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  1. I've caught kings in lake o tribs when I was younger but never experienced them in the lake. Im newer to spring brown trout trolling and am thinking I'll run into a king sooner or later when targeting browns. My setups are 8 ft diawa great lakes medium fast action rods, 20 and 30 series reels with 15 lb big game and12 lb floro leaders. What should I expect? Will these setups hold up to an occasional spring king?
  2. I'm newer to trolling browns on Ontario but used the LS last year with success. Picked up some of the S3's and SS designs in preparation for the coming spring. Can't speak for colors on the east end as I fish more west, but hear alot of guys using the goby patterns with success. I couldn't get my hands on any goby bayrats until later in the season when I was done fishing shallow. Can't wait to get out there to catch some browns!
  3. I just ordered a couple chinook divers and can't wait to use them. It will allow me to add a quick extra rod in the spread. Do they release quite easy when a fish strikes? If so, is the release adjustable?
  4. The reason I asked the initial question is bc I have the church tx6 and tx12 boards. The 12's don't have a weight from what i remember. They run fine with a stick or a spoon. I might occasionally use leadcore with the walleye boards but also might use them with mono while trailing a stick or a spoon just like the 12's. Does anyone ever take the weight off the walleye board while trolling with mono?
  5. Does anyone ever remove the keel weight on the walleye board when using spoons or stickbaits? I'm guessing the keel weight is mainly for using leadcore or snap weights. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Thats awesome. Props to you guys!
  7. Haha cool. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics. Been wanting to get after a moose sometime.
  8. I thought the border was closed?
  9. I spent a good amount of time when I attended KC (early 2000's) trolling shallow on the East arm from Penn Yan to the college. We would catch nice browns, salmon, lakers, big pickerel, and hefty smallies running tx6 planers and stickbaits. Once caught a respectable salmon from shore on pt Nemo at the college as well. The fish are around. Never ran into many ppl doing the same. Focus on small points and creeks coming into the lake.
  10. Nice report. Might have to try some different launches myself now that I have some new trailer bearings . What ones do you like the best since you've started fishing the big lake Reel Doc?
  11. So who picks the season dates now? Seems that the task force way was better. You'd sit for hours in a day just to still disagree bc one group or another would be shafted. That was still better than however it's done now. Too bad they cant split up the regions to accommodate hunters better.
  12. Great to meet ya at the dock! Good looking dog you have. Sounds like a fun mixed bag for you out there. Keep those reports coming. I'm interested in what the coming months bring on the big lake as well.
  13. Thanks for the help guys. Was able to find it at a Napa store first thing this morning. Also gonna keep an extra just incase. Gotta love trailers
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