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  1. Was able to get out for a morning and evening hunt today. Really felt good about shooting something today. Almost got a doe and a coyote during the morning hunt but things didn't work out. Had some nice bucks on cam lately, just had to be in the right spot. Tonight was the night. Sat on the ground on a field edge with some rolling hills that the deer feel comfortable down in. Had some small bucks come out first. About half an hour later one of the bucks I've been looking for came out and came into the opening I needed. First time using both buck tags. Great day!
  2. I have 2 matching wire dipsy setups for sale. Okuma glt 9' dipsy rods with okuma magda 30 reels. Rods are brand new, reels used half a dozen times this summer. Twili tips also included and need to be installed. Asking 300 all together.
  3. The bows were sublegal or just legal. We didn't measure. Just let them go. Forgot to measure. Figured maybe we'll catch them when they're bigger or someone else will.
  4. My boy and I have been up a few times for spring browns. We're excited for it. A little depressing getting the boat ready for winter today.
  5. I appreciate all of your help. I currently have two 1000' wire dipsy setups with twilitips. My main reason asking about braid is that I want something for early spring and late fall that is lighter than and not as bulky as my wire setups. I'd most likely use the braid when the fleas aren't around and the wire when they are around. They work great but it would also be nice to have 2 braid setups as well.
  6. I've been looking at a few different ones...daiwa wilderness, daiwa great lakes, okuma classic pro glt. Trying not to spend a bunch as I most likely won't be using them during flea season.
  7. I'm planning on getting some diver rods for braid. I mainly fish the finger lakes and lake ontario occasionally. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  8. Got out for what was out last trip of the season yesterday. Only fished for a couple hours or less because of the incoming rain. Tried for rainbows and got 3 small ones. Still a great time though. 2 bit diver setups and one on a 3 color. Dreamweaver ss and stinger size spoons worked. I appreciate all the info and cooperation from people here. This was our first real season downrigging, using divers and planers all together. Never had much experience with riggers or divers. Learned alot. Now time to upgrade a few things for next spring. Tight lines!
  9. Scored on Wednesday with this buck. Saw him and almost shot him a few days earlier. Had him on the camera a good number of times. Came from thick bedding in a hurry to get to the next bedding. Got him to stop at 15 yards. Shot looked good and felt good. Arrow didn't look good so waited 4 hrs and tracked. Ended up knicking the heart and double lung. He must have went down within seconds. Went 50-75 yards. Glad I was cautious.
  10. Was finally able to find some time to fish with what's been a busy fall. Took my son and a buddy along with his dad out for their first trolling experience. Fished east and west sides and found some hungry fish. Didn't set the world on fire but had a great time with almost nonexistant boat traffic. Went 5 of 6 on trout...3 Rainbows and 2 Lakers. Was mainly looking for bows so I call it a success. Biggest rainbow was around 24" with biggest laker being in the same neighborhood. The big rainbow was a beauty. Biggest laker took a gambler rig with flasher. Fish took dreamweaver ss and standard stinger sized spoons. Would like to get out and do this a couple more times before boat goes into storage.
  11. Is the hatchery open to visitors since they did the improvements? I've been wanting to bring the kids for a visit.
  12. Haha no wapatula. Clean as a whistle
  13. I recently launched at sampson over this past weekend (east side). Theres a state launch on the west side down past dresden but may be too far. Does Roy's allow people to launch? Maybe someone with more knowledge than myself will chime in. Normally my son and I fish canandaigua as well. It was our first time fishing seneca. We found fish out of sampson and were successful in the short times we were out each day. Good luck!
  14. Second day...Fished same area as yesterday, for about 2 hours again. Went 5 for 6. Small rainbow or LL came off right behind the boat with the rest of the fish being Lakers. All fish were 55-75 down. My boy got his personal biggest laker around 8 or 9 lbs. Fish were biting watermelon spin dr with gambler rig, green dolphin and rodfather spoons. Fleas almost nonexistant today. Pic below was big fish of the day.
  15. Fleas weren't bad. A small clump on each wire rod. None on rigger rods. Algae bloom as well.
  16. Fished Seneca for the first time. Was out a couple hours from sampson north to seneca lake camp area from what the map said. Went 5 for 5. 4 Lakers and one small brown. 3 fish on watermelon spin dr with gambler rig. Other 2 came on a purple clown stinger standard. Tons of bait marks. Lamprey marks on a couple of the lakers. Fun to try another body of water.
  17. Started around 730. Ran 4 rods...one around 80-90 down with flasher and gambler rig and 3 others with spoons around 45-65 targeting bows. Got a laker first, smallie right after, and a bow later on. Ran from long pt to crystal beach and back. Speed over ground was 2.0-2.3. Laker came on gambler rig, smallie on Sutton 22, and bow came on a wolverine boy-girl copper back (bow on cheater courtesy of toubles). First fish on a cheater, now I know what to look for when one strikes the cheater. Fleas not too bad. Beautiful morning out there. Could have been more productive. Glad to get the kids some fish.
  18. 2 downrigger rod combos for sale. Eagle claw rods with Penn 209 reels. $120 for both.
  19. Congrats on that bow and to a successful trip! Sounds like fun. I spent quite a bit of my time fishing down there when I went to KC. John Gaulke recently posted some info regarding Keuka on his website...thought it would be of interest... Here’s what I’ve heard from DEC (any mistakes or inaccuracies below are mine): Ciscoes: Cornell and DEC have been working hard trying to determine the success of this program. Evidence from implanted transmitters (in some of the ciscoes) suggests that many of them are dying when first stocked. Whether this is because of predation or something else is unclear, but most are not living past 90 days. A few yearlings have managed to survive past a year. Ciscoes will still be stocked in the near future. There has been some talk about raising them to a larger size and then releasing them (e.g., as yearlings) but no determination has been made yet. One cisco was found in laker nets this summer. That fish survived over 90 days in the lake. Alewives: Thus far zero alewives have been encountered either in lake trout stomachs or in nets. Forage netting will be conducted in September. I would guess that some will turn up then. My friends catching trout in Keuka Lake have not seen any alewives in trout stomachs either. Yellow Perch: Some anglers have complained about poorer perch fishing on this lake. DEC is doing some netting for perch this coming week. Perch are now the main forage species in this lake for lake trout. Lake trout: Numbers of lake trout appear to be 4 to 5 fish per net lower than in prior years, although I don’t think all the numbers have been calculated yet. This is a bit of a mystery, since numbers were high just a few years ago. Some cannibalism is likely taking place here amongst the lake trout population. In Skaneateles Lake forage is scarce and once a lake trout gets big enough to be able to eat larger forage, they can get to be trophy sized. We may see something like this happen here (those are my thoughts) -numerous small 15″ to 18″ lake trout, a few slightly larger specimens and then every so often somebody catches a 15lber or better. Another reason lake trout numbers might be down is that they could be feeding a bit out-of-temperature, due to the lack of food in the colder parts of the lake. Fish may be suspended higher in the water column and avoiding the nets. Lake trout are surviving on eating mysis shrimp, occasional sculpins and perch fry. Mysis numbers are good in Keuka Lake. The condition (aka “plumpness”) of smaller lake trout is surprisingly good here. Larger 4 to 5lb specimens appear to be skinny. Bass: Spring electro-fishing data suggests that Keuka Lake is amongst the top 90% of bass fisheries in NYS. DEC found some big largemouths here as well. Walleye: As many of you know, this species has turned up in this lake (likely as a result of an illegal introduction) at times over the past decade. No walleyes were found in lake trout nets this summer. DEC is receiving more and more angler reports of walleyes showing up in Keuka Lake. As a comparison, walleye numbers were relatively low in Skaneateles Lake for decades before finally increasing exponentially. A large walleye population in this lake would really put a lot of pressure on the forage base here. What would they eat? Probably panfish, perch fry, young bass and whatever else they could eat. Stocked and wild rainbow trout would certainly suffer even more than they already do here. Stay tuned!
  20. I've got limited dr experience and have been using the chamberlain releases. Similar description to what Cody says above is how I've been running them. Missed few fish and haven't found myself pulling any smalls without releasing yet. Like the chamberlains but might try blacks and scottys as I have them as well.
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