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  1. Thats awesome. Props to you guys!
  2. Haha cool. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics. Been wanting to get after a moose sometime.
  3. I thought the border was closed?
  4. I spent a good amount of time when I attended KC (early 2000's) trolling shallow on the East arm from Penn Yan to the college. We would catch nice browns, salmon, lakers, big pickerel, and hefty smallies running tx6 planers and stickbaits. Once caught a respectable salmon from shore on pt Nemo at the college as well. The fish are around. Never ran into many ppl doing the same. Focus on small points and creeks coming into the lake.
  5. Beauty! Whatd he weigh?
  6. Nice report. Might have to try some different launches myself now that I have some new trailer bearings . What ones do you like the best since you've started fishing the big lake Reel Doc?
  7. So who picks the season dates now? Seems that the task force way was better. You'd sit for hours in a day just to still disagree bc one group or another would be shafted. That was still better than however it's done now. Too bad they cant split up the regions to accommodate hunters better.
  8. Great to meet ya at the dock! Good looking dog you have. Sounds like a fun mixed bag for you out there. Keep those reports coming. I'm interested in what the coming months bring on the big lake as well.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. Was able to find it at a Napa store first thing this morning. Also gonna keep an extra just incase. Gotta love trailers
  10. Does anyone know if someone local carries hubs? I'm looking for a BT 150A. I know I can get one online but would rather try local. Gonna give a Napa close by a call. Any other ideas? The hubs at tractor supply and runnings don't fit.
  11. Launched around 8ish. Fished west around 2mph with water temps 41-42 degrees. First time seeing any kind of mudline. Tried a nbk and sodus pt buckeye spoons, and esmerelda and filthy pouch bayrats. Went 4 for 4 with 3 browns and one rainbow/steelhead in the mix. Two browns hit esmerelda bayrat so added a second to the spread and got the 3rd. My first mate is learning quite a bit with it only being our 2nd trip up to Ontario. He's netting, taking planers off, and steering the boat when theres a big one on. Life is good besides the trailer problem right as I pulled in the driveway. Anyone got trailer expertise?
  12. Gave a call to Hughes to see if they're open to launching but no answer. Anyone know if they have closed the launch or if its still open with all this craziness?
  13. The dock was not in at the south end as of last saturday. Maybe someone else has been there between now and then?
  14. Curious to know what your water temp was.
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