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  1. does anyone how how to stop getting email alerts to a thread on this forum? I don't want them !
  2. a scuba diving friend of mine saw several of them in Skan hanging out around a sunken tree. That was 10 yrs ago, maybe more. He said they were all good sized, 5lb+
  3. wow, thanks to this community for all these ideas.....I think I've boiled it down to it not being that big a deal either way. I tow w a Corolla, which has a 1500 lb capacity. so I guess the 60 extra lbs is NDB. Conversely, it sounds like I'd not be sacrificing all that much speed with the 20 . Still a decision to be made, but easier now.
  4. Boat/Motor help ? Hi all, I currently have a Starcraft Camp Boat, 16', with a 25 HP Merc 2 stroke. The boat alone weighs 520 lbs. I'm thinking of getting a new motor, a 4 stroke.....the same HP in a 4 stroke adds appx 60 lbs to my rig. I think the boat's OK with that, but I tow with a small car, and it's already a struggle. So I am thinking of buying a 4 stroke 20HP....which is the same weight as my current 2 stroke 25. Is there any way of finding out how my boat will act with a 20HP? How much slower it would be? I fish the Finger Lakes. , Any opinions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks to all.