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  1. I like finding an underwater flat around 100 ' or so, which can be hard to find on some of the finger lakes. The wind shouldn't be too stiff otherwise my drift bags won't slow me down enough to be vertical with the jig. We'll use white jigs and plastics most times but have had success with grays and smoke shades. My fish finder is nothing special and pics up the jig and fish well. Sometimes the fish are active and want to play, other times not so much. Go get em!
  2. Gently used Nikon inline xr scope in 3-9x40 with bdc for sale. Used one season. Very good shape. $150
  3. troutman10

    for sale : usa 2012 Lund Tyee 1750

    Is this still for sale?
  4. Nice report. How were the fleas?
  5. I'd say your best bet would be to take some sort of craft out of the Woodville launch and fish the south end of canandaigua. Ive never fished west river though. You should be able to catch something out of the launch before the south end drops off to the deep.
  6. Nikon ML scope with back. Like new. Used one season. Comes with caps. $150.
  7. Was able to make another attempt at some Splake recently. Best outing yet. Can't wait till next time.
  8. I have 7 items looking to unload. Will add pictures later. Located in Canandaigua, NY. 1. Bridgestone dueler ht tires 255/70/17. Has decent tread left. $200 for all 4 2. 10x20 shelterlogic max ap canopy. New condition. $125 3. Nikon inline xr muzzleloader scope (silver finish). 3-9x40. Used one season. New condition. $150 4. Echo gas hedge trimmer. Needs some work. $50 5. Nextgen maple 2x3 evaporator. Come with 2x3 pan, sap warmer, and fore bricks. Heavy duty castors for easy moving. $1,000 6. Summit climbing treestand (think it's a viper). Good condition. Barely used. $150 7. Hang on treestand with gorilla tree steps. $100
  9. I'm sorry to say but I don't think it's gonna get better for a few reasons. A big one is the prospect that we could eventually be dealing with the invasive silver and bighead carp that populate waterways connected to the great lakes. Second is all the aquatic invasive plants that keep spreading. Water chestnut, hydrilla, eurasian watermilfoil to name a few. They do a good job with the boat checks but so many people use all these waterways that they are gonna just keep spreading. Motorboats are a big one in the scheme of things but not the only reason for the spread of these invasives. I'm not sure I've ever heard or people checking canoes, kayaks, sups and yet you see so many more nowadays than just 10 years ago. There's people that don't even know or care about all these invasives that threaten the their waterways. Staffing of the DEC is the third aspect. I'm not sure our governor really cares. He sends out any kind of press release he can to get noticed...governor issues weather statement, governor issues statement on start of this season, governor issues reminder for people to wipe their ass, etc. There would be more Co's in the field and more people working for the DEC to figure out some of these problems if it really mattered people higher up in govt. Basil Seggos is just the governors whipping boy who just puts out fires. Our society does a great job at reacting to situations once a good thing is gone.
  10. Congrats on the great trip. Results we all hope for.
  11. I thought I heard or read somewhere that some of the Lakers stocked in canandaigua a while back didn't always have fin clips. Is this true?
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