may have been out deeper.
  10. Dr W


    I like Chinook divers best.
  11. Big Matt 7 

    Some free advice ! Get a 25 watt ship to shore Radio for safety as well as talking to other fisherman

    With the new Radios they all come with emergency systems and you get a number that identifies

    you if you are ever in distress!  You have to register your vessel through Boat US but it is worth it! 

    The radio can be hooked up to your GPS and when you hit the red button your position is broadcast to the Coast Guard and we will come get you !


  12. Dr W

    Back in the 1990's I ran a lot of Dodger spoon combos last year I picked up some Sutton hemlock spinners for live Bait and the Browns loved Sawbellies on them behind a small dodger.

    1. Pappy


      Try that spinner or an O&M spinner ,same thing, with the frozen sawbelly for the kings off your downrigger with a long lead. 

  13. I expect that things are going to get even better soon . I plan on getting out again by next week and think that using an old trick of a small dodger with a smaller spoon about 3 feet behind it will work well now. Haven't seen that used much after about 2000 .. Dr W
  14. I talked to folks at the dock who went deep and the did even better than we did. out around 250- to 300 FOW